Adrian Peterson: Being in Dallas “would be nice”

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson took in Tuesday night’s Dallas Mavericks-Houston Rockets playoff game. And with two Texas teams squaring off and media in attendance, the subject of Peterson playing in Dallas was broached.

According to Mike Leslie of WFAA-TV, Peterson said that being in Dallas “would be nice.”

Said Peterson, according to Leslie: “I’ve got family here, my dad’s here. But I’m under contract, so we’ll see.”

Peterson grew up in Palestine, Texas, which is about 120 miles southeast of Dallas.

However, as Peterson noted in another interview, he doesn’t have any say on where he plays at the moment.

“It’s out of my hands,” Peterson told Guy Rawlings of KTVT-TV in Dallas.

In both their words and in their seeming lack of action, the Vikings do not appear inclined to have Peterson play for anyone but them in 2015. Also, the subject of Peterson being intrigued by playing in his home state isn’t brand new territory. For the time being, it appears any Texas talk is simply hypothetical.

131 responses to “Adrian Peterson: Being in Dallas “would be nice”

  1. If you really want to play there, talk to your buddy Jerry and tell him to pony up some serious draft pickage, including the first rounder. Otherwise, shut your piehole.

  2. Can’t wait for the draft to be over and this nonsense to end. Enjoy finishing your career in Minn.

  3. So much for the Minny fans that said it was all his agents fault. That player wants out of Minny and Spielman is intent on keeping him….
    Can you say scism

  4. “But I’m under contract”

    It sounds like he will honor his contract, although he would prefer going to the Cowboys. That’s just what I interpreted from this.

  5. he plays for vikes or he plays for noone get that message threw to his wife once and for all

  6. Thats how it should be. He is the one who screwed up. He needs to stay where he is and not be a chump about it. I have lost more respect for AP now even more so after the child abuse charges. It just shows how selfish he is and he made a deal and signed a contract with Vikings he should honor that and should support that in his interviews. What a child…..maybe he needs to be beat. I hope he flops next year. What a character.

  7. Vikings…. He doesn’t want to be there, time to let go and say bye bye…. I know it’s not easy but you can do it

  8. As a Cowboys fan I would love to see AP play in Dallas. As a Cowboys fan I would hate to see Dallas sign guys like AP & Hardy. Torn- give me Gurley or Gordon instead.

  9. With all the young RB prospects, the Vikes should get what they can for Adrian and draft a younger back. Stop being so stubborn Minnesota since you showed you weren’t in his corner with all the chips were down. Plus, his better days are likely behind him.

    Send him to Dallas for a couple of picks and move on. With a young QB and a couple of young RBs, the team could primed for years to be contenders.

  10. cry all you want AP, you signed the contract and the Vikings aren’t gonna just trade you because you want them to. Suck it up. Lots of other people have to go to jobs they hate to get paid. Not lots of other people get to retire in their early 30s and feed 3 generations off their paychecks

  11. Not beating your kid with a switch would be “nice”….not acting like all these problems are someone elses fault would be “nice” growing up and being a man would be “nice”….

  12. Unless Dallas loves entitled, unapologetic 30 yr old $12mm a year running backs there might be a problem. AP needs a clue not a fresh start.

  13. As should be! Take Note: Be careful as to what you sign 🙂
    Glad to have you back in purple, with a chip on your shoulder.
    Take it all out on the field of battle (with an extra special punch against the cheeseheads) and beat them up instead!

  14. Minnesota is really stupid to not let him go. This will hurt them for other free agents. Nobody will want to go there. If I was Minnesota, I would be like… ” You do not want to be part of our organization, we do not want you. We hold our organization with great pride. We take care of our players and their families. To be a part of our organization is something special and if a player does not want to be a part of our family, they can leave.”

  15. The Domino effect of Gurley and Gordon will decide Adrian Peterson’s fate. If the Cardinals land either Gurley or Gordon, they of course will no longer be interested in Peterson. Dallas has always been a long shot for A.P and even we may have a chance for Melvin Gordon but we may have to jump in front of the Chargers to land him. Adrian will be a Viking in 2015. Vikings want too much for him, A.P doesn’t want to be there, What a mess.

  16. Tough break AP. You signed a contract to play sports to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Now you (apparently) wish you weren’t burdened with the hardship of a bursting bank account. What’s worse, after committing a heinous act of violence against a defenseless toddler (A TODDLER!), you were forced to make millions of dollars to do nothing while dealing with the legal fallout of your crimes. Which you managed to screw up.
    My heart bleeds for you, son.

  17. This is what he’s wanted all along, to play at home behind that offensive line. I never believed it was about the team not supporting him or whatever. I hope they finally agree to trade him and then trade him to Jacksonville or something.

