Eagles “doing all they can” to get Mariota


In less than 24 hours, we’ll know whether the Eagles trade up to get quarterback Marcus Mariota.  For now, we know they want to.

Per a league source, the Eagles are “doing all they can” to make the move from No. 20.

Presumably, they’re trying to get to No. 2, via a trade with the Titans.  The persistent interest the Browns have in Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford coupled with Cleveland’s pair of first-round picks could allow the Eagles to pull this off without giving up too much.

Bradford, the 20th overall pick in the 2015 draft, Philly’s first-round pick in 2016, and maybe another second- or third-round pick could possibly get it done as a three-team deal, if the Eagles can get the No. 12 pick from Cleveland and deliver the 12th pick, the 20th pick, and a 2016 first-round pick to Tennessee.  Perhaps the Browns would need Bradford and another second-round pick to give up the No. 12 pick.  Maybe the Titans would want another third-round pick in addition to three first-round selections.

Regardless, the availability of Bradford and Cleveland’s well-established interest in him makes it easier for the Eagles to put together a package that doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.

Sure, Eagles coach Chip Kelly has said he won’t mortgage the future, but Kelly sees the draft as a crapshoot.  He sees Mariota as a sure thing.  Why shouldn’t Kelly do whatever he has to do to convert a collection of dice rolls for a sure thing?

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  1. I hope this happens. The Browns will certainly screw up their end and possibly make Connor Shaw available. Nice pick-up for the Panthers.

  2. The best part of this article is the picture…

    ‘Hey Marcus. It’s Chip. Whatcha wearing? I’m just sitting here on my bed thinking ’bout you.’

  3. I don’t want to see Mariota in Tennessee or Cleveland. I hope he gets the shot to play for Philly.

  4. That all sounds wonderful, but I believe The Bucs are going to draft Marcus number one. Then what? Hang on, amigos!

  5. ….and with the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Marcus Mariota.


    I know, I know the trade would be contingent on him being there at #2, but it’s still funny. All that effort and you can only imagine how Kelly must be going nuts behind the scenes and Tampa may have wanted Mariota all along…….

  6. Bradford already told Cleveland he won’t sign an extension with them so that’s not an option.

    The only chance is if the titans want Bradford, the eagles 20th pick, Mathis, Boykins, and Kendrick’s.

  7. You know this is going to happen. It’s been the plan from the start. Chip is 4-steps ahead of everybody else in the league and the media. Notice how NOW, finally, all the “experts” (led by Gruden) have elevated Mariota past Jamarcus Jamison and into the #1 QB spot. Kelly had him there three years ago – telling people Mariota would win “multiple SB’s”. Gruden says he’s R. Wilson – only 6’4″. And there’s only one system in the league in which he fits. He’s a generational QB in this system. When Kelly was hired he told ownership he’d bring Mariota to Philly. This is the culmination of a 3-year plan.

    By this time tomorrow night #8 Mariota jerseys will be available at philadelphiaeagles.com.

  8. If Bradford will not agree to a contract extension prior to a trade, Cleveland would be insane to trade for him. Which, of course, means, since we are talking about Cleveland, they will do it. Factory of Sadness continues.

  9. Make it happen, Chip.

    The Eagles have never won a SB and I don’t see them doing so with the current clown car of QB’s on the roster. Eagles fans are tired of being in football purgatory. Not good enough to make the playoffs or contend with the NFC elite, but just good enough to sabotage draft picks and maintain the status quo. They’re tired of it.

    If the Eagles are to not win SB’s, let it be because they tried to be great and failed massively, rather than opted to dwell in mediocrity indefinitely.

    Besides, I’d argue that surrendering your starting QB, a 2nd round pick and $13 million to a 28 year old who hasn’t played in 2 years is “mortgaging the future” more than drafting this kid would ever be.

  10. If Kelly truly believes the Draft is a crapshoot, why wouldn’t he give up the farm for a guy who he views as a “sure thing”?

  11. Why the hell would Cleveland give up a 1st for a QB who only has a year left on his contract and cannot stay healthy?

    I’m not a Browns fan, but if that’s the actual plan they need to fire everyone.

  12. Do it Chippah!!! Looking forward to the draft tomorrow. I took off work on Friday so I can ensure I remain hydrated Thursday night. Lol. GO EAGLES!!!

