Confusing reports emerge about Randy Gregory


In the aftermath of Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory’s failed drug test at the Scouting Combine, scuttlebutt emerged in league circles that the other shoe eventually would drop.  It apparently now has.  And I’m having a hard time making sense of it.

Albert Breer and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media report in a joint item, well, something.

“At least three general managers view him as a top-five talent. But according to more than a dozen coaches, scouts, personnel chiefs and GMs, there is concern about Gregory’s ability to handle the mental rigors of professional football,” Breer and Rapoport write.  “And just how far he drops in this week’s draft will likely hinge on the individual psychological profiles (and the results of related testing) put together by each team, according to multiple veteran evaluators.  He has been taken off a several team’s draft boards, according to multiple sources.”

There’s no elaboration on why or how Gregory lacks the “ability to handle the mental rigors of professional football.”  The entire article, much of which is positive, creates the impression that the writers, editors, and/or lawyers were treading lightly.

Regardless, it leaves the reader with little tangible information that would make Gregory any different from any other man in his early 20s who is preparing to ascend from the college level to the NFL.  For many players, there are questions about his ability to handle the mental rigors of professional football.

Earlier today, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports gave a far more dire — but even more vague — assessment of Gregory on The Dan Patrick Show:  “I wouldn’t touch him . . . from what teams say . . . there are other issues,” Glazer said, via producer Paul Pabst’s Twitter account.

It’s not clear what those issues are, other than questions about his ability to handle the mental rigors of professional football.

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  1. One wonders whether prior psychological testing could have revealed any of Vince Young’s “mental rigors” issues.

  2. You fail a drug test at the combine?

    And to think that there might be something wrong with that person?


  3. Calling out your peers… I smell a media cat fight! I’m all for it as long as you guys make nice before 8 pm eastern tomorrow.

  4. Randy, imagine there was an NFL lockout and you weren’t getting paid, but you still wanted to throw yourself a $300,000 birthday party…

  5. If Nolan Nawrocki made these comments they would say it’s because he is racist…..everybody else seemingly gets a free pass to criticize a player’s intelligence and desire.

  6. As far as I know, Lawrence Taylor was not a rocket scientist. Charles Haley had more than a few screws loose. They turned out (at leaset on the field) to be exceptionally good. This kid could turn out to be a hall of famer or out of the league in 2 years – nobody knows. The draft is a total crapshoot. I just wish they would stop the character assassinations of these young men for their own means. And by “they”, I mean NFL teams and the media.

  7. Could mean he’s really dumb… or it could mean he has mental/psychological issues. People who remember the names Alonzo Spellman and Dimitrious Underwood will know what I’m talking about.

  8. Mental rigors of professional football?

    8am – be on time for meetings
    10am – Practice with team
    Noon – Lunch with team
    1pm – Meetings with position group
    3pm – Team walk-through
    5pm – Go home.

    My, isn’t that rigorous? No wonder most of these guys cannot make it in the real world and quickly blow their millions during or after football.

  9. I think people connected to the Pats might be whispering in some ears, including PKing’s. Although Ray and Gregory obviously have talent, they’re both undersized and have red flags. IMO, the Pats wouldn’t touch either with a 10 ft pole, but would love some team that can’t resist the potential to trade back into the 1rst rnd if these two slide. There’s only 15-20 guys with 1rst rnd grades. 20-50 you can pull out of a hat.

  10. Watch his tape.

    In B1G games- particularly when they were trailing- he plain out gives up.
    The guy has every physical gift possible (though needs to bulk up a bit for NFL DE frame), yet his intangibles lack:
    *Attitude (body language, gives up when behind)
    *Self Discipline (Combine drug test)

    Any wonder he was a JuCo transfer? Seems college admissions figured him out 4 years ago…

  11. He is a central Indiana High School kid, (HSE) and would be tough for the Colts to pass him up at 29, I would think. With an uncertainty to Mathis, Colts need someone to get the ball in the end zone, or knock the opposing QB on his posterior. Shane Ray might end up being that guy though.

  12. he is a new age “edge rusher” just point him and say sic’em Leroy!!!!