  18. I’m guessing he’s starting to realize stuck this year, but, will be traded to the cowboys in the spring of 2016 for a 2nd round pick

  19. Just stop all the posturing and hand wringing already. This deal was done a long time ago.

    Dallas, Minnesota and the NFL are just waiting for the right moment to announce it to make it seem believable.

    You didn’t really believe the Cowboys were going to rely solely on McFadden did you?

  20. This question may not be suitable for young children’s eyes so you may want to shield them… but is it possible for a player to tamper with himself?

  21. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Peterson has zero interest in playing for the Vikings in 2015. And for all the Viking fans who bring up the fact that Peterson is under contract and has no say in the matter, look around the NFL and there are plenty of examples where players wanted out and got their wish, most times to the detriment of the team who was forced to accomodate the player’s wish.

  22. he’s under contract. he let his team down last season…..what a tool to be the distraction for his team this offseason.

    if i were minnesota i’d run him 450 times this season.

  23. You know what would be nice? Not having a daily story about where a child abuser, who casts himself as the victim, wants to play his game.

  24. Put it on your Christmas list AP. If you truly believe, then hopefully Jerrah Claus will make your dreams come true.

  25. Well sure AP, that’s a perfect fit for you. I’m sure Jerrah would love to have you, and you can locker up right next to Greg Hardy. Makes perfect sense! Then you guys can compare stories about Greg slapping around women and how you put kids in their place. I can feel the bonding already!

  26. Sure most pros dream of playing in their hometown. That hardly ever happens though. So be a pro, honor your contract and suit up for the Vikings AD. Us normal people could only dream of the cash you will be making….

  27. Wouldn’t it be loverly! All you have to do Adrian, is cut your salary by $10mil. Then Dallas, or somebody else, would be willing to give something up for you. After all, you got paid last year for doing nothing, so you should have a little money tucked away, despite the many, many child support payments you are required to make.

  28. Queens, queens, wouldn’t it be nice if a player wanted to stay in the purple queen colors?

    It cracks me up, thank you for that and your G.M. aka tricky Rick.

    If you wait until after training camp you can have all the Packer players who didn’t make the team.
    Your like a little brother and we need to help you out so some other multi millionaire does not buy the team and move it to L.A.

    Love you purple queens.

  29. Doesn’t matter if he stays or goes…. The next ten super bowls will be won by the greatest, most awesome, super spectacular athletic team that is humanly possible – the Minnesota Vikings! We may need to start playing teams from other parts of the universe to see if they can provide any competition. No one can comprehend our fabulousness! Whoever we draft this week will be the most talented and exceptional players that have ever strapped on a chin strap. All the other players in the draft are absolute garbage and would have no chance to play for such a dominant franchise as the Vikings. Our superiority over all other living beings is becoming rather embarrassing, but we are still reluctantly preparing for the day when everyone bows down to the immense exceptionalism that emanates from our great state. I just hope you all appreciate how difficult it is for us to maintain our modesty when we are so wonderful.

  30. I’m sure his son thought “it sure would be nice if my big powerful father would stop beating me bloody with a stick.”

  31. Viking fans: Not acting like the victim after beating your kid would have been nice.

  32. I really hope that by the end of the first round of the draft tomorrow night all this AP talk will be done. But I have a feeling thats just wishful thinking.

  33. Yes Adrian, you signed a contract – for a lot of money. You might want to honor it. And fire your agent, all the other superstars are. He doesn’t care about you.

  34. I wish the Boys could get him, if I was him I wouldn’t play another year for the Vikings, they threw him under the bus and for all the fans saying don’t beat your kids, the next time you yuppies go downtown to watch the game and get robbed its probably by some punk from a single family home, I support AP 100 percent beat that kids ass till he behaves

  35. “Adrian Peterson: Being in Dallas “would be nice”-Yo Adrian, shutting the hell up would be nicer………………………

  36. Amazing how someone that was so beloved by a fan base has managed in such a short time to alienate them through first his actions and now his words. If he does leave under these circumstances I would believe it would be highly unlikely to be welcomed back to Minnesota after his retirement for any kind of ceremony. He needs to shut up and let Dogra speak for him.

  37. Bottom Line: If Dallas wants him as bad as Peterson wants them, then they need to compensate the Vikings handsomely.

    Otherwise, he ain’t going anywhere.

  38. It’d be nice if AD didn’t beat his kid to the point that he was indicted by a TX grand jury. It’d be nice if AD fulfilled the terms of his contract with Minn. I’d be nice if AD fired his idiot for an agent who’s done nothing but further sour his public image.

  39. I’m a Vikings fan and have been increasingly disheartened by Adrian’s stance (more apparent through his Agent)…. I don’t get a sense that he truly accepted responsibility for his actions…

    BUT– He has paid a consequence.

