Report: Dion Jordan to be suspended for the 2015 season


One of the top picks in the 2013 NFL Draft will miss the entire upcoming season.

Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan, the No. 3 overall selection two years ago, will be suspended for the 2015 regular season after a positive substance-abuse test, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday.

According to Schefter, Jordan’s positive test stems from a diluted test sample, and he is not appealing the ban. The defensive end served a four-game suspension in 2014 for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Furthermore, ESPN reports the latest positive test has scuttled a potential trade between the Dolphins and Eagles for Jordan, who played collegiately at Oregon under now-Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly.

The 25-year-old Jordan hasn’t had much of an impact in his first two NFL seasons, notching just three sacks in 26 regular season games. And now, he has suffered a significant setback.

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  1. Thanks Dolphins for jumping ahead of the Eagles to take this guy! We will be sure to fix him when you cut him!!!

    Best Regards,


  2. Somehow, I don’t think a trade will materialize now and a release is more likely.

    Hope you enjoyed being gainfully employed in the NFL, son!

  3. He’s got nothing on the king of Oregon pot heads. I give you the one, the only “Whizzinator” Onterrio Smith!

  4. Thank you, I didn’t want eagles going after him. Even though I don’t think it would of taken much to get him. Maybe a 5th tops.

  5. a trade? what a conditional 7th rd pick if he performs to a certain level in the 2015 season. Get real….Almost as much sense as Vikings fan thinking any NFL team would trade a first rd pick for a 30 year old RB. Got news for you Vikings, any team can have Gurley or Gordon in the first rd if they wish to this year.

  6. Thanks Jeff Ireland.

    Considering how many busts the Phins have had in the 30 plus years I have been watching them, I didn’t think Jordan would be the biggest. Now I am wrong.

    What the hell is wrong with players who can’t simply take their million dollar job seriously? Do you REALLY have to use?

  7. This isn’t really a surprise. Just like it wasn’t a surprise when Gordon got suspended.

  8. freddypatsfan says:

    I Just feel like he went to the wrong team, this system made him a bust

    You can’t blame the team for the actions of the player.

  9. It’s offical, he is a bust. Now the Dolphins need to draft a olb/de in the first round.

  10. From Rotoworld: Signed a four-year, $20.572 million contract. The deal is fully guaranteed, including a $13.341 million signing bonus.

    Had the world in his hands and threw it away. Such self-destructive behavior. Can’t anyone help these guys?

  11. Apparently, he found it beneficial to use substances that were against the rules. It doesn’t say what the diluted test was for, just that it was tampered with (diluted).

  12. If they were smart, the Dolphins would just sit on him this season. If they trade or cut him, his bonus goes on this year. If they keep him, he neither counts on their cap nor accrues a year of service.

    During his time off, they should allow him play in CFL to keep fit and game shape.

    Come next season, depending how well he does in CFL trade him then. If they get rid of him now, it will just be for peanuts.

  13. Man I actually wanted this guy too…

    He’s an idiot, no excuse for that. But he wasn’t right for this defense to begin with. He belongs in a 34 defense where he can actually play to his strengths like dropping and playing in space.

    The Dolphins are dumb for trying to jam him into being a hand in the dirt DE. He would be much better used as a K. Mack/A. Barr/V. Miller LB if he’s going to be put in a 43 defense.

    Still has talent, just severely under utilized and obviously he’s an idiot.

  14. freddypatsfan says:
    Apr 28, 2015 1:14 PM

    I Just feel like he went to the wrong team, this system made him a bust

    No, not being able to stop smoking pot made him a bust. Nothing to do with defensive system. Until it is legal everywhere, you got to control yourself or lose millions of dollars. No high could be worth that.

  15. I can’t believe this guy smh. I was one of the Phinz behind this pick. BEAST in college. Makes you wonder if he was on the juice at Oregon.

  16. And the off season champions real season has already started falling apart.


  17. As if it was needed, this is just further proof of Jeff Ireland’s general incompetence as a GM, and why he no longer has a job with the Dolphins (or any other team at the moment, for that matter).

