Sanchez: We need another guy to throw, that’s why we signed Tebow


Mark Sanchez thinks Tim Tebow is a camp arm.

Sanchez told that he’s been told Tebow was signed as another quarterback to give the receivers some work because Sam Bradford is still not 100 percent.

“He’s obviously a great guy, he works hard. And we needed another guy to throw while Sam’s still recovering,” Sanchez said. “So that’s the reason [for the signing], at least as explained to me. We’re excited about the upcoming year and I think we have a great group.”

But that reason makes no sense. If the Eagles just wanted another guy to throw, there are dozens of quarterbacks with better arms than Tebow who could do that job.

Where Tebow potentially has value to a team is in the things he can do beyond throwing the football: Tebow is good at escaping the pocket under pressure, good at making something happen when a play breaks down and good at managing the clock when his team is trailing in the fourth quarter. There’s value in those skills, which is why Tebow had some success as the Broncos’ starting quarterback.

But as a passer, Tebow is limited, which is why he has completed only 47.9 percent of his passes in his NFL career.

So while Sanchez may have been told that Tebow is just a camp arm, Chip Kelly must have other plans. If the Eagles wanted a camp arm, they would’ve signed someone with a better arm than Tebow.

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  1. Not cool. Couldn’t he have just kept that to himself and instead talk about the kind of QB competition he’s looking forward to? Small.

  2. I think Tebow could be the most qualified 3rd string QB in the league if given that chance.

    No other 3rd stringer could say they’ve won a play off game.

    No other 3rd stringer has a strategy in place to run the ball and help their defense and control the clock.

  3. Why do people keep making it out like Tebow is gonna actually be competing to be the starter? He’s a third or fourth string QB that signed a non-guaranteed $600k contract. He’ll be lucky to make the roster. I believe Sanchez more than the Tebow hysteria that everyone going crazy with.

    Also, how about looking at some of the QB’s that Philly will play against this year: Geno Smith (runner ability), Ryan Tannihill (runner ability), Tyrod Taylor (who I think will be the starter in Buffalo and is a runner), RG3 x2 (runner), Cam Newton (runner), and Tom Brady (ok I’m just joking here). Might not be a bad idea to have a running QB as a 3rd stringer for practice situations during the season.

  4. Its funny how Sanchez cant get Tebow out of his way lol.

    Its obvious that if the Eagles have signed Tebow, its because they have AT LEAST some curiosity about what he could do for them. Camp arm type guys can be found at every corner without the media scrutiny.

  5. If the Eagles need a camp “arm” and I use that word VERY loosely, call the Vikings, I’m sure old noodle arm Teddy Dishwater could be had for cheap, just know that he specializes in 5 yard checkdown patterns, can’t really throw a deep ball but it’s warm now so his little 9 year old girl hands won’t slip off the ball, unless it’s raining

  6. Sanchez bit.
    Hook, line and sinker.
    I hope that he doesn’t read this article and start figuring things out!

    ……needed Tebow for an arm……ayiyi.

    Oh, and Mark…the word, “gullible”, isn’t in the dictionary.

  7. Wow. How weak of Sanchez. Yeah, Mark, they brought in a lightening rod who polarizes the public & media to just save your arm from tossing a few extra balls while Sam’s knee heals. Also–love him or hate him, Tebow’s competitiveness can’t be denied. I know he’s already taken a knee & forgiven Sanchez, but if you don’t think that Tebow’s competitive fire just got lit ought to read up on the kid.

    I think this is Sanchez’s Bozworth vs. Bo Jackson moment. Tebow is going to take his job.

  8. Sanchez is such a nimrod he didn’t even realize he was slamming himself while dissing Tebow!!!
    Too funny!!!

  9. I thought he was being a jerk until I saw “at least as explained to me”. I don’t think anyone believes that’s why Tebow’s there, but those are apparently Chip Kelly’s words, too.

  10. I think Kelly knows he will miss out on Mariota and thinks he can do something with Tebow in some kind of wildcat package…. He can’t be a camp arm when the knock on him has always been his passing ability… But he is a well-regarded team guy, great locker room presence, great work ethic role model… And not the worst 3rd QB to have with Bradford’s injury history..

