NFL’s investigation found Greg Hardy’s explanations not credible


Greg Hardy managed to avoid any criminal penalties in connection with the domestic violence accusations leveled against him last year. But the NFL’s own investigation concluded that Hardy did commit an act of investigation and was dishonest when asked directly about it.

Jeff Pash, the NFL’s executive vice president and general counsel, said on Outside the Lines that the NFL (which was burned by the Ray Rice case) will no longer rely on the legal system. Instead, the NFL conducts its own investigations, and Pash said the league’s investigation found that Hardy committed “a significant act of violence.”

“This suspension was imposed after a lengthy and detailed independent investigation of the kind we really hadn’t done before,” Pash said. “We did an independent investigation, we didn’t rely simply on the record here.”

Pash also said Hardy and his representatives were given ample opportunity to give his side of the story, and that the NFL found Hardy had engaged in “a failure to be candid in the context of the investigation.”

“His explanations of the events that happened last May simply could not be reconciled with the testimony of other witnesses, with other objective evidence, or with, frankly, some of the variations in testimony over time from Mr. Hardy,” Pash said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the final call on the decision to suspend Hardy without pay for the first 10 games of the 2015 season. That’s a decision that Hardy will appeal, but that the NFL insists was made after the kind of thorough investigation that wasn’t conducted with Ray Rice.

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  1. There were no other witnesses besides Hardy and the one witness who failed to testify. Regardless of the media firestorm this suspension will easily be reversed after the appeak

  2. Goodell is 0-2 in double jepardy penalty’s (Rice/AP). You can go ahead and chalk up another over ruling by an arbitor or judge to make good o’l Roger to 0-3.
    When do the owners wise up and fire this clown?

  3. I wonder if the NFL said to Hardy, “Hey be honest & we won’t be severe in punishment (suspension w/o pay)” or was that type of thinking by the NFL something to be assumed? I wonder if him sitting out all last year affected the decision to make decision for 10 games?

  4. The NFL sure is handling things quickly…in every case other than deflategate, which will be heading into month 4 soon.

  5. I’d like to see the NFL lengthen his suspension based on the appeal. If he hadn’t paid her off, he’d be in prison.

    Scum of the earth, but he’s good at football, so alls forgiven.

  6. Turd is getting what he deserves.

    You just NEVER hit a woman.
    Fathers need to be teaching their sons this very simple lesson.

    I guess it’s tough when unfortunately the father isn’t around though…

  7. If Hardy gets 10 games for this, wait and see what the New England *atriots are going to get.

  8. “… NFL (which was burned by the Ray Rice case) will no longer rely on the legal system. Instead, the NFL conducts its own investigations, and Pash said the league’s investigation found that Hardy committed “a significant act of violence.”
    Makes sense. They are so much more professional and efficient than the legal system. Who wouldn’t wanna rely on the group that never pursued the Rice tape to keep in tact plausible deniability and who always gets it WRONG.

    SMH. Unbelievable.

  9. Not a big surprise, as he wasn’t in a position to pay off the investigator to refuse to cooperate with the investigation as he did with the woman he beat up.

  10. “Innocent until proven guilty. Is that not how it goes?”

    If this were a criminal proceeding then yes, the NFL is not limited to the same rules as the Justice System. Also, the NFL is not the only one to find credible evidence that he was guilty as a judge found him guilty. He just didn’t prosecuted because he paid of the women who then failed to show for court when a jury trail was underway.

    Is the 10 game suspension plus the 15 games missed last season while on the ‘Commissioner’s list’ extreme? Yes, but most of the rest of us would have been fired outright so I am not feeling sorry for him. There needs to be some standard applied across the board to all NFL players as we all know the better players get away with a lot more. If this was a 2nd or third string player he likely would not even have a team.

  11. It was a good signing, not much money and the interest in Hardy the following year will be less. The Cowboys will be able to sign Hardy to a longer term deal at a decent price. He is fairly young, move for the future.

  12. oldtrollmcgee says:
    Apr 23, 2015 2:25 PM
    He already missed I believe 15 games…so this is essentially a 25 game suspension? Just fine him a ton and move on he already missed last season.
    Big difference, he got paid for the 15 games.

    The 10 games will be without pay.

  13. Hernandez tried and convicted….check
    Hardy investigated and punished……..check
    Deflategate…..90 something days and counting

  14. What you mean the NFL thought that he violated their personal conduct policy because he has cost the shield millions, wow imagine that.

    Those of you that keeping thinking that these discipline cases are going to get Goodell fired, wake up. He is actually doing his job well.

    Think about it, his primary job is to watch the balance sheet for the NFL and make it go up. He has done that incredibly.

    1. Most of the people complaining about the unfair treatment of the players are the die-hard fans, PA, and the players themselves that are involved. The die-hards are still going to spend their money, the PA and players are still going to collect theirs.

    2. In this PR based enterprise, Goodell is trying to get NEW fans, by throwing the hammer on players that are doing “bad” things, he is showing those that might start being fans that the league is trying to clean up their act.

