NFL fines Jets $100,000 for Revis tampering

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The Jets are paying for tampering with Darrelle Revis while he was still on the Patriots. But they’re not paying very much.

The NFL has fined the Jets $100,000 as a result of owner Woody Johnson’s comments about Revis, but the Jets will not lose any draft picks, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports. During the 2014 season, Johnson said, “I’d love for Darrelle to come back.”

Three months later, Revis did come back, leaving New England and returning to the Jets in free agency.

If Johnson’s comments helped the Jets acquire Revis, then that fine is a bargain. For a billionaire like Johnson, a $100,000 fine is chump change, and Revis is one of the best players in the NFL.

After signing Revis, the Jets later complained that Patriots owner Robert Kraft had tampered himself with comments he made about Revis. But the NFL has decided not to discipline the Patriots for that.

Mehta reports that at least one other team will be fined for tampering.

190 responses to “NFL fines Jets $100,000 for Revis tampering

  1. $100K and no draft picks?

    Tamper away kids! You can even write it off on your taxes as a charitable donation!

  2. It took how many months to reach that conclusion..

    What a joke the inconsistent NFL is…

  3. Pathetic. This indicates guilt, but a ridiculously small fine. I’m surprised he didn’t say “Well, he did say he was sorry.”

  4. Well, how many ex-Jets are in the NFL front office? This was clearly tampering. I don’t know what the “usual” punishment for tampering is, but then the NFL rarely feels compelled to actually follow its own policies.

  5. So that clears up all NFL business and there are no more investigations to report.

    Oh, wait.

  6. Woody Johnson could probably find that down the back of his couch and will be delighted.

  7. Wow, that’s so weak!

    The Patriots may be a classless team but for the Jets to only be fined $100,000 and not even lose a draft pick for tampering with Revis (and getting him back) is a joke! Apparently Commissioner Goodell really is a Jets fan!!

  8. Like the NFL fining me .25. Another slap on the wrist for Roger’s former employer. But tape 7 defensive plays from the wrong location, first round pick and a cool half mil.

  9. As a patriots fan, we all knew Revis was going to go back to the Jets… So not really a big deal…

    But how about that deflate gate investigation Mr. Ted Wells and Mr. Goodell?????

  10. Roger helping the Jets out again.
    No wonder they are on every NFL marketing campaign…..

  11. The most blatant case of tampering has no draft picks included in the penalty?

    It’s also inconsistent with past tampering punishment for less obvious offenses.

    Goodell is really showing that New Jersey Jets bias.

    The pats are playing vs a loaded deck and are still WORLD CHAMPS.

    It’s amazing how good you have to be to beat the other NFL teams and the league

  12. “NFL fines Jets equivalent of $1 for Revis tampering”.


    I mean, get real. This guy has towels in his bathroom worth more than $100,000.

    Make the fine $10M and you’ll stop all tampering once and for all.

  13. I’m not surprised at the fine since all the NFL does is write potential fines on slips of paper and then draw them from a hat at random.

  14. LOL at all of those Pat’s fans saying they will lose their #1 pick. Hopefully it will be the opposite and the Pat’s will lose their #1 pick for deflating balls.

  15. How/why was this addressed before deflategate? Should the cheating that happened in January not have been addressed before the tampering that happened in March? Sounds like they have their priorities backwards. One effects the integrity of the game, the other was just people talking. This coming from an Eagles fan.

  16. This is ridiculous. If the Pats tamper the league takes a draft pick and money. But hometown Jets get a small fine??? $100K to Woody Johnson is like a penny to everyone else. Absolutely ridiculous.

  17. I continually gave the commish the benefit of the doubt, but this seems as bad as his original discipline in the Ray Rice case. Rog, you screwed up again. There was plenty of precedent for nearly identical words spoken by others, and he elected to protect the jets. If they are guilty – well, they are guilty! Punish them appropriately. At least he didn’t announce a $10 fine.

  18. Some teams that lost draft picks in the past must not be happy with this. Jets apparently not held to the same standard or punishment. The Jets do as they please. Should have been fined an extra 100,000 for the frivolous counter charge.

