Damarious Randall’s stock rises into the first round


A few months ago, few saw Arizona State safety Damarious Randall as a first-round pick. But with the first round almost upon us, it’s now widely believed that Randall’s name will be called on Thursday night.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network said that heading into the Senior Bowl, no one was quite sure what to make of Randall. But his play there led teams to take notice of how well he fits into what today’s NFL defenses seek from the safety position.

“It’s become a pass-first league and he’s by far the best cover safety in college football,” Mayock said of Randall. “He’s gone from a third- or fourth-round Senior Bowl oddity to, I think, a first-round draft pick. I had to get over that a little bit because he’s not as good a tackler or as physical as, say, London Collins of Alabama. But I think he fits the NFL more.”

Early in the draft process, Collins was widely viewed as the best safety in the class. But while Collins may have been a better college safety, Randall seems to be the better fit for the NFL.

“In today’s pass-first NFL, the kid from Arizona State fits a lot of teams better,” Mayock said. “In today’s game, where’s the value? The value’s more in the cover safety than in the physical safety.”

From all indications, NFL teams think there’s first-round value in what Randall can bring to a defense.

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  1. This is the exact reason the Vikes need to keep AP. Buck the pass-first offensive trend. All teams are not trying to set their defenses up to defend the pass. Smaller quicker LB’s and CB’s/S’s, that work better against the pass.

    Beef up the OL, have a stud RB, and run all over those defenses, use the clock up, and control the game. Winning combination!!!

  2. Of course it has- half of the guys in the first round have been arrested or made bonehead mistakes THIS WEEK. I’m surprised there aren’t more Damariouses charging up the board.

  3. Peter King was the first I saw to put Randall in his round 1 mock draft. Randall is a cover safety that can play corner in a pinch. that type of versatility is what Chip Kelly and Bill Belichick value so much.

  4. Mayock has a point. Deven McCourty just got a 9 million per year contract from the Patriots. He’s much more of a cover guy than intimidator
    . .

  5. I wish the Panthers would invest into an elite coverage safety but for the last few years, we continue to sniff around the top oversized thumper safeties and the guys we bring in via free agency are all big hitter, liability in coverage type guys. I get it that’s the old school safety mold, but the NFL has damn near outlawed that style of play. If a WR gets hit hard, it’s usually a flag. Doesn’t seem to matter if the hit was technically illegal or not, if the pads pop and the WR is slow to get up, the flags usually fly.

  6. The Cowboys have been infatuated with this guy for a while. I’d bet dollars to donuts that if the Cowboys stay at 27, this is the pick (assuming he isn’t gone).

  7. You need someone with speed that can get to the edge quick, but they also need to have great tackling skills against the larger TEs. Basically, you need someone like Earl Thomas.

    …just don’t let him return kicks.

  8. stoptrippn says:
    Apr 29, 2015 3:44 PM

    You still need to be physical playing TE like gronk. 4th round
    He isn’t afraid of contact. He just needs to be coached up to play with more control.

  9. Mike Mayock loves him, so I am inclined to believe this guy is good (because if Mayock knows anything about football… it’s a lot about good DBs)

    Then again, I am also of the impression that film should be obvious that you are a first rounder and not “well, he’s a coverage guy so he should go in round 1”

    If you have first round talent, you should jump off the field on film. The guys that are more specialized belong in rounds 3-4 or later.

  10. Randall’s stock is rising because everyone else’s is falling from these horrid speculative reports that are being leaked about all of the first rounders.

  11. Chip had him early as soon as Chip saw him he became popular, for what it’s worth

  12. Damarious Simarious Lenarious the 3rd.

    Dan Smith.

  13. He has some great hands on him. Hard to see him as an nfl safety, but if Tyrann can do it there’s no reason damarious can’t. Although Mathieu is way more physical.

  14. “In today’s pass-first NFL, the kid from Arizona State fits a lot of teams better,” Mayock said. “In today’s game, where’s the value? The value’s more in the cover safety than in the physical safety.”
    Tell that to Cam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.

  15. Good in coverage, but not especially physical, possible liability in tackling? That’s not a safety, that’s a cornerback.

    Even in a pass first league, there’s still a difference between a cornerback and a safety, with good reason. Good teams know they have the option of putting two cornerbacks there in lieu of safeties – there’s a reason they don’t. They could also play safeties instead of linebackers; they don’t do that either.

  16. Nobody rises or falls on the draft boards that matter. You’re not the first pick, until the pick is made. You’re not the 33rd pick until the pick is made.
    So you can’t really fall or rise.
    Everyone, except #1, is picked in relation to who has already been selected.
    But even if Winston is picked second, do we really know he fell from #1? Maybe Tampa never wanted him or won’t truly decide who they wanted until tomorrow. Heck if he gets picked 10th, it wouldn’t mean he fell. It would just mean teams lied about how they felt about him.

    Did Rogers fall to pick 22 or whatever it was? No, the “experts” were wrong that both he and Alex Smith would go top 5.
    But its just always phrased as players fall or drop, because then they don’t have to say “man I was wrong about that one.”

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