Some teams think Randy Gregory will slip to the late first round

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A few months ago, Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory looked like a sure thing to be a high first-round pick. But now there’s increasing talk around the league that Gregory will still be available in the late first round.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network said today that he has talked to personnel people on several teams picking in the late first round who now believe Gregory could be available when they pick. As a result, those teams are having internal conversations in which the personnel people are talking to the owners about whether Gregory — who failed a marijuana test at the Combine — is the kind of person they want representing their franchise.

“I’ve had a bunch of teams in the bottom half of the first round going, uh oh, we’ve got to be all over this guy from our owner, because you might have to bring him into this conversation, from our owner down to our coaching staff,” Mayock said.

Early in the draft process, teams in the bottom half of the first round weren’t giving a lot of thought to Gregory because they didn’t expect him to be available to them. But with questions about Gregory off the field (not to mention questions about whether he’s too skinny to be effective in the NFL), it now seems entirely possible that Gregory will fall from a high first-round pick to a late first-round pick.

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  1. He’s not worth it. The failed MJ test was not an outlier. He has had a problem with drug use all through college and he will continue it in the Pros. I’m hoping the Cowboys have taken him off their board, I know I would if I were a GM.

    A one time issue is okay, a consistent issue is a screaming, blaring warning NOT to waste a pick on the guy no matter how talented he is.

  2. The whole weed rule is stupid but it is the rule. Only a moron would smoke weed before a drug test and subsequent interview process.

  3. Is too small for my lacking he showed up for a team visit weighing under 230 pound, NFL offensive lineman would man handle him.

  4. Its called Cannabis these days. And I’m more ashamed of the League for it’s stance on cannabis then I would ever be of Randy Gregory for enjoying it.

  5. Is too small for my liking he showed up for a team visit weighing under 230 pound, NFL offensive lineman would man handle him.

  6. The guy lived in Nebraska. You can only look at corn for so long before you try to spice it up a little. That being said, there’s no excuse for failing the combine drug test.

  7. Well, everybody can’t go in the top 15 picks. Every year there is always a player or two that no one expects that slips down further then what most thought.

  8. Hmm…late first round? I believe the Colts have a pick there. And need all the pass rushers they can get.

  9. You people who are talking about smoking weed not being a big deal are missing the point. The big deal isn’t that he smoked weed … it’s that he KNEW he was going to have a drug test at the biggest job interview of his life, and still smoked weed. That’s just plain stupid, and shows he has some issues, you can’t count on this kid.

  10. A couple of Big Ten O-linemen who played against him have actually said the guy was over-rated, so it may be that he slips as much due to ability as use of the evil weed.

  11. He smoked weed so what. Old Dallas O lineman smoked weed his whole career won superbowls. It does not mean anything. They just make a big deal out of it so they can get him at a cheaper salary price & pick. Dexter Manley, LT and many other players did drugs and were awesome. So it really doesnt matter. I just think it sucks guys cant just negotiate and sign where they want to, free market would be alot better.

  12. Just read an article recently. The 5th year option between pick #10 vs. #11 is 4 million. Basically pick #11 sucks. If this guy falls out of top 10 he cost himself atleast 4 mil.

  13. Watch the Badger game tape… Badgers have a NFL type Offensive line. They ran directly at him and blew this guy off the ball every play. He was a total non factor the entire game. Undersized all the way, Both physically and mentally.

  14. I think blspears is on weed based on that comment. Go wherever they want to, but not if they’re not wanted and can’t abide by team or league rules. Its called rules of employment something you obviously know nothing about.

  15. To those saying “he smoked weed, so what?”, here’s what.
    The team that drafts him now has to worry about his availability due to failed tests and suspensions, if he’ll fail even more tests, who is he getting the weed from and are they legit, is he going to be arrested for it somewhere, etc.

    It’s called reality.

  16. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that the “weed” “cannabis” “pot” etc, whatever everyone wants to everyone to call it now is the MAIN issue.(still a part of the issue) but the fact that the tests he continues to fail are scheduled and that information is available for a good amount of time ahead of the fact and yet he can’t, won’t or is unable to take the steps or Do what is necessary to clear them. …….?

  17. I would guess that the current coaches at Nebraska are glad he’s gone. He may be a character, but he doesn’t have any character. I saw flashes of talent, but never the consistent talent that he’s supposedly known for. I hope he pulls his head out of his anterior region and lives up to the hype. But I doubt it.

  18. I have to admit that once or twice in my life I have shmoked the Demon Weed, but didn’t find it very good or desirable. The weed these guys shmoke must be on a completely different level though, because it’s so good they’re willing to give up the career they’ve dedicated their lives to, and what amounts to millions of dollars; fame, fortune, and financial security just for a quick high. That’s gotta be some REALLY GOOD shizz.

  19. not sure about the rest of this guys history but if it was just a dumb mistake of failing a test for THC then thats extremely minor. Especially seeing that most the other players are smoking it too and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Sounds like a draft day steal

  20. Also, the one thing I cannot stand from people is that they automatically write off a guy because of past mistakes. The guy smoked weed and failed multiple drugs tests. Yes, I do believe he’s stupid for that, but he’s also a 22 year old college student. Peyton Manning did idiotic stuff in college too.

    Let the guy at least play a couple of downs in the NFL before you write him off. You never know what his future holds. He could be the next great pass-rusher or he may end up being another bust.

  21. Guys an overrated idiot. I’m sure Coach Zimmer knows this too. Confident he won’t be a Viking….

  22. cajunaise says:

    “Hmm…late first round? I believe the Colts have a pick there. And need all the pass rushers they can get.”