  19. This is about right. Revis left because the Jets gave him more money, not because of the “tampering.” The Pats never had to let him hit FA anyway. Be mad at your owner/coach, not the Jets. But all I’ve heard since he left is that you don’t really need him anyway & the secondary will be fine. Guess we will see huh?

  20. NFL message: tamper all that you want, since the most that we will do to punish you is practically nothing

  21. What a joke! If this was the Pats being found guilty they’d be getting a much more severe penalty, like a lost pick.
    How does fining someone worth north of $3.5 billion dollars, like Woody Johnson, for what amounts to pocket change deter them from doing this again?

  22. Can’t say I’m surprised. Even though the tampering was public and blatant I never expected the league to give the Pats a pick.

  23. Wow, forget about precedents … this amounts to nothing more than a love tap on The Woody.

    Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise given the ex Jet roster at the league office

    Just Saying

  24. There you go delusional Pats fans. Hearts are breaking all over NE right now and maybe the flood of tears will wash away that hole!! $400,000 less than I thought Woody would have to pay. Now there are some really deflated balls in Pats nation.

  25. Where are all the trolls that say Bad-dell has a preference for the Pats. Clearly, Roger the artful dodger is still working for the Jets. This fine is a complete joke.

    Getting harder and harder to take the NFL office seriously. Clearly the clown show in the league is the league office, not any of the teams. Look at the Hardy case and compare it to the others. These guys are completely inconsistent.

    Let’s hope someone sues the shield and gets a big award. Maybe that’ll change things. Biggest damage to the shield comes from the league office itself!

  26. Pats fans originally using this issue as a distraction from DeflateGate will now complain about the penalty as a distraction from DeflateGate.

  27. A very trivial (by billionaire standards) fine for a very trivial type of tampering

    The punishment fit the crime.
    Roger didn’t screw it up for a change.

  28. Knowingly breaking any rule is the very essence of cheating. You didn’t play by the rules so you cheated.
    You tampered you cheated. You deflated balls you cheated. How can people claim that only one or the other is classified as cheating?
    Right now the only difference is that one has been found guilty of cheating the other has not.

  29. 100k is still a 100k regardless of how much money someone has. It won’t hurt that much, but no one wants to pay that kind of money out. Also, it’s an appropriate amount based on the tampering that was done.

  30. For anyone to think the Jets would receive anything more then a fine was laughable.

    Remember – the Pats had full control on this situation. They held an option on Revis and decided not to exercise it.

  31. What a total joke!!!
    Roger is most defiantly on the Jets payroll….
    The Jets are Rogers former team & it’s so obvious he favors them beyond any point of reason!!!
    I am now officially one for the immediate impeachment of Goddell & his entire NY staff!!!
    I seriously have no idea what this two faced mouthpiece is doing for the league except destroying it’s integrity!!!

  32. bmoreb says:
    Apr 28, 2015 12:17 PM

    Good, but Woody may get the last laugh depending upon #deflategate results


    Woody has nothing to do with #deflategate.

  33. So tampering = the same fine that Marshawn Lynch got for not talking to the media LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    This is a bad precedent for the NFL unless they were never serious about tampering. I expect all teams to start talking about some big name FA’s this winter that they would love to have. I mean what’s $100k?

  34. What he said was nothing..100 K too much….

    Plus front offices are always talking about guys under contract behind closed doors

  35. Shanahammer says:
    Apr 28, 2015 12:18 PM

    Roger helping the Jets out again.
    No wonder they are on every NFL marketing campaign…..


    If Roger is helping them out, he’s not doing a very good job. The Jets have sucked badly for the last 5 years.

  36. What a joke of a fine…

    However, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people on here when the Pats get nothing for Deflategate but Kensil suddenly decides to “spend more time with his family” and the Colts get fined for deflating the 1 ball that was significantly under the limit in an attempt to frame and embarrass the Pats.

  37. Mr. Wright 212 says: Apr 28, 2015 12:20 PM

    STILL nothing for the Patriots cheating, though. Expected.

    It’s “World Champions” to you boy! You WILL address the World Champion Patriots properly.


  38. Lmao at all the people saying they got off easy. There was no precedent for any worse punishment for what Woody said. Been saying this for months. Loss of late round draft pick and/or a chunk of change.

