Ravens cancel draft party amid riots in Baltimore


The Ravens have announced that they are canceling their Thursday night draft party as a result of the riots that have engulfed Baltimore.

Authorities have imposed a citywide curfew of 10 p.m. every night this week, and the Ravens have announced that they will call off their party to ensure that no one attending is in violation.

“Out of respect to the curfew in Baltimore, the Ravens have cancelled their Draft Party, which was scheduled for this Thursday (4/30) night (7-11 p.m.) at M&T Bank Stadium,” the team said in a statement.

The Baltimore Orioles also canceled their Monday and Tuesday night home games at the request of local authorities.

65 responses to “Ravens cancel draft party amid riots in Baltimore

  1. I got an idea, if you dont like the riots, go outside and have a party. That way the violent protesters will see that they are being protested by protesters who are having fun doing it! Put a big ole pot of the spiciest jambalaya on and drink some light beer responsibly. Tailgating trumps rioting everytime

  2. And Ray Lewis just said on Twitter, “Violence isn’t the answer.”

    That’s a little ironic, isn’t it?

  3. it’s as bad as it looks on tv. i am not staying at my house (near the stadiums) and most people that i know that live downtown are staying with parents/family/friends outside of downtown. many business downtown closed early yesterday and did not require employees to come in today (we didnt even get mail that was coming from downtown).

    it’s a mess.

  4. Shame what’s going on. But you can’t set idly by and let the same thing keep happening. Whether it gains media attention or not.

  5. kind of sad when adults can’t act like adults and the mayor needs to resort to imposing a curfew on them. Bravo mayor, treat them like children, because that is how they are acting. GROW UP baltimore!! As if I needed another reason to hate that city!

  6. Everything that has happened in Baltimore is a true misfortune. I understand it’s about the killings of unarmed black men, displeasure with the system and racial profiling by police officers but this getting to the point of displacing and injuring innocent people. Not to mention destroying establishments we patronize everyday.

  7. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Apr 28, 2015 11:43 AM
    I got an idea, if you dont like the riots, go outside and have a party. That way the violent protesters will see that they are being protested by protesters who are having fun doing it! Put a big ole pot of the spiciest jambalaya on and drink some light beer responsibly. Tailgating trumps rioting everytime

    I don’t think alcohol is going to help anything at all.

  8. I work in Baltimore and the situation is horrible. Good call by the Ravens. Glad our Governor is out front of this because the Mayor of Baltimore couldn’t lead her way out of a paper bag!

  9. Not the forum for this, but rioting is asinine. What a bunch of knuckleheads. There are endless avenues one can take to make their voice heard. This is by far the most ignorant way.

  10. It’s a bad situation. Whether we agree on the methods or not, it takes a culmination of years of social injustice to resort to physical acts of protest, especially in the free world.

  11. It’s time we handle the rioters. We need to take our country back. A small minority once again ruins if for the vast majority….

  12. Similar Riots happened here in Cincinnati years ago.
    I certainly don’t agree with the rioters and empathize with the law-abiding citizens of Baltimore and the PD but when are Police Depts going to get the hint and start hiring and training people that know how to act in these situations.
    If someone tells me they need medical attention, they may be lying, but I’m going to call and ambulance to be sure.

  13. Maybe if the incompetent Mayor allowed the police to take out the trash rather than allow the savages to trash the place, this wouldn’t be an issue. Giving “space” to willingly allow criminals to destroy property is a clear message to businesses and residents: You’re on your own. Pathetic.

  14. I cannot wrap my mind around destroying your own community to make a statement. Way to ruin your own neighbors’ livelihoods and prevent people from earning a living. The penalties for rioting and looting are not nearly severe enough.

  15. I live in a very rural, low population state, and we have regular incidents where the cops end up shooting and killing unarmed civilians.

    Police have a dangerous, difficult, stressful, impossible job to do. But our police forces have been militarized to the point that police feel justified in intimidating, harrassing and abusing anyone they want, just because they fit someone’s profile of what a “criminal” looks like.

    Riots don’t solve anything, but it’s also myopic to view them as anything other than a symptom of some of the deep-rooted problems in this country.

    As long as unarmed minorities continue to be killed by police under questionable circumstances, and without justice for the victims, these problems will continue.

    I’m not saying I agree with it by any means, I’m just saying that no one should be surprised by this.

  16. If I were the Ravens I’d move to LA! Their Mayor needs to take charge and take the city back from these rioters. After hearing her comments about giving rioters space to destroy the city I hope the businesses that were destroyed will be reimbursed by her city.

  17. The only social injustice being committed here and other areas throughout this nation is by those individuals who use a man’s death as an excuse to loot, riot, commit property damage and violence, and destroy their own communities. I guarantee most of these individuals never met the deceased, yet find they’re well within their right to destroy everything in sight because he died. It’s a shameful way to live, but it would take people having shame to feel badly about what they’re doing.

