If Chip Kelly likes Dion Jordan, now is the time to get him


In the 2013 NFL draft, the Dolphins loved Dion Jordan, and thought the Eagles loved him, too. Now the Dolphins would love to get rid of Jordan, and would love to have the Eagles be the ones to take him off their hands.

Jordan played for Eagles coach Chip Kelly at Oregon, so the Dolphins thought in 2013 that they’d have to move ahead of the Eagles in order to draft Jordan. And that’s what they did: The Eagles owned the fourth overall pick, so the Dolphins packaged their first-round pick (No. 12) and their-second round pick (No. 42) to move up and draft Jordan with the third overall pick.

Now that looks like a huge mistake. Jordan has been a major disappointment, and the Dolphins are sidestepping questions about whether they see any role for him on the team at all.

That has led to talk that the Dolphins could trade Jordan to the Eagles, but there’s just one problem: We really have no reason to believe that Kelly wants Jordan, other than the fact that Kelly seems to like his old Oregon players. Just because Kelly likes Oregon players who have been productive, like Kiko Alonso, that doesn’t mean he would like an Oregon player who has been a bust, like Jordan.

So if Kelly does like Jordan, the Dolphins would surely be happy to trade him to Philadelphia at a bargain price. But that’s a big “if.” All the talk about Kelly’s interest in Jordan seems to be based on assumptions, and we’ve learned this offseason that we should never assume we know what Chip Kelly will do.

62 responses to “If Chip Kelly likes Dion Jordan, now is the time to get him

  1. I wish people would stop assuming Chip loves and wants every Oregon player on his team.

  2. Jordan’s suspensions have cancelled the guarantees for the next two seasons. Other than the price to get him, Philly would incur very little risk adding him to their roster.

    The question is what pick that throw in with Boykin. I’m guessing a 5th.

  3. Jordan has eclipsed Yatil Green as the Dolphins worst draft pick in their history.

  4. Pass, first he will be a free agent next year, why pay anything for him now? Dion was a prototypical 3/4 OLB, great coverage ability. And Miami ruins him bye forcing him to play 4/3 DE… But ultimately talent didn’t result in production for him.

  5. Wouldn’t trade anything of value for him, but a player for player trade like Dion Jordan for Marcus Smith (chiefs and 49ers made a similar trade a few years ago with young 1st round WR’s that didn’t pan out yet)…neither has lived up to expectations and both may benefit from a change of scenery….dependent on the dolphins preference, Brandon Boykin can be subbed in from our side. Less of a project, he’s a great nickel and a guy who’s played well outside too in limited opportunities that’s just a poor fit in our defense and entering the last year of his rookie deal. But would I trade a premium draft pick for Dion? No. Would I trade a guy like Kendrick’s for Dion as some have speculated? No there too.

  6. Just dont see how after all the analysis and speculation this guy turns out to be a bust? If he were a Patriot or a Seahawk would things be different?

  7. No bargain prices to be had Mr. Smith. If you want to give up a 1st rounder you can get him but that’s about it. He was injured year 1, suspended a good chunk of year 2, and for once actually has a chance to have an non-interupted season. If you watched him at all last year you saw flashes of greatness when he was on the field. Having Jordan off the bench in a rotation with Wake and Vernon with those tackles up front is sick. Oh and by the way how many D-Ends can cover Megatron stride for stride? Dion Jordan is worth not giving up on for pennies on the dollar.

  8. The sad thing is that Dion could still be decent as an OLB in a 4 – 3 system. His physical measurables were off the charts and Jeff Ireland fell in love with him but he didn’t really fit the Dolphins Defensive system. He’s still worth a 3rd round Draft pick because he still could be good.
    Only good thing the Dolphins got out of Dion Jordan was to accellerate the exit of Jeff Ireland and there aren’t too many Dolfans regretting that decision.

  9. Did that guy really say he’s worth a 1st Rd pick that’s it first off him failing a drug test already pushes his value down then 2nd he has very little production when he’s on the field. And 3rd the dolphins played him out of position and hurt his value he should be a 3-4 Olb not a 4-3 de that’s on the dolphins. Boykin for jordan straight up win win for both teams they need a slot cb we need a Olb.. both players need a change of cenary.

  10. Brandon Graham was a first round bust in Andy Reid’s 4-3 because he was a college 3-4 player. Now he’s showing he can play in Kelly’s 3-4. Where he belongs.

    The same idea goes with Jordan. The Miami coaches that see the talent but then place him in the wrong system are to blame. There really is a difference in body and skill to play these positions. The scheme difference dictates how you attack the edge and those tackles or drop back in coverage.

    Jordan to Philly makes sense but I don’t see the need for Keely to give up much to get him off Miamis hands.

  11. Some player’s skill sets are not in sync with the team’s defensive scheme. For example, Tampa’s All Pro LB Lavonte David at 245 lbs would not fit with the Patriots who often field LBs pushing 270.

    Kelly will be the most interesting person at the draft. I believe he will acquire Mariota at pick #2 and I think the Titans are wise to trade out as they need upgrades across the board.