    Been great listening to all these delusional Pats fans hoping for a 1st round pick though!

  39. A corrupt league acting…like a corrupt league.
    How is Tim Donaghy not employed by the NFL?

  40. I’m not a Jets fan or a Pats fan, but this whole thing is a joke. All the owner did was say in public what other owners and GMs say to a player’s agent behind closed doors. This stuff happens every day by every team. The Jets owner was just dumb enough to do it in public, where the media and fans could run with it. He didn’t get fined $100K for tampering…he got fined $100K for being an idiot.

  41. Of course the Pats didn’t get disjointed for doing the exact same thing. Goodell, Billy, and Kraft all circle jerk each other

  42. HAHAHA, Those Pats fans thinking they were getting the Jets first round pick (#6) are mighty disappointed with this news. Especially not even getting any round draft pick which most thought at the very least was a 3rd. What’s the over/under on salty/complaining comments from Pats fans on this article?

  43. I really do not think Woody tampered. His comment was completely innocuous. Pats do not pay any star to stay. Never have. Woody knew Reevis was leaving. This is a non-event. Like the insanely ridiculous deflategate hyperboyle. Much ado about nothing. Go Pats! Obliterate everybody.

  44. $100K is like a buck to these owners.

    Let’s hear it. “I would love to have Mo Wilkerson here!”

  45. A $100,000 fine to the Jets for tampering with Revis is comparable to NOT suspending a guy for knocking out his girlfriend with a punch. Seriously, they paid $70,000,000 for Revis for 5 Yrs, $39,000,000 guaranteed. Ok, so now it’s $39,100,000 guaranteed. Pretty sure the Jets don’t care about the measly $100,000.

    And I hate both teams. This is about how bad of a commissioner Goodell is.

  46. There have been less clear cases of tampering in the past that have netted draft pick compensation. Not sure how this doesn’t warrant that, but like others have said, even a draft pick won’t bring Revis back.


  47. The real punishment is being stuck in the same division as the patriots.

    No division titles since 2002, while NE has posted 4 super bowls since 2001. #kisstherings

  48. We’ve known for a while that the Patriots have become Dragon Army at the end of Ender’s Game. Make them play two teams at the same time on a field that tilts upwards 20 degrees whenever they have the ball, it won’t matter. All it does is make them angry, and anger makes them win.

    “He plays to destroy you. He does.” – Revis on Tom Brady

  49. Tampering fines seem like such an arbitrary thing with the NFL. It’s kind of like holding calls – you could call it on every play if you held strictly to the rules.

    It’s no wonder NFL fans cry foul when penalties actually get called both on and off the field. It has nothing to do with the actual rules, so there’s some other “mystery factor” that fans are left guessing why the NFL decided to suddenly start following their own rules. Especially when the previous 9 times they saw it they didn’t bother.

  50. Roger’s still taking checks from the Jets. This joke of a commissioner needs to step down now!

  51. Goodell’s recent slap on the wrist punishments definitely makes tampering with players or pumping in fake crowd noise a great high-reward low-financial risk way for teams gain a competitive edge. Gotta do everything to protect the integrity of the game, right Roger?

  52. The Jets are a garbage franchise anyway. Why bother taking a pick from them when they’ll need all those picks to finish third in the division this season.

    But it’s still a terrible job by Goodell. The 49ers lost a draft pick for less of a tampering job on Lance Briggs than the Jets pulled with Revis. How is it the Patriots don’t even get a pick out of this? There were precedents for punishment. Really just a hatchet job by the NFL

  53. The owners need to clean out the whole damned NFL office. They, and especially Goodell are a complete joke.

  54. It’s funny reading comments of those who think Pats fans are throwing hissy fits. What do Pats fans have to be upset about? Pats are defending Super Bowl Champs.

  55. lolatpatshaters says:
    Apr 28, 2015 12:33 PM
    Mr. Wright 212 says: Apr 28, 2015 12:20 PM

    STILL nothing for the Patriots cheating, though. Expected.

    It’s “World Champions” to you boy! You WILL address the World Champion Patriots properly.

    Beat the Giants first. You can pull that line with everyone EXCEPT me.

