Shane Ray issues apology, says “no excuses” for drug charge

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Missouri defensive end Shane Ray has issued an apology following a citation for marijuana possession on Monday morning.

According to Corporal Scott White of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Ray was pulled over for speeding on Monday morning in Cooper County, Missouri. Upon the traffic stop, a highway trooper smelled what was believed to be fresh, unsmoked marijuana. The vehicle was searched, and marijuana was found, White said. Ray was cited for possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana, a misdemeanor, and released on his recognizance, White said. He was also cited for a lane violation.

I’d like to apologize to my Mother, Fans and prospective NFL teams for my poor judgement Monday morning,” Ray said in a statement, via Adam Schefter of “I am embarrassed and realize there are consequences for my actions. I was not under the influence nor impaired, therefore I was not detained. Fortunately, Mondays incident only resulted in a citation.

“I will make better choices in the future. It is imperative that I continue to strive to better myself. My future NFL career has been something I have always dreamed about and is very important to me. I commit that my actions will represent that. There are no excuses here and I will take the necessary steps to ensure this will not happen again. I will not jeopardize my ability to have a positive impact on and off the field moving forward.”

Ray joins Nebraska’s Randy Gregory as possible first-round pass rushers to have issues with marijuana in the lead up to the draft. The timing is less than ideal with the draft just three days from getting underway.

34 responses to “Shane Ray issues apology, says “no excuses” for drug charge

  1. What a stupid thing to get arrested for just before the draft. Will cost him a fair bit of change

    Shows how stupid some of these guys are.

  2. All designed by Bill Belichek so Shane Ray falls to the Patriots. An absolute steal with the 32nd pick.

  3. I don’t think Ray knew what the word “prospective” was before this public statement.

  4. Ah, the obligatory “apology” written by the lawyers. They even tried to make it look genuine by messing up the grammar and punctuation (“Mother,” “Fans” and “Mondays”). When was the last time Shane Ray began a sentence, “It is imperative that…”?

  5. You hear one apology from these so called “Athletes” You’ve heard them all… He’s not sorry he’s only sorry he got caught days before the draft and that his chance of potentially making millions just went up in smoke…

  6. So funny. A few days to go and he smokes the million dollar joint. What a fool.

  7. marijuana will soon be legalized hopefully and no longer put these kids at risk of losing their career. marijuana is a much better alternative than perscription pain pills and is less destructive and dangerous than alcohol. you cannot overdose on marijuana. you can drink yourself to death. you can easily get hooked on perscribed pain pills these kids get after surgeries or rehabbing from injury. it is the older generations that still have reefer madness as their education on marijuana. the younger generations under 40 are much more tolerant and pushing for legalization and more research and study for its medicinal value. i know its helping many cancer patients and you dont hear about people starting fights when they get stoned like people can when you mix testosterone and alcohol

  8. Williams, Fowler, White, Cooper, Gregory, Ray. IMO best prospects in the draft. Sucks that two really good teams picking late first will snag Gregory and Ray since teams in the top 10 are too afraid to take a chance and look like idiots. Take the best players available and deal with the “red flags” once you get them in the building and around your team leaders. And the whole throwing money will kick their habits into overdrive is b.s. Sometimes a man needs to see what money can bring him in order to leave his dumb habits behind.

  9. As a general fan of football, I hope he turns it around. As it stands, that was one expensive toke.

  10. Charges never would have stuck.

    Only dogs are trained for smelling fresh weed and even they are not as good at it as TV portrays. Just request a jury trial and bring them out to the car and ask if they can smell it from the window. Charges would be dropped way before that.

    But we all know you had it, so fairly dumb thing to be doing…

  11. Anyone passing up Gregory for Ray is foolish. At least Gregory didn’t get arrested for possession. These athletes. Just don’t know the opportunity they have in front of him.

    Hope it was some good good, cause it cost him millions.

  12. I understand they are young, but what does it say about young men when they cant even keep away from trouble within that short window of time before the draft. how will their choices change after they have 6 or 7 figures in their bank accounts. even dropping 2 -5 spots in the draft can cost these guys millions. if that isn’t incentive enough to stay clean, what is the incentive afterwards

  13. Don’t parents, coaches, or agents get ahold of these guys and let them know one of the best things in their lives is on the horizon and no matter what just say no and don’t f it up. What is wrong with people these days.

  14. A waste of police resources. This a non-story for everybody but the actually teams that might have been interested in him. I’d rather the cop just write the ticket and move on to the next reckless driver.

  15. Right. He’s only sorry he cost himself a ton of money by being stupid. Usually you’d think people would wait before they got their signing bonus before being a bonehead. Doing something like this within days of the draft is a colossal blunder. Way to cost yourself a ton of money.

  16. NFL needs to get out of the business of dictating morality. The Marijuana stuff has run its course, it is not performance enhancing, it is not even illegal in a lot of states these guys are playing in. For the most part if its not legal it is completely decriminilized. Time for the witch hunt to end, its ok for players to drink a beer when they get home, actually the NFL was built on beer sponsorships. Its time to get out of players personal lives and let them play football and if that is how they choose to relax, which apparently is how many are relaxing, then quit wasting fan, coach, player and NFL money beating this dead horse.

  17. Enough with the reefer madness already. In a generation or two, guys like these having to apologize for smoking marijuana will be looked at as silly as if they were apologizing for sleeping with girls. What a silly, stupid little world this is we live in.

    And I don’t even smoke.

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