  18. funny how people comment about how stupid he is and being an idiot for getting caught, had the world in his hand, etc. did it ever occur to anyone that maybe he just doesn’t like football and doesn’t like the work aspect of it? he got his millions, maybe it is enough for him and he would rather sit back and just take it easy the rest of his life instead of making any more money. seems like a decent hypothesis given he isn’t appealing the suspension, he just doesn’t care. he has pulled in about 7.5M so far, will forfeit the 2015 portion of the signing bonus and roster bonus, will get released and get the 2016 portion of his signing bonus of about 3.3M. not bad, get paid ~11M for 2 years worth of work, take a year off and then collect what is essentially unemployment the last year. he isn’t stupid, he’s just making a choice of employment, when to retire and live off of savings. now, money management might be an issue down the road and might indicate he is an idiot but, not b/c he is choosing a different profession or sitting on his a** that will pay a lot less.

    the real idiots here are the dolphins who moved up to i think 3 to nab him. i remember the anchors in stunned disbelief when his name was announced.

  19. No way some of these NFL players are smart enough to have made it through college on their own!

  20. Cheaters! Cheats! All wins vacated from any game he ever played in. Asterisks next to every single sack he’s ever recorded. Hows it feel Fins fans? Haha, that’s what I thought! Miami Cheatfins!

  21. Drink beer. Get plastered. Call a cab. Make millions.

    It’s not that hard to figure out.

  22. It’s one thing to be a bust from a talent standpoint. Another to just blow away your opportunity due to stupidity. No excuse for the bum Jordan. And I’m not even a Dolphin fan/hater. Just a hater of people who don’t appreciate an opportunity most people would dream of.

  23. At least the Dolphins can be proud that they now have a claim to have one of the biggest draft busts of all time. At least they have that going for them.

  24. I remember the day after the 2013 draft when Dolphins fan after Dolphins fan claimed he was already better than Chandler Jones. I haven’t stopped laughing since.

  25. Johnny Football should be able to recommend a good rehab facility to him. On a side note, how do you fail three drug tests in a two year span?? Seriously. You know you’re gonna get tested like every week or so, yet you still keep doing it? And then using a diluting agent on top of it. Sad.

  26. Seriously these players got to be some of the dumbest to ever play the game. Blessed with talents they we could only dream of having. And they can’t even stay clean. I completely side with the NFL and there strong stance against substance abuse. These players get exactly what they deserve. They are role models to a lot of young kids. I would hate to have to tell my son that his favorite player is suspended for doing drugs what kind of message does that send? But one thing I don’t understand is how a player gets a year suspension for a failed drug test but then another only gets a 10 game suspension for domestic violence. So they are saying smoking pot is worse than beating up a woman???

  27. barneyrumble says:
    Apr 28, 2015 1:35 PM

    No, not being able to stop smoking pot made him a bust. Nothing to do with defensive system. Until it is legal everywhere, you got to control yourself or lose millions of dollars. No high could be worth that.

    Why they can’t deal without getting high while they are heavily scrutinized is beyond me.

    Great chance to play a few years and become a quick millionaire.

  28. lol at the Dolphins. Worst run team in the NFL. Now you almost have to take an OLB in first round. Ireland and his bumbling ways are still costing this team years later. What a horrible G.M. he was.

  29. More and more of these young guys jeopardizing such a rewarding career by toking up. Most people have to work all their life in order to make ends meet. Some of these guys can work for 6-7 years and be set for life in a very comfortable lifestyle. I just don’t understand how they could be so stupid.

  30. The lead that is getting buried here is kelly trying to trade for this guy. There should be no one else who needs more proof that kelly is clueless as a GM. He is going to destroy the eagle’s and then fly the coop for a huge college payday. hysterical.

  31. No wonder the pats have won a million division titles in a row. When you have Miami, the jets and bills drafting the likes of Jordan, gholston and manuels of the world (when everyone and their mother tells them not to), it’s no surprise the pats start every season 6-0 and only need to win 3 of their last 8 games to make the playoffs.

  32. soflaken says:
    Apr 28, 2015 1:36 PM

    As if it was needed, this is just further proof of Jeff Ireland’s general incompetence as a GM, and why he no longer has a job with the Dolphins (or any other team at the moment, for that matter).
    Ireland is the college scouting director for the Saints. Not a GM, but someone is paying him to do something.

