McCloughan thinks a trade could happen if Leonard Williams falls to 5


We noted this morning that USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams is viewed by many as the best player in this year’s draft, but might still be available when Washington is on the clock at No. 5. If that happens, Washington General Manager Scot McCloughan will feel like he’s in the catbird seat.

McCloughan said at his pre-draft press conference today that if Williams is available at No. 5, he expects his phone to be ringing from teams that would like to trade up and get him. After signing a couple of big defensive linemen in free agency in Terrance Knighton and Stephen Paea, McCloughan doesn’t necessarily think he needs to draft another big defensive lineman at No. 5.

“It might bring a trade more into play,” he said. “We do feel good about our defensive front.”

McCloughan indicated that an edge pass rusher may be a more important priority for Washington than a 300-pounder like Williams.

“A pass rusher, that’s the most important thing,” he said. “They’re hard to find. We’re very lucky to have Ryan [Kerrigan] on the team, he’s one of those players, and hopefully not just in the first but throughout this draft we’ll add more pass rushers.”

The best-case scenario for Washington could be to trade the fifth overall pick to a team that wants to get Williams, then to pick up a pass rusher later in the first round. Then again, if Williams is as good as the draft experts think he is, maybe the best-case scenario for Washington would be to stay put and draft him.

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  1. As an aside, how lucky was Dan Snyder when he hired Scot McCloughan??

    Ol’ Danny must have kidnapped a leprechaun and beat him until he got a person with competence in their front office.

  2. “Learn to walk before you run” is what I read into this. Teams, like the Steelers and Green Bay, with long histories of success on the field and in the draft room, monkey around on draft day, sometimes. Steelers traded up to grab Polamalu for instance. But they do it so rarely.

    If I am DC, I’d like to get a few decent drafts under my belt before I start getting sophisticated and bouncing around the draft board. Finding the right people with a fixed draft order is hard enough.

  3. I wonder if Chicago would make the move to jump from 7 to 5, and how much that would cost them? It’s time for the Bears D to start winning in the trenches again, and a guy like Williams would certainly help them do that.

  4. Washington will screw up the draft, just like they fail every year.
    Only the Raiders and Vikings are a more inept franchise

  5. @bassplucker I have no idea how much it would cost, but I’m guessing it would be pretty steep, even for just 2 spots. They have too many holes to fill and not enough youth on the team, so they can’t afford to move up.

    As a BEARS fan, I would go absolutely nuts if the guy was there at#7 though.

  6. I don’t see the logic of passing on this guy if he’s there. I understand the idea of trading down for extra picks, but what does it hurt if you have an extra D lineman who develops into a great player?

    Sure, it’s all a crapshoot. But with big guys the main concern seems to be with effort. Does the guy want to work and does he have the desire to be the best he can be? I haven’t read anything to indicate any such concerns with Williams.

  7. this kid is the missing piece to the Giants puzzle, add him to a D Line with JPP DMoore Ayers (when he returns from IR) Hankins, Cullen Jenkins, Jay Bromley, Kenrick Ellis & George Selvie. It would give the G-Men the deepest front since our last Superbowl when we were able to run the NASCAR package, and Williams can be an immediate impact game changer surrounded by our core. I’m praying somehow this kid falls, and somehow Reese makes a play, because he truly is a perfect fit, Spag’s would have a field day with him and his athleticism.

  8. I don’t see Mariota or Winston playing like top 5 picks, or even top 25. The idea that you’d pass on Williams for one of them shows how strange and inflated the QB market can get, and how desperate teams without a QB are.

  9. Not understanding all of the hate towards the Skins,Why are you guys upset that the Skins are in a good position to get a good player???

    Take your hate elsewhere and worry about your own teams draft position!

  10. I’m happy with the pickups of Knighton and Paea, but I agree with others who are saying that if Williams actually does fall to 5, they should take him. If they do trade back, I hope they take Scherff. The O-line needs to be solidified if Gruden’s offense is going to work. Then take one of the remaining pass rushers (won’t get one of the top 3, but there is quality beyond them).

  11. IF Leonard Williams is there at #3, either the Jags will take him or trade back with someone who covets Williams and will pay to get in front of Oakland.

    Did you see how BIG that “if” is?

  12. “Ol’ Danny must have kidnapped a leprechaun and beat him until he got a person with competence in their front office.”

    Yeah but how much of that competence can be set aside because Snyder will overrule him on many things ?

  13. How is this not a fineable offense? This kind of talk to me is much more egregious than the usual tampering stuff

  14. Scot McCloughan is playing with the media heads. if Leonard Williams is there the Skins will say thank you very much and take him.Also isn’t time for the Skins haters to go troll another team?

  15. The difference between Good Teams and the Washington Redskins. The Good Teams have the Draft Mantra:
    ‘Draft The Best Person Available, Regardless Of Current Needs’

    Then there’s the Redskins.., looking to skip these great Players to accumulate more Draft picks, so they can ruin more Athletes with potential, later in the Draft.

    At a certain point.., it’s really just sad.

  16. McLoughan wants the Raiders and Jags to think he doesn’t covet Williams, therefore they shouldn’t either.

  17. I think this kid is by far and away the best player in the draft ….even if that is a solid position on your team I dont know how anyone could pass on him

  18. The Redskins and Tennessee teams both need several players in this draft. They could both trade out of those spots if other teams are willing to take a shot on the top 5 guys.

  19. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Apr 27, 2015 1:05 PM

    How is this not a fineable offense? This kind of talk to me is much more egregious than the usual tampering stuff
    Because the player in question is not currently on any team’s roster.

