NFL asks broadcast partners not to tip picks

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NFL Network and ESPN decided in 2013 to stop disclosing draft picks via TV or otherwise (e.g., Twitter) before the Commissioner announces the selections.  For 2015, the NFL has asked its network partners to do the same thing.

According to Ryan Glasspiegel of, the NFL has asked NBC, CBS, and FOX to advise reporters not to spoil the drama of the draft by disclosing picks before they are officially announced.

“As network partners of the NFL, we encourage and appreciate your coverage of the Draft in Chicago this year and ask for your cooperation with this approach,” an email from NFL senior V.P. of broadcasting Howard Katz to the men who run NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and FOX Sports. “Please have your reporters and other personnel refrain from revealing picks on social media or other platforms before they are announced in the Draft broadcasts.”

In 2013, PFT decided to refrain from tipping picks, for a couple of reasons. First, the information isn’t that hard to get.  Every team knows every pick several minutes before it’s announced. Also, multiple people at the draft are fully aware of the pick during the time that elapses between submission of the card until the Commissioner announces the pick. Second, the audience overwhelmingly doesn’t want the information.  (The latest PFT poll on this question generated more than 83 percent saying they don’t want to know.)

While that hasn’t (and won’t) keep PFT from reporting information that becomes available between now and the start of the draft regarding things that one or more teams may do when the draft begins, once a team is on the clock the pick won’t be disclosed here or at the PFT Twitter account, even if we catch wind of the selection early. (That said, we reserve the right to add to the drama by hinting at a potential surprise selection, if/when surprises arise.)

So enjoy the draft on TV and a second screen without worrying about PFT doing anything that will undermine your enjoyment of the process.

23 responses to “NFL asks broadcast partners not to tip picks

  1. Then how about you morons stop showing 500 commercials in-between picks and keep up with the actual NFL draft? I doubt this is a hard concept to achieve. This wasn’t a problem a few years ago. You’re greedy, tax exempt, “not-for-profit” commissioner at 345 Park Avenue created this.

  2. So is there any way the Greenbay Packers will not choke?


    No, it’s the Vikings who choke in the draft by not making their pick in time!

  3. I choose what channel i watch ONLY on which channel does a better job of not tipping the picks. ESPN has been better in recent years.

    Both channels have pretentious announcers acting like they are soooo smart though we all know they are tipping the pick.

  4. Why is the NFL even allowing goodell to do these anyway? Seems as if he has brought enough toxic publicity in the past year.

  5. My problem was with the hosts of the Draft shows….Boomer couldn’t STAND not to make some dumb joke tipping the selection. He absolutely used to ruin the draft.

  6. It’s entertaining what people cry about these days.

    We live in an information age. Maybe the NFL should just announce the picks quicker instead of dragging their feet in an attempt to drag out the process and manufacture drama. If you want to know early, follow on Twitter. If not, stick to the TV broadcast and find out like a bunch of sheep when the NFL is good and ready to let you in on what the rest of us already know.

  7. What annoys me is that the host (Berman?) asks the panel who they think the pick is just before it’s announced, and they already know who the pick is, and they have the worst poker faces ever (or they say someone not expected to go in that spot so they can look like geniuses when the surprise is announced)

  8. Also Goodell needs to stop taking his sweet time. They will say the picks in and he’ll take 5 minutes to announce it. By then the next teams selection comes in and the announcers skip the 1st one. Its torture, it’s like watching Lachey pitch.

  9. I loathe Goodell but when they decided to do this couple of years ago I loved it. Nothing like the drama, man. By the way I haven’t watched ESPN draft coverage in years. Mayock, Mooche and Eisen are the best. Mike lays it down!

  10. Just the picture of Goodell and Winston standing together on Draft Day is enough to cause many people to feel uncomfortable about the direction the league is heading. It”a enough to give a lot of potential picks second thoughts.

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