  33. To all the bust revelers, he was rated the #1 defensive player in the draft that year and Miami gave up very little to move up and get him. Had he become the player the experts predicted it would have gone down as a brilliant move. I would love to know what he got away with at Oregon, you just don’t pick up a drug habit. Chips got some skeletons in his closet for sure!

  34. My “F” grade from the 2013 Draft is making me look more vindicated by the day.

    This is why you give grades AFTER the draft. He was a 3-4 OLB coming off shoulder surgery and about to be placed in as a 4-3 DE anyways.

    The fit was bad anyways. Plus, it was Jeff Ireland who made the pick. That’s how you really know that it was going to be a failure.

  35. So Chip will even try to trade for Ex Oregon players even if their career has been a disappointment? Philadelphia is in store for a train wreck with this guy..Bring in any and all former Oregon ducks!!!!! We’ll show the rest of the league!

    Just gonna sit back and watch.

  36. My “F” for the Dolphins in 2013 is making me look more vindicated daily.

    Another piece of evidence is also Jamar Taylor.

  37. NFL careers are so short, why don’t these losers wait a few years to use all the drugs and beat all the women they want, AFTER they’ve made all the money during their brief careers? Someone ought to tell these draftee’s this strategy

  38. The good news for Fins is that this came out now. Truth is he won’t really be missed. The guy never did anything to start with.

  39. “The 25-year-old Jordan hasn’t had much of an impact in his first two NFL seasons”

    Oh I disagree. He’s made a huge impact on the Dolphins

  40. The kid is a waste of space. I give anybody a second chance and in some case’s more but bone head life style choice’s it’s no go. This is an embarrassment to himself and his family. I don’t blame anybody but Jordan for this. Like any youngster having a chance to improve yourself to just blow it all away is disgraceful. You need help very quickly or it’s not just your football career up in smoke.

  41. Hi Dolphin fans, Saints fan here. So now that Jeff Ireland has some influence over my team’s draft preparations this year I have nothing to worry about, right? Right?!

  42. I knew it. I KNEW it!

    I am SO GLAD the Dolphins fired the jackass who drafted this, well…I can’t say it.

  43. He’s got nothing on the king of Oregon pot heads. I give you the one, the only “Whizzinator” Onterrio Smith!

    You have to at least give Onterrio credit for creativity. I mean at least he was TRYING to hide it.

    How stupid are these guys who take drugs, get suspended, and then KNOW they will be retested and still come up dirty?

    Guess reality is they are addicts…

  44. i love how its always Jeff Irelands fault thats all Fins fans do booohoo JI. ITs funny they moved up for this guy also. they have had one good pick in the last like 5 years and that was J Landry. Now they have Mike T running the show who let all of their WR’s and TE’s go.

  45. Career over. This guy just doesn’t really seem to want to play football all that much once it got a little bit harder for him from probably how easy it was up until he got into the league.

  46. Hey NFL… Give Miami a sacrificial pick somehow, same for other teams that get punked. How could they know? Blame them for giving the guy a chance?…would be a scar on the integrity of the game. endless Fan of gods favorite green grass game. Forgiveness for all folks. Only way to Salvation.

  47. I was on his side, hoping for the best… until now.

    Lane Johnson is no superstar, but he would have been a MUCH better pick.

    Thanks for the waste of picks, Ireland and Jordan.

  48. liamj55 says:
    Apr 28, 2015 1:14 PM
    Thanks Dolphins for jumping ahead of the Eagles to take this guy! We will be sure to fix him when you cut him!!!
    Best Regards,

    Was this an example of Chip winning a head game, getting lucky or some of both? It is almost as good (or better really) than signing Tim Tebow to keep the media busy talking about you 4th string QB instead of how much talent you keep sending out the door.

  49. If anyone involved with picking this guy for the Dolphins hasn’t been fired yet, they need to be. Now.

  50. Fins don’t like Ireland because of all of the high profile/high draft pick blunders.
    – Giving up the #12 and #42 picks for Dion Jordan
    – 2 rd busts: Daniel Thomas, Jonathan Martin, Pat White
    – 3 straight years of bad 3rd rd picks: Edmund Gates (’11), Egnew (“12) Dallas Thomas (’13)
    – $35 mil for Ellerbe to do what?
    – $25 mil for Phillip Wheeler no explanation needed
    – still has questions about Dez Bryant’s mom

    He did help get people like Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon, Tannehill, Misi, Pouncey etc
    but the bad definitely outweighs the good… By far.