    As a Texans fan, I’m more than ok with the Colts wasting their first-round pick on this guy.

  23. If you are that stupid to show up knowing you will be tested then as any owner of a franchise I would not touch him. He could have been a top pick making millions but he choose to smoke up. Stupid law but its the law and he proved he is either very stupid or has a real issue. I wouldn’t touch this guy.

  24. this guy will make Dion Jordan look like Lawrence Taylor….BUST!
    Skinny, relatively unproductive, and too stupid to lay off the hooch…

  25. The problem is he now in the 1st stage of drug program. He will be taking up to 50 test a year, instead of the 1 per year, for guys not in program.
    It wont work out, pot smokers SMOKE pot. Ask Josh. kinda unfair, 60% or more of these guys smoke, but know to stop a month b4 their annual test. Like Gordon he will enter league taking weekly test. Waste of a pick and roster spot.

  26. The weed thing is lame. The problem for him is he is now in stage 1 of the NFL program. He is now subject to weekly testing. At some point he will mess up, then it’s suspension time. Would it be ok if he plays real good but gets suspended when your team is making a run- like Von Miller? Can’t spend a high pick with those odds.

  27. Slightly off topic, but will someone please explain why Vic Beasley is dropping ? Caught the last bit of ESPNs mock show and Kiper and McShay didn’t even have him going in the 1st. I’ve seen mocks of him being a top 5 guy…

  28. To me, it comes down to discipline. MOST of us are disciplined enough to sacrifice today for a potential payday in the future. We hope that getting an education, avoiding criminal activities, etc, etc.. will net us an OPPORTUNITY for a career (in some field.) And most of us aren’t dreaming of the payday this guy is pissing away. You mean to tell me this guy likes weed that much that he’s not disciplined enough to delay using it? Hopefully, he’ll do a Vontaze Burfict and fly right after he realizes how many millions he left on the table by HIS ACTIONS moving him down the draft board.

  29. The Giants brought this kid in, and I don’t think they were looking at drafting him at #9, he might even fall out of the first round.. Because of his failed drug test at the combine, he is already on the NFL substance abuse program which subjects him to more testing.. So he could be a early 2nd round pick.

  30. As we age, we learn and mature based on the negative consequences we experience. Positive consequences (money fame etc) do little to build character. Rather it’s the BAD things that teach us as humans to “NOT DO THAT”. Failure to learn from accidents and negative events, shows a serious character flaw not only in this case but also Winston. I realize they are only 21/22, but that is no excuse for continued poor judgement. For those of you who espouse “NEED for WEED”, find other things in life to elevate you instead of narcotics, dependence on narcotics to deal with everyday life shows you do indeed have problems.

  31. I was listening to Bill Polian make some pretty poignant comments regarding Randy Gregory on Mad Dog Sports Radio yesterday. Bill Polian said in the history of the NFL Combine, only one player (Warren Sapp) out of all those who failed the drug test ever went on to have a good NFL career. These players getting drafted are already a crap shoot, and when they do things that make them even more of a risk, their stock will drop like a rock. That green plant cost Randy Gregory a lot of green cash. Anyone considering drafting Randy Gregory with a first round pick is taking a huge chance on him, and crossing their fingers he’ll be the next Warren Sapp…oral me? Who says that? lol. Getting back on topic, I believe Gregory does have a problem with marijuana, just like an alcoholic has a problem with alcohol. They don’t control their use, the drug controls them. Randy Gregory will struggle to be in circles were there is no mary jane around him, because let’s be real, marijuana use in this country is becoming widely accepted. He wil be like a fat kid in a candy store being told not to eat candy. Good luck with that. Next!

  32. I remember Justin Houston failed his combine drug test and he fell all the way to the third round…now any team would love to have him on their roster. With the percentage of failed first round draft picks, I wouldn’t blame a team for taking the chance. He won’t make a break a team at the back end of the draft.

  33. I am surprised that commenters are surprised that an NFL hopeful failed a drug test leading up to the draft.

    In addition to Warren Sapp’s fall because of a failed drug test, here are some results from a 2012 finding of the 2012 NFL Draft class:

    – About 70 percent of prospects at the combine admitted to using marijuana, per an ESPN report.
    – Four out of 10 draft-eligible prospects from the 2012 class failed at least one school-administered drug test for marijuana; two in 10 failed multiple times, per a CBS Sports report from April.
    – A 2009 report by the NCAA stated 26.7 percent of all football players admitted using marijuana over the past 12 months, the highest number of any athlete group they surveyed.

  34. Regarding Bill Polian….plenty of his squeaky clean players have failed miserably in the NFL. There is no exact science.

  35. bobleblah says:
    Apr 23, 2015 6:24 PM

    Its called Cannabis these days.

    You might want to put down the blunt for a bit….weed has been called cannabis just about forever!

  36. “blspears says:
    Apr 23, 2015 6:55 PM
    He smoked weed so what. Old Dallas O lineman smoked weed his whole career won superbowls. It does not mean anything. ”

    Well, the flipside is that Ricky Williams smoked so much weed he actually quit football until he went broke then tried to come back. He didn’t care enough/ was too high to practice hard.

  37. Two Hall of Famers that I know of, Warren Sapp and Dan Marino, slipped down the draft because they had marijuana issues. I don’t know if Gregory is a HOFer, but a positive test from a college kid doesn’t always spell doom. And you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to rush the passer.

  38. And no doubt he will be outraged and mystified as to how and why he could possibly have slipped down the list… what did I do?
    Mirror, dude, mirror.
    Actions = consequences… unless you’re a QB.

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