Rookies at draft will undergo domestic violence education

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For the 28 players who opted to accept the invitation to attend the draft in Chicago, they won’t have an option when it comes to submitting to an domestic violence education session.  According to Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today, the NFL will provide the mandatory training to all of the incoming rookies who show up for the draft.  It’s the same 45-minute video presentation that all NFL employees were required to watch last year.

“I think there are expectations for being part of the National Football League.  And I think just like the prospects that come to the draft — they do community service and have media interaction — this was another situation that we thought was important enough to make a requirement,” NFL vice president of social responsibility Anna Isaacson told Jones.

Players not attending the draft will receive the training at the rookie symposium.  Which raises an obvious question:  Why not provide the training to all draft picks at the rookie symposium?  Only 28 are at the draft; more than 250 will be present for the symposium.

The answer is obvious.  Providing the training to the players at the draft creates an opportunity for a little more positive P.R. as the league tries to continue its recovery from last year’s debacle that forced positive changes like, for example, the creation of a 45-minute presentation to be shown to all incoming rookies, starting with the guys who chose to attend the draft.

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  1. If Goodell would have had this training and/or a brain before handing out a 2 game suspension for Ray Rice’s slobberknocker, the NFL wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place. He’s a complete fool.

  2. You need to take a class to know not to beat the stuffing out of a woman?

    Clearly, we’re dealing with a gang of summa cum laude college graduates here…

  3. Great move that could be a whole lot better if they made it a part of the rookie symposium instead. Another possible improvement would be finding anyone in America who disagrees and dropping them in a tar pit to die a proper dinosaur’s death.

  4. Pretty sad that the NFL feels compelled to show a 45-minute video explaining that men shouldn’t hit or otherwise violate women. It’s PR, but in some cases, it’s probably necessary, though in a few cases, it won’t stop it from happening in the future.

    Pretty sad statement on our society.

  5. It’s really absurd they we need to teach young men that is not okay to hit your significant other, no matter how amped up you are on roids.

  6. With “mandatory training,” the NFL is sounding more and more like working for the government.

    Forcing the players to sleep through a 30 min lecture, followed by a 20 min video, followed by 10 min of handing out pamphlets and finally, “If you have any questions or know of any situations, feel free to call the number on the back of the handout,” is NOT going to undo a lifetime of seeing the women in your life being beaten and denegrated.

    How about the local authorities start treating these Prima Donnas as ordinary citizens and dole out “fair and equal punishment” for their crimes instead of always coddling them and covering it up? (I’m talking to you, Steubenville, Ohio!)

  7. Other things the NFL should add (/sarcasm)
    – how to manage your finances
    – abide by the law, no drugs, no DUI
    – how to limit your party time
    – pets are your friends too
    – apology writing 101
    – honoring your contract after year one
    – dealing with the media
    – dealing with the NFL

  8. The NFL has an image problem with domestic violence. Two high-profile cases have come up (Rice/Hardy). Goodell under-reacted with Rice, and appears to have over-reacted with Hardy.

    Those players are represented by the NFLPA, who can point to the inconsistent treatment in court.

    But a draft class is not yet in the NFLPA, so they get to attend the “training” that will prove the NFL is doing ‘something’ about domestic violence.

    So in a draft week where every pundit talks about accountability, the league is holding the draft class (future employees) accountable for their inconsistent governance around offenses committed by current employees. Yep, they’re standing up for what’s important – image uber alles.

  9. Don’t do it. Good talk.

    Alright now let’s talk about why you guys are all poor 5 yrs after retirement.

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