  56. Another horrible inconsistent punishment handed down by Goodell. Jets should’ve lost a mid-late round draft pick since this was the text book definition of tampering.

    I hope he’s as easy on the Patriots for deflate gate since it sounds like the only ball significantly deflated was the one in the Colts possession and there is a lot of evidence pointing to it being a failed frame job/sting operation.

    I have ZERO confidence the Wells report will have much truth or fairness in it.

  57. This is a good sign for the Pats. We know that if the Wells Report exonerates the NFL will be accused by the blind, hateful masses of favoring the Pats.

    They will be able to point to this joke of a penalty as evidence to the contrary.

  58. Beat the Giants first. You can pull that line with everyone EXCEPT me.

    Can’t beat them if they can’t make the playoffs.

  59. The font office full of ex-jet employees have stuck it to the WORLD CHAMPION PATRIOTS again- a nothing fine for blatant tampering and the Pats lose a first round pick and fined 750000 for filming from the wrong location–Tell me again how ex Jet employee Goodell is in Krafts back pocket!

  60. michaele11111 says:
    Apr 28, 2015 12:37 PM

    The best part of this decision is reading the hissy fits of all you Patriot fans. That alone is worth more than $100K.
    Who is throwing a “hissy fit”?

    The Jets cheated, were caught by the league and punished.

    The Jets counter claim that the Patriots cheated was recognized as bogus and dismissed completely.

  61. The fine doesn’t make sense. If the fine helped them land Revis (and any punishment at all is admitting it did) then the $100,000 was well worth it for the Jets. That’s not a punishment. A penalty of a reduced salary cap would have been more fitting to take away some of the competitive advantage they gained.

  62. As a pats fan I never really expected a draft pick.

    Revis is the best corner in the league.

    Who wouldn’t want him.

    Just like saying someone wants brady.

  63. B0b Kraft should turn around and say that Muhammed Wilkerson is significantly underpaid and would look great in a Patriots uniform.

    But then, of course, Roger they ever-loyal former Jet intern would dock the Patriots a first round pick for such an egregious offense to the league’s competitive balance. Ironically, the pathetic Jet’s homer will remind us all that he’s the commissioner for all 32 teams.

  64. Fining the Jets $100,000 for tapering with Revis is like the NFL NOT suspending a guy for knocking out his girlfriend with a punch. Seriously, the Jets paid $70,000,000 with $39,000,000 guaranteed. So now it’s $39,100,000…as if the Jets organization cares about the extra measly $100,000 (that doesn’t count against the Cap).

    And I hate both teams. This is about how terrible of a Commissioner Goodell is.

  65. LOL what a joke, They fine the jets for that and then the Patriots get away with deflate gate with nothing. Figures, Must be nice to have the teams owner best buddies with the commisioner.

  66. Honestly, throwing money at Revis is what landed him. Not tampering. Costing the Jets a draft pick would’ve been nice, but oh well. More seriously though is the fact that a $100K fine is a joke. Wasn’t this the same administration that like 2 months ago vowed to get rid of tampering once and for all. If it takes $70M to sign a guy then a mere $100K cheating tax is just more incentive to break the rules.

  67. For close to the first time, Goodell metes out a punishment that has an actual relationship to extent of a crime. For all you Patriots whiners, the rules say the Commissioner may impose a range of penalties from fines to suspensions to a loss of draft picks. The punishment is in exact relation to the crime just as it was when the Patriots got whacked a few years back with the loss of a 1st round pick and a large fine.

    I wouldn’t expect a patriots fan to be reasonable and sane where the Jets were concerned. Way too many years of hate between those teams.

    It is funny how Patriots’ fans are never satisfied with anything. You guys won the Super Bowl and voluntarily let Revis go (The Jets did not steal him) and still that’s not enough. Over a decade of dominance and the Jets still get under your skin at the drop of a hat. Nothing is ever enough for you guys. The extent of the inferiority complex is just unreal.

  68. The good news is that the Jets got off easy.

    The bad news…Geno Smith is still their starting QB.

    NYJ remains the premier place where WR careers go to die.