  13. Mortage the future for a future. If Mariota is your future, a QB you want, then gambling on him isn’t mortaging the future. We have 0 superbowl’s i for one dnt think we have a QB on our roster that can take us there. You need a franchise QB to win at an elite level, and all the teams that has one, are consistanly winning year out. If MM is your Andrew Luck Chip, then do whatever it takes to get him. Remeber Chip already made bold moves this offseason shaping up the whole roster, so why is mortating the future for possibly a perfect fit for your offense (Mariota) a possible franchise QB be any different from the moves that already been made!?

  14. Hasn’t Bradford said he won’t sign an extension with Cleveland? Why would they give up a first round pick for one or two years who hasn’t played a full season in… Ever?

  15. I would be shocked if it happened. Sounds more like spin out of Philly to cover themselves with the fan base. One of those…we did all we could type of things if the Bradford move goes bad.

  16. Okay now… Cleveland calls Chip Kelly and offers a 1 for Bradford. Kelly says no. We know that happened.

    Now we are to believe Chip Kelly wants to trade Bradford to Cleveland for a 1. Ok.

    Looks like agents and teams are still leveraging Chip Kelly to get a better draft slot for their quarterback even though Chip Kelly has shown no interest. Good for them.

  17. Not even the Browns are willing to give up the 12th overall pick for one year with Sam Bradford.

    We were maybe born at night, but it wasnt last night.


    Browns fan…

  18. If Bradford won’t sign an extension in Cleveland the Browns would be nuts to give up that much for him.

  19. So you actually believe that the 12th pick, the 20th pick, and a 2016 first-round pick nets you the 2nd selection tomorrow night?

    In order to move from 6 to 2 in order to get RGIII, the Redskin Potatoes had to give up TWO additional first round picks (a total of three including the swapped pick) and a second. And they were only trying to move up 4 spots. The Eagles are trying to move up TWENTY.

    Sorry, keep trying.

  20. Just for the sake of entertainment, I would love to see the Eagles move up before the draft tomorrow only to have the Bucs draft Mariota and watch Chip Kelly’s head explode.

    If the Chargers really want Mariota, they have the biggest chip available to offer the Titans which is a QB their coach is familiar and had success with. Nothing in terms of draft picks can touch that.

    That being said I hope the Browns or Eagles do this so that I don’t lose Rivers who’s my favorite player to watch. People hate how animated he is, I feel just the opposite I love a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and plays for the love of the game

  21. Mariota is a sure thing. Maybe not a year one winner, but hes as good as a prospect can be not named andrew luck. As a colts fan, its not even close. You get him no matter what. Bet the farm. Sanchez, bradford, winston, whoever else are just as risky as taking mariota. You either get fired a few ywars later, or truly do what you can to dominate. Mariota is not rg3. This is a russ wilson.

  22. My guess is that a three-way trade between the Titans, Eagles, and Browns is a done-deal except for one catch: the Browns won’t pull the trigger unless Bradford signs a contract extension, and Bradford isn’t willing, either because they’re not offering enough money or because he just doesn’t want to play for Cleveland. It’s the nature of a complex, three-way trade. All the dominos have to fall in order for it to work.

  23. It will be interesting to see if Chip can get him without mortgaging the future. This seems similar to a high stakes poker game and the first one who blinks, loses.

  24. I was a Nick Foles guy, when he traded him he has to get Mariota or it’s a bust for me. I don’t care if he gives the whole draft ala, Mike Ditka

  25. The talk in New England today is that the draft “experts” are saying Garopolo would be a first round pick this year. For their 2nd or 3rd this year plus their 1st next year, the Browns could probably get Garopolo and multiple late round picks. The Browns get a healthy QB worthy of building around, plus get to keep 12 and 19 to help compensate for the wasted pick on Manziel, plus late rounders to stock their roster. The Pats get a first round pick next year for a player that won’t see the field for 3 years behind Brady. They can use the other pick from Cleveland to draft a QB to replace Garopolo. Of course you can never predict what Belichick will do, but with 9 picks this year and at least 9 next year, he is bound to make multiple trades.

  26. Love the Chip pic accompanying this article.
    Here’s how it’s going down (if this happens).
    3 way gang bang.
    1. Minnesota gets 20th in 1st., 4th rd., & a 6th rounrr from “the Visor.”
    2. “The Visor,” then, leapfrogs to the 2nd pick of 1st rd. via 11th in 1st rd., a player or two, & a 3rd Rd pick…selling whatever Philly has (Cuz they’re a community of soulless droobs)

  27. The Browns ‘dream-date’ seems to be mediocre, expensive and injury-prone Sam Bradford. Is there any better example of why they’re a perennial joke franchise? The only plus to getting Bradford now is that after he stinks the joint up this year, his contract expires and they’ll be able to resign him for a pastrami sammich on rye with a hot pickle on the side. Because nobody else will want to touch him.

