Dion Jordan’s suspension costs him more than $5.6 million

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The one-year suspension of Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan will cost him a year of football.  It also will cost him plenty of money.

For starters, he’ll lose his $585,000 base salary.  He’ll also not receive a roster bonus of $1.69 million due to be paid at the start of training camp.

Most significantly, $3.335 million of previously-paid signing bonus will be forfeited, meaning Jordan will have to give back that portion of his $13.34 million signing bonus.

That’s a total of $5.61 million lost by Jordan due to his suspension.

Once the Dolphins collect the $3.35 million, they’ll get a salary-cap credit.  And they’ll continue to hold Jordan’s rights, if/when he’s reinstated.  Reinstatement will hinge on passing up to 10 drug tests per months.

Regardless of what happens, the Dolphins will now be left to regret moving from No. 12 to No. 3 in 2013.  The only good news is that they gave up only a second-round pick to make the nine-spot climb.

25 responses to “Dion Jordan’s suspension costs him more than $5.6 million

  1. Good.

    The NFLPA should give the players an accounting of how much was lost each year by players. They could do it without names. Maybe money would talk.

  2. He’s a complete idiot, the Dolphins don’t need him ever again. Congratulations to Geoff Ireland for landing them in this mess too!!!Thank the lord he’s gone, just not soon enough!

  3. It may also cost him his career. I can’t see him passing up to ten drug tests a month. He has probably already spent all that money from his signing bonus which means the Dolphins aren’t likely to see that money again. Way to throw away a somewhat promising career. Even though he sucks some team (like the Eagles) probably would have given him another chance and thrown another truckload of money at him. Now? Not so much. He’s one step away from indefinite suspension. He’s probably not worth the risk to anyone anymore unless the entire salary is paid in the form of game bonuses like the Cowboys did with Mr. Womanbeater.

  4. Sucks.

    Too bad we couldnt sucker someone into giving us a 4th before he failed his 3rd test.

  5. It’s a shame that he’s in the throes of throwing away a career in the NFL, be it in Miami or elsewhere. Ten tests a month? Good! Earn your money! This isn’t high school or Oregon where you can just get by on your athleticism alone. You want to be paid like a man? Act like a man.

  6. poor guy, I feel really bad for him.

    I’d rather use drugs than get fame, fortune, women, and get to play football. Flipping burgers after his money runs out will be more rewarding for him.
    Good choice slick.

  7. Everyone has been ragging on the Dolphins about this. This was on Dion Jordan, not even Ireland or anyone in Miami. It sucks to blow a 1st and 2nd rounder from 3 years ago, but it will not hurt the team AT ALL! Not financially or on the field. He wasn’t even playing. Damn shame to waste that much talent with such little discipline.

  8. This guy clearly doesn’t have the heart for football. Gees, Jonathan Martin and this cat on the same squad at the same time, drafted by the same person. How did Jeff Ireland get another job again with upper round mental midgets like this on his resume?

  9. Well, folks can rag on the fins and El Jeffe all they want, but all teams have busts…for various reasons… As much as Jordan kinda typifies the Ireland era in Miami, they are not alone with draft busts…I mean the patriots drafted a murderer, with know issues (certainly not murder, then) at the time of his draft ?? It happens…

  10. Sorry, fat fingers, meant to add that the pasties then gave the guy a $40m contract before he was eventually arrested, tried and found guilty…again…it happens…I’m sure the Chargers of a few years ago rue the Ryan Leaf pick… There are examples by just about every team, including the NFL’s favorite team, the pasties…

  11. Let’s put an end to this right now! Take this “PUTZ” and ban him, for life from the NFL! He’s a wasted pick (which, by the way also says something about the clowns in scouting-and the coaches)! He’s just another Jason taylor anyway-one dimensional. A skinny, quick rusher who, when even an average lineman gets a paw on him it’s all over with. Like pushing a child out of line. Give these morons one chance (1) to come forward and say they need help. After that….send them to the streets. Also, the NFL should have it mandatorily stated in all contracts from now on that if you get caught you forfeit ALL money! No wonder they were trying to trade this halfass clown.

  12. And that money is most likely spent. Anyone want this player on the cheap? Like nothing. Remember Rickey Williams?

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