Add Amari Cooper to the list of Chicago no-shows


Florio mentioned last week that in addition to quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, at least 10 other players have declined invitations to the 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago.

Via Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper is among that group, having decided to skip the trip to the Windy City.

Individually, the absences might not mean as much.

But if the first three picks in the draft go by without anyone hopping on stage to hug commissioner Roger Goodell, it’s going to be a bad look for a league that has put so much into this road show.

Whether Cooper would have attended if the event was still in New York’s unclear, but it’s obvious that something’s amiss, as we’ve suddenly had three top players decide en masse to bypass the red carpet.

Of course, if there’s a trade in the top two, and someone makes a move for a quarterback, we probably won’t miss the grip-and-grin shot with Goodell and a player, even one as talented as Cooper.

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  1. Maybe it’s the fact that this power-hungry clown of a Commissioner is screwing players over at every turn? And that the next set group to be victimized isn’t interested in playing nice with the guy who will soon be sticking it to them?

  2. No one wants to go to Chicago.

    Almost everyone wants to come to NYC once in their life. A lot easier to get draft prospects somewhere like that than a place like a Chicago.

    Do the draft in Hawaii.

  3. Too much is made of the whole “player on the stage” thing. The TV audience, the true hardcore folks at least, don’t really care about it. We just want to know who is going where.

  4. Bet good old Rog in the future puts in place a rule that forces all potential top picks to be at the draft. He’s such an A$$ he’d do it.

  5. Well, what cities would draw players to a formal draft?

    There are two media centers and places to be. That’s New York City and LA. The second is a resort location. That would be Las Vegas or Miami. LV would be a huge gamble. What could possibly go wrong there. You could say the same about Miami. That leaves NYC and LA. Doing it in LA would only bring more focus on a league that doesn’t have a team there. That brings you back to NY. There was never a good reason to move it from there in the first place.

  6. After watching candidates who were supposed to go in the early 1st rd sit and wait at their tables while ESPN shoves their cameras in their faces and their media “experts” rag on them the past 2 years I don’t know why any candidate would want to attend the draft.

  7. But but but….how will the networks fill up 3 1/2 hours for 30 picks on thursday if there is no one to shake Roger’s hand? The spectacle this thing has turned into is ridiculous.

  8. Like a having a team in London, an 18 game season & expanded playoffs this is just another example of the commissioner +his gaggle of yes men effin w/a product that doesn’t need it. Should’ve left the draft in NYC. If the Draft is in NYC you can bet these kids show up.

  9. Next thing you know Goodell will get his palms greased by a Prince from the United Arab Emirates and the draft will be in Abu Dhabi as well a couple of regular season games

  10. I tried to come up with another reason why, collectively, all these guys don’t want to go to the draft.
    It keeps going back to Goodell personally. I just don’t think any of them want to glad hand with the snake. What else is plausible?

  11. Does the NFL pay them to fly to NY? if not why would want to go instead of being at home with their family. No brainer to me. Besides some of these guys might not care about being on the red carpet and want to keep a lower profile.

  12. By not going:

    1) they won’t have to pay their own way to the draft. Amazing how the NFL won’t spring for that.
    2) they can be with friends and family when they get drafted.
    3) those cameras won’t be in their faces in the green room.
    4) they will still will be paid their millions anyway.

    5) they don’t have to be part of that spectacle which is only for the benefit of the NFL.

  13. What the heck is going on here? Is it an issue with being in Chicago? Is it they don’t want to have an Big Ben/Aaron Rodgers moment?

    Something has to be going on here…

  14. I’ve watched the draft every year that it’s been on ESPN, and I don’t care which players show up. I like the suspense leading up to the pick, and I like Mel Kiper.

  15. The NFLPA should play a card and hold their own draft party weekend with all of their new members attending. They could sell their own sponsorships, tv deal and make money for these young men as well as their current members and alumni.

  16. NFLPA knows it got the short end of the stick in the last negotiations and are not happy with with the way the league is handling business right now. No surprise here!

  17. Would you want to spend time and money on an expensive tailored suit and Italian leather shoes only to have to burn it afterwards because there’s no way to get Goodell slime out of your clothes?

  18. It is collusion by agents and agencies to garnish appearance fees from the league for the draft.One agent tweeted his client wants $50,000 to appear in chicago.

  19. bassplucker says:
    Apr 27, 2015 7:30 AM

    He’s gonna be up there pretty soon to sign his deal with the Bears anyway
    Sorry to break your heart but Cooper is not falling to the Bears..
    Cooper would have to get Pass Oakland and JETS to land with Bears and that’s not going to happen and You should NOT WANT that to happen..
    You should hope Raiders take Cooper because Then MAYBE Kevin White is there is who THE BEST WR IN THE DRAFT

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