Greg Hardy flap escalated when teammate “called him a woman beater”


It didn’t take much imagination to see the latest twist in the Greg Hardy story, after he was involved in a verbal altercation with a teammate during the first week of Cowboys conditioning workouts

According to Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports, the incident escalated when Davon Coleman referred to Hardy’s history of domestic violence.

He called him a woman beater,” a source told Getlin.

The first reports from FOX Sports said Hardy challenged Coleman’s effort during conditioning work.

Hardy is suspended for 10 games for last year’s domestic violence incident involving an ex-girlfriend. He has appealed that suspension, as you’d imagine.

But if Hardy can’t get through the first week of running and weightlifting without someone getting under his skin, imagine what’s going to be said when he takes the field against another team.

Coleman made the Cowboys last year as an undrafted rookie, and started the opener before injuries derailed his season.

But they obviously have less invested in him than Hardy, so it’ll be curious to see how this story develops. But a guy who got a harsher-than-he-expected punishment for a number of mitigating factors isn’t doing a good job of showing he can control his temper.

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  1. Good, now that we made known of his flaws now I would like to see how are they going to fix Greg Hardy… Glad as men we can check each other, now lets build him back up… And end this domestic violence… Men should mentor men…Indeed…

  2. Yeah. This is gonna be a circus all year. One guy yelling woman beater while one is predicting they win the super bowl. I love that it’s Dallas though.

  3. Honestly he expects the other team to talk trash not his teammates to talk trash. That probably made him more mad. Still anger issues though.

  4. When Romo made that Superbowl prognostication was it because he was handed a beta version of Madden?

  5. Teammates getting into a spat at team the facility happens…words are exchanged and Coleman went for the jugular. Hardy has to live with the fact that he is going to be labeled as a woman beater. He needs to MAN UP and get some thick skin. Lord knows what opponents are going to say to him between the lines this season and beyond.

  6. “We’re winning a Super Bowl this year.”
    “Mr. Romo, why do you have a black eye?”
    “I fell.”

  7. OK, this is a different story than the first one.
    We are all used to completely wrong stories being put out by media.

    Anyway, I expect 99% or more of us men have never been called a woman beater. And if we did get called a woman beater, we could simply just say “No, that’s not true at all”.
    Hardy clearly doesn’t have that option.
    He gets mad about being called exactly what he is.

  8. If Greg Hardy were a viking, they’d be all “We Support You – God Bless Greg Hardy – #FreeHardy! – etc.”


  9. I don’t how often this happens but I remember from my college days, when we went up against an opponent that went to a near by high school of one of our own teammates, we used to find out the name of his girlfriend so we could make remarks about her at the critical juncture of the game.

    If the player was dumb enough to blow his stack, it was to our advantage. Sounds like Mr. Hardy is going to have a fun time at visiting stadiums (like Philadelphia) after this story.

  10. Hardy has made it perfectly apparent for all the world to see: identifying him with his hobby of beating women – just serves to further enrages him into still more violence.

    Moving forward, guess what we can now expect to ensue?

    Yup. More of the same.

  11. I’ll take Hardy in this one. That poor dumb OL is gonna get whipped once the pads go on. Is he really that stupid to play the woman beater card, first day?

    He just made his bed and Hardy will put him to sleep everyday in practice. The coaches will make sure they face each other.

  12. Coleman should mind his own business and work harder if someone tells him to work harder, not throw mud at whoever called him out.

  13. I bet that’s going to be one real happy locker room…. End of 2014 season I had them as favs to win it all… Start of 2015 they are in big trouble

  14. A spade is a spade. Just like a typical bully Hardy can dish it out but can’t take it. I heard Greggy threw Coleman on a pile of teammates…Wait, it was a pile of guns.

  15. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you’re called out during a workout by the new guy, you’re probably dogging it. If you’re an undrafted player, you might want to not draw attention to yourself in this way. On the other hand, if you’re the new guy, you might want to try a little harder to fit in.

