Washington “likely” to pick up option on Griffin


For the first-round picks selected in 2012, the deadline for picking up the fifth-year option arrives on May 3.  In Washington, a decision on quarterback Robert Griffin III hasn’t officially been made.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Media, the team is “likely” to pick up Griffin’s option for 2016.

If the option is exercised, Griffin will have a $16.1 million base salary in what would become the fifth and final year of his rookie deal.  The payment is guaranteed for injury only until the start of the next league year, at which time it becomes fully guaranteed.

The risk for Washington comes from the possibility that Griffin would suffer an injury that extends from 2015 into 2016.  If that happens, they’ll be on the hook for the full amount of the money.

The real question is whether Washington has leaked word of their “likely” intentions to obscure their draft plans.  For example, by creating the impression that they’re planning to exercise the option on Griffin by May 3, Washington could be plotting to take Marcus Mariota — if he’s still on the board.   And with Washington creating the impression they’re not inclined to take Mariota, teams like the Browns and Eagles wouldn’t feel compelled to trade up to No. 2, No. 3, or No. 4 to get Mariota; instead, they can try to swing a deal with Washington at No. 5.

There’s also a chance that Washington has gone next level, hoping that other teams will interpret the leak of their desire to keep Griffin as a smokescreen for their interest in Mariota.

Either way, we’ll have an answer by Thursday night.  Which can’t come soon enough.

50 responses to “Washington “likely” to pick up option on Griffin

  1. The simplest reason is the most logical. They are not ready to give up on him, nor should they. If he plays well they will do a long term deal. I would not be surprised if Robert plays well this season – maybe not 2012 but above average.

  2. One of the singular worst trades in league history. RGFragileEgo just can’t cut it at the NFL level.

  3. I’ve been a Skins fan… forever… and I am about done with them. You can say “no fair weather fan” and I get that. But this team is apparently not interested in winning. I also understand that this it is only guarenteed if he gets hurt. But he is always hurt. I might be done with them.

  4. I just don’t see how with 3 signed qbs, the inability to get Marcus in for a pre draft work out, and the fact that they failed with a spread qb before the redskins draft him.

  5. Even if he is a bust (likely), after giving up so much to get him, it was always hard to believe that they would admit that to themselves at this point.

  6. Hopefully the Redskins are just floating this out there because it is draft week. Hopefully someone like the Cleveland team ends up giving them some picks to ease the pain if this is true.

  7. @skinsfan76..

    i totally agree..my redskins gear has been in container since last years blow out by the giants..this team has no identity and no direction..stop buying tickets stop buying merchandise..STARVE OUT SYNDER..SOS

  8. $16 million for Bob the Bust sure looks like “throwing good money after bad”. I’ve said for some time that the big fun in the first round will be what happens if Mariota is sitting there when it’s Washington’s turn to pick. Will Snyder’s ego allow him to cut bait with RG3-13?

  9. Skinsfan76 says:

    “I’ve been a Skins fan… forever… and I am about done with them. You can say “no fair weather fan” and I get that. But this team is apparently not interested in winning. … I might be done with them.”

    Hey, I was a die-hard Redskins fan from the age of 9 (1977) until I was 32 (late 2000). So you hung in there through torturous Dan Snyder years much longer than I did. You deserve props!! The combination of several years Snyder plus being part of the grassroots movement to bring the Oilers to Nashville eventually shifted my loyalties. Remember, the term is “die-hard fan” for a reason … Not “die-never.”

  10. For continuity’s sake, you might as well stick with Bob. He’s an average QB who can sometimes do some amazing things. This year’s crop of QBs doesn’t really inspire anyone but the most desperate. You’d think the Skins would learn by now to stay away from Heisman winning QBs. They are horribly overrated and are clearly not the best player in all of college football. It just means they had an amazing team around them with all day to throw to completely wide open receivers.

  11. It looks like no one here so far as accessed the situation. If they don’t pick up the option and he plays well. They’d have to franchise him for over 20 million dollars and that salary would be fully guaranteed. If they pick up his option it’s only 16.1 million and it’s only guaranteed for injury. If he plays well they save 4 million. If he doesn’t they can cut him prior to the beginning of the league year and pay him nothing.

  12. Guaranteed for injury only? Great:

    Sign him now, leading other teams to believe that you’re not looking to draft a QB (you see where Im going w/ this…). Then you’re free to party on draft day. Wanna trade the pick for a QB hungry team? Wanna draft Mariota? Do whatever you want.

    Then, after the draft, cut Bob’s *ss before camp begins. Save the $16m (!) and start the season fresh, no strings to the past. Bob can go on his merry way to another team as a FA, but who give a crap, because the Skins don’t want him anyway.

    lol @ “guaranteed for injury only”. Only in the NFL, I swear…

  13. What the Hail happened to loyalty?! Give the guy a break! He deserves the deal, all he did is pump life into the team, played his heart out and because of his play led us to the playoffs. It’s shanahan’s fault for letting him continue when he was clearly hurt. Because of that everybody is dropping him like a hot potato?? C’MON MAN!! Especially you so called Redskin fans out there; yeah I’m talking to you mister “oh I’m done with them.” Go ahead, jump ship, and root for the Seahawks or some other team, we don’t need fans like you!!!

  14. I remember that picture. He was being carted off, and the other cart holding his leg headed towards the opposite exit. Talk about awkward!

  15. Whatever happens with Robert, at least I’ll forever have the gift of his personal Adidas logo.

  16. LOL at Snyder

    I hope all the other DC owners are laughing at his poorly ran excuse of a football team as all the other DC teams continue to make playoffs.

    Just change the name to the Washington bums at this point.

  17. I really hope this is draft week banter and nothing else. Time to end the Bob experiment!

  18. ESPN is reporting that Washington is picking up his option.

    Usually, star players have to accomplish something before teams commit to this kind of money. Unbelievable.

    Sorry, Redskin fans.

  19. Robert Griffin III is due the option and he is the franchise quarterback.Since 2012 it happens,and he is playing football not flag.Later for damn gruden and damn snyder,finally Robert Griffin III has a quarterback coach.

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