P.J. Williams says teams tell him DUI won’t affect him much


Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams couldn’t have helped his draft stock with his recent DUI arrest, but said he is doing his best to be accountable when he talks to teams.

Yes, I had a few drinks, but I’m definitely owning my mistake today,” Williams told SI Now with Maggie Gray, via the Palm Beach Post. “Right now I’m just hoping teams just judge me off my film and the type of player I am and the information they get from my coaches.

“They ask about it, but they haven’t really questioned my character, most teams are pretty much telling me that it shouldn’t affect me much because knowing my character background, talking to my coaches. . . . I’m definitely making sure it’s not going to happen again, knowing the rules of the NFL, knowing how it will affect the team and me and also my family.”

If an NFL team actually told him it wouldn’t affect him much, that would be regrettable, since the league has toughened its punishments for DUI offenders, with a two-game suspension (Williams isn’t subject to that, since he’s not in the league yet). But as a fringe first-round prospect, he may be getting an early lesson in the reality of the NFL, in which excuses are made for good players and bad ones are made example of.

Williams was busted on April 3, with police stopping him after he took an illegal turn out of a McDonald’s parking lot, and swerving over the center line. His lawyer said Williams was the designated driver that night.

It’s not his first brush with the law, as he was also involved in a hit-and-run incident and fled the scene last October, but was only given traffic tickets. (Which drops the draft stock of the Tallahassee Police as much as Williams).

11 responses to “P.J. Williams says teams tell him DUI won’t affect him much

  1. And yet the league and a lot of public opinion still acts as if its worse to smoke pot in your own home than it is to get drunk and drive. Embarrassing.

  2. It won’t affect him that much. That is, if you consider 2-3 rounds and a couple of million dollars “not much”.

  3. Yeah, dui and a hit and run won’t bother you at all. At least you admit it. Wow, all grown up aren’t we? And after you sign a contract and roll w/your posse everybody will understand then too right?

  4. Yeah, sure, that’s just what his agent told him to say. It goes beyond the DUI. All he had to do was stay out of trouble for four months and he couldn’t do it. That’s gotta be concerning to teams.

  5. “P.J. Williams says teams tell him DUI won’t affect him much”

    The Cowboys, 49ers and Bungals.

  6. “…most teams are pretty much telling me that it shouldn’t affect me…”

    Hit and run. DUI. And likely a liar. Accountability and this kid should meet some time and do lunch.

  7. I hate the way that players try to turn these situations into a positive when they say “I’m owning my mistake”. Yes, you’re facing up to what you did but let’s get real here: only because you were caught! I don’t see him volunteering this information. A more appropriate response would be, “Yes, I’m an idiot and potentially put myself in a position where I could have killed someone but I’ve learnt my lesson.”

    Echoes of my own father in the above response- when did I get so old? LOL

  8. Dumbo, his coach, will be on ESPN talking about how it was an isolated incident and how it really doesn’t matter because he’s such a good player that nobody should care.

  9. I’m curious…will the DUI put him in stage 1 of the NFL substance abuse program? I think it does but I’m not sure. I think that was the case for Justin Blackmon of the Jags.

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