  16. I can care less what they are doing when off the field. However, when on the field you get called out for being lazy and decide to get personal. Shut up and work hard while at work.

  17. Coleman and other players probably not too excited about playing with a guy who is making big money and he is a proven woman abuser. I know I wouldn’t like it. Hardy is trash.

  18. hardy signing was desperate attempt to improve their sub-par defense.

    but that house of cards will fall well before wk 11…romo won’t last into november.

  19. Every NFL referee that has either a wife, daughter, or mother, might throw a couple extra flags against the Cowboys this year. Sometimes justice happens in funny ways.

  20. In the locker room wives, kids, and personal transgressions are off limits. Coleman may have been right, but Hardy is now your teammate. He is going to get enough of that from the outside, and doesnt need it from inside. Whether it’s right or wrong, that’s the way the locker room operates.

  21. Nothing like toxic poison to destroy 20 years worth of slowly built team chemistry in one workout session. Please Jerry. Don’t ever retire.

  22. Most guys actually dislike any other man who has a history of beating women. Hardy is not going anywhere,because the guy has tons of talent and the owners want to win at all costs. It has to be tough for some of these guys who have been raised in single family homes and know to treat women with the utmost respect to have to play alongside guys who beat women. But these guys are employees and its up to the boss who he wants representing his company.

  23. Now we have something to remember Davon Coleman for. Put this in his Wikipedia page under “Controversy: The Verbal Altercation with Greg Hardy”.

  24. If somehow they trade for AP this is officially “America’s team”. Only in America can guys like Hardy and AP get away with beating women and children, still get paid millions. Maybe take a run at Ray Ray to fill out the trifecta…How bout those Cowboys!!

  25. he almost was not on the Team because of his lack of focus and seriousness when it comes to football hopefully having a veteran like Hardy dig in his arse about it will help this young kid take the game more seriously ! i think having someone with the talent and experience of success Hardy has voice on that D-line will go a long way !! yet to be determined if Coleman will stay on the roster but hopefully he can handle constructive criticism better in the future rather than lash out because he got called out… i can guarantee you that based on Hardy’s twitter n instagram acct he could careless what names hes called but its all about that action and Coleman better step it up or he will be at home !

  26. This looks good on Jerrah and the Cowboys, who are so desperate they’ll hire anybody, even woman beaters.

    The Cowboys and Jerrah are the scum of the earth.

  27. You should remind us where in the report by T&M Protection it says he beat Nicole Holder. It says based on their conversation with Miss Cleo “he used physical force” and “he put his hands round her throat”. Nowhere does it say that he beat her and nowhere does it say that they talked to anyone that actually witnessed him beating or choking her.

    There is no evidence that Greg Hardy did anything to this woman.

  28. “for a guy who got a harsher punishment then expected”

    unlike florio I don’t think he got a harsher punishment then expected, that coward should get way worse a punishment for hitting a woman, and paid leave doesn’t count in my books, I know plenty of people that go on vacations with huge smiles when they are on paid leave and that is no punishment

    an accurate punishment would be jail time for a coward that hits ladies

  29. He needs a big supply of ear plugs. You got a long road ahead of you brother. I was wrong about this guy. I thought he had brains enough to control some of that anger. He will eventually end up in prison. Cut him now! And draft a beast of a pass rusher.

  30. All Jerruh needs now is to trade for AP, get uniforms that are all orange or black and white stripes get a parole officer. Dallas Correctional Facility Cowboys.

  31. He got on his teammate in order for him to do better… So the guy comes back at him with “woman beater”? Uncalled for.

    Even though it’s true.

  32. It’s like 31 o-line coaches cried out in unison, “Thanks for the tip to get under your skin.”

  33. Trade for Adrian Peterson, and bring back Michael Sam, then “Americas Team” is complete.

  34. Fine hardy sucks..
    but if coleman was sand-bagging at practice then he sucks too

  35. In a game it’s 15 yards, a fine and maybe suspension. In practice, there is nowhere to hide if you piss off a teammate.