    3. When judges overturn suspensions – Goodell wins, the NFL wasn’t soft on the offense the judge/arbiter was. Not to mention, the reality is that the league and owners don’t care about what the players do as long as they aren’t costing them money.

    4. The owners are the ones that want the scandals just gone, however Goodell is who people are railing against. In reality you know that there were 31 teams that wanted Ray Rice gone if for no other reason than it impacted the Ravens – the same with AP and Hardy, however everyone is yelling at Goodell not the owners.

    That is why Goodell isn’t going anywhere, he is like the perfect commish in the eyes of the owners. The fans, players, and media – well not so much.

  15. He already missed I believe 15 games…so this is essentially a 25 game suspension?

    He wasn’t suspended. He was deactivated by the Panthers and put on the exempt list. Got paid $13 million.

  16. I’d love to know more about this investigation that the NFL conducted. You don’t have a victim. You don’t have witnesses.

    I suppose most of the evidence came from the bench trial.

  17. .
    beat my gf. check
    pay her off to not press charges. check
    ergo i didnt happen.

    everyone look over there!
    I wasnt charged so it didnt happen.

  18. derpadeederpjetsyjet says:
    Apr 23, 2015 2:29 PM
    I’d like to see the NFL lengthen his suspension based on the appeal. If he hadn’t paid her off, he’d be in prison.

    Scum of the earth, but he’s good at football, so alls forgiven.

    You don’t go to prison for a misdemeanor lol

  19. “NFL’s investigation found Greg Hardy’s explanations not credible”. OK, I can buy that, but the same can be said about Roger Goodell.

  20. jovan19 says:
    Apr 23, 2015 2:25 PM
    Innocent until proven guilty. Is that not how it goes?
    —- a court of law. Not in private employment. If they relied on the letter of the law criminally, he’d get nothing.

  21. I’m sure the commissioner found an investigation conducted by NFL security to be credible. But I doubt an independent arbitrator will be so credulous. There have to be evidentiary standards and if the alleged victim isn’t available to participate in the appeals hearing, Hardy can probably overturn the suspension simply by denying he mistreated Holder. Without using hearsay or 3rd party testimony the NFL won’t be able to validate any photographs in its possession. Are they planning to fly paramedics or cops from North Carolina to NYC? Why would 3rd parties participate unless they are angry with Hardy for leaving the Panthers or are paid by the NFL, in which case their credibility is in question.

  22. Simply amazing to me how many people are so quick to point the finger anywhere except where it should be. Watch Mike Golic from this morning as he is the only one, IMO, with the right perspective in this whole thing. He beat his girl, choked her, and threw her around so YES he deserves at least 10 games if not more!!!!! Put the blame where it belongs with Hardy.

  23. Good for the NFL!
    Employers should NOT be forced to accept whatever lame excuse an employee has for his/her behavior.

    Hardy put himself in this position, he alone should pay the consequences…BUT the NFLPA would lose Hardy’s dues money so they are appealing “on Hardy’s behalf”. More like “we, union bosses, need his money so we can go on international vacation in the fall”.

  24. Seems similar to the A-Rod suspension. The league should say the suspension isn’t for the actual domestic violence, but paying off victims/witnesses and obstructing justice in a domestic violence case.

  25. “NFL’s transcript of the Greg Hardy’s explanations interview”

    Goodell: You hit her did didn’t you.
    Hardy: No, I didn’t do anything to her.
    Lisa Friel: He’s not telling the truth, I believe he’s guilty.
    Goodell: You like hitting people don’t you.
    Hardy: I like hitting people on the football field.
    Lisa Friel: If he does it on the field, He’ll do it off the field,
    I believe he’s guilty.
    These clowns claim that they did a thourough re-investigation but what they don’t tell you is that they didn’t talk to Nicole Holder. They have no idea what happened that night in that condo. They went into the investigation believing that Hardy was guilty and taylored the investigation to reflect that outcome. This woman Lisa Friel is a prosecuter she believes any accused is automatically guilty.

  26. so the NFL hires former Police/FBI guys and creates their own legal system one in which they are truly JUDGE,JURY,EXECUTIONER and then on appeal the same guy who suspended him will hear his appeal. NFL is now LAW ENFORCEMENT ……… they need a senate and congress and now … i’d sue Mr.Goodell for defamation …. none of this is anything but speculation and assumptions. they assume shes not lying they assume any marks that were seen were actually from HARDY they assume hes lying and shes telling the truth they assume the witnesses who say “they heard her getting beat” didnt simply hear a bunch of her screaming ad ranting and throwing things they just assumed everything…… thats simply not fair and should not be allowed….. and then to come out publicly and say he DID do this things because well you assume he did ……. that should be defamation ! imagine if you had an argument with someone and they went to ur employer and actually did LIE yet ur employer believed them and released a statement about how much of a horrible person you are simply based on assumptions….. there is a reason why we are presumed innocent until proven guilty and that is a very important part of our legal system the most important part…. understand its a business sure but gives them no right whatsoever to come out and essentially find me guilty of something because they assume i am and release statements that are mattoer of fact that are actually a matter of assumptions. who in the hell gave them the right to create their own legal force and system ??? i mean really FBI POLICE so whos to say they are not corrupt guys? who is overseeing this new police and investigation force the NFL has created from thin air? this is all kinds of wrong in so many ways