  69. Now that the precedence and template has been set, every team can now say verbatim “I’d love for to come back.” for a $100K competitive poaching advantage. If league office deviates from punishment, then it’s flagrant favoritism.

  70. the most frustrating thing about this commissioner is the inconsistency with everything he does…..100k, to a multi billion dollar business….what a joke……the NFL owners needs to tell their employee aka the commissioner what penalties are for each type of offense, and just stick to it each time.For now on all tampering penalties should only be a 100K slap on the wrist. I mean from Ray Rice to Greg Hardy, and everything in between there just is no logic…not that the commissioner could be bias and turn a blind eye to something like deflating balls, and have eyes wide open while sipping on his martini a punishing a pot smoker because he was in the same room with Michael Phelps when he was hitting a bong before winning his 22 olympic medals……keep it consistent.

  71. So if the Pats want to reach out to Wilkerson’s agent right now and see what it would take to sign him long term next year, we’re looking at $100K or so? Done, let’s do it.

  72. I am assuming this fine would have been much greater if Woody Johnson was wearing orange socks at the time of this tampering. You know clothing violation DO NOT fly with Roger.

  73. Great, now America gets to see the Jets blow another draft pick. Seriously, taking away a draft pick would have done the favor.

    1969 Forever!

  74. Only 2 more days until the deflate gate investigation finding are released.

    Hey, that’s the day of the draft!


  75. What an absolute execrable joke! Easily one of the most blatant cases of tampering in recent history and they get a slap on the wrist. This constitutes yet further evidence that Goodell has to go.

  76. infectorman says: Apr 28, 2015 1:10 PM

    New York Giants*****

    Champion Injury Fakers


    Not just that…Tyree used stickum. One of the Giants players admitted it.

    Asterisk indeed.

    That loss hurt bad at the time. But all that disappeared once I found out that Tyree cheated. Now that loss is just…”meh whatever”. They had to cheat to beat us…. no shame in that.

    As far as I’m concerned the 2007 Patriots are undefeated. I will never acknowledge a loss* to cheaters.

  77. “The extent of the inferiority complex is just unreal.”

    Inferiority complex? Lol buddy we just won the SB and have won 3 others since 2000. The reason we hate the jets is because all of their “fans” get so loud mouthed whenever the Pats get brought and have the balls to say we’re a “rivalry”. We’ve wiped the floor with your team for going on 25 years but one playoff win in 2010 somehow makes up for all that. The real inferiority complex lies with you, the jets, and their fans. Pats live in all of your heads every single day. Namath sold his soul for 1 SB and the Jets have paid the price for 50 years.

  78. Hahahaha.

    I’m sure Woody can send some hundred dollar bills to Pats fans to wipe their tears with.

  79. Come on…there’s tampering…and there’s TAMPERING.

    Woody’s dumb ” I’d like Revis to come back” is tampering, sure, but it’s not like they were on the phone discussing contract details. That’s worthy of a stripped pick, not a goofball owner being an idiot.

  80. I can’t wait to hear the justification for this fine. I don’t know how you could look at it as anything but a joke that encourages basically unlimited tampering by all teams. What Johnson said was pretty much a quote of the example given in the league’s own definition of tampering. He expressed interest in a player under contract with another team and he even mentioned what he thought was a very reasonable price level. This couldn’t have been more obvious. How do you justify not punishing them more severely? This is a multi-billion dollar business. You can’t argue “I misspoke.” It doesn’t work that way. Kraft could go out tomorrow and say that he thought Wilkerson was a great player who seemed underpaid. Would it be okay if he then said “I misspoke”?
    Further proof that Goodell absolutely has to go.

  81. Who determined that joke fine. Jets groupie in NFL office (and key villain in FrameGate) Kensil?

  82. Bottom Line –

    Billionaire Johnson got his wrist slapped and his NFL peers all know he has Strike One of tampering assessed on him. His peers will now laugh at him for being held to tampering which is a much greater punishment than $100k ever could be.

    After all of this, the Pats are still World Champs and thete is no reason to ever think the Jets will be serious contenders this coming season. As for the return.of Revis and his glory day buddy, Cromartie returning the reality is these guys are older and starting to lose speed and quickness as well as more likely to both get season ending injuries AGAIN!