  11. LMFAO!! The only picture you could find with both of them together was with Sanchez SPREAD EAGLE (pun intended) in front of Tebows face…..FN PRICELESS

  12. Sanchez, they told you that because you are too mentally fragile to cope with the idea of competing with someone like Tebow.

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  13. It’s funny that the same people that laud Tebow for being a winner and all that say Sanchez sucks. It’s all about winning with Tebow because his numbers are dreadful, but when it comes to Sanchez who has won more, winning doesn’t matter.

  14. Say what you want, but if the Eagles are playing my Cowboys in the 4th quarter and need one score to win, I don’t want to see Tebow trotting out on the field. I don’t think the Steelers would, either. I’d rather see Sanchez.

  15. Somehow Tebow reminds me of Doug Flutie in terms of a never give up, I can and I going to this my way, and I don’t care what people have to say attitude.

    Now with that being said Flutie could sling the ball from any angle..he had to, he was short for a QB
    But both these guys have that intangible factor of finding a way to win
    There both Winners

  16. The only position description that fits Tebow is “weapon”. He has proven that he is not a “quarterback” and he hasn’t proven he can do anything else consistently, but he has definitely proven that he is a weapon.

    Mark it down folks, I agree with MDS for a change.

  17. ariani85pftpoetsuckskol says:
    Apr 25, 2015 12:00 PM

    If the Eagles need a camp “arm” and I use that word VERY loosely, call the Vikings, I’m sure old noodle arm Teddy Dishwater could be had for cheap, just know that he specializes in 5 yard checkdown patterns, can’t really throw a deep ball but it’s warm now so his little 9 year old girl hands won’t slip off the ball, unless it’s raining

    WOW!!! The post above qualifies the writer as a bonafide ‘hater’. After Teddy B was ridiculed for his pro day, dropped to the end of the 1st round, he never said a word. He let his game do the talking and the rest is history. This thread is all about the Eagles and the circus it has become thanks to Chip and all of his questionable personnel moves. How is Bridgewater and the Vikes relevant??? When the hate is so strong, one can only conclude that it has something to do with the melanin in Teddy B’s skin. It’s sad, but true.

  18. My buddy in the know called the Eagles signing Tebow weeks before it happened and I just kind of looked at him crazy. He says from his sources that they will actually be playing Tebow a lot out of wishbone packages. Chip Kelly is gonna go suuuuper old school with some of his packages this year. So old school today’s “analysts” are going to think its something new.

  19. Tebows percentage has to do with bad coaching which limited his number of attempts per game. He’s not a practice QB they need to just let him play. He can run the Eagles Offense.

  20. Same guy who fails at every place where he plays QB (Sanchez). He has no self-confidence and has to tear someone else down to make himself feel better.

  21. That’s not true pft. If they just wanted an arm they could use a jugs machine. Why not take tebow, who is an arm, and see what he can do..

  22. Chip Kelly’s hurry up wishbone offense with Tebow at QB will be interesting. Chip is such a contrarian that he’s going to avoid the 50+ passes a game the league has become and try to run the ball in a hurry with Tebow as his QB/RB/All around option. Sanchez will be on the bench before Tebow ever is, with the offense Chip Kelly will be installing this year.

  23. Obviously Sanchez – and this writer – haven’t had a chance to see the 10,000 hours of Tebow training tape from Tom House. (Apparently Lovie’s not done reviewing it yet).

  24. The double irony is that Sanchez is probably right lol.

    Every year Tebow makes a team….it’s a huge media mess that turns out to be a big nothing by season start. When asked about the cfl to hone his quarterback skills Tebow scoffed at the idea….which at the very least makes him all the idiot that Sanchez is…..

  25. I would take Tebow OVER Sanchez on every Sunday…all that dude does is find a way to win… Sanchez isn’t worth a damn IMO

  26. All of the QBs on the Eagles roster would be backups in New England, New York, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Dallas, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Green Bay. The Eagles are going nowhere with any of these QBs. Nice publicity in the offseason though

  27. Why is there no heat on overrated QBs with less playoff success than Tebow like Matt Stafford, Andy Dalton and RGIII? Tebow has as many playoff wins as Cam Newton and Alex Smith, and one less playoff win than overrated Tony Romo in a fraction of the time!