    People should not forget that Kelly spent a lot of time with Bill Belichick when he was coach of New Hampshire. Much of Kellys philosophy comes from him.

  12. Voluntary camp or not…if you love football what could possibly keep you away? Seems like he’s not smart enough to see his opportunity. Especially with Suh being there and how that alone might help him.

  13. If Jordan were playing for someone that could get his head on straight he could be a productive player. But that person is not Joe Philbin.

  14. Actually a trade of Jordan and a pick for Vinny Curry makes sense for both teams. Regardless this will be a very interesting draft week.

  15. Let’s get this straight, Dion Jordan is hall of fame talented physically and will have a nice career but lacks hall of fame mental talent. Will he go the Ricky Williams/Jeff George route or the Jim Plunkett route is the question.

  16. Chip suckered Miami into thinking Jordan was a great player just like he will sucker some team (Redskins) into thinking Mariota is Johnny Unitas.

  17. If I’m Kelly I’m not trading a draft pick even if I think he can play. It will be a camp signing or I wait until Miami cuts him.

  18. Not a fair comparison, Yatil Green blew his knee out, twice before getting a chance to play in a regular season game. Jordan has no excuses. He doesn’t seem to have his heart in it. Great athlete, just lackadaisical.

  19. Miami is certainly not going to just “cut him”. The kid screwed up with the positive drug tests but Philbin does not play him to his strength either. At OLB he was able to run with guys like Gronkowski last year. Now with Suh in the mix and Wake in the twilight of his career, I think hanging on to Jordan would be a priority. Plus he is still on rookie contract.

  20. Chip is not dumb enough to force him to play DE. Therefore, he’ll be successful in Philly.

  21. Whatever Kelly does will be the right thing. He knows the player better than anyone. Kelly seems to like good character guys, and has been getting rid of the bad guys. So I’m not sure Kelly would want Jordan if he’s not a great guy. Obviously, Kelly values “winner” type guys over everything else.

  22. He has 2 suspensions so far in his nfl career, maybe all teams should be careful He obviously has problems, so get rid of him and let the next team have the next suspension. Join the club of loosers in the nfl.

  23. I don’t understand this Jordan for Boykin or Curry ” plus ” a draft choice talk. These two players, even in a part time role, were very productive for a defense that needs all the productive players it can get, especially in Boykins case as a member of a still very suspect secondary. Jordan, for whatever the reason, has not come anywhere near his speculated potential. I would offer the 5th round choice we got from St. Louis, because at this point he hasn’t shown any greater worth than that.

  24. Dumb as a brick, no heart, playing out of position and an inept coaching staff that will not use his talent effectively add up to the biggest wasted draft pick in Dolphins history. He has the ability to be very good but his lack of initiative won’t get him on the field much in Miami. They want to see it in practice consistently. He doesn’t seem committed enough to overcome. A new team would likely be his best bet. Shame my Dolphins can’t get much out of him or much for him in a trade

  25. A “bargain price” only exists if Jordan can play on Sundays. Even paying a nickel for a sack of crap that consumes cap and a roster spot is no bargain.

  26. I wonder if Jordan is pulling this stunt right before the draft because he wants the Dolphins to trade him to Philly. He may have already been in secret discussions with Chip Kelly

  27. Technically… Chip could throw a low rounder at Miami for him and Miami (Should) bite. They need to salvage whatever they can for him because he is a risky player to keep on the roster due to A) He might get suspended yet again and B) He shows lack of effort.

  28. Your hate is getting in the way of rational thought. He has the potential to be a very good player (for some team). Unfortunately, he screwed up and to make matters worse so did the Coaching staff of my favorite team. Don’t get me wrong; I am not defending this clown, but he will cost too much to Cut or Trade against the Cap. He is still a bargain if he can get on the field and find a position. He is a rare talent and has proved it a few times, especially blanketing Gronkowski and in Pass Rush Hurries and Batted Balls. Most of you are making comments based on the PFT stories. He is certainly not a Bust (yet). How do you know he isn’t working out like a mad man on his own with a personal Trainer? I don’t know this, but neither do you. He was the unanimous choice of Best Defensive Player in College and he still has time to prove. I laughed when I read he gets Cut. No one Cuts a 3 overall after 2 years and especially when the chump was injured and suspended. The good news for the Phins is that he no longer costs as much based on the ruling of suspended pay.

  29. The reason Jordan hasn’t seen the field that much is bc Wake, Vernon, and Shelby are in front of him – playing much better. If Vernon has excelled every year, and he hasn’t given the coaches a reason to start Jordan over him. Miami is lucky to have 4 excellent pass rushers.

    I honestly don’t consider him a bust.

    But I do agree that the Eagles should trade for him, bc he’s undrrvalues right now. If Wake. OV or Shelby get hurt, it will open up a door for Jordan to show his talent.

    By the way, did I mention they also have Chris McCain… And with Suh there, these players stats are going to improve.