    That written– I have no issue with him publicly expressing an interest in playing for the team he grew-up cheering for. I think any of us would have loved the opportnity to play for the team we root.

    I’ve heard Larry Fitzgerald Jr. make a similar statment about the joy he would have taken in playing for the Vikings— so fellow Vikings’ fans– You can’t have it both ways! We have to respect players that may have a similar motivation for returning to their roots.

  40. I certainly don’t want him in Dallas. It’s funny though to hear Vikjngs fans wanting him to stay in Minn for the next 3 years at that contract. Way too much money for someone who just has to show up and kind of play. Willing to bet he gets “injured” at some point this year and sits out while collecting $12+ million. Shipping AP and that contract to someone for a 2nd and drafting Gurley Coleman or Johnson would be so much better.

  41. Come to AZ and take down the Seahawks with us. That would also be nice. You like riding camels, we are a desert. It’s like we were made for each other.

  42. It would be ironic if Minnesota traded him to Dallas for a ton of draft picks and completely reversed the Herschel Walker trade 20+ years ago.

  43. Couple years too late AP. Jerry has finally come to his senses by letting his son and his coach weigh in on the decision process. Dallas can neither afford his contract nor his PR hit (after Hardy, and other players behavior).

    Jerry said just this week that they won’t trade picks for players at this stage in the season b/c the value isn’t there (everyone wants picks right before the draft, so draft picks value goes up while player value goes down). Jerry also said that taking a RB in the draft isn’t a must b/c he feels like there is already viable talent on the team & they have to improve the team defense via “hook or crook”. (They got the crook part already).

    The only way I see AP playing for Dallas next year is if Minn agrees to a multi-player trade (they’ve hinted they want starting CBs) and a late round draft pick or two. AND AP agrees to take a lesser salary. Frankly I don’t see it happening. And as hyped as I was to see AP come to town, now I wish this story would just go away.

    The top 5 backs in the draft can come in & compete at Murray levels within 1 year behind that line (especially since Jerry said he might pick up another OL in the draft).

  44. “Why would the vikes want a player that doesn’t want to be there?”

    Really? Think about it. Have you ever worked at a job you didn’t like because you needed the money or wanted the experience to get something better? Most of us have kept going to work to earn that paycheck. Now imagine you were getting paid 12 million to do that job, think you’d still show up and do your work? Probably.

    Then add into it AP’s ego. He wants the records, he’s going to run hard to pad his stats. No 2nd or 3rd round pick adds the kind of value AP does, even at 30.

  45. A lot of posters maintain that Peterson has paid a big price already and has paid his dues.

    Excuse me? What?

    He hasn’t even shown contrition….not in the least. He firmly believes he is the victim.

    His actions against his son were (initially) forgivable, but he has made it much much worse with his attitude.

  46. Vikings fans used to support this guy. Not anymore. His money bought him a slap on the wrist from the judicial system. Any of us commoners would be locked up for a very long time in any state.

    The business side of things has everyone trapped. At 30 years of age Adrian needs to still learn how to be a professional. A professional man. What the world is waiting on is not a trade not a legal resolution but a G’damn apology and admittance that what you did was wrong.

    You will never turn this into AD being a victim. Not in Minnesota.

  47. At what point do his current Vikings teammates say enough is enough? If doesn’t want to be there, it’s time to move him.

  48. Honestly, so much of this situation has been artificial and bown up by constant press reports about nothing. Peterson has said very very little. Even his agent hasn’t said that much. The Vikings haven’t said a whole lot either, and what they have said has been very consistent. Adrian has some things he def has to work on regarding his personal life, but everything abut his character says he will honor his contract and not be a cancer. Does he have some serious flaws, i.e. his legal incident and his earlier ways fathering a ton of kids? Absolutely, that that doesn’t mean he is Hitler, or that universally he has bad character. Quite the contrary, most people have a few flaws but are otherwise honorable people. I believe Adrian is the type of guy to honor his contract and play hard to win, despite what all the mouthbreather Packer fans want to spew on these comments. He’ll show up in Minny and play, and he’ll be a team leader to boot.

  49. purplepackerhater says:

    “Why would the vikes want a player that doesn’t want to be there?”

    Really? Think about it.
    Ok, I have thought about it and what I conclude is that there is a certain level of camaraderie in any NFL locker room and if it is destroyed by just one player, the overall team suffers and that can be measured in wins and losses.

    So for all the Viking fans demanding two first rounders and a third, dream on. Ironically, the Vikings come out further ahead by justing cutting him and moving on but Speilman is hoping to get a tuna sandwich, anything, in return for disposing of his inflated contract.

  50. Even though his statements are DUH!!!, its nice not to hear his daddy having diarrhea of the mouth for a change.

  51. He doesn’t win games, doesn’t play on third down, counts over 12 million against the salary cap, is on the wrong side of 30, doesn’t want to play in a small stadium with the vikings, yet the vikings want to keep him.