  28. Oh no, here we go again. Wasn’t Tebow in NE under the best coach ever? If he can play, why would Belichick cut him?

    Talk about irrational exuberance… He’s clearly not a passer based on history. Tell me which team will be fooled by Tebow on two point conversion attempts and I’ll show you an unemployed coach.

  29. Only two comments with “butt fumble” in them?

    Considering Sanchez had to deal with having Tebow behind him with the Jets (along with Tony Sparano as OC…I actually felt sorry for the Jets that year), I am not surprised he continues to feel this way…but I got a funny feeling Chippy will wish he’d kept Nick Foles (and Shady as well).

  30. To throw interceptions like you do? You’re luck any team will take YOU, so be thankful for that. Don’t worry about Tebow, he’s gonna get cut anyway.

  31. 4thandlonger says:
    Apr 25, 2015 11:59 AM
    I think Tebow could be the most qualified 3rd string QB in the league if given that chance.


    You don’t even need to leave the division to find a better 3rd string QB – Washington’s debacle.

  32. As an Eagles fan… I have no faith in Bradford, Sanchez, Barkley,or Tebow… None whatsoever…they have all proven they are not franchise QB’s… Simple as that

  33. “Tebow is good at escaping the pocket under pressure, good at making something happen when a play breaks down and good at managing the clock when his team is trailing in the fourth quarter.”

    Correction: Tebow hasn’t played in two years (three, really). He’s two years older, two years slower (to move and react) and two years away from the speed of an NFL game.

    It would be more correct to say “Tebow WAS good at escaping the pocket under pressure, WAS good at making something happen” etc. You/we have no idea whether he’s still good at even those things.

  34. Sanchez worried because he doesn’t have Rex Ryan in Philadelphia to protect him. If he was secure in his being a better quarterback than Tebow he wouldn’t have to resort to such a low blow.

  35. Sanchez records in the playoffs is 4-2, which are all road games as well. The Jets just missed the Super Bowl two years in a row with Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback, and each year they did it all on the road as a Wild Card team. Mark Sanchez in his second playoff run led the Jets to an upset over Tom Brady’s #1 seed Patriots at Gillette. The truth is the stubborn ground and pound Rex Cryan didn’t do Mark Sanchez any favors to help him grow as a quarterback. Rex is a QB killer. I will not be surprised at all if Sanchez wins the starting quarterback job in Philly. You can book this comment for future reference. I’m not even a fan of Sanchez either. I just think the kid is the best QB the Eagles got right now.

  36. Just wondering who “explained” the Tebow signing to Sanchez. Perhaps Mark should have deferred his response to that person.

  37. It’s good of Sanchez to support Tebow like this, but I doubt Tebow will do the same for him. Tim might be a great guy and all that but we all know he never talks about his teammates- supporting or bashing them. He’s very self centered and it’s all about HIS performance. He’s not a dummy, he knows the cameras want to him to talk about himself.

    I like Mark Sanchez even if he’s not a good NFL QB.

  38. The butt of the joke of a quarterback Sanchez only think a guy not known for his accuracy was only signed to be a camp arm. I think running into Brandon Moore butt might have scrambled your brains a bit if they sign now a 5th quarterback for him to be a camp arm.

  39. Sanchez is a career backup who throws entirely too many interceptions. Tebow has more upside in other areas that the Sanchize can only dream about. Tebow will make this team and coach has a plan.

  40. Michael,

    Let me answer this question of why the Eagles signed Tebow. It has nothing to do with a camp arm, nor does it have anything to do with what you say the Eagles might’ve signed him. It’s the same reason NE signed him last year, as a favor to Urban Meyers. It’s no secret Kelly and Meyers are friends, as was the same with Belichik. You’re right, it makes no sense to sign Tebow as a camp arm with his inability to pass the football. However you also made my and many, many others case why Tebow isn’t playing QB in the NFL. Your description of Tebow’s value to the Eagles isn’t why you sign a QB. Even you admit he isn’t near an adequate enough passer to play QB, not even to be camp arm. Camp arms are there to make the receivers trying to make the team better, Tebow can’t do that.

