Washington picks up 2016 option on Robert Griffin III’s contract

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Word on Monday morning was that the Redskins were likely to pick up the 2016 option on quarterback Robert Griffin III’s option and it moved to a done deal in the middle of the day.

Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan announced that the team is exercising their option on Griffin’s pick ahead of the May 3 deadline to do so. The move puts Griffin in position to earn just over $16 million in 2016, which the Redskins can rescind if Griffin is healthy but the option is guaranteed against injury.

That’s not a small concern for a player who has dealt with serious injuries in his three-year NFL career, although Griffin insisted this month that the option question wasn’t a big concern for him. Instead, Griffin said that he’s focused on improving his performance after two rough seasons.

“It’s not about talking about it; It’s about being about it,” Griffin said. “That’s what my goal is this entire offseason. You got to talk small, play big, take care of the little things for the big things and everything will fall into place.”

Given the price they paid to acquire Griffin and their willingness to exercise the option, the team surely hopes that everything does fall into place. Despite that, McCloughan said Monday that the decision doesn’t change the team’s draft strategy and that they’d still pick a quarterback with the fifth pick if that’s the best available player.

100 responses to “Washington picks up 2016 option on Robert Griffin III’s contract

  1. Welp…this means no Mariotta, which is the right move any how. Just hope that when he gets hurt (which is highly likely) is a brief injury. The ticker is going though…it’s either a major year this and next or he is on his way out.

  2. I wonder if anyone in Snyder’s family thought about having him committed. At least the 72 hour watch as they do with celebs in Hollywood.

    Dude is crazy.

  3. Ouch.
    Well that makes it official … Every QB starting point of negotiation is at 16 million now.

  4. Washington fans need to pray he becomes worth at least 10 of that 16 million or that he completely sucks but stays intact so they can move on next year.

  5. McCloughan seems to be on top of everything and making the right decisions. Personnel decisions over the years have been horrible, maybe there’s hope!
    I would anticipate he’s also going to change a lot in the scouting department in time, being as that’s where much of the bad personnel choices originated.

  6. Hope he can play like his rookie year again, don’t see why people on here constantly wish for his downfall, this man has nothing to do with you, he has his family that he has to cater for too.

  7. “In related news, the Washington Redskins have cemented last place in the NFC East for the next 3-5 years. Shirts emblazoned with “HTTR” are selling out in Dallas, New York and Philly”


  8. This better be because another team (the Browns) wouldn’t trade for him with him being signed for another year!

  9. This better be because another team (the Browns) wouldn’t trade for him without him being signed for another year!

  10. If he plays well like 2012 then they will have to pay him in 2016, if he doesn’t, no harm no foul, see ya later, don’t have to pay him unless he has a severe injury and cannot play in 2016.

  11. And the other NFC East owners, coaches, GMs, players and fans are lost in triumphant ecstasy as they laugh and roll on the floor joyfully after hearing the latest folly committed by the Redskins “organization”.

  12. Given what they paid to get Griffin I think they need to give him quite a bit of extra slack in trying to become an effective QB.

    Now, I firmly believe that if the team had benched him in that playoff game his rookie season, his knee would probably be much better than it is now and he still might have some speed left.

    As it is, he’s got to learn to exist without relying on his feet. He’s got to develop into a pocket passer. That may take some time, but if he works and develops then it may be worth it. Plus, if he stops trying to run out of trouble and just gets rid of the ball more quickly, he’ll save himself quite a bit of punishment.

  13. This surprises me – seems like the skins don’t want to admit their mistake..and that they could’ve extended him for a lot less…

  14. As I said in the last story. No one is really looking at the situation. The option is only an injury guarantee. Not only that, the injury would have to carry over in the 2016 season. They can cut him before the 2016 season and pay him nothing. The alternative would have been to not pick up the option, risk him having a good season, and then having to franchise him for over 20 million dollars fully guaranteed. This move saves them at least 4 million dollars if he plays well. If he doesn’t, they cut him and owe him nothing.

  15. RG3 no more talking to reporters you have been off social media for 3 months if someone wants to ask you a question say no comment just keep on going studying film and working on your mechanics.

  16. The bigger story is that we now know what Scot McCloughan thinks of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston he is not a fan of theirs..

  17. darcrequiem says:

    Apr 27, 2015 12:51 PM

    As I said in the last story. No one is really looking at the situation.

    The option is only an injury guarantee. Not only that, the injury would have to carry over in the 2016 season. They can cut him before the 2016 season and pay him nothing.

