Mike Maccagnan on draft trades: Philosophically, I like the idea of adding picks

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The Jets are currently slated to pick sixth in the first round of the draft, but General Manager Mike Maccagnan said Friday that teams are about to start having serious talks about moves up and down the board.

Maccagnan said at a Friday press conference that he anticipates speaking to all five teams drafting ahead of the Jets in the coming days in order to gauge the trade market leading into the first round, but was careful to say that didn’t mean the Jets were necessarily looking to make a move into the top five. He also said that he expects to hear from teams below the Jets in the draft order and that his general preference is to have more tickets in the lottery.

“Philosophically, I like the idea of getting more picks, because more picks are more opportunities to find players,” Maccagnan said.

That doesn’t mean the Jets are trading down, of course. In addition to this being a period when teams are taking the temperature of the market, it’s also a period where finding the truth in public comments about the draft is akin to finding a needle in the biggest haystack in history. Thankfully we’re almost at the point where the obfuscation ends with 32 teams welcoming new players to their roster.

12 responses to “Mike Maccagnan on draft trades: Philosophically, I like the idea of adding picks

  1. As a Jets fan, I just want BPA at #6, or wherever they’re picking in the 1st round. Be patient and let the chips fall where they may. No need to get crazy and trade up for Joey Harrington. lol

  2. He mentioned in the presser how he wants to create a pipeline of OLBs like Pittsburgh does; I’m thinking the pick will be Bud Dupree. Not the most accomplished at this point but has the size and athleticism and is clearly trending upward. Can learn under Pace and Babin this year and strictly rush the passer. Next year, he takes over full time.

  3. Sounds like Macc won’t be happy until he has 5 picks in every round. Cheer up, Jets fans. That means you’ll be competitive in oh, 2023.

  4. Thanks to a nonsensical trade for Percy we lost our 6th rd pick and swapped our 5th for a 7th and Marshall. That is why he would like to get more picks. I’m sure the cost to move up will be too steep and he will call all bluffs. If Mariota falls they take him and if not, just like any other draft and do what you have to for the team!!

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