    Again at the end of the day, the Patriots remain the World Champs and Woody Johnson was shamed for tampering in front of his peers who now see him as some uncouth dimwit for being caught.

  83. If I were KRAFT, I’d call a press conference right now and I’d say “I’d love to have [INSERT JET] on my team.” Because apparently owners can tamper in press conferences. I cannot believe the league let Johnson off the hook for this. First of all, he said more than “I’d love to have him back.” He also said that if he’d known he could have gotten Revis at the price the Patriots got him, he would have done that deal. That kind of info is leverage for Revis leading up to a contract negotiation. This is what the rule was designed to prevent. The league did not enforce it. By administering a fine at all (100K), it admitted Johnson did something wrong but also suggested what he did was not all that egregious. Well if that’s not egregious, what is?

    I bet when you read Peter King’s column or Don Banks’, you’ll see a similar take on this. Get the tampering rule off the books if you’re not going to take it seriously.

  84. Is deflating a ball even a serious crime or advantage???

    The league doesn’t seem to think so, if they did think it was such a crime or had that much of a benefit why does the rule book state the fine starts at $25K?? If this was truly a big deal wouldn’t the fine be much, MUCH stiffer?

    Uniform violations are start at $50k for a first time offender and can go up to $100k. How is that a bigger penalty then “tampering” with footballs?

    This whole thing was blown up by media and Superbowl week. Proving by the “don’t do that again” by league when Panthers and Vikings tampered with balls Week 13.

    A seconds worth of air (the weight of a dollar bill) out of football isn’t winning anyone a game.

  85. When the Jets filed their frivolous counter charge against the Patriots for “tampering” with the newly signed Revis they showed just how irked they were that the Patriots filed tampering charges

    Was it a coincidence that the very DAY that the Patriots filed tampering charges that the ex-President of the Jets, who has expressed a vendetta against Belichick for leaving the Jets at the alter, initiated his bogus Deflategate sting operation?

    Kensil’s involvement and ties to the Jets in this calls into question the integrity of the NFL offices ITSELF. Was Kensil also the source of bogus leaked information to the Press, intended to falsely make the Patriots look bad?

    If Kensil was involved in a fabricated “gotcha” effort on Deflategate, shouldn’t the Wells Investigation also look into whether Kensil played a role in Spygate – a minor rule infraction investigation that was launched just months after Kensil joined the NFL offices and changed the camera placement rule?

    Kensil and Goodell both should lose their jobs – and ironically this whole episode involving tampering, deflategate and possibly Spygate if Kensil played a role in any of it, should be the subject of the Wells Report.

    Perhaps that’s why it’s taking so long!

  86. That $100k might cover the wells investigation for a week. Wonder if the other owners will be so happy when they get the bill for four months of ted wells and no findings.

  87. @darthbelichick07

    It’s a fine, not a charitable contribution, and you can’t deduct fines on your return. They are nondeductible expenses. Even if it was a CC you can’t deduct the full 100%. I’m sick of everyone thinking they know all about taxes and how certain items are deducted and how certain organizations are fun (i.e. NFL being a non-profit)

  88. For the final time, this tampering deserved a heavy fine because it was premeditated, intended to impair the Patriots contractual rights to a player, and actually resulted in the player signing with the team that tampered.

    Revis, without the signal from Woody, may have chosen to sign with the Patriots instead of risking free agency. Woody’s comments gave Revis’ camp the green light to risk going to free agency.

    This should now be the precedent for other teams to do the same thing. In short, Goodell is saying there is a tampering fee (only $100,000) but you are free to tamper without risk of compensation as long as specific terms are not discussed and the interest is floated out publicly and not a direct contact. Let’s call it a “Revis Contact”.

  89. Woody Johnson comments about a player and their team is fined 100k. Patriots alter playing equiptment to gain advantage in a playoff game and no fine?

  90. who gives a rats __. Jets will still be losers and the Pats will repeat. All is well here in Championville New England. Revis=1 and done.

