Darrelle Revis: I’m better now than I was in first Jets stint


The Jets will be paying a $100,000 fine as a result of owner Woody Johnson’s premature comments about wanting to have cornerback Darrelle Revis back with the team.

That amount of money is not a tremendous burden for an NFL team and writing the check will certainly be easier since the team was able to re-sign Revis after the Patriots opted to pass on their option for his 2015 services. And it will prove to be an even less significant payout if Revis is correct in the self-assessment that finds him to be a better player now than he was when he was spearheading the Jets defense during his first stint in Jersey, in part because Patriots coach Bill Belichick had a hand in honing Revis’s ability.

“You know what? I think I’m better than I was before, when I played earlier in my career,” Revis said, via NJ.com. “I think I’m more way more intelligent in the position. I had a great learning experience last year with Bill. He helped me in a lot of ways. I’ve seen the game a different way. But at the same time I think just the growth, of me growing as a player, and growing as a man has helped me tremendously. Now I’m a different type of player — a better player — than I was when I was younger.”

The Jets would likely be happy with the previous version of Revis, but a more cerebral approach fits with the realities that come with age for NFL players. There are inevitable physical changes, but they can sometimes be mitigated by an increased understanding of positioning, tendencies and other mental aspects of the game. Revis appears to realize that and he’ll need to make that transition to perform at a high level through his five-year deal with the Jets.

28 responses to “Darrelle Revis: I’m better now than I was in first Jets stint

  1. Just the league protecting the Jets. Every other team that was determined to have tampered lost draft picks, put not the Jests. First Mile Kensil playing with the game balls and running a sting. Where will it end????

  2. This is great. Revis acknowledges Bill Belichick’s genius and says he had no clue about football when he was with the Jets before. Makes sense.

    In all seriousness, despite the disappointment of Revis choosing money over legacy, Pats fans will always hold a special place in their heart for Darrelle Revis and his huge contributions to Lombardi #4 which solidified Brady and Belichick as the Greatest of All-Time. Thank you Darrelle! But, deep down that just has to make Jets’ fan’s skin crawl.

  3. He may be “smarter” but he isn’t physically better than he was at that age. And if he was worth what the jets are paying him the pats would have offered something close and he would still be playing for the pats. Woody didn’t intentionally tamper, he is just stupid and stupid people say things out loud they shouldn’t. But the entire jets organization is known for doing and saying stupid things from top to bottom, which is why they haven’t been in a SB since the moon landing and that isn’t going to change

  4. the only thing better than winning the superbowl is winning TWO. Now that Mevis has wandered back to the Jets, no playoffs let alone superbowls.
    The only thing in his future is his next holdout

  5. Great recognizes great. Look at the two stories there on PFT. Rex Ryan and how incompetent and undisciplined his teams were and this one with Revis talking about how much better his game is after one year with the Hoodie…Great recognizes great.

    Go Pats

  6. Revis is great. No question. The good think is that Cromarite isn’t great. Revis can only take out one guy. The Jets won’t be very good.

  7. If by more intelligent you mean knowing how to milk a team for an outrageous amount of money & crippling their salary cap then I guess you are correct…. You don’t think other players on that train wreck of a franchise now know how much money they can hold out for now that Woody has set the bar??!!
    Good luck with M. Wilkerson!!!! Lol

  8. Last year, he seemed to give up one or two plays early then go into shut down mode. Still one of the best and seems like an intelligent guy. Pats fan..

  9. Ahh, the Jets. If they love you, they will break tampering rules to get you. And if they don’t, they will deploy coaches to blow your knees out.

  10. Of course he thinks he’ll be better – he’s just had a year of tutelage from an even better defensive genius than Ryan and is now finally a winner with a shiny ring to prove it.

    Tampering of the Jets’ sort goes on privately all the time and I don’t have a problem with owners merely saying they’d like to have a player – who wouldn’t want Revis for the right price? So long as actual nitty-gritty contract negotiations only occur within a set window. However, the NFL have taken draft picks for similar violations so, given ex-Jet Goodell’s comments about getting tough, and because the Jets wasted NFL time with an overly pathetic counter-claim against Kraft (which was thrown out), it seems a tad biased. And $100k to Woody would be like a parking ticket.

  11. You are going to have to be, because the Jets D doesn’t have Brady & Belicheat to bail them out.

  12. I’m amazed you put the part about Revis complimenting Belichick in the article. How nice of you. #EverybodyhatesBelichick #Winatallcosts

  13. New England has Brady. That’s all they need. Revis had about as much to do with the title as I did. I get a little tired of the fawning over of the guy. Throw at him like you would anyone else.

  14. Revis certainly has more experience under his belt now and still plays at a high level. Shame his high level of play will only last for so much longer

  15. The only time Baldwin was getting open was the time he used the referee as a pick.

  16. When a player like Revis comes to your team and performs at the highest level you never forget. This player did everything right while in Foxboro and was from all reports a great teammate. He will always have the respect of Patriot fans.

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