Lavonte David: Jameis Winston may need to tone it down in Tampa


Quarterback Jameis Winston isn’t a member of the Buccaneers, but he’s expected to be their pick with the top choice in the draft on Thursday night.

Linebacker Lavonte David isn’t waiting for his potential teammate to become an actual teammate before sharing some thoughts on the course of action Winston should take if he does become a member of the club. On Tuesday, David said that Winston shouldn’t let his high profile and college success make him forget that he still has a lot to learn.

“We’ve got guys in this locker room with great character and once he comes, if we draft him and he comes into the locker room, we have some guys, some veteran guys, that will pull him to the side and make him understand that there’s a role here he has to play and sometimes he may have to tone that down,” David said, via the Tampa Tribune. “Some guys may just say ‘Be yourself, that’s who you are so be yourself.’ But I don’t think [Winston] will be a distraction or anything like that. I’m sure if he comes in he’ll adapt to what we have going on in the locker room.”

Any player going from being an accomplished college player to a neophyte in the NFL is going to have to make adjustments to both their game and personality to make sure the transition goes smoothly. The issue can be more complicated with a quarterback because he needs to be a leader while making the adjustment, but one would imagine the Bucs are fairly sure Winston can handle it if they make him the first pick.

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  1. The Bucs are a terrible team but this kid is a baller! He’s been one of the more underrated players in the league the last few years!

  2. Circle the drain Tampa You can’t teach common sense and I’m talking about my team the bucs. Hopefully this is all smoke.

  3. Let the dude get drafted 1st and see what he’s about before suggesting he needs to ‘Tone that down’. Damn, starting trouble where none needs to be started.

  4. Derrick Brooks didn’t say that will be “babysitting” JW. He said that he would be their to mentor him. He also said that the Bucs would be crazy NOT to draft JW and hopes that they do. That’s a little different than saying that he would have to “babysit” JW if the Bucs draft him.

    As for Lavonte David, his comments are right on. Though I don’t think JW has many people telling him to just ‘Be yourself, that’s who you are so be yourself’. That’s what Vince Young had with “Vince just gotta be Vince” and that didn’t work out very well. IF JW is going to be successful he will have to “adapt to what we have going on in the locker room”.

  5. “I would go Leonard Williams and love life.”

    Yeah the Gerald McCoy, a top 3 DT in the league, really helped the Bucs turn things around since they drafted him in 2010.

    Only a complete moron would pass on a potential franchise QB in todays NFL. That risk is worth taking every single time.

    Every analyst has pretty much said that these 2 QBs are potential franchise difference makers. The upside of landing a QB like that is relevance and competiviness for 10-20 years. The upside of landing an all pro-DT can literally be just that. An All Pro DT on a horrible team that needs a QB still. (we already have that in Gerald McCoy).

    This team is 30-70 in its last 100 games. I don’t care about the locker room culture because its been a culture of losing.

    If Winston is closing games in the 4th quarter that locker room is going to be his regardless.

  6. I’m sure the rape allegations, shoplifting charges, and general immaturity will be embraced for a few years until he’s broke and out of the NFL too.

  7. This has got to be a joke. Yeah they have a great thing going on in the locker room. Apparently that great thing is being ok with losing. Jameis will not be ok with losing. If you are smart, you let him come in with his enthusiasm and leadership and follow his lead.

  8. If this pick does happen, it will set Tampa back 5 years. I have never in all my years seen a potential number one pick that actually gives me the “Creeps” or the Heeby Jeebys like this immature goofball! And lawsuits following the team throughout the season–and maybe next season! Mariota is too good!

  9. fishfiletkray says:

    The Bucs are a terrible team but this kid is a baller! He’s been one of the more underrated players in the league the last few years!

    How can he be underrated when he’s projected to go number one overall??

  10. Lavonte, relax man. If your GM, Jason Licht doesn’t trade the first pick for a Phillip Rivers and a young RT, it’s over for the Bucs. A rookie quarterback is not the solution for this team. I’ve been in Bucs nation longer than you’ve been on earth and this old fart is very tired of losing

  11. Confused. Is Winston a partier? What does he have to tone down? his natural exuberance? This is ridiculous.

  12. Don’t worry Lavonte, you’ll realize pretty quickly when you get him in the building that this guy’s got a singular focus about winning. The seniors respected him more than anybody when he was running the scout team his true freshman year when he didn’t play. Just get used to not accepting losing anymore because Jameis isn’t going to let you.

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