Unnamed scout on Kevin White: “He’s like Larry Fitzgerald”


West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White is just about a lock to hear his name called in the first round of next week’s draft, with all but the matter of whether he’ll be the first player at his position to be taken to be decided.

In his latest mock draft, Rotoworld’s Josh Norris projected the Mountaineers star to come off the board at No. 7 to Chicago, calling White one of “a handful of foundation pieces in this draft.”

As a senior at West Virginia, the 6-foot-3, 215-pound White hauled in 109 passes for 1,447 yards and 10 touchdowns. He then proceeded to run an impressive 4.35 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine.

White also received some high praise in Nolan Nawrocki’s 2015 NFL Draft Preview. In White’s scouting report, Nawrocki quoted an unnamed scout who called the West Virginia receiver “the top player in the East hands down.”

Said the unnamed scout: “He is the reason they are in every game. He’s like Larry Fitzgerald.”

On PFT Live in March, White said Fitzgerald, the Cardinals’ star receiver, had given him good advice about competing in the NFL.

“He’s kind of like my mentor, somebody that I look up to that’s in the NFL,” White said.

The No. 3 overall pick 11 years ago, Fitzgerald has had a stellar career, one that figures to garner him serious Hall of Fame consideration. If White is in the same ballpark as Fitzgerald in terms of impact, some club is going to be very happy to have turned in a card with his name on it next Thursday in Chicago.

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  1. I work in the small somewhat sleepy borough of Emmaus, Pa–the local high school being Emmaus High School, where Kevin graduated from.

    He graduated in the same class as my boss’s daughter and he would often come into the pizza shop where I work. I remember talking to him about leaving for JUCO and it’s positively mind-blowing what this kid has blossomed in to.

    He was just in before the ramp-up started for the draft and there was not a hint of arrogance, entitlement or elitism about him. I saw some people ripping him when he proclaimed himself better than Amari Cooper but the perception that he’s a me-first type of person is counter to everything I’ve seen first hand.

    I hope this kid remains as humble and down-to-earth as all my interactions with him would indicate. Even though he won’t be a Steeler, I’ll be rooting for him.

  2. I see Andre Johnson more than Fitzgerald. He’s faster than Fitzgerald, more of a homerun threat, but in no way has Fitzgerald’s awesome hands.

  3. People only compare White to Fitzgerald because of the hair and the number 11. I think White will be a great player, but they have very different skill sets.

  4. SDCHICKEN and TEXANSPAT, why click on the article just to make stupid comments. Get a hobby or go do whatever it is trolls due when they are not busy showing off the I keyboard courage.


    Anyway, I really want the Raiders to draft Williams but i would be happy with White or Cooper.

  5. Why ? Because he’s number 11 and wears locks ? He’s the opposite of Fitzgerald …

    Fitz has sure hands and run very good route but no top speed. This guy is the opposite.

  6. Apt comparison; that’s the player White models himself after.

    He’s not as physical but he’s faster than Fitz coming out of college.

  7. Larry Fitzgerald is getting in the HOF. Sure, the cardinals have always been awful, but he managed to drag that sorry sack of crap to the Super Bowl after getting a moderately competent QB. He was the best or one of the top 2-3 receivers in the league for a decade.

  8. As a WVU fan who has watched every WVU game for years, i can assure you that Kevin White is not a diva. As far as the comment that White’s hands are not up to par…….his hands are his best quality. If i were to guess about his “biggest problem” then i would give that to his route running.

    Im not saying he is better than Cooper or anyone, but he is no diva and his hands and ability to high point the ball are unbelievably impressive.

  9. I think most would like to have him line up for their team but WRs (elite) don’t seem to make that much difference as to a Super Bowl or not. Megatron, Fitz, and many other talented WRs don’t have a ring yet. It’s great to have them but there doesn’t seem to be much correlation between teams that have them winning.

  10. This guy is the best player in the entire draft. And of course the idiot Browns had too good of a record to draft him and passed on 3 beast WRs in last years draft.

    The Browns can screw up anything

  11. I think he is closer to Julio Jones than Fitzgerald.
    As much as the Bears need defensive players I can live with White being taken at # 7.

    Height, speed, strength, leaping ability, good hands, gets separation, a red zone or deep threat, overpowers Defensive Backs, too fast for LBs……
    He looks like he can dominate in the NFL.

  12. Every time people say this guy is a “poor man’s” version or he reminds me of, the player always ends up being the furtherest thing from that. Riddle me this. How is he like Larry Fitzgerald with 4.3 speed when Fitzgerald hardly has been classified as a burner during his career? If he was, his career very well might have been over by now because Al Davis would have drafted him, lol.