  91. 100k ? Tamper away teams
    Wanna spy and let your QB know what’s coming defensively with the chance at 3 Lombardies? Only gonna cost you a 1st round pick and $750,000 ……well worth it…
    Don’t talk to media- $100 k
    Beat wife or girlfriend- 2 games
    Smoke weed- 4 games
    Bounty gate – suspend head coach for a full year
    SMH….NFL / Goddell shame on you…….we are all watching how you handle deflategate. Colts/Pats whoever is at fault don’t sweat it… can stay with your 2015 draft plans . Nothing will happen before Thursday. Bet the fine will be about 1% of what they get billed by Ted Wells Inc for…….

  92. Revis went to NE to win a title, which boosts his value. He goes to NYJ for another paycheck. All about the $.

  93. Ah, I see. So when you add it all up it really cost the Jets:

    Contract: $70,000,000
    Fine: $100,000

    Total: $70,100,000

    to sign Revis. A fine of .14%

    Boy Roger you sure showed them. I bet those other owners wouldn’t DREAM of tampering now.


  94. Pathetic that NE fans are here all indignant because the Jets owner made a sly remark during a speaking engagement.

    Technically the owner was wrong. End of story. The Pats fans acting nuts, when in fact Revis was going where he wanted to go after the season. Isn’t that reality. And now Pats fans are like all nuts simply because the Jets owner made a remark after being asked about Revis stating he’d be welcome back in NY. Tampering? Hardly!

    Stretching to play victim. NE stop playing the victim card…it gets sooooo old. Every where you look on these pages it’s “everyone hates us” “jealous of us” blah, blah, blah….who cares about NE. One SB in TEN years, and then only when Seattle stole a loss from the hands of victory. Enough with the dynasty nonsense already!

  95. securb2013 says:
    Apr 28, 2015 12:13 PM
    Ha! Patsies no draft pick. Woody has bottles of wine in the basement that cost more than that. Lets see how deflategate goes.
    its all good,NY is coming off a 4win season and have the least amount of picks in the draft.Jets obviously need those picks more than NE especially after NY’s horrible draft last year

  96. I would feel better if with the 100K fine they would also burn the recording of Woody’s comment in the same fireplace used for Spygate.

  97. While the Jets get off easy, I do believe Goodell will be going after the Patriots hard on deflate gate. Goodell has too much invested already in going after Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and, according to Tom Curran, even if Wells has no evidence, the NFL will look at other games and other accusations. I believe all of you Patriots haters will be happy in the end and Goodell wants to save face. What a turd.

  98. New York inferiority complex. Its unreal how many Pats fans can’t handle anything that goes NY way. Did anyone see Spike Lees short joint on SB 42 and 47? Bellichek the genius leaving plaxico in cover zero with Charger midfield dancer Hobbs. Could never understand that to this day. Pitch and catch. Unreal blunder.

  99. If they want to eliminate tampering just flat out make a rule that you can’t talk to the player either. Like Bellichek gushing over Ed reed on the field before a game. Ed your greatest free safety ever, that play you made last week…wow. But, we wouldn,t want you here. God no. If that not ” flirting ” with another teams player or soliciting what is? Gee do you think reed thought maybe the pats would be interested if he was in middle of negotiation? Nah.

  100. “One SB in TEN years”

    Seattle has one SB in their entire history. What’s your point?

    And obv you care very much about NE because any time they are mentioned you’re on here spewing your jealous rants


    Carry on

  101. metlifeteardown says:

    Do you honestly think that if this were any other team that Goodell would have slapped them on the wrist like that?

    Pats got fined a cool Mil total and lost a draft pick for illegal camera placement

  102. $100K just for saying he’d like to have Revis back? Any team would love to have him on their side for the right price. It’s not like the guy was throwing out contract numbers through the media. Still no word on DeflateGate though and I’m sure Goodell’s favored franchise will get just another slap on the wrist while the rest of us scoff on the mockery that the NFL has become. If there ever was a time for a rival league to form I think this is it.

  103. You know what I love as a Pats fan? Four championships in the 21st century that’s what. I hope all you Jets fans feel great about this. “Oh man, those Pats fans are all so angry that we didn’t lose a pick”. I can say right now that none of us care. In case you Jets fans missed it, we won the superbowl, again, last year. Maybe you all missed that since you stopped watching football because your team failed to make the post season yet again. Do me a favor and talk trash when you guys win one, better yet, you can talk trash when you MAKE IT to one!