  41. The reason people are sick of Tim Tebow is the media…period. If this kid breaks wind, it’s news. Sad. Then to say he sucks as a QB is debatable. Look at his stats. All the media does is points out is his completion %. He started 14 games in Denver.
    In 2 yrs in Denver his win/ loss record was 8-6.
    He threw 17 YRs to only 9 INTs.
    He took a team that was 1-4 to the playoffs. With a 6 game win streak and an amazing 6 games in a row with game winning drives ( several of them with less then a minute on the clock)..
    He also added 12 rushing TDs and close to 1,000 rushing.
    Add that up to what is close to 1 full season you get 29 total TDs to 9 INTs. 2 more in the playoffs with ZERO ints.
    But all the haters just point out his religion or his personal life. As if the greatest player in NFL history ( Reggie White) didn’t do the same thing. Every one of his teammates love him. Every coach says nobody works or trains harder. He’s a role model for our children as somebody to look up to.
    I’m not a Rah Rah Tebow guy. But I respect him on AND off the field. Its not him seeking media attention. Its the media circus He doesn’t want that turns teams and opposing fans off. Then he gets a second shot at a NFL career and people go crazy. But we accepted Vick back from prison. Fans still root for Adrian Peterson after he beat a 4 yr old. Tebow is a 3rd string QB. Name one better. Better yet how many can you actually name? He is valuable in the red zone. He has started and won a playoff game. He us also a team leader. Name a 3rd string QB better Then Tebow. You can’t.

  42. vladimir says:
    Apr 25, 2015 12:34 PM

    Tebow has the same number of playoff wins as Romo.


    You’re WAY off……Romo has twice as many playoff wins….in other words, two…..

  43. It’s nice to see all of the Tebow lovers come on here and attack Sanchez rather make the case for Tebow to make the team ahead of him. If your idea of promoting Tebow’s value to tear down and basically say, well he can’t be worse than Sanchez, that’s not exactly a strong selling point. I read someone say Tebow has more upside than Sanchez, WHERE!

  44. That’s odd, I get why they needed a guy who can throw, with Sanchez being the top back up at the moment, but you would think if that is all they were looking for they would have signed someone who can actually throw.

  45. Chip is not happy with Sanchez, bet on it. He brought Tebow in to be a camp body like Sanchez says but also to get the media chasing their own tales trying To find out about Tebow while Chip works on his Marriota plans.

  46. Mike Smith and the rest of you idiots obviously NEVER played a sport in your life !!! Tebow is the perfect camp arm ! Just like the Pats used him for and let him go. When your practicing what good does it do your receivers to get absolutely perfect passes ??? NONE !!! That’s what !!! WHY you ask, because idiots you don’t get absolutely perfect passes all game long in the season games !!! Your receivers need practice pulling in those not perfect passes !!!

    Thanks for reading and don’t get too worked up this season because the NFL IS FIXED !!! Already been ordained who’s winning Super Bowl 50.

  47. Just to clarify, Tebow does not have a “weak” arm at all. He just has lousy mechanics which result in poor accuracy. Stupid to say he doesn’t “have an arm.” That’s just ignorant of the facts.

  48. The last time I saw Tebow throw was two years ago and he was awful. Yes, he may have improved but he may be rusty also. Unless he has improved lots and lots he won’t make ANY NFL TEAM.
    Maybe Chip will use him in the backfield or as a receiver. I just don’t see this move at all.

  49. LOL mrwalterisgod…
    How exactly is this Sanchez “supporting” Tebow?????
    This was clearly a DIS… suggesting be is there only to be cut after camp.
    You need to take your Christian hating glasses off and brush up on your 3rd grade reading comprehension….

  50. I don’t think either of these two are good QBs. But I think it is funny that Tebow Nation again holds on to one playoff win and says “this guy has talent”….yet forgets Sanchez went to a couple of AFC Championship games – still sucks – but somehow doesn’t have what Tebow has. News flash – neither of these two are good QBs, but at least Sanchez has a serviceable career as a backup. Tebow is just bad.

  51. Let’s hope for the sake of the Eagles and Sanchez that quote doesn’t become the gift that just keeps on giving. I’m pulling for TT!!!

  52. It’s too bad that Tebow would never consider just mopping the locker room floor with Sanchez. He is a better person than I would be in that situation. Guys who talk schidt about Tebow are operating under the assumption that he will keep turning the other cheek rather than just beat the stuffing out of them.