  13. A lot of the people chiming in here clearly haven’t watched White play. They’re just gobbling up the combine nonsense and spitting it back out like it’s the gospel. First off, White has exceptional hands. He high points and rips contested balls down. He tracks well in the air. He catches all of the gimmes. I’m not boldly claiming that he has better hands than Fitz here, but he is at least in that zip code as a natural pass catcher. Also, yeah he ran a fast 40. That doesn’t equate to game speed. Again, if you watch the games, you’ll see that he doesn’t play to his combine speed. He is more of a physical, body you up and straight line guy, like a Fitz or a Marshall. His game does look a lot like Fitz, just not as polished. Which makes sense because Fitz understands all the nuances of the position. White is still learning. If you actually watch the games, you see a lot of Fitz-looking traits though.

  14. when are folks going to figure out these West Virginia wide receivers are not going to be overnite successes.
    They dont run routes. They are quick as hell or fast as hell but all i see them catching in the pros are bubble screens and go routes.
    To call a guy who doesnt run the route tree a Larry Fitzgerald is not fair to either of them. Raises expectations too high and also doesnt give credit to one of the best there’s ever been in the NFL.
    just one guys thoughts.

  15. fourfourstack,

    Thanks armchair GM. The point is that Fitzgerald has never in his career been classified as a burner or home run threat WR. He was taken 3rd overall because he was an exceptional route runner from traditional route trees in a pro style offense with great hands. Coming out of the WVU pass happy version of the spread option therefore, precludes any comparisons from being made for that reason alone as White is coming out of a system that you won’t know what you have until he actually has to line up in a pro offense where he’s not being thrown to wide open since he’ll actually finally have to read coverages on the same page with his QB, beat press coverage, etc. The comparison is silly and does him no service except for to allow for whatever fan base that gets him as a draft pick to be disappointed because silliness like this comes out every draft season with players who don’t resemble anyone but themselves. Remember Coradelle Patterson was supposed to be the next Randy Moss, oh except for not having the production in a pro style offense, hands, playing speed, etc. Now, Viking fans wouldn’t even mind if he wasn’t on their team anymore as they realize that they have a glorified kick returner that draft heads told them was baby Randy Moss 2 years ago.

  16. You can call me an arm chair GM all you like, I promise you I’ve played, coached and forgotten more football than you’ve ever dreamed of if you seriously have the cordarelle patterson-randy moss comparison a second thought. Randy Moss is the most freakish athlete to ever play the position. What a joke.

  17. Been several big time NFL wide receivers who played in these “pass happy” offenses you describe. Dez Bryant comes to mind. You see anybody whining about Dez not knowing a route tree? That stuff can be coached. And it has. I would be far more concerned about a system change for a QB than a wideout. And if you read what I said before, I said he’s learning. But when the ball is in the air headed his way, he bodies up and catches and is physical a lot like Fitz does.

  18. By far one of the biggest problems folks like realfootballfan have is not understanding what pro offense means or what skills translate from college if you play in a “pass happy” offense. Which isn’t actually an offense as much as it’s a scheme. Pro offense is just some nebulous term that gets thrown around as a risk factor to consider, when you don’t actually know the nuts and bolts of what it means. You know what pro offenses like in their pro offenses? WRs that can run, jump and catch, and beat a defender in the process. White beat a lot of guys this year. The system isn’t quite as relevant when the other squad’s entire D knows you’re the key and you still put up numbers. You can learn how to run a route tree in an afternoon and you can spend the rest of your career perfecting it. But you can’t learn how to track a ball and pick it out of the sky with a defender draped all over you.

  19. fourfourstack,

    Yet you still don’t grasp how it’s a projection to say they’re going to be similar to anyone when they come from a completely different style offense that doesn’t allow for an apples-to-aples comparison; therefore, how could you even make the leap to the comparison based on football skills when 1 guy was doing it, and the other guy you’re hoping he can but have no idea if he can or not since he’s never been put in the position to try it yet. Furthermore, Dez Bryant is a great example since he just came into his own the past 3 years out of one of those systems when in every other aspect, he was a great WR specimen. However, learning how to play the receiver position when you don’t know a lick about coverages, beating those kinds of coverages that you get, and how to run the pro route tree were all things it took him his first 2 years to grasp, so any comparisons to anyone before he finally got that would have been asinine and silly.

  20. Just because your good in college .Doesnt mean you’ll be good in the nfl maybe the cardinals .Need to draft white since floyd is .One arm out the door soon to be full out Thursday .Yes you heard it here Hes being dealt .

  21. I just want this draft to get here so we can stop with the “unnamed scout” stories and mock drafts that nobody will get right. 4 more days!

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