  30. I don’t understand why people are so set in casting him as a 34 OLB or a 43 rush end.

    his skills coming out of college made him an OBVIOUS fit at 43 OLB, particularly SAM. The only reasons why he’s being forced to play as a pass rusher are because he’s 6’6″ (prototypical size for DE, which is a lot more valuable than any LB) and because he was taken #3 overall.

    Let him come to NE and play as a sub team LB beside Jamie Collins. And rotate him in if any of the starters go down or when they need a breather.

  31. If the Eagles want Jordan why should they have to even offer a pick with Boykin?

    It’s not the Eagles job to magically create value for the Dolphins where there is none.

    Brandon Boykin has been active every game since he was drafted. He has 7 Int’s 4 FF plays special teams he can play inside and outside. Hell he has as many sacks as Dion Jordan at this point. He has no off field issues, no injury history. Nah screw that I don’t want another teams trash.

    If the Dolphins want Boykin I would do that deal as a straight up deal or don’t do it at all. Boykin may walk next year he isn’t as tall as Kelly would like, but why should we pay for a player the Dolphins never should have drafted in the first place.

    Why even trade for him at this rate he may be cut next year. If you want a project pick him up in the 2016 offseason .

  32. You know what’s hilarious about this Miami and DL Jordan article? A sportswriter, whose never played a down of NFL football, is proclaiming an NFL player is a “bust.” Now that’s hilarious!

    Better to have been a bust than never to have played at all.

  33. The Eagles will be dumb to trade boykin for Dion… That isn’t happening. Dion can play if they move him to LB, the guy has successfully covered megatron and gronk. The Dolphins didn’t expected OV to have a good career, reason they took Jordan. He was hurt during his rookie year, then got suspended twice.1 more and he’s out for the season.He needs to grow up and stay focus. He was in key west last Saturday, two days before OTA. Always drama but he can play.

  34. No one really knows what the kid can do. He started out injured. Then had substance issues. He’s never really been able to show if he has NFL ability or not. We know the measurables were off the charts, and supposedly he loves football. So, is it just being in Miami, or is he really a bust? Does Miami want to let him go for next to nothing or hang on to him, and see if he turns around?

  35. Eagles would be interested, but not with a price of any value. if they are willing to take a 6th, or a 5th next year, I’m sure they would take them off their hands. But they aren’t going to give them much. For those saying “he’s on his rookie deal”…..he’s on his rookie deal as the #3 pick. he makes a nice penny

    Doubt they do Boykin straight up at all. Boykin is a proven player at a premium position, that is still pretty young. Jordan is not. The only way it is possible at all is if the Eagles take a CB in the 1st (more likely if they go CB 1st, S 2nd, but I think they are going Wr with one of those). But outside of that, they are too thin at the position to move Boykin

  36. “Looser” is the opposite of “tighter.”

    “Loser” is the opposite of “winner.”

    Where did some people go to school?

    I see this at least 10x a day on blogs.

    So, yeah, go ahead everybody that gets mad and call me a “looser” for pointing it out, but it’s basic English.

    On another note, Dion Jordan needs plenty of opportunity to PLAY so we know what we have or we don’t have. right now it is warranted conjecture, yes, but he still has plenty of skill. I wouldn’t just give him away. Boykin and a 3rd I’ll take, though.

    Jordan is also one dirty urine away from a season-long suspension, I do believe–which also needs to be taken into consideration.

  37. Boykin and a third your nuts!

    Look you draft a guys based on projections, you trade and sign free agents based on production!

    We can all argue he would be better in a 3-4 vs a 4-3 but, the fact is at this point he is a bust on and off the field. This guy has one sack in 2 years, he has a PED violation, plus he doesn’t show up to workouts. How many starts does he have in 2 years? Miami fans just need to deal with the fact he wasn’t worth the trade up, hell he wasn’t worth a 2nd round pick at this point. You have to look at his value on the open market today not some pixie dust version of what he “may” be able to do.

    Beyond that you can say he plays behind 2 good players, ok I get that but so did Vinny Curry on the Eagles and Brandon Graham last year and take a look at the production they got out of those rotational/situational players last year. teams find roles for good players even if there are better starters.

    Look at year 2 there is no growing pains you pretty much know what you have. The guy is a known quanity who for whatever reason hasn’t worked out.

    Look there is just no way he will magically make this amazing jump.

    Once you’re in the league it’s all about what you do on the field. Everyone knows what Boykin can do I will take a known quantity over and unknown any day of the week.

  38. He can play all year but if it’s as a DE in Miami’s 43 then it’s gonna be another complete waste. I don’t understand coaches who stick players way out of position getting angry because the player fails. ProTip: it’s the coaches fault for being unimaginative and stubborn.

  39. ANOTHER great move from dumb & dumber (Ross & Philbin) & then Ireland!!! 8-8 this year then Miami can FINALLY FIRE PHILBIN!!! When you have no one in the stands Ross you can blame yourself for not doing anything to help this once GREAT FRANCHISE that is STILL the only ever UNDEFEATED TEAM in NFL history!!! Not even the By GOD patsies the darlings of the NFL accomplished that!!!

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