Alex Boone doesn’t show up for voluntary minicamp

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If Alex Boone is ultimately going to conclude that his new coach is as clinically insane as his old one, Boone won’t be gathering any direct evidence of it immediately.  Per Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area, Boone has opted not to show up for a voluntary minicamp in San Francisco.

Boone held out last year, returning before the start of the season with a reworked deal that runs through 2015.

More recently, Boone made some candid remarks regarding former coach Jim Harbaugh, drawing criticism for doing an apparent about-face about Harbaugh, whom Boone defended aggressively last October.

It’s unclear why Boone is stating away, but he has every right to do so.

18 responses to “Alex Boone doesn’t show up for voluntary minicamp

  1. It’s just voluntary work-outs


    York and Baalke must of gotten him to tow the company line, and now he wants incentives.

  2. If it wasn’t for the fact that our O-line is in more need of help than our D-line then I’d say trade him. First he sits out last off season, then throws Harbaugh under the bus, now this. What a chump.

  3. He did the same thing last season, even skipping training really effected his play throughout the him away…no need for me first players..especially after how bad he was last season..completely Whiffing on blocks at times

  4. These are voluntary camps, why do people freak out when players decide they will work out on their own…..If you want them there then do away with voluntary and make all camps mandatory and compensate the players accordingly….this is a non issue….

  5. Meh. Probably not even as bad as it seems. Media. Spinning original statements from someone else from a zillion miles away and later statements twisted around the spin. Did this come from the Mothership?

  6. Good for him !!!

    Practice is HARD…

    Leave that for all the poor saps who HAVENT gotten over the mountain like his 49ers have !!!

  7. Wow, now that is gratitude, heavy on the attitude part. He holds out last year and they rework his contract, now he misses the team’s voluntary workouts.

  8. Hmmm, I guess since he was a shining ray of perfection at his position last year and it probably won’t take him more than 15 minutes tops to learn the new offense and new assignments he’ll have, he may need to hold out of training camp again because he’s WAYYYY underpaid! I hope Tomsula doesn’t call him to see how he’s doing either as that would be INSANE!

  9. Boone looked amazing after his layoff “sarcasm.”

    One more knee to the groin for us 49er fans.

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