    Not talking locker room, I’m talking on the field. Ain’t nowhere to hide. Coleman regrets this before Hardy does.

  36. if Dallas doesnt sign Hardy next year and YOUR team signs him/??? then what? how bout when the Pats n Skins had a killer on their team in STALLWORTH …. how about saints guy getting arrested for murder there are a ton of nfl players with an arrest history but being AMERICAS TEAM they take 100x the heat and the fact still remains that we dont know what actually happened w Hardy and the girl we simply have to guess ! i see a lot of people put value on their guesstimations but this guy Coleman needed a bit of a push hell Dllas barely brought him back because of his inability to take his job serious a “goofy” guy who got his feelings hurt from a pro bowl vet calling him out good job HARDY this D line needs some accountability on the field !

  37. If there were a futures exchange for athletes based on projected performance, this one screams sell short. If he can’t handle a smaller teammate’s verbal teasing, opposing OTs are going to eat him alive.

  38. ldloudin says:
    Apr 24, 2015 4:51 PM

    If there were a futures exchange for athletes based on projected performance, this one screams sell short. If he can’t handle a smaller teammate’s verbal teasing, opposing OTs are going to eat him alive.

    who said he cant handle it

  39. This may only be the tip of the ice berg concerning team player discontent…..

  40. Any Cowboy fan on here defending Hardy or talking about facing him in practice is an idiot. Coleman was an undrafted free agent that plays DEFENSE. He can play both D tackle and D end and showed a lot of promise early last year. He will probably start at least the first 10 games for Hardy. These types of incidents are also not good for the locker room. Men competing for jobs already have enough reason to get into fights and go for the jugular. If I were Coleman, I’d be pissed to get flack while going through rehab by some dude that is fresh because he didnt play last year.Why didn’t he play? Cause he beat his girl, choked her, slammed her in a tub and a couch full of auto rifles all because Nelly lays the wood better than he does.

  41. Coleman is history. If Hardy wants him gone, he’s gone. The Cows have too much invested in Hardy, and rumors of him missing the opener are greatly exaggerated.

  42. @@@@@blackunicornbeastmode says:
    Apr 24, 2015 5:13 PM

    these things happen multiple times in every single locker room in college and the nfl including physical altercations …. Coleman was barely brought back by the cowboys in part because of goofy attitude towards everything Hardy as PRO BOWL vet did the right thing and Coleman better take the whatever advice or criticism he got and use it to his advantage because in no way whatsoever is Coleman ready to start in 10 games and the “locker room” will talk to Coleman not HARDY about his behavior ! the Locker Room Leaders are overwhelmingly in Favor of Hardy signing per sources inside VR…. and you make these accusations sound like FACT which they are not its GUESSING what happened just because someone says it happened doesnt mean it did ! look watch !! hey YOU smacked me in the burger joint yesterday and robbed me !!! so does that mean thats now factual because i said so? NO

  43. Coleman or someone else realized that they have to get this out of the way to see what’s past it. This was a necessary step to find out of the guy’s a time bomb or someone they can work with – or maybe some of both.

  44. jimnsota says: Apr 24, 2015 4:17 PM

    If somehow they trade for AP this is officially “America’s team”. Only in America can guys like Hardy and AP get away with beating women and children, still get paid millions. Maybe take a run at Ray Ray to fill out the trifecta…How bout those Cowboys!!


    this is why AP will not end up in cowboyland..even jerrah isn’t so delusional to add yet another dysfunctional piece to that puzzle…at least we know the name of the other player.. I hate when an article says ” unnamed sources or a person close to the organization”, passed the information on

  45. Greg Hardy is a scumbag. It’s a shame he’ll never feel the same terror his ex felt. Maybe we can drive a tank at him while he’s strapped to a flag pole. That might do the trick.

  46. sn19 says:
    Apr 24, 2015 5:54 PM

    Greg Hardy is a scumbag. It’s a shame he’ll never feel the same terror his ex felt. Maybe we can drive a tank at him while he’s strapped to a flag pole. That might do the trick.

    what if she felt no terror though and she lied about the situation we automatically assume she is telling the truth when the Prosecutor did not believe she was being truthful…. why is it ok to GUESS at what happened?

