NFL tweaks the rules to speed up the draft

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This year’s NFL draft should wrap up a little faster.

The NFL has quietly tweaked the rules to reduce the amount of time between picks, allowing only four minutes between selections in the seventh round, as well as four minutes between selections for all compensatory picks. The league informed PFT today that the speeding up of the draft was discussed at the competition committee meetings and communicated to the teams at the league meeting in March. The change was made at the league office level and did not necessitate a vote of the 32 teams.

The new rule makes a lot of sense: The seventh round is when the draft begins to feel like it has dragged on interminably, and even Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock are running out of things to say. And compensatory picks can’t be traded, so teams need less time to make those picks.

The time between picks will remain the same for other rounds: Ten minutes between picks for the first round, seven minutes for the second round and five minutes for the third through sixth rounds, other than compensatory picks.

For the NFL, the draft is the signature event of the offseason, and it has become increasingly important to the league to make it a made-for-TV extravaganza. Sometimes the late rounds of the draft go from “extravaganza” to “excruciatingly dull,” so it’s no surprise that the league has decided to speed things up.

49 responses to “NFL tweaks the rules to speed up the draft

  1. Great, now if the nfl would be decent enough to answer E-mails about getting advanced tickets to the draft. The NFL will not answer any questions regarding advanced tickets. I’ve tried for 3 months to get info about it , but no. if you are coming in from out of town. Your out of luck.

  2. Eliminate the 3 day format…it’s completely unnecessary & viewership can’t possibly be there to justify. They should have Friday, rounds 1 & 2, Saturday Rounds 3-7…no Thursday. I would watch both days but currently won’t watch all 3.

  3. So they went from two days to three days and chopped a whole minute off of one round and some sandwich picks then claim to speed it up… Classic

  4. Goodell don’t want it that way it’s his way or the highway!!! 2 days IS enough. I think everyone loses intrest after the 1st round trades & surprises!!! Also ELIMINATE the Deion Sanders B/S I’m proud of the kid interviews too!!!

  5. I’m confident I’m the only one who feels this way…just curious if anyone else feels the same.

    Anyone actually enjoy that the draft lasts forever? I miss when it was 2 days of back to back nonstop picks.

    Rounds 1 – 3 on Saturday
    Rounds 4 – 7 on Sunday

    Best format in my opinion. I hate the fact that the draft is spread out over 3 days now. You get right to the end of the 1st round and BAM…they shut it down on you. I hate that! Give me 10 straight hours of drafting!

  6. The only people watching the seventh round of the NFL draft are insane people that would be glued to their idiotboxes if there was a half-hour between picks.

  7. If the Vikings found it hard to get their picks in on time (missing the deadline, not once, but twice) with 5 minutes, how are they going to do with 4 minutes?

    Fortunately for them, they only sign other teams, especially the Packers, Free Agents so they don’t get any comp picks but watch out in the 7th round, somebody better call Speilman before he loses his place in line to draft his next bust.

  8. As a Viking fan, my favorite draft moment so far was in 2002 when the Vikings drafted Roanall Smith (linebacker) in the 2nd round and the analysts looked dumbfounded. They cut to commercial and finally circled back around with the stellar analysis of “he runs like a deer and jumps like a kangaroo but looks frozen at times.”

    Never a dull moment with this team.

  9. Radiofriendly420, I 100% agree. Go back to the Saturday and Sunday format. That was so much better than this. That whole Saturday was about who we were going to pick, or where we would trade to. That was followed by learning a bit about the people picked, because it was fudging Saturday! I had time to watch it. Now I’ll just Tivo it in case something interesting happens, but I’ll end up just deleting it because I’ll hear it all on Sports Radio the next morning on the way to work.

    NFL, please bring back the meaningful weekend draft.