  53. There you go, Sanchez just revealed that he is very insecure about his roster spot and playing time with the Eagles and do not think Chip Kelly does not see that and does not want that on his team.

    This shows how fragile Sanchez is and how threatened he is that the coaching staff gave him a nice story to keep him from fretting.

    Sanchez must have heard that Tebow showed improvement on his tryout so now he is threatened.

  54. Whatever.
    I no longer care about Timmy Teabag.
    I’ll just sit back and let time show us again what a loser he is.

  55. port comment
    finzfan49 says:
    Apr 25, 2015 3:12 PM
    2015 Eagles Depth Chart


    Book it !!!!
    Sorry, but Bradford is going elsewhere. But it could turn out:

    Chip will use Tebow in many ways, but not as a QB.

  56. Kelly will eliminate the controversy by calling a naked bootleg for Sanchez in the 4th Q of the last preseason game.

  57. I find it amusing that Tebow fans brag about his winning one playoff game with Denver while ignoring his dreadful completion percentage, and unceremonious dumping by Belichick. Then turn around and bash Sanchez, who led the Jets to not one, but 2 AFC championship games and compiled a 4-2 playoff record. As far as Kelly keeping Tebow around for special plays. The Jets already tried that with him and failed miserably. Sanchez was wrong to say that was the reason for his signing, but sadly, he might be right.

  58. tebow is replacing polk on the birds roster not as a rb but as kellys 2nd swiss army knife,as far as sanchez he may or may not make this roster depending on whether mm is coming to town

  59. Why people calling Tebow a savior when he had one awful season where the Denver defense running game and special teams won 7 games and an OT game at home but hate Sanchez who went playoff twice and has won 4 playoff games beating Palmer Rivers Brady and Manning all on away games. In the 2 losing efforts 58% 490yd 4TD 1Int playing the 15th and 1st ranked defense?

    For comparison Tebow 36% 136 yd 0-0 in a 45-10 beatdown playing 31st ranked defense

  60. Didn’t Tebow & The Broncos kick some Sanchez & The Jets bootie in 2011? Just sayin…

  61. Tebow is a walking intangible. Full of positives that don’t transfer well to the pro quarterback position.

  62. I don’t understand why people find what Sanchez said hard to believe. Tebow was obviously brought in as a camp body to throw. Yes he has sucked at throwing in the NFL but he has been working with that guru House for the last 2 years and has apparently made a lot of improvement, which the Eagles noticed when they worked him out. It’s not like they got a time machine and signed the Tebow from 3 years ago, they are signing the 2015 version of Tebow, what ever that may look like now. Also it’s non-guaranteed vet minimum contract so why not give him a chance. Maybe he beats out Barkley, or Sanchez or Bradford… but probably just Barkley.

  63. Mr. Butt Fumble is such a joke. Apparently he’s still angry that the Jets signed Tebow to challenge him. Sanchez is very lucky that Tebow never took his job because he deserved to lose it. Inexplicably, the Jets kept Tebow on the bench, but I doubt he would have Butt Fumbled the way Sanchez did.

  64. Coach-Yes Mark I know I told you Tebow is just another arm.

    Sanchez-That’s not true?

    Coach-Yes it’s true but……..

    Sanchez-but what?

    Coach-You heard me right the first time. Hand me the playbook after you clean out your locker.

    Sanchez- But why would I do that?

    Coach-Oh jeez!

  65. I like Tebow. As a former baseball player, something just tells me he chose the wrong sport. I bet he can hit a ton with a little coaching and could have probably been a decent first baseman.

  66. Sounds to me like Sanchez is worried about keeping his job.
    He needn’t be, though. Because as bad as he is, Tebow is worse.

  67. Sanchez acts like he had a choice or say in the matter.

    Newsflash Sanchez: They brought him in because you are terrible and at least Tebow won’t have the desire to put his face in his lineman’s butts.

  68. Arguably, it’s better to have at least one QB in camp who has a lousy arm so the WRs and TEs are more challenged. Even a great QB tends to make far more bad throws under pressure but you don’t want a starter or backup practicing anything but pinpoint accuracy. With Tebow you don’t have to worry about perfect throws. He’s a pitiful in practice with no rush as he is in a game situation. Hard to find that quality… unless they want to give me a shot.