  47. Hardy is garbage and should never be allowed to play football n the NFL again. Add Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson to that list. Do that, or stand there scratching your head wondering why people quit watching football.

  48. I Guarantee that NO ONE this site Face 2 Face man 2 man has The BALLS to say Any of this to his WITHOUT Police Protection with them. Blog Room Tough Guys.

  49. Greg Hardy deserves everything he gets and then some. READ THE POLICE REPORT HARDY SUPPORTERS!

  50. How the worm turns on this blog. Commentors are a fickle bunch. One article Hardy is being railroaded for a crime he wasn’t convicted of, the next one he deserves what he gets because whatever reason. You guys have more knowledge on the case than I, you probably witnessed it all yourself. I just go off of what I’ve seen from documentation and reliable reports. He had guns, there was a squabble,he called the cops, some judge decided he was guilty, they didn’t record any of this in court, he requested a trial by jury, the plaintiff didn’t feel so traumatized that she settled out of court and vanished, the DA dropped the charges. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t, either way the comment touched him. He may be angry because he’s guilty, he may be angry because the guy is accusing him of a foul deed. I don’t know. I wasn’t there, but I know if some dude publicly accused me of beating women, we’d be battling too. That’s a pretty heinous statement and one that’s not high road worthy or getting the other cheek.

  51. I guess everyone in this thread is perfect right ? It’s so easy to bash a guy through the media and social networks. I Don’t believe in hitting / abusing women but he has the right to redeem himself. There’s people commenting that have done way worse. Jealousy and envy have a lot to do with criticizing Hardy. Dude wasn’t even convicted, the victim would rather cash a check. That just sums up everything , victim would rather be wealthy then convict Hardy in a court of law ? You people are ridiculous !!!!

  52. HTTR??? LMAO hahahaha i love how everyones “predictions” never come to fruition and then they repeat ore “predictions” the following year ……. still laughing at HTTR bwahahahahahahaha the team that employs druggies convicted killers and DWI junkies !!!

  53. ariani1985 says:
    Apr 24, 2015 3:50 PM
    Guy is softer than a packer in a home playoff loss!


    Packers Playoff Record (all-time) :
    31-20 (Last appearance after 2014 season)
    Super Bowls Won: 4 out of 5 appearances
    Championships Won: 13

    — Nice try though. I’m assuming you’re a Vikings fan… Vikings have 0 championships, if you were curious. Enjoy 🙂

  54. It was childish and womanish of Coleman to call another man out of his name. I don’t blame Hardy. Most guys would have kicked his tail! Furthermore, if Coleman wasn’t lagging, perhaps he wouldn’t have been chastised.

    These same incidents happen in everyday society, including in the media, at church, engineering, library and every other occupation. Yet those people are not ostracized from society. How hypocritical! Stop putting the NFL and its players on a pedestal with no room to be human!

    Most people don’t even know the details of Hardy’s domestic incident and don’t know what they would have done if someone else provoked them or falsely accused them. When Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and others did it, America embraced them. There was a domestic incident yesterday with two WNBA players getting arrested! Where is the OUTRAGE!? And I don’t want to hear “They are women.”

    So, leave this man alone. He’s not the first in society and will not be the last. He learned from this and lost a lot of money. More than any other scrub on the streets would lose for the same infraction.

    Meanwhile, as many on this site and in this nation throw rocks and hide their hands, they themselves are cheating on their mates! And if caught, you will likely find yourselves in the same predicament~on the cusp of a domestic altercation once confronted by the one you cheated on.

    Leave the man alone. He didn’t murder anyone. Society seems to have more mercy on Aaron Hernandez for killing a man, than Hardy for having a dispute. Watch your OWN business!
    In the lyrics of the Frozen song, “Let it go!”

