Authorities won’t pursue DUI charges against P.J. Williams

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Florida State cornerback P.J. Williams said recently that the teams he’s visited with have told him that his April 3 DUI arrest shouldn’t affect his draft status all that much.

On Monday, teams considering adding Williams to their roster later this week learned that there won’t be any charges for him to deal with during his rookie season. Williams’s attorney Jonathan Simon passed along word that authorities have decided not to pursue charges against Williams.

Williams admitted to having a few drinks at some point in the evening before he was arrested early on the morning of April 3, but he and his attorney disputed the version of events originally presented by police. Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, paperwork filed in Florida about the decision not pursue charges indicated that video evidence in the case didn’t corroborate the charge.

Before the arrest, Williams was expected to be drafted late in the first round or early on the second day. Having the charges against him dropped probably won’t raise his draft stock, but the dismissal could keep him from sliding out of that expected range once the draft gets underway.

14 responses to “Authorities won’t pursue DUI charges against P.J. Williams

  1. Minnesotablizzard, refusing breathalyzer in Florida is automatic DWI.

    Not a good recommendation.

  2. Wasn’t he the guy that was pulling out of a McDonald’s near campus? He refused a breathe test and it saved him. Every lawyer is going to tell you to refuse if you think you’re going to be borderline 0.08, which is barely any drinks. This country has turned DUI into an entire industry when you think about it. Everyone gets paid off a DUI; lawyers, cops, judges, insurance companies, etc..

  3. This guy needs to go play the powerball. Talk about lucky. This guy has a hit and run on a suspended license and only gets 2 tickets. Then gets stopped for a DUI and gets off. I need to move to wherever this police department is.

  4. Florida you automatically lose your license when you refuse to submit, but problem is the police can pull you over for swerving and you could be texting or whatever, which is also a crime in florida, so not sure how a cop can determine if your texting or dranking or what….bottom line a get a good lawyer or dont text or drink n drive

  5. Everyone gets paid off a DUI; lawyers, cops, judges, insurance companies, etc..

    Roughly 11,000 people die every year in alcohol related accidents. Many of those are innocent people (roughly 20% under 14 years old) that die simply because some idiot was too stupid to call a ride.

    Almost $60,000,000,000 is spent every year due to alcohol related accidents: not exactly “getting paid”.

  6. Refusal to take a breathalyzer test in Va is from what I recall being told, an automatic one year suspension of your license. Best way to avoid a borderline situation like that is to not do anything stupid to begin with. Especially during the longest job interview period of your life. Beyond the obvious, it could cost that guy serious coin.

  7. I went to FSU. I know people that got DUI’s while at FSU. None of them had their charges dropped. Then again, none of them played football either.

  8. I can only suggest that people go back through the FSU programs over the decades. Look up the number of bums that get in trouble and get out of it.

    The FSU way.

  9. The Tallahassee police not pursuing charges against a player on the FSU football team player? I find that hard to believe. Next thing you’re going to tell me is the sky is blue!

  10. In California if you refuse a breath test you are arrested and lose your license for a year. When you get to jail, a blood sample is taken by force if you refuse. If the blood comes back negative you still have a one year suspension plus the impound and tow fees which will be 100s of dollars. Don’t expect to be reimbursed either because a lawyer will cost far more….. the state bets on it every single day.

  11. Forget what the video shows, TPD on te take. Hometown team. Blah, blah, blah. Lol. That being said, PJ, get your sh together because drinking and driving even a little big is not cool.

  12. Yeah sure canetic. You have cane in your name but your actually an FSU grad. Good one…

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