  69. Wow! Sanchez must be having a great off season if he thinks he’s up to the task of playing head games with Tebow.

    “Another guy to throw” like they can’t sign a guy to the practice roster for less than the $600K Tebow signed for. Makes you wonder if a player has ever been cut for no other reason than being stupid.

  70. Tebow won two championships and a playoff game. Thats not luck. Whats Sanchize done?

  71. Mark Sanchez is a bum. The jets separated their shoulders reaching up in the draft to get him. If people make the excuse that Denver’s defense carried that team then you have to make the same excuse for Sanchez. The more the jets tried to put the offense in his hands the more he turned the ball over. I have actually never seen a qb get the benefit of the doubt more than Sanchez. The jets gave him year after year and he regressed. He is too mentally weak to lead a team as shown in these comments. He is a bitch and always will be.

  72. I see Timmy Tebow assisting Marcus Mariota (Bradford-to-the-Titans, a likely scenario next Thursday, April 30) on the Eagles’ 3rd & Goal running plays — reminiscent of Blake Bell-to-Landry Jones with the Okie Sooners.

  73. I’m pretty sure that is just what they told Butt-Fumble so they can keep him around as a camp arm. 5 to 1 Tebow sticks over Sanchez .

  74. newjerseygiants says:
    Apr 25, 2015 6:08 PM
    “I like Tebow. As a former baseball player, something just tells me he chose the wrong sport. I bet he can hit a ton with a little coaching and could have probably been a decent first baseman.”

    He’d want to be a pitcher; the center of attention.

    In which case he’d set the record for wild pitches, hit batters, and walks.

  75. bubba703 and rainsarge making SOLID FACTUAL comments. Let me add some facts too. Mark Sanchez signed a 2 year, $9,000,000 contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, including a $2,000,000 signing bonus, $5,500,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,500,000. Tim Tebow signed a 1 year, $660,000 contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, including an average annual salary of $660,000. Nothing is guaranteed for Tebow. He’ll be lucky to make the team after being a camp arm.

  76. Mark Sanchez is talking way too much. He’s nervous. While I don’t think Tebow is an NFL caliber quarterback, I feel the same way about Sanchez. I’m not sure either one will be there after training camp.

  77. Is any team more interested in the spotlight than the Eagles? Seriously, ever since the “Dream Team”, how many media attention-seeking actions have they made?

  78.’s convenient to bash Tebow saying only went to the playoffs and beat a very good defensive Steeler team because of the Bronco run game and defense.
    You spit out your facts with your spin on them. Tebow took over a 1-4 team with that so called great run game and great defense..and won 6 games in a row. All of them with game winning drives. Yes, mostly by passing the ball.
    You don’t mention that Sanchez had a Hall of Fame RB with one of if not best defensive teams in the league. Famously called by Wrecks Ryan as the GROUND AND POUND. In his Jet yrs he only averaged 200 yards a game passing 1 out of 5 yrs. You kiddin me by saying Tebow benefited by a run game and defense and Sanchez was the conqueror of the great QBs because he was a great QB? !. Really. Sanchez was a handoff expert and try not to lose the game QB. I still can’t believe you had the balls to state Tebow had a great RUN game and defense…and the Sanchez Jets didn’t. Crazy. Do everybody a favor and watch a game at least once a yr before repeating the garbage you hear on sports radio and think it’s facts. Tebows not great..but Sanchez isn’t either.

  79. Tebow? ROTFLMAO. The loons all are commenting the same same old on Teblow. Pure delusion. The guy sucks as an nfl qb. There are many guys who have been signed this off season who wont make the team. Teblow will be another of those.

  80. Did it ever occur to Sanchez that what he was told to him by MGT was to just pacify him? There are a lot of “camp arms” from the UFA category, and they can be sent to the practice squad.

    No – more then likely Tebow has a shot to knock Sanchez out of Philly. Sanchez just doesn’t know it.

  81. Maybe Sanchez was just repeating the party line, as he may have been asked to do. Chip isn’t the most forthcoming person, when it comes to his actions and motivations. What makes anyone think they’re going to get “the untold story” from Sanchez?

  82. I’m not a Florida fan, not religious, and not an Eagles fan, but the more I learn about Tebow, it’s difficult not to root for the guy.

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