  27. what if she comes out 2 years from now and says ” yeah i fabricated a large portion of what i accused Mr.Hardy of but i was hurt and under the influence of narcotics my feelings were really hurt….. then what? because we dont actually know what happened all we know is what he was accused of… we also have no idea what the investigating officers motives were they are employed by the NFL this is just not good at all !! so now any employer can create their own police force and become judge juror and executioner? and the biggest thing that gets me is coming out to the public and saying ” we have found he did commit these acts against her” who the hell do you think you are to make that statement based on an investigation completely 1 sided we know nothing about the investigation but were supposed to blindly trust the NFL police force? come on MAN !!

  28. They found him guilty because that’s what they wanted to find. Plain and simple. I can’t wait until the bookies decide the top notch QB’s can be done away with around playoff time.

  29. The prosecutor, if he thought the case was strong could have tried him without the victim. Any lawyer knows this. Also, the Judge convicted him of a misdemeanor and suspended the jail time. Weak case. Purely for PR and face saving by Goodell. Occured before the new guidlines, the same as AP. Will be reduced, no doubt about it.

  30. Speculation is key. Also, the NFL seen the Ray Rice video b4 it was leaked to the public and determined that a 2 game suspension was justified. (mistake but it was made)

    Goodell should take blame for letting Rice get away with one 2 games and bite the bbullet on this Hardy case because of it and state the obvious. Basically saying that he messed up and due to the bargaining agreement that was in place when this incident occurred being 2 games because of a previousbad cchoice with the Rice inciden. But that the next case or ddomestic violence issue or any going forward will be addressed aaccordingly.

  31. so maybe the NFL can start picking up cases across the country that the courts decide not to prosecute based on witness inconsistencies you know kinda be like the DOJ !

  32. Can’t wait until the next time Roger royally screws up and embarrasses The Shield? Wait? He’s already done that many times over and the greedy owners don’t give a crap what you or I (the suckers) think.

    Hope one day one of these guys sues that living sh#t out of the NFL for passing incorrect judgement without a fair trial.

    Roger ruining the NFL since 2006.

  33. jovan19 says:
    Apr 23, 2015 2:32 PM

    if the alleged victim got over it and got what she probably wanted anyways (money) why cant you all do the same?

    How would you feel if it was your sister who got the crap beat out of her? Maybe she deserves the cash so she can get away from this a**hole.

  34. If he would have signed with the Giants and John Mara, Roger Goodell would let have let this go.

  35. I find the NFL’s own investigation to be self-serving and not credible.

    This was a sham to get Nicole Holder paid so she can go on vacations across the country with the settlement money.

  36. Jeff Pash “our own independent investigation” lmaom. Thats a lie right there. Nothing the NFL does is independent.

    This guy and Goodell need to “suddenly disappear”

  37. Dallas should be ashamed of themselves
    Role mode organization I think not
    Hey it’s ok to beat someone up as long as you can pay her off to avoid
    Missing playing time

  38. He’s lucky he is not in jail and these self serving Cowboy fans are clueless. How hard is it to understand The NFL has pictures and Hardy beat on a women. He should be thankful it wasn’ a longer suspension.

  39. They can determine all that but last year, when the commissioner was exposed for lying, the head of the FBI couldn’t find the NFL office girl who answered the phone. Forgive me if I’m not very confident in the NFL’s investigative skills.

  40. Chump should have been given a full year suspension if not in jail….buying off the victim to avoid jail time. What Hardy did was a felony…threats to kill is a felony….in any state. Just another woman abuser now in a Cowboyz uniform…whatever.

  41. This suspension made Mark Davis look like a genius, but obviously all the clowns that feel the need to rip on him will refuse to admit as much.

  42. Everyone knows he did it and paid off the victim. Dude has serious, serious issues. Way worse than Ray Rice or Peterson. He’s a beast though so of course some loser owner will give him a shot…..

  43. As a Cowboy fan I hate that we signed this douche. That being said this sit on the commissioners list and not play then pile more games on top seems like a slippery slope. Either suspend before verdict or after but not both.
    Personal opinion- this cat sucks at life. So does Roger.

  44. If they want to pay me $13 million to stay away from work for 15 weeks, I’ll find a way to bear it. If Hardy really wants us to believe that was “punishment,” let him give back that money, then maybe the Commissioner would let him back with “time served.”

    Of course, Jerruh will then be on the hook for that roster bonus…

  45. Hardy is guilty as charge because Goodell screwed up the Ray Rice case. Regardless if Hardy hit her or not is irrelevant. He has received what amounts to a 25 game suspension because he put the NFL under scrutiny.

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