    The alternative would have been to not pick up the option, risk him having a good season, and then having to franchise him for over 20 million dollars fully guaranteed.

    This move saves them at least 4 million dollars if he plays well. If he doesn’t, they cut him and owe him nothing.



  18. So in other words, he is no more likely to be playing in 2016 than he was before they “picked up” the option.

    Sounds like the fake “McNabb extension” deal they signed with much fanfare a years ago on a Monday night, right before a game, that turned out not to be anything of the kind.

  19. “I want it, I want it, I waaaant it, Mr. McLoughan!!! I want my Bobby Griffy!!!”, shrieks Daniel Snyder as he violently rattles the walls of his sleepy-time beddy-boo crib.

  20. For all you idiots saying “hopefully he can return to his 2012 pre-injury form”…the only reason RGME was good in 2012 was because of that pistol/read option offense they were running. I’ve said it since his rookie year the guy can’t throw into tight windows and can’t read defenses. He can get healthy all he wants but until he puts in the extra work in the film room he’s going to suck

  21. RG3 will prove to not be the franchise QB the Redskins were hoping for. He’s too injury prone and Snyder has “spoiled” him by giving him preferential treatment.

  22. tqaztec says:Apr 27, 2015 12:20 PM

    Washington now has 16 million problems.


    And a QB still is one.

  23. Redskins have won the division twice in past 25 years. RG3 led team to divisional title in 2012. He was seriously injured while trying to help team win. This deal is only guaranteed for serious injury which impacts 2016 season. If he just plays poorly in 2015, he can be cut or traded by March, 2016, without any cost or penalty. He could be traded anytime without cost or reservation.

    As a true Redskins fan, I applaud the team for doing the right thing. And, for RG3, you now have some security. It is time for you to deliver in 2015.

    And, you haters are gonna hate. It is ok.

  24. What is the logic behind doing this? If it’s to make Robert feel good, that’s just another sign that he’s not mature enough to play QB in this league. Beyond that, I see no viable reason to exercise the option. He’s not worth 1/3 of that salary.

  25. Why would they pick up the option before the draft when, it apears, they had until May 3rd to do so. Typical Redskins move, which is they they are, and will continue to be, mediocre.

    Go Oz

  26. To the guy that tried to justify this trade saying that if RG 3 played well he would demand 20 million dollars….. hahahahahahahaha 20 million???? hahahahahahahaha.

  27. If we drafted a QB, he would still need a season or two to get caught up to the speed of the NFL. Not a bad move by skins. RG had a couple ok games at the end and seems to be working hard this offseason. I’ll still tune in to see how he and the skins do.

  28. Man… at least Oakland cut JaWalrus loose at some point…

    What motivation does RG3 have to improve now?

  29. The Skins have just given franchise-QB type money to one of the worst QBs in the league! No wonder the team loses every season. RGME has some sort of Svengali-like hold on Dan Snyder. Who gives $16 million to a guy who has been either hurt or terrible for most of his career, including the last two years? Griffin loves to talk about playing well, with all his aphorisms, but that’s all he does–talk. Of course if the team just dumped him, Washington sports-talk blowhards and fans would have nothing to talk about! They talk about this cat day in and day out.

  30. Great Move! I know that sounds funny but when you think about it he is still a younger quarterback with a enormous amount of talent. If you look at the stats of Aikman, Elway and Manning in their first couple years they aren’t that great. Not saying he will ever be in their class but it’s foolish to give up on young talent who has shown at times he can play at a high level. What other option does the Redskins have to move forward with? Cousins? McCoy? Mariota?…lets get real…none of them are the answer. If this is the direction Scott feels we need to go them so be it.


    IN Scott We Trust

  31. Just to think they give this money to RG3, and the Seahawks don’t even want to pay Russell Wilson because they didn’t think Wilson had produced enough. Life isn’t fair, is it?

  32. Whether you like the Skins or RGIII or not, given what they’ve got into him, I’m not sure they really had much of a choice but to pick up the option.

  33. It’s like they’re determined to ruin his NFL career. Reminder to Washington: YOU chose him, he didn’t choose YOU. Live with it and move on

  34. Sheesh. Next season is over already. I am used to being in a rebuilding mode after like week 4 or 5, but this is insane. To be rebuilding already for 2016 has got to be a new record.

    I’m gonna need to find a new hobby for my Sundays. Maybe I will buy some crocheting needles and stick them in my eyes…

  35. jnks10 says:
    Apr 27, 2015 1:54 PM
    To the guy that tried to justify this trade saying that if RG 3 played well he would demand 20 million dollars….. hahahahahahahaha 20 million???? hahahahahahahaha.