  55. Cowboys were hesitant on signing Coleman due to his work ethic or lack thereof. Didn’t take long for someone to call him for his lack of effort. Big “atta boy” to Hardy for getting on a player who’s not working hard in conditioning!

  56. whodatnhollywood says:
    Apr 24, 2015 7:09 PM

    “Leave the man alone”


    You tell them woman beater lover.

  57. Most mistakes in life you can be forgiven for by the law and most reasonable people. Others you just never can.

  58. “coldwater32301 says:
    Apr 24, 2015 3:39 PM

    Good, now that we made known of his flaws now I would like to see how are they going to fix Greg Hardy”

    How about Greg Hardy take some responsibility and fix himself?

  59. @patrick102977
    You act like Hardy wasn’t found guilty. Or that the hospital didn’t report bruises all over Holder’s body. The NFL has seen the reports, the evidence, which Hardy’s lawyers pulled strings to keep private, and they think it’s ten games after losing a season. You can defend this scumbag all you want, but he is not a good influence to have in your locker room. If you want to ignore all of the reports and FACTS about what happened because you think he will help your football team, you are a loser. He paid her off to not get him sentenced, guy should be in prison with Hernandez and Lawrence Phillips. So all those guns he had to hand over from her testimony to police were based on a guess? Or I just made that up? C’mon don’t be the guy that defends a woman beater, the NFL basically called him a LIAR too

  60. And right on cue, here comes Romo, twisting in the sunlight wearing a tight cheerleader skirt singing “We’re Number One, We Gonna Have FUN!” OMG, hold the phone. Romo has a dancing partner. It’s Bruce Jenner!!!!!! Bill, go the Press NOW!

  61. he never got found guilty… in NC its just a formality u go in front of a judge .. you would be a moron to not go in front of a judge and the judge knows his ruling is just to see if there is enough to go to trial everyone in NC goes to the judge first because if he decides NO then thats that so u always see him first but even the judge understands hes not ruling on the case per se ….. and no im sorry there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that proves hardy is the one who did anything to her ! NONE !!! its a simple well ill GUESS and in AMERICA we have to have safeguards in place to protect the innocent wether he did it or not is up for an opinion but photos we never got to see and also the STATE didnt believe she was fully telling the truth so they couldnt go forward and didnt go forward what bruises ?? where did they come from? how do we know? we dont no matter how u try and slice it you are GUESSING … we dont do that in AMerica !!!! sorry !

  62. personally i would SUE the NFL for defamation !!! regardless of their opinion and investigation they have ZERO right to say I DID ANYTHING as no jury convicted me so how in the heck can they tell millions of peopel i did something because they created their own payroll FBI and police force out of thin air??? whos there making sure this investigation was accurate and not flawed? who is overseeing this process? who is there to hold corrupt investigations accountable? NOBODY for none of that !!! you cant simply publicly tell people i did something that im telling you i did not do and you never even spoke to the accuser??? are you kidding me this is flawed from top to bottom and violates his rights !

  63. Playing in the NFL is a privledge…not a right.
    Why any of these guys are still in the league is beyond me

    They should be in jail or looking for work but leave it to Dallas to try to win at all cost
    He will do it again

  64. leave it to Dallas??you think he wouldnt be signed by now?? you cant be that ignorant.. you think if dallas doesnt sign him next year he wont get signed/.??? come on man…. there are a lot of DV cases throughout the entire NFL on rosters all across the league …… what does it have to do w DALLAS in specific?

  65. there are players in the draft coming out with DV cases who will get drafted by teams ….. DALLAS just gets the HUGE exposure but overall guys are everywhere with DV cases problem is we dont know if HARDY did it or not ,,,, we have to GUESS

  66. He is a woman beater so why get upset about it. Get over it and grow up. It’s the truth so believe it.

  67. People giving thumbs down to people calling Hardy a woman beater? He clearly is. What’s wrong with you? You all probably thought OJ was innocent too.

  68. patrick, either your posts are a goof or you’re nuts. The only people that are more nuts are the wingnuts that gave you thumbs up.