    If he has to do a heart transplant on Thursday get a good assistant

  13. If all of the draftniks are saying that he’s gonna be a bust in the NFL, that probably means he’s gonna be the second coming of an LT, Bruce Smith type player (even though I don’t believe that…at all). The draft “experts” kinda remind me of movie critics. They give rave reviews to crap movies like the English Patient but bash great movies like The Rundown with the Rock. Bottom line, if critics all say that a movie sucks, then I know it’s gonna be awesome. That analogy applies to the draftniks too. They’d might as well flip a quarter considering how often they’re dead wrong about a prospect after all of their “in depth analysis”. All of that being said, I still don’t think Gregory makes it in the NFL. Too skinny, questionable work ethic, and too damn stupid to quit the weed at least 30 days before the combine where he KNOWS he’s gonna be tested. That’s a special kind of stupid that I think will scare off a LOT of teams.

  14. More scare tactics to make other teams shy away. Why does media even feed this frenzy. Does it make sense that any information that was supposedly available for over a year did not appear until 24 – 48 hrs before the draft. Stop it PFT, just stop repeating these last minute attempts to skew opinion on players. I can’t wait til the draft is here not because the draft is such a big deal, it’s that finally we’ll get our heads out of about 150 young men’s rear ends and let them and us move on.

  15. He’s a perfect example of why pot SHOULD NEVER be legal . It makes stupid people into complete idiots, and somewhat smart people, stupid !

  16. Jay Glazer tends to be pretty accurate in his reports. Albert Breer isn’t bad but Ian Rappaport is a pompous idiot.

  17. He was all set to go to Purdue but after football season he quit going to class. Thats why he went the JC route. I wouldnt draft him before the 4th round.

  18. I guessing at the very least he has an admitted anxiety disorder and that can sometimes be caused by long term heavy marijuana use. He did fail two drug tests in college and the one at the combine so it makes sense.

    Remeber Ricky Williams and the off the field interviews with his helmet on, that is social anxiety at its finest.

  19. Scored 27 on Wonderlic, according to the elite Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Sounds like he’s got Ricky Williams issues. Of course RW made a handful of pro bowls, seems good value in 2nd.

  20. I heard something on the radio this morning about him having a personal psychologist on the sidelines during games. I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what I heard. Perhaps his mental health/stability really is in question.

  21. I think he’s a bust even picked in round 2. The earliest I think the risk/benefit ratio starts to even out is round 4 or 5. And I still doubt he’d be a player that does what it takes to ascend to high performance level week-in/week-out season to season. Try to visualize this guy during the offseasons, the first day of camp, midweek in the first quarter of the season. I think that’s the mental rigor coaches and scouts are concerned about more than GMs.

  22. From his last couple interviews it doesn’t appear to be an intelligence issue. He seems like an average guy. He answered questions well, he gave good responses to his thoughts about being the last guy left undrafted in the green room.

  23. Ian Rappaport may be a nice fellow, for all I know, but he has an extensive track record of misreading tea leaves in his pre-draft coverage. It would appear that either his sources are marginal, at best, or that he’s less than skilled at separating the prevarications from the lies from the whoppers from the truth; maybe both.

  24. People are missing the point. This isn’t about a stupidity factor it’s about mental health issues. Most teams think he’s unstable and unable to handle the pressure that will be put on him in the NFL. Whether medication can help this kid or not nobody knows.

    As some people nailed it correctly yes, he fits the profile of a cowboy. One of Jerry’s kids.

  25. I have know a few people who were diagnosed as bi-polar. Staying on meds are a must. I truly believe there are different levels of being diagnosed as being bi-polar. My mother had a friend who is bi-polar. On meds he a very gentle human being, off meds anything can set him off. A lot of bi-polar people can also suffer some sort of depression, or they can’t handle stress. Perhaps that explains why Gregory was smoking pot before the NFL tryouts. Playing in the NFL is stressful by it’s very nature. If simple meds can handle the situation, I believe Gregory can have an NFL career. If multiple types of meds are needed, I wouldn’t touch Gregory with a 100 foot pole. I also wouldn’t want a player who I had to babysit 24 hours a day. Too much risk!

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