  20. Scott has started the process of building the Redskins back to being a contender. He has shown he is the man to this from his prior stops in Seattle and San Fran. The Seahawks are a built contender from his draft and free agent pickups..if you don’t believe me just read comments from SeaHawks fans and players and the 49ers went to 3 straight NFC championships off of some of his pickups also. At least the Redskins didn’t take the Eagles route and give all the power to a egotistical college coach who hasn’t won anything at any level. You would have thought they would have learned from watching the Redskins make that mistake with Spurrier. Let the haters hate but the truth is it will take some time but the Redskins will be back at the top of the division and will be a contender.

    In Scott We Trust

  21. If the top three, Winston, Mariota, and Fowler go as expected, then the draft could become very interesting. Picks 4-10 are owned by Oakland, Washington, NYJ, Bears, Falcons, NYG, and the Rams. All six would be very willing to trade out at the right price.

  22. When this guy has Washington competing for Super Bowls by 2017, he’s going to be the executive of the century because nobody has been able to turn Snyder’s perennial train wreck into a consistent winner. I’d bet on McCloughan to do it though because Washington has a lot more talent as a starting point than when he and Nolin got to San Francisco.

  23. Lets get to the facts….Leonard Williams has stating time and time again that it would be a dream come true to play for the Raiders. New coach Jack Del Rio played at USC as well. Reggie is a defensive guy. What more would an owner or an organization want more than a player who wants to wear that uniform with pride. Plus the most obvious fact….he is the best player in the draft. No way do the Raiders past on him if he is there at 4. With that said I would not be disappointed with Fowler, or Cooper or White. (in that order)

    Bottom line we will get a play maker, but if Williams is off the board there is a pretty good chance that means Mariota is still there, and I would be open to trading down. Breshard Perriman is rising the draft board faster than anybody else. If we can get a few extra picks why not…we have needs on both sides of the ball.

    Go Raiders….Go Reggie!

  24. I’m sure Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders are thinking the same thing. For the right combination of swapping #1’s and getting additional picks the Raiders may go that direction. From pick 4 to pick 12 would probably be the furthest the Raiders would want to slide. Thursday can’t come too soon!

  25. Well thats smart by the redskins. If they number 1 player in the draft is still there at 5… don’t take him but instead trade out.

  26. If we keep our pick at #4 and he slides to #4, there is NO WAY he slides past us.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Everyone loves to trade down, but remember when the ‘skins did so to get Ryan Kerrigan they got a good solid player, but could have stayed where they were and drafted JJ Wates. The other picks they rec’d for trading down didn’t amount to much. Sometimes it’s better to stay put and just draft the best player…

  28. In two seasons thus far, QB Mike Glennon has averaged a 2:1 TD/INT ratio, and also take into consideration that he played only six (6) games in 2014. Thus, it would not be smart for Lovie/T-Bucs to pass up the chance to snag Williams at No.1. Do the right thing on Thursday, T-Bucs.

  29. Williams is not getting past the Raiders. The only way this happens is if Mariota is still available. Reggie would probably trade the #4 pick for more picks to a team looking for a QB because the Raiders have so many needs. But their top priorities are pass rusher and #1 receiver, and Raiders would be able to fill them by having more picks.

  30. “Teams, like the Steelers and Green Bay, with long histories of success on the field and in the draft room”

    And a majority of that success is due to Rodgers falling from #1 overall, to the Packers later in the first round, and Rothlesberger turning to be better than expected.

    If you solve the QB position, the rest isn’t so difficult to figure out.

    Let’s throw Brady in there too, among other teams.

  31. As pretty much everyone here has stated, Big Cat doesn’t get pass The Raider Nation @ #4. AFC was is in trouble. Stop, Drop and Roll P. Manning, it going to be a long season. GO RAIDERS!!!!

  32. The best player in the draft will go in the top three if Jacksonville doesn’t trade out of that spot. There’s no way they don’t take him if he’s there.

    The Jaguars defense will then be pretty formidable.

  33. Raiders fans are not drooling if they are smart.. Raiders play in a 4-3 defense they have no need for Williams. They worked on defense through free agency and they will add players on Offense in the Draft. Raiders are taking a WR with 4th pick..Probably Cooper

  34. I don’t see how Williams falls that low. Guys like him come around every ten years or so. It doesn’t matter where he lines up, he’ll put pressure on the QB. McCloughan is just talking. It would be pretty stupid to pay too much attention to any rumors this close to the draft. I doubt McCloughan would pass on Williams if he falls to #5

  35. Seems like very short-sighted thinking to me. They only signed Knighton to a 1 year deal. If you have the chance to take the possible best player in this draft without having to move up and give up assets, why not take him?
    Williams could have a huge impact on the defense. it’s not like you can have too many good pass rushers either.
    But, not having a 1st round draft pick in so many years I can definitely see the reason for wanting some extra picks…

  36. Every team in the top 10 wants to trade down for more picks except the good teams who draft at the bottom are not dumb enough to do.

  37. And this is why I wanted the Bears to lose out once they showed that the season was in the toilet.
    Winning meaningless games against two bad teams in Minnesota and Tampa probably cost them Williams and he is EXACTLY what they need right now.

    I would be more than happy if he ends up in a Bears uniform.

  38. The only question that matters is what Chip Kelly will do to, once again, solidify his pre-season dominance. Chalk up another victory for Chip. Go Eagles!

  39. If JW and MM go with the first two picks there is no way that LW falls to #5. Even if the Jags were to pass on LW the Raiders will either take LW or trade down. At that point anyone trading up with Oakland would certainly be targeting LW.

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