    Trade? Did you even read the story? There is no trade. Like any other expiring NFL contract, the only way to keep a player hitting the open market is to use the franchise tag.

    QBs have the highest number, it’s over 20 million. Why risk having to fully guarantee 20 million. When you only have to give an option for 16 million, that you don’t have to pay if you cut the player before the following season.

    As another commenter noted, it’s like the McNabb “extension”. The one that allowed McNabb to be cut and paid nothing. I think people are confusing NFL contracts with actual (MLB, NHL, NBA) contracts. In the NFL, if the money isn’t guaranteed, you don’t have to pay a player when you cut them.

  36. You people are idiots. Seriously. What do you not understand? This was the SMART play, whether you think RGIII will ever amount to anything or not. If he plays well this year, you have him less than he would get on the open market. If he stinks you cut him and lose nothing. The only way you are stuck is if he has another major injury which insurance would cover anyways.

    It’s like you peeps just look to talk without thinking. Good move by McLoughlan, and I’m NOT a Redskins fan.

  37. that’s it, done being a redskins fan..34 years down the drain..I’ve seen this team make some bone head moves but this takes the cake..how many more times do we need to see rg3 fail before they realize that they made a mistake..move on..

  38. Which franchise is the worst Washington or Cleveland? One would think its the Browns but the Redskins sure are making a run at it. Skins have been horrible since the Snyder era and to be compared to Cleveland that has had a new low life owner, multiple HCs, GMs and more bust at the QB position as franchise faces. Maybe a homeless man suggested the Skins picking up this huge contract for their ultimate bust. I’m still rooting for RG, have been since one of my sons roots for them but the Ravens run with success along with a division of success Pittsburg, Cincinnati and Baltimore playing great football with great front offices competing year in year out are swaying him a bit. He’s firmly a skin fan but roots for Baltimore too–when the two are not competing. All three AFC North owners get it, success equals stability in front office leadership, player leadership along with a good QB. Big Ben is a top five, Flacco top 10 and Dalton very close if not in the top ten during the regular season.

  39. We see you Dan! Nice of you to do a solid for your adopted son RGIII.

    Man it’s hard to love this team. Thank goodness I’m old enough to remember the 80’s and early 90’s.

  40. After hearing his 2016 option was picked up, the Redskin’s training dept imedatly placed a huge order for bubble wrap. That is the only way Robert makes it through a full season.

    #HTTR 🙁

  41. I know MY QB, Drew Brees had a BAD 2014 but RGIII should have asked him for pointers. Before Aaron Rodgers got the start in GB, Brees agreed to tutor him, during the off season. I can’t recall the name but one of Rodgers’ coaches at the time, had been Brees’ coach and asked him to tutor Rodgers. Brees agreed saying that he owed it to the game and fans to help young players develop. Rodgers himself said that he learned more from Brees in that short time, than he ever did from Brett Favre. I don’t think anything changed and Brees would tutor RGIII, if he asked.

  42. If this organization had been anything but inept and clueless you might think doing the extension before the draft was a smokescreen to disguise interest in Mariotta – but they have done nothing right other than squeeze every dollar they can out of their most loyal fans

  43. After RGIII stated it was not a big deal for him and he did not care one way or the other, why would the team choose to exercise?

    Dumb dumb dumb.

  44. Those guys out there are loony.
    The contract option is only guaranteed for injury, you say?
    What else do you think will happen with the guy besides an injury?
    5000yd season? A quantum leap in true QB skills?
    Crazy as bed bugs, all of them.
    $16.2m for Bob. That’s just nuts.

  45. Let me tell the media how I’m not going to talk to the media, throw in some self promotion too. When RG3 came out of college I was amazed by his football and academic collegiate career. Now, I just know you can’t take stupid out of stupid.

  46. I can’t recall reading anything much funnier than those who are defending this deal by saying that it is only fully guaranteed in case of injury.

    Sure, I mean how often has Bob the Bust been injured? Oh wait….sorry.

  47. This is why they will never be as great as the juggernaut franchise the Super Bowl champs the New England patriots. Patriots don’t extend awful players

  48. a1b24312 says:
    Apr 27, 2015 4:38 PM
    I wonder if Gruden the younger regrets taking this sorry job. Another reason of “drama” forthcoming.

    I don’t understand why anyone would take the Redskins HC job. If you are new, you’ll never go anywhere else. If you are an established name, you tarnish any positive legacy you built. All you can hope for is that Little Danny pays you enough to not need another job.

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