  51. How many more underweight, pothead DE/OLB tweeners have to be drafted high and bust before people realize that’s not the way to spend a draft pick?

    I’m looking at the GMs who draft Randy Gregory and Shane Ray two days from now.

  52. That said… this suspension falls directly on Dion Jordan.
    Completely moronic move on his part to see that he can millions of dollars in his future, all he had to do is make the right decisions.
    (Especially after serving a “warning notice” suspension before.)

    I hope he gets his act together – regardless of he plays for us next year (doubtful) or someone else.
    Sad to see a kid with talent, blow it…

  53. He played less then 10 % of the time. There are other capable back ups on the team. Does this really have to effect the draft?

  54. Jeff Ireland “The herpes of GMs”
    His draft picks just keep coming back to haunt you

  55. Rob1729. Where have you been kid? It wouldn’t be the first time we have taking a bust in the first.. Look them up as they aren’t not worth mentioning either.. For the haters.. You’re team just won the Super Bowl and you’re nuts get a tickle from the misfortune of a bad draft pick?!?!?! This is why you’re seat at the top is in jeopardy more so now then ever.. It’s only a matter of time..enjoy that” funny” feeling you get while you can.,,

  56. Saw that one coming. History of drug usage involving multiple suspensions already, execs indifferent on questions about his future, and a guy with everything to prove blowing off off-season workouts. It was either a looming suspension or he is one of the dumbest players in the league. In his case, I think it is both. The only other option was that the team told him to stay away while they worked on a trade but that was less likely than the other two possibilities.

    What a major disappointment this clown has been. Has a ton of talent but quite literally pissed it away with multiple positive drug tests. I wouldn’t be upset if the team got rid of him completely and salvaged whatever they can from his unearned salary and bonus money. I would rather they lose cash than keep a turd like this on the team.

  57. Man for real? Dion has all the skills to be a beast and a difference maker if two things would/ had happened 1) Miami utilized him properly 2) he’d stop with the childish b.s I mean you can cover gronk and Megatron way down the field. And you can rush the passer albeit the rush thing needs help a little, but c’mon Mannn you can’t stay on the field cuz of substance abuse?forget for now how you are utilized or the lack thereof, you can’t even get on the field. This is beyond stupidity it’s just ridiculous. Please Miami get rid of him now I use to bang the table for this guy? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me #wasteoftalent

  58. Hmmm. His rookie contract is 4 years. This is year 3. Does he have any trade value?

  59. So I guess this is why he wasn’t at voluntary mini camp lol … wait your entire life to make this kind of cash for a game and through it all away. True shame … but he will not be the last one. Amazing!

  60. Well looks like another moron threw away his career before it even got started…

    On the bright side, this does not effect our draft plans…

    Vernon and Wake are two of the top DEs in the league and they are backed up by Shelby, McCain and Fede, all of whom were more productive than Jordan last year and are perfectly capable of playing well in relief.

  61. No real loss as far as on the field performance, he barely played a down for the Dolphins and when he did NO impact was made. Just move on from him….

  62. Someone PLEASE help me!

    Josh Hamilton is a sick addict and is playing for the Rangers.
    Dion Jordan is a worthless idiot who will not play this season.

    Guys i’d side with Jordan being an idiot, but we can’t have it both ways. Either they are all powerless addicts or they are all idiots.
    Let’s make up our minds.

  63. He was not a draft bust in the sense he didn’t have the talent to play the game, when he did play he showed promise. He is a bust on the personal level to choose whatever got him suspended again after he was given another chance. Big difference. One is talent, one is demons.

  64. In other news, he was only a top draft pic because of successful drug use in college.

  65. This one is on Mr Ross for letting a horrible GM like Ireland run his team for so long. Jordan was another one of Ireland’s bad picks.

    Jordan is selfish, he let his teammates, fans and, organization down. If his heart is not in the game there are other ways to go about things. A coward dies a thousand times before his death, I hope he gets used to it.