  69. coleman just doing what the haters want him to do .how stupid to go along with the lying crooked sports media. a weak move by coleman

  70. The evidence proved to the judge Hardy was guilty. Hardy paid off the girl before the jury trial, and she didn’t show up. The NFL did their own investigation, and instead of giving him the mandated 6 gms, gave him 10. That’s how obvious it was he was guilty. I wonder if you rednecks are just dumb, or live your lives the same way.

  71. Dallas fans are delusional. No I take that back they just want to win so bad they are willing to look the other way when the facts is Hardy beat this women to a pulp. He was convicted in a bench trial and the paid the women to not show at his jury trial. That’s it. Nothing more to be said and if was the Eagles or Redskins or Giants who signed this slug Dallas fans would be all over it. My feeling is the Cowboys will never win anything with this clown on the team so who cares let him play.

  72. For all you look the other way thumbs down posters

    He will do it again

    No surprise the “almost americas” team signed a criminal

  73. Not a big deal, I mean, it’s not like anybody is going to say anything like that to him on the field

    It will be 50X worse. He better get over himself quickly, and understand that he is a scum bag in the eyes of 90% of men everywhere (can’t speak for women, but I would hope a similar amount or higher). If he’s going to blow up every time someone says something about it, he’ll be a walking 15 yard penalty

  74. .
    hardy paid him off so now he said nothing…
    what is the problem! never happened.
    money is speech.

  75. While I don’t claim to know what happened during the altercation that took place between Hardy and his ex-girlfriend there is I thing that I do know. I would NEVER reward anyone for making that kind of false accusation against me. I wouldn’t care how much it cost me but I personally wouldn’t have given her a dime. Unless of course it were true.

  76. How ’bout them Cowboys!

    What I find really funny is how the NFL forced ESPiN to get rid of Playmakers yet they represent that series. “Nothing to see here folks, move along!”

  77. Now you know why Jimmy Johnson ridiculed Jerry. Jimmy built the team and won super bowls despite Jerry. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

  78. I think Coleman was only referring to that shirt he is wearing in that photo

    It’s just a misunderstanding…

    That Hardy, he’s such an excitable boy…

  79. I hope Dallas doesnt cut Coleman due to this, as the article subtly alludes to. Coleman is a promising young player, plus this is good practice for Hardy…verbal abuse that he will certainly hear during games and should get used to.

  80. Hardy might as well suck it up and keep moving b/c this wont be the last time he hears the “woman beater” comment on and off the field!!!

  81. Hardy might as well suck it up and keep moving b/c this wont be the last time he hears the “woman beater” comment on and off the field!!!

  82. Cowboys know what a scumbag Hardy is when signing him. Ravens stood by a well respected Rice whose work in the community and zero history of domestic violence prior to Atlantic City. They took the heat where the Boys are standing talk for hiring a violent person. The evidence is overwhelming. Rice is out of work and this violent scumbag Hardy is making millions. The Cowboys are now the scabs of the NFL.

  83. So I guess Coleman better be sure that he isn’t caught cheering for or supporting Mayweather in way, shape or form, right?

  84. Sounds to me like Coleman was being being lazy and hardy told him to pick up the pace. The cowboys need more of that. Especially Coleman being unproven and hardy being a beast. Coleman just got pissed cause he got told. And the best he could come up with was woman beater. Sticks and stones stopped in the first grade Coleman. Get in his face without the words real man.

  85. Ugh. I don’t condone hitting women or anything but Greg Hardy is not the devil because he beat a woman up. I bet most of these white knights ever had a relationship.

  86. As a cowboys fan Ill be looking hard at this coleman kid, I don’t mind a spat with a teammate but coleman hasn’t done anything yet he should be focused on hitting the weights and making a impact on the field, he better focus on not getting cut, as far as trash talk probably more relevant in the NBA, every team has issues see the Police Blotter, DUI, drugs.. man not putting NFL players down but it takes something to be a little off to basically put on a helmet and try to impale someone, Hardy will be fine.

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