  104. I don’t think Woody should have been fined at all. And you can have Revis. Come on, people! It’s the JETS!! They need all the help they can get.

  105. Precedent has previously been set in tampering cases. Yet when Goodell’s former employer is the guilty party, precedent goes out the window. Goodell may be the most corrupt and incompetent commissioner in the history of pro sports. Watch when Wells’ report finds a suspicion but no hard evidence of the Patriots tampering with footballs. He’ll fine them a million, suspend Belichick and take a first round pick. Goodell makes Al Sharpton look impartial.

  106. LOL @ all the Pats here and their JFK conspiracy theories regarding this Kensil guy.

    Kensil also knew about Pearl Harbor too!

  107. @skawh: What’s pathetic is you AGAIN trolling all things NE. 24/7. U Mad Bro?

  108. Well, I guess MIA is completely off the hook for anything to do with Suh. And if I were the ATL and CLE front offices, I’d be shaking my head about this blatantly NYJ-friendly “fine”.

  109. If the league wide fine for tampering has now been established at 100k per player, every team should go ahead and tamper all they want.

    They spend more than 100k just to send scouts to combine. May as well pay the small fee and contact whoever interests you. Under contract or not

    It’s gonna be awful hard to whack another team more than 100k now that the precedent has been set with the Jets with one of the best players in the league.

    No consistency with anything the NFL decides.
    If I didn’t know better I would suspect favoritism and back room deals.

    That would strike at the games integrity and we all know how important that has been lately. NOT

  110. “One SB in TEN years, and then only when Seattle stole a loss from the hands of victory. Enough with the dynasty nonsense already!”


    The Patriots are clearly a dynasty. Best team in the NFL for 15-20 years will do that for you. No one is even close….and you know it.

  111. Let’s be honest here, people.

    Whether or not you agree with the tampering rule, tampering DID happen. It was blatant, too. For someone as shrewd in his business deals as Revis, all he needed was someone to announce that they would pay him well to play for their team.

    That gave him all the motivation he needed to get out of his deal. The Pats didn’t pick up the option because they weren’t going to pay someone that kind of money to be miserable and work against there system. It was a no-win situation for the Pats.

    And for the league to throw the book at the Pats for a recording a few signals, and to allow this blatant tampering to be punished by the equivalent of a ten-minute-time-out-in-the-corner is ridiculous.

    If the Pats weren’t going to be compensated with a low round pick for this, then the Jets still should have had that picked stripped from them.

  112. Now we know the fine for tampering. Let’s see if deflating balls will get the standard fine of $25000.— Now teams can tamper away now that we know it’s cheap to do so.

  113. There really should have been some pick. Even if it had been a 7th round pick, it would have meant something. This certainly wasn’t a major violation, but it was cut & dried & without real punishment for this, they should just eliminate the rule.

  114. Jets get fined 100k and Pats don’t… that makes sense.

    Goodell: You like that Bobby?

    Robert Kraft: Yea but you missed something

    Goodell: What’s that?

    Kraft: Deez Nuts!

  115. Like you Pats lovers REALLY believed you were getting draft picks for Tampering… LOL

    I’m looking forward to your loss of draft picks for deflategate though…

  116. Tampergate.

    Everything the Jets secondary does from now on through the end of Revis’ contract is TAINTED and covered with ASTERISKS and I get to call the Jets a bunch of classless CHEATERS.


    Just kidding. Just having a little fun mimicking you Pats haters and showing you what YOU ALL sound like with your Patriot hater nonsense which is on the same level as what I just said.

    Now, see how stupid you sound?

  117. dal1as says:
    Apr 28, 2015 1:08 PM

    LOL what a joke, They fine the jets for that and then the Patriots get away with deflate gate with nothing. Figures, Must be nice to have the teams owner best buddies with the commisioner.
    Dang, when did the Wells report come out concluding the Patriots deflated balls intentionally? Good grief the Pats haters are so delusional they see Wells reports in their dreams. Hope the hate is equal if the Colts and Kensil are determined to be guilty. Unlike all the Nostradamus’s on here I’ll actually wait for the report to be released.

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