  18. this sort of behavior would never happen here in Wisconsin. see that guy throwing the brick that’s deadly force and the police have every write to use deadly force. the mayor should be arrested and stand trial to

  19. Here’s an idea, don’t put yourself in a situation to get shot by a cop and you’ll avoid being shot by a cop. Don’t break the law. If you do decide to break the law and you get caught regardless of how petty the crime is, lay down, put your hands behind your back and don’t resist. Yeah, way to break the stereotype by rioting and destroying your neighborhood. Gets the point across really well. Sorry, but if I’m a cop and my life feels threatened, I’m going home to my family before a criminal goes home to theirs.

  20. Why are they protesting racial profiling by throwing rocks at cops and setting fires to senior centers?

    That’s only going to make the problem worse

  21. f1restarter says:
    Apr 28, 2015 12:12 PM

    Brilliant decision by Art Modell to bring an NFL team to this cesspool.


    Don’t judge our city and state by the actions of a few. We love our sports, and we heavily fund their existence. Show some compassion in your life for once, because plenty of innocent people are involved in something they had nothing to do with.

  22. Tailgating at a riot? What kind of suggestion was that? Clearly the person has never been near an angry mob.

    If you are going to give “free space” to rioters, make sure it is in their own neighborhood and not in the downtown area paid for by all tax payers. These rioters aren’t just taking a big dump on the down town commerce, they are destroying public property and that should honk off anyone that pays taxes. This is going to spread in Baltimore, not go away, and this is not going to end organically, this rioting is going to have to be stopped, and the longer it goes, the messier it is going to be.

  23. set cars on fire and burn down private businesses, that’ll set a good example and get your point across. Morons!

  24. Most of the mayhem is being caused my mobs of youth and has been going on for quite a while around here, as barely anything is ever done to stop them. The protests, which were peaceful, have nothing to do with the destruction of property you are seeing. The protests emboldened the destructive youth even more as they knew the authorities were afraid to appear heavy handed. The authorities made the mistake of thinking the hooligan actions of the youth were in any way related to the issue being protested.

  25. Stop killing people over $20 violations and people won’t riot….until other people, besides people of color decide to take a stance, and admit what’s going on is wrong, the riots will continue. Stop turning a blind eye to the issues in the US. You’re more upset at the people rioting than you are at the cops for killing ppl left and right. SAD.

  26. I feel sorry for the good people in Baltimore. This is what happens when the police are not allowed to protect the people and their property. The city really needs a new mayor. Listening to her press conference she seemed so disconnected.

  27. I’ve been living in and around Baltimore for over 15 years. I really do love the city, despite its bad neighborhoods (especially some close to both stadiums). I live just outside downtown, and I want no part of anything close to the harbor area. I read this morning that more protesting/rioting is expected to spread to the western side of the surrounding county, and my office closed up at noon out of concern for the employees.

    I sincerely hope the National Guard lays down the law tonight if it’s anywhere near as ugly as it was last night.

  28. If you haven’t seen the video yet of a mother who beat her son after catching him rioting, you need to. Baltimore could use a ton more parents like that.

  29. What riots??? Meanwhile over here in Beautiful California we have a clear sunny day maybe a high of 84 in the end of April. Glad I live on the west coast.

  30. Did everyone see the video of the mother pulling her son out of the riot and slapping the hell out of him? There is hope, America!

  31. Baltimore has a long history of violence (1968 riots nearly destroyed the entire city) , crime and ghettos. Down there with Detroit, East St. Louis, and Gary, Indiana, and Newark, NJ as the most dangerous cities in the USA. What do they all have in common? Lying liberal politicians who have done nothing but enrich themselves and their cronies while leaving the rest of the people to languish on subsistence welfare, all the while saying they are “helping the poor.” You help people with JOBS, not handouts.

  32. There will always be meatheads…on both sides of an issue.

    Prayers for Baltimore. Stay safe.

    Pat’s fan

  33. I work in Baltimore and this situation is just disappointing. The Mayor fumbled this one big time. For one, there was no effort to bring in reinforcements after the demonstrations Saturday night that prevented people from leaving the Orioles game. Second, the comment she made about providing space for people to destroy was completely and totally the wrong thing to say publicly. She should have known it would be misconstrued. And then the media disappointed me with the way they empowered the blood and crypt gang members. Stan Stoval and Deborah Weiner are a joke.

  34. bonnovi says:
    Apr 28, 2015 11:57 AM

    And Ray Lewis just said on Twitter, “Violence isn’t the answer.”

    That’s a little ironic, isn’t it?


    I don’t get that. He’s trying to help get people off the streets and put an end to the rioting.

    He understands the dangers of violent behavior and he understands why it doesn’t help. He also is a highly respected person in the Baltimore community. He should be stepping up to lead and he is.

    Don’t condemn him for that.

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