Evan Mathis came up in Eagles trade talks with Dolphins


Any interest the Eagles might have had in Dolphins outside linebacker/defensive end/cautionary tale Dion Jordan was rendered moot when Jordan was suspended for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

But it’s clear in the aftermath there was interest.

Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles discussed a trade involving a conditional late-round pick in exchange for the third overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. But guard Evan Mathis was also discussed during the process, which ultimately led to nothing.

Mathis is skipping the Eagles’ voluntary workouts, amid reprots he could be released if he’s not traded. He’s due $5.5 million and $6 million the next two years, a valuation Chip Kelly clearly doesn’t agree with.

You’d think he’d have a degree of a market this offseason, since veteran guards with big contracts have been dealt already (Ben Grubbs), but the fact he’d come up in what amounts to a throw-away deal for Jordan should indicate exactly how the Eagles feel about him.

24 responses to “Evan Mathis came up in Eagles trade talks with Dolphins

  1. Ray Jackson was always so supportive of Frank Dux and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. It was a miracle he got out of the hospital and into the NFL after what Bolo did to him and all!

  2. Oh yeah, and keep that bum Dion Jordan away from Philly. He looked like a bust in the Draft and he’s consummated that as fact. Chipadelphia ain’t fixing him, I’m sorry.

    -Eagles fan

  3. Evan Mathis is a good football player. Chip needs to work this one out !
    Evan needs to work it out as well !

  4. Chip is wrong when it comes to Mathis. It’s like he hates the fact that Evan is good or something.

    This I believe is where Chip’s ego is getting in the way and he wants HIS players on the roster instead of the best. I get that Mathis is getting older but he is an elite left guard and can be very good for those two years remaining on his contract. Oh and the small fact that the Eagles NEED him.

    You don’t like paying a pro bowler $5.5 million but you’ll pay Maxwell(0 pro bowls) $11 million a year? Doesn’t look good around the league to other players. No respect to Mathis at all.

  5. Thanks Dion… No lie the kid has great talent… He successfully covered megaton and gronk. I just hope he has a good career it doesn’t even have to be with the Dolphins

  6. Doesn’t seem like too many people are willing to drink the college coach’s smoothies this yr. Starting to see why you don’t put a college coach incharge of an nfl team. This thing ends like billy gilespie running through rupp arena with reporters chasing him. trust me. pretty embarassing time for KY before cal showed up. chip equals small fish in a big pond. Back to school next yr. the chipsaster continues.

  7. Work this trade out anyway. Just add in stipulations and later compensation based off of them.

  8. @Treye2…Mathis is 34. Missed 9 games last year. Maxwell is 27 and was a much more bigger need after how bad the secondary was. Chip definitely overpaid for Maxwell, but he somewhat had to. If mathis was a good bit younger I’d be inclined to agree with you.

  9. cobrala2 says:
    Apr 28, 2015 1:55 PM

    Ray Jackson was always so supportive of Frank Dux and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. It was a miracle he got out of the hospital and into the NFL after what Bolo did to him and all!

    As many times as I’ve watched Bloodsport I remembered the biker guy’s name. Great movie.

  10. If you watch Mathis play he hasn’t lost a step at all. Like I said just keep him for the rest of his contract. 2 more years, he can play at a high level those two years coming up.

    If not, Sanchez will be taking snaps by week 4.

  11. The NFL should give Miami some kind of credit for trying to help this guy out, spare them a sacrificial pick, same for other teams that get suckered via the evolving human being that is the player that turns on team. Every team takes a chance, every draft pick. unless they are mind readers, they are all of same for the game or not. Integrity for this game here. How could Miami know? Forgiveness everyone.

  12. Of course Mathis is overpaid he’s been a journeyman OL. until he became fortunate enough to line up between Jason Peters and Jason Kelce. I’m fine with Matt Tobin as his replacement. Tobin was playing injured while Mathis was on the DL. Barbre will be an adequate replacement for Herramins draft a 4/5th rd project and the line is fine.

  13. “He’s due $5.5 million and $6 million the next two years, a valuation Chip Kelly clearly doesn’t agree with.”

    The problem, as reported frequently by the Philly media, is Mathis wants an extension and more money. It’s the same thing he wanted last year. I believe the Eagles feel the current deal is fine from their end, but they don’t want to extend him and give him a raise.

  14. If he went to Miami, at least he could see a Lombardi trophy when he walked into the team headquarters.

  15. Find it interesting no one would trade for Jordan before the suspension but now he’s suspended of course the Eagles were going to because Jordan went to Oregon because according to the media he wants all his former players even though it’s come out that he doesn’t like he wanted picks not Alonso from Bills…something stinks here, sorry not buying it sounds like a bunch of made up BS

  16. Have you even listened to football news the last 3 years? Its not Kelly complaining about the contract it’s Mathis. He’s been wanting a new deal ever sense he signed his last one. The Eagles have told him he’s not getting one but can seek out a trade if he can find someone who will.

  17. you are way off base here.

    the eagles and the rest of the league value mathis about the same. the eagles are going to pay him his deal, but mathis wants more.

    no one in two off seasons felt he was good enough to trade for, and extend with a raise. if someone does, he will get his wish. until then, he’ll line up and play for the next contract.

  18. The saddest thing about the whole Dion Jordan saga, even more than a talented young kid throwing his life away, about the Dolphins losing essentially two previous draft picks on the investment, or the impact on Miami and Philly for this year: Jeff Ireland got another job.


    That’s like hiring BP to care for a national park or giving Paulie Shore the lead in the next Avengers movie. I mean, seriously, is there anyone on the planet you’d want affiliated with your team LESS than Jeff Ireland?

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