    I hope he enjoys his bust title, he earned it.

  66. I absolutely love the Patriots Fans negative comments here… Dion Jordan is an individual moron and one that we DID NOT EVEN NEED on the Field. Simply put, we won’t miss him. Yes, a Bust amd we lost a 2nd Rounder for him, but how do you explain HERNANDEZ THE KILLER! Our loser is a pothead, your dude killed people. Nice judge of character . The Pot calling the Kettle Black.

  67. IDIOTS IN THE FRONT OFFICE STARTING AT THE OWNER ALL THE WAY DOWN!!! Not gonna sell season tickets in Miami picking IDIOTS like this guy Ross!!!

  68. I’m confused. Wasn’t he in talks for a trade. Then this. I think they need to cut this guy now. He has a whole year to continue doing his dope and fail another test in 2016 to be suspended again. He needs to retire already and do all the drugs he wants.

  69. And Darius Rucker sings yet again..”and the Dolphins make me cry”….

  70. greenbaylibrarybreathalyzer says:

    “And Darius Rucker sings yet again..”and the Dolphins make me cry”….”

    The fact that you know a line from ANY Darius Rucker or Hootie & the Blowfish song is much, much sadder than anything Dion Jordan could do to his rapidly fading NFL career.

  71. Thanks for keeping the Dolphins in the news feed Jordan, what a waste of draft pick……. 3rd overall 2 years ago….3rd!!!

    I don’t know what direction the team is going anymore, from the time they drafted Ted Ginn, to releasing all team captains from the previous year one season, to the bully scandal, then finally not being able to win a game in December to make the playoffs. What will the Dolphins do next?

  72. That entire top 12 draft picks that year was all BUSTS. At least we didn’t pay him the same money as the #1, and #2 teams. But that year 12 teams were infected with stench.

  73. I’m kind of shocked at all the posts I just read and only one person figured this out. You are all saying he got caught, messed up his career, and threw his talent away. Debatable, but the fact is this is NO accident. He did not want to play for the Fins and probably didn’t even want to play football. They did not start him like he felt he deserved, so he used the PEDS on PURPOSE. Get’s suspended, collects his money, and has to do NOTHING. Got payed 20 plus million to play a 1.5 yrs at most. As much as I hate to say this, a lot of scum in society would do the same given the chance. As a Fin fan this is going to hurt us for a while.

  74. Go ahead all you defenders of these idiots who keep using drugs. Defend this guy, too.

    He’s a loser and so is everyone who defends these morons for using drugs.

  75. Sad. And to those phishfans talking about Ireland. The stench will remain until Pouncey and Tannehill along with others he picked or signed, are gone. That must really drive you crazy.

  76. Honestly the best thing the Dolphins could do is cut this guy. At this point it’s not about football but sending a message clean you life up of NO ONE will ever sign you again.

    Even Chip won’t want any part of this.

  77. Ok so I’ve been reseArching since my last post and I feel like a idiot a little instead of bashing the guy like everyone else maybe there was some method to the madness because throwing away millions is absurd right? So apparently Omar and maybe one other guy a fan actual got this right turns out he had been hospitalized for months with like 40percent of burns over his body and this is where evidently he got hooked to vicodin and some other pain meds. Not sure how much Ireland knew of this but evidently he did because they sent him to AriZona to finish getting help before he ever step on the field so it seems there was already an addiction that was documented. Maybe more of a support group should have been added according to this guy. Don’t know how true it is or even if I believe it 100 percent but it does make sense. Maybe even Omar knew this that’s why he’s asking for the bashing to stop. If true then Dion I apologize addiction is a disease and we all should understand that as also pointed out but how how can this have gotten no coverage why is there barely any stories on this it’s easy to bash and hard to understand sometimes and for this reason I regret my earlier post maybe I should have researched first bashed later just got tired of the suspension. But they clearly make sense now when he has more suspension then starts. Sorry Dion Jordan I truly hope you seek treatment you so clearly need. I hope you want to get clean and I hope you can take your job in the nfl serious if/ when you get back if it ain’t already to late even if it be on another team! Get help get better take advantage of the gifts you were born with. Don’t waste it.

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