Dolphins will exercise fifth-year option on Tannehill

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Three quarterbacks were taken in the top 10 in the 2012 draft.  All three will have their rookie contracts extended to a fifth year.

Per a league source, the Dolphins will exercise the 2016 option on quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s contract.  The eighth pick three years ago, Tannehill will be entitled to the same $16.1 million salary for the fifth year of his deal as Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III will receive.  The compensation is guaranteed for injury until March, at which time it will become fully guaranteed.

The Dolphins reportedly would like to sign Tannehill to an extension.  If/when meaningful talks occur, the floor for his compensation in 2016 has now been set.  The real question is the ceiling.

Some think the Dolphins will make a very-good-not-great offer, hedging that Tannehill will improve but not breaking the bank.  The thinking is that Tannehill, who blinked during a holdout as a rookie over the question of whether his fully-guaranteed salary would include offset language, would play it safe and take the very good money in lieu of rolling the dice for a jackpot.

29 responses to “Dolphins will exercise fifth-year option on Tannehill

  1. What many don’t understand is that Tannehill’s key performance metrics as a QB have all improved in each of his 3 years and he hasn’t missed a game as a starter.
    Give him a better O-line and more weapons and watch out, he can be very good.

  2. Though I don’t think he has the instincts to be elite, he is a guy you can win with. They need to work out a long term extension because he has shown he is the future for Miami.

  3. He’s not one of the top 3 QBs in the league, so everyone will say how much he sucks and how stupid the Dolphins are for doing this.

  4. Im not sure he will ever be elite, but MAN, Ryan Tannehill might be the toughest SOB at the QB in the NFL. I don’t like the Dolphins and I know for a fact he will never win a Super Bowl in Miami but, I respect the heck out of this guy, he gets his butt kicked and keeps on working.

  5. When i think of tannehil i think.of eli manning. A great defense, good o line, and sime solid coaching, and he can lead a team deep in the playoffs.

  6. This should not have been a question after last season. Kid is good enough to win. He might not be a superstar but he works hard and has the skills and mindset to win and be in the conversation of top 10 I the league. He just needs to come up big in the clutch (when Philbin decides to let him)

  7. Wow, I was really expecting a lot more haters on this.

    Kid is solid, he has held his own against the best qb’s in this league and had out played qb’s like Brady, big Ben, luck, Wilson, and rivers despite being the most sacked qb in the past 3 years. He led this team to 11 wins last year but the defense lost 3 of them, GB, Det and Denver. Miami would be fools to let him walk. The AFC will belong to Tannehill and luck for the next decade.

  8. As a Dolphins fan it’s obvious to say he’s the best QB we’ve had since Marino. With that being said its time for the excuses to cease and see if Tannehill is worth franchise money. I’d like to see him make the playoffs and close games out in the 4th before we back up the brinks truck to his door step. I’m optimistic he can become that guy but I’d like to see him make everyone on the field better because of his play and have the fans stop making excuses about the OLine, running game, receivers, ect. At some point Ryan either needs to step up or take accountability for his actions.

  9. Dolphins fan here. Im happy that Miami has a serviceable qb, but Tannehill needs to put the ball in the air. And by that I mean he needs to throw it more than 5 yards on 3rd and 8.

    Plz draft Gurley

  10. If Tannehill balls out this season like he should, it’ll be one of the very few good moves Ireland made during his tenure. C’mon 17 put the haters to sleep this year.

  11. Tannehill is one of a few good young QB’s in the NFL now, along with Luck and Carr.

  12. Glad to know he’ll be sticking around past this year… Now get a long-term deal done!

  13. Good move by the Dolphins.

    Tannehill is decent and there are plenty of teams with horrible QBS who would love to have him.

  14. Tannehill can play. I’ve watched every games he’s played as a pro. He still needs to improve his deep throws, but I love his toughness.

  15. Tanny isn’t a franchise QB… he continues to struggle in the red zone and connecting on the long ball.. and he rides the stats ranked in the middle of the pack…. so the Phins think that is worth 16M a year? good luck with that

    you don’t ride a middle of the pack QB for 5+ years… time for new lood

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