49ers to introduce first-ever alternate uniforms

Getty Images

Thursday’s 49ers draft party won’t simply celebrate the newest member of the team.  It’ll also include a look at the team’s first-ever alternate uniforms.

The 49ers will be unveiling the new alternate jersey, the first change to the team’s uniform since 2009.

“I think the fans are going to be excited when they see our new look,” 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman said in a press release.  “I think the fans are going to understand we mean business. All I can say is we won’t have to worry about how we look, because we’ll know we look good.”

While the 49ers have never had an alternate uniform, they fully embraced the throwback uniforms worn by all teams in the NFL’s 75th season of 1994.  Originally planned for limited use, the NFL allowed each team to wear their old-school uniforms as often as they pleased, and the 49ers rode theirs all the way to their most recent Super Bowl victory.