  10. I just want them to use their time better it’s very frustrating that in the first round you can have pics that aren’t even discussed because they’re so busy talking about what happened in the first top 5 picks and then you get to the second day and they can be at commercial when it is announced in the second or third round that is just ridiculous if you’re going to broadcast this event let us watch the event to have my team pic and be at commercial its just frustrating and then the third day gets boring because the entire thing is done at commercial and they don’t talk at all about these late pics unless they’re guys who are either quarterbacks or have some sort of backstory that they’ll talk about 4 30 minutes while another 20 pics stream by that they don’t even want to talk about and Mike Mayock is the only one who will talk about it and they don’t really give him the time to do that on the third day

  11. jimmysee says:

    One way to hold interest is to have Kim Kardashian read the late round picks.

    That would probably make the draft at least 4 days.

  12. I used to throw keggers for the draft back when it was all day, that was fun.

    Now, I have to watch it sober on Thursday nights because I have to be up early for work, and that is not fun.

    Thanks a lot Goodell

  13. This is a refreshing change – a rule change that wasn’t designed specifically to hurt the Patriots.

    Pardon me…the Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

  14. Wow – I’m shocked to see I’m getting a lot of love for my opinion on the format. I’ve always thought the majority wanted the 3 day format.

    Very cool to see.

    NFL – are you listening?

    45 current “thumbs up” for Saturday/Sunday format. 4 thumbs down for “current/other format”

    Oh wait…the NFL is listening, but there is more money in a Thursday/Friday/Saturday format. Guess that settles that.

    “To heck with the fans. They’ll watch anyways. Whatever gets us more money”!

  15. The league changing the format has completely changed the vibe of draft weekend for me. Back in the day I blocked off the entire Saturday to not do anything but watch the draft. Now I block off Thursday night and Friday night, and by Saturday I’ve had enough and it’s hard for me to care because they’re to the 4th round by then. Other than periodic updates via my phone on who my team has taken, it’s just like any other Saturday for me (doing house and lawn stuff). It makes my wife happier this way, but it’s just not the same.

  16. whatjusthapped says:Apr 27, 2015 4:57 PM

    If the Vikings found it hard to get their picks in on time (missing the deadline, not once, but twice) with 5 minutes, how are they going to do with 4 minutes?

    Wow. That deserves a slow clap. You’re also desperate. Good job.

  17. I really miss the all-day Saturday event with the guys. Our wives watch the kids, we pop some brews, cook some ribs and revel in a day of football highlights, stupid picks, and hours of listening to Kiper hit and miss on his picks. That’s Americana. Too bad it’s all just a distant memory now. Thanks Goodell.

  18. For an enjoyable time viewing the draft:
    1) go back to two days.
    2) announce the picks when they are made, stop waiting until they iron his name on the jersey and show us film of a guy we have already seen before a 100 times.
    3) not only eliminate Deion’s interview, eliminate Deion.

  19. Anyone know the time it took for first round over the last few years? Curious…and can’t seem to fine it anywhere.

  20. @radiofriendly420:
    I totally agree. I said in this forum a long time ago, I miss those noon Saturday starts when you could watch the draft all day and stay up late Saturday night going over everyone’s picks and seeing who’s left over to be drafted on Sunday, it made for a great football weekend. It’s just not the same anymore.
    I fear the NFL, in it’s endless pursuit of profits, is destroying the one constant that helped make the sport so popular: it’s tradition. Sometimes it’s best to leave something alone instead of constantly tinkering with it. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

  21. Asking to return to a 2 day draft makes no sense. The broadcast of this event is huge and they definitely make money doing it for 3 days. If they thought they could do 4, they would. They don’t care about what you think is convenient, nor what you think makes more sense. This is about money and Goodell only knows how to make even more of it for the owners. Unless you stop watching day 3, they won’t stop doing it.

  22. I hate that all year they talk about how the middle rounds are what make your team, Then at the draft they hype up how important the middle rounds are to building a team. Then you miss most of the picks cause they are rehashing every 1st round pick for the 10th time. If hey are so important lets focus on them while they are being picked

  23. Before too long the NFL will have the 1st half of a game on one day and the 2nd half the next!!!

  24. This won’t do crap.

    The picks come in a bunch faster then four minutes. Thus all they are really doing is shaving off 1 minute that doesn’t get used anyways.

    My guess is this will end the draft about three minutes faster.