    Remember the slavery comment he made during the work stoppage?

    I liked his “We’ll see,” comment.

    His fate is in the hands of a GM who couldn’t trade a plate of rice to starving Ethiopians.

  52. Being a Viking should be an honor… let this moron go, watch Dallas pound him into the ground as they did with Murray a d laugh when they fail to make to the NFC title game.

  53. don’t trolls sleep at night????
    AP you signed the contract, teach your kids your word as a man is important. Play like hell this year, maybe have success and then don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out in 2016.

  54. Some Minny fans still thinking, or at least asking/hoping, for a reverse Hershel trade. The two situations are not even in the same universe, but they still hold out hope.

    Just sit on some ice, that should help the pain backthere.

  55. I am just glad he isn’t in our locker room poisoning the mind of a young impressionable quarterback.

  56. Last time the Vikings said they wouldn’t trade someone….they traded him. Percy Harvin….enough said. Anything can happen!

  57. Camels…awesomely funny!

    MostlyRight says:
    Apr 29, 2015 10:33 AM

    Come to AZ and take down the Seahawks with us. That would also be nice. You like riding camels, we are a desert. It’s like we were made for each other.

  58. Irony.

    Seems like someone is acting unruly, the rules are set and one is trying to be defiant to them.

    Time to beat him with a switch.

    Needs to respect the rules in place.

  59. Ever notice how most of the comments that say things like “The Vikings need to get what they can”, are GB fans/Trolls?

    Scared? You should be…….

    I wish Peterson was out of Minnesota, but since he appears to be staying, I predict two 200+ yard games against the weak defense of the Packers!

  60. AP, Hardy, and Josh Brent all on the same team!

    Sure that won’t be talked about by everyone to death… America’s team has a child abuser, wife beater, and man slaughterer on the team… but its OK because they might actually win this year!!

    get your popcorn ready

  61. They just need to let him leave and go play elsewhere. He’s obviously not going to be happy anymore in Minnesota and probably not that productive.

  62. “I wish Peterson was out of Minnesota, but since he appears to be staying, I predict two 200+ yard games against the weak defense of the Packers!”

    I’d be more scared if the Vikings with Peterson weren’t 4-13 against the Packers. With 2 of those wins coming as a result of having a former HOF QB castoff from the Packers. Or maybe if the Vikings beat them in the last 3 years. But sadly, they haven’t. Some things just keep staying the same.

  63. Since nobody owns more packer STOCK than me, does that make me majority owner or since the nFL runs the packers am I second in command?

  64. So, let’s pretend you are unhappy at work (you are, it’s why you’re here). What do you think is the best way out of there? You can either tank your job, with the result being fired. Or, you can work hard, look good, and get a promotion or new job.

    Well, AP isn’t tanking the season. He has no trade value right now. He needs a great season to show other teams how valuable he can be. And he sure isn’t going to try and get cut and give up $13 mil a season, knowing very well that no other team signs him for near that money.

  65. All the Dallas fans wonder how the Vikes can keep AP when he doesn’t want to be there. Well look at your own team–Dez and Scandrick are Cowgirl malcontents and you’re still keeping them. Point being, every NFL team has players that don’t want to be there–AP is not a unique situation. 13 mil and a team on the rise with a YOUNG, HEALTHY QB will, in very short order, soothe his discontent. GO VIKES!

  66. What AP is saying is being anywhere but Minnesota would be nice, but that’s not going to happen. You messed up and now your punishment is that you are not sought after by any other team and must finish your career in purple.

  67. How much worse can it get for Vikings fans when your best player says it would be nice to play for another team. Keep drinking that purple kool aide and get your number 28 jerseys out for opening day. Worst Franchise in Professional Sports.

  68. amazing how Petersen makes himself out to be the victim for this situation that he put himself in. shows how smart he is.

  69. Ever notice no player ever says “Being in Green Bay would be nice”? Come to think of it, I don’t think any human being has ever said “Being in Wisconsin would be nice”.

  70. mnvikingsfan says:
    Apr 29, 2015 12:08 PM
    Ever notice how most of the comments that say things like “The Vikings need to get what they can”, are GB fans/Trolls?

    Scared? You should be…….


    The Vikings won 1 game vs. GB since the 2010 season. Peterson gets stats, Packers get Win’s.

    He isn’t as scary as you think.

  71. I defended this guy all year. The Vikings did not wrong him. They simply but him on some list until the league handled it. For some reason, Peterson is putting all the blame on the Vikings. I’m sick of it. He’s lucky anybody in this league will take him back…and at that salary.

    I have a feeling he will play very half assed with the Vikings to decrease his trade value.

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