Antonio Brown at Steelers workouts


What a difference a week can make.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown didn’t report to the start of the team’s offseason conditioning work along with his teammates and his absence was tied to a report that he was looking for a new contract and mulling an extended absence that could lead him to miss mandatory work at both minicamp and training camp. Brown chimed in later in the week to say that he was hanging out with his new child and was looking forward to getting back to work with the team.

The wait for his return to the team’s facility wasn’t a particularly long one. The Steelers posted some pictures from Monday’s workout session and Brown is among the featured players.

Brown’s an integral part of Pittsburgh’s offensive plans, but his chances of getting a new contract three years into the six-year deal he signed before the 2012 season were not good given the Steelers’ history of dealing with extensions for current players. We’ll see if his arrival leads to any discussions about reworking the existing deal to guarantee more money or otherwise adjust it to make Brown happier, but it would seem a holdout is unlikely at any point this offseason.

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  1. This just spoiled the haters morning. Its good to see AB back with his teammates working out. I knew this whole thing was blown out of proportion. Just your typical April offseason drama.

  2. “Maybe AB realized he had no chance of getting a new deal…or maybe, like Ben’s “trade demands,”the media just made this up.”

    The Ben stuff was BS, but this didn’t come out of nowhere or AB would’ve promptly denied it when the fire started. I believe AB fired his agent last year and hired Rosenhaus.

    I do believe he wants a new deal, and his agent wanted that to be known.

    This isn’t the last we’ve heard on this, but I’m sure everyone realizes it’s way too early.

  3. That is great news for the Steelers!

    Oh wait my bad I read it as Dr Rydze not Antonio Brown. I take that back!

  4. Personally, I think it was a media created story. This type of attitude doesn’t fit AB track record. He is one of the hardest working and most team dedicated players around. He doesn’t air his business in this manner.

  5. Players that hold out for extended times never seem to get the proper conditioning while doing so and seem to get injured in their first couple games back at least half the time.

    Smarter to go make your millions and not put yourself in a position where its very easy to get injured.

  6. Brown my want more money but he knows holding out is no way to get it done in Pittsburgh

  7. AB fired Rosenhaus and hires Jay-Z then fired Jay-Z and went back with Rosenhaus. From what Bouchette said is that Rosenhaus gave Brown total control of his decisions.

  8. He made his point. No one wants to play for a team that gets Tebowed and Flaccoed out of the playoffs but what choice does he have?

  9. Pretty good WR who is unfortunately is stuck on a team that has been hit with the Tebow curse – 0 playoff wins since being tebowed out of the playoffs years ago.

    Gotta give the guy credit for being able to endure the terrible situation and organization he is in

  10. I’m already looking forward to AB torturing the Ravens this year. In fact, I’m still wondering what idiot forgot about him in the playoff game. Haley? Ben? Whoever it was blew it. The Ravens can’t cover the guy.

  11. To the discerning eye, this was clearly a strategy crafted by Drew Rosendouche. He’s got a reputation for being aggressive and acerbic. So he floats this “trial balloon” to gauge public opinion. AB knew he’d be at camp. So the benefit is, now the Steelers have been put “on notice” that AB needs more $, but there’s no risk of a holdout, FOR NOW. This is Rosendouche’s Modus Operandi. He was fired by AB to get more cash. This was the first salvo. Won’t be an issue “this year”. Assuming AB puts up phenomenal numbers again, next year could be quite controversial.

  12. Ok AB you sweet thang! You’ve shown them what a real man & father is supposed to do! Now shut everybody up & show them what the best WR does!!!

  13. bchap17 says:
    Apr 27, 2015 12:09 PM
    Underpaid! I can’t believe he signed a 6 year deal. Sucker.


    It was a fair deal for both parties when he signed it. How quickly people forget Mike Wallace was still the man in Pittsburgh when AB signed that deal.

    I do hope the Steelers take care of him though. He’s a good guy and he’s definitely outplayed his contract.

  14. Good news for Steeler nation
    Bad news for Ravens nation

    The dude can flat out play. Still underpaid, but not stupid. Holding out is not the way to get money from the Steelers.

    Go Oz

  15. Smart move by AB to come in. I do think he wants more money, and I believe he deserves more. But he needs to be in camp and continue out-performing his contract this season.

    And to tebowedoutofpostseason, the Steelers ALREADY RETURNED to the post season, last year, you know, when the WON the division?

  16. Steelers have the best WR,RB,QB combo in the AFC. Not sure that’s good enough for 10 wins, because that D doesn’t have one player that scares anyone, anymore.

  17. Only “true franchise QB”? Wow, Joe’s 6-3 against the steelers since ’11. 6 playoff wins including a SB. No playoff wins for Ben, since that time.

  18. @Jacktheraven, call when Jumpball goes to two moreSB like Ben. Lots of playoff wins but one measly SB with a very good D loaded with criminals.

  19. He’s approaching things the right way, just do the right thing and let the process take care of itself, he’s a great receiver. He’ll get paid.

  20. Hate to say Jack is right about the playoffs and there’s no doubt that Ben really blew last year’s game. I mean, come on. He completely forgot about AB. But I’ll take Roethlisberger over Flacco the robot any day.

  21. What really sucks about this is that the media will simply make up anything and hope to get something to back it up later. The reports on this flat out lied that he was staying away to get a better deal. No “might be” or “possibly”. Just straight up that he was trying to renegotiate. They’ll lie about everything.

  22. When you’re looking up at Joe & The Ravens and have no argument, always bring up jump balls, his contract. That might work.

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