  25. Nothing is funnier than watching the Viking’s front office struggle to get their draft picks to the podium on time.

    Shaving an extra minute off their critical decision making time will confound Spieldope and Co. to no end.

  26. chargertab says: Apr 27, 2015 6:09 PM

    …The broadcast of this event is huge and they definitely make money doing it for 3 days…


    Not if people like myself stop watching it.

    The most irritating thing to me, as someone else here has mentioned, is that as the picks continue to come up in the mid to lower rounds, the talking heads ignore it and instead are blathering on about something else.

    I want to watch, see and hear about each pick as it’s made as I follow along at home. Last year I gave up on the show. It just didn’t hold my interest.

  27. Nice that the draft is in Chicago this year, my Patriots can finally make a pick, without a bunch of annoying New York fans booing them, everytime they make a pick. Now we all can hear all the Bears fans, booing all the other NFC North teams and of course everybody will be booing Goodell.

  28. No round should take more than 5 minutes to pick. I always enjoyed watching the team with the number one pick take the whole allotted time, even after they already had their guy locked up. It is ridiculous. I don’t watch much of it. Not because it is drawn out, but because all the idiots they have on the shows.

  29. They can speed up the draft by getting the first round picks up on stage to get the Goodell man hug. I know this is their big moment, and it’s emotional, but they have all day after they go up on stage to have their moment. They have 15:00 between picks. After the pick is announced the player spends 6 mins crying at the table. 4 mins hugging his mom, 7 mins to walk 19 feet to the stage, getting a hat and a picture and a picture and a picture and a man hug and a picture and a man hug and a picture and a hat and a jersey and man hug… Meanwhile the next 2 picks have already been announced…

    Why can’t they have the player get on stage. Get the man hug, take a pic with the jersey and hat, then leave the stage and go through his sequence of man hugs and pics. Why does it all have to happen on his way to the stage???

  30. Lets be honest………Day 3 isn’t really much of a TV day. Lots of names no one knows and I would bet viewership is much lower. So, essentially the draft is only 2 days and they seperated it with Round 1 on one day and Rounds 2 and 3 the next. Seems like a great setup. And if you are a true junkie, they give you Round 3 as a bonus. I think it’s set up pretty darn good.

  31. If you do the math, that cuts 3 segments off the length of the last days program. PFT should add a prop bet on how many commercials ESPN and NFLN will cut out of their programs. I’d take the under at .5

  32. I’m checking out what baseball game is on Saturday. Money seems to always win with Roger and his owners, if you think they care about you don’t hold your breath waiting. Bill…weather forecast is for cutting the grass.

  33. Love all the snarky posts about the Vikings’ inept management of the draft clock.

    Poking fun at the Minnesota Vikings at every opportunity never gets old, because they deserve it so much. And their purple-clad fans practically beg to be humiliated on a daily basis.

  34. Rounds 6 and 7 are a waste of television time. All they do is talk about what happened Day 1 and fluff pieces all over the place. You have to watch the crawler to see who drafted whom.

    And the announcers may or may not rip through the list of selectees. I’ve noticed that they don’t even cover all of them; they flash 6-7 selections and the guys mention 3-4 before going to a commercial.

  35. Switch back to 2 days or better yet 1, make it an event again and not a 3 days slog.

  36. radiofriendly420 I 100% agree with you. I really miss those days of just relaxing on the couch on the weekends watching non stop drafting

  37. Hey NFL honchos,

    3 days to draft 7 rounds is way too fast for me! There’s just too much action to keep up with!

    Let’s change the draft 1 round per week, and have a bye week after round 4 so we can all catch our breath.

  38. I always loved it when the draft started at noon on Saturday. It felt like more of an event, and it was much, much easier to have buddies over to watch.

    Now, starting at 8pm on Thurday, I’ve got kids asleep upstairs and work the next morning, so it’s a more solitary affair.

    Not as much fun.

    Oh, and move it back to the middle of April! It was moved because of the schedule at RCMH – they’re out of the picture, so why is it still two weeks later than it used to be???

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