  28. At least we will have heard the end of all this conjecture by tomorrow. Cleveland will remain a bottom dweller if they get Bradford. If Mariota is so good then the Browns should move up and get him themselves.

  29. I want to take this opportunity to poll draft fans/viewers:

    I would much rather do away with the NFL network red carpet treatment, including let’s look at who/what the moms are wearing (yes that really is part of it) and get rid of the whole green room altogether, and just go straight to highlights and show the guy holding the jersey and be done with it.

    First the only value of the green room is hoping a guy falls and go zoomk in. That’s kinda sick of tv people.

    Second, I would rather not seen a huge grown man begin to cry, I don’t need to see him hug his mom, I don’t need to see him take an entire minute of tv time just to get to the stage, I don’t need to see the Deon Sanders interview and I’m just tired of the bro-hug with the commissioner. I’d rather see a minute+ of highlights, not just three clips and all the crying and bro-hugging.

    Thumbs up this post if you agree you’d rather do away with that and do a minute of highlights instead, or thumbs down if you think they way it’s televised is awesome the way it is.

  30. If the Eagles get the #2 pick for Bradford and their first this year, with other scraps thrown in, the Titans would go down as a ridiculously bad franchise forever.

  31. Watch, Tampa Bay throws a wrench in it all and takes Mariota with the first pick instead of Winston.

  32. I’m sorry but if the Browns give up the 12th pick for Bradford they’re just straight up dumb. A first is bad enough but when the team has two I can’t see them offering the 12 over the 19. 19,20 a 1st next year and a 2nd this year should be enough, of I was the Titans I know if jump at that.

  33. Of course they are. Too bad mariota is only gonna be solid, not special. Ultimately, he won’t end up being worth giving up the farm for.

  34. Bradford, #20, #52 for CLE #12 & #19 – #20 & #52 is greater value than #12 (1200 pts to 1230) & Bradford for #19. CLE gets their QB & decent picks at #20 & #53.

    #12, #19, 2016 #1, & the newly acquired 2016 #3 from St. Louis, Reggie’s ashes & Bednarick’s bones to TENN for #2 & the right to draft Mariota.

  35. I hope the Eagles do get Mariota. It will make the season even more intruiging! Either they win the Super Bowl and Kelly becomes a legend, or they crash and burn miserably and become the new Jaguars. Sounds like some great TV drama to me.

  36. Really,,,, did this come out of nowhere Iam shocked they have any interest !

  37. Yeah…except that Bradford stated that he wouldn’t sign an extension with Cleveland. So, all this conjecture is kind of beside the point.


  39. Would definitely make things interesting. Mariota and Kelly’s system seem to be the best fit for that young man, as opposed to Ken Whistenhunt’s system that puts a premium on throwing the ball down the field. Think this would be a win for all the teams involved since the Titans are clearly not one player away from making noise, and because the Browns seem to be enamored with Bradford. I like it.

  40. The Browns are not trading the #12 pick in the draft for Bradford. He’s had back to back ACL surgeries, and he has stated he doesn’t want to play for Cleveland or sign an extension with them.
    My Browns have made a lot of dumb moves in the past, but this isn’t happening. We are either moving up to take Mariota, or we stay at 12 and 19 and taking best players available. I hope we make the necessary move to get Mariota.

  41. Chip Is going to be extremely disapointed tomorrow if these rumors are true. Titans have already said they grade 17 players with 1st round grades so moving back all the way too 12 and 20 then add in next years first I still see this as being far to little. Remember in the last two weeks two top 10 players have been taking off the board Ray and Greggory because of drugs , both guys I could have seen the Titans drafting if they traded back.

    At the end of the day the Titans need a QB and I don’t see them trading this pick if a QB isn’t heading there way. I think the a Titans will take him and won’t look back….

  42. Good luck there, Philly fans. You’ll regret the Eagles ever hired Chip in about 2 years. Be ready to become the NFL’s next cellar dwellars. At least the new GM will have a few years of high draft picks.

  43. the only problem is that Bradford’s agent has already told other teams he absolutely will not discuss an extension. the Browns are in no way, shape, or form going to trade either 1st round pick for ONE year of Sam Bradford, especially since he’s not even projected to be ready to run and throw fully until August.

    this is just a ridiculous claim when you bring up Bradford. nobody is trading a 1st without an extension being done first, and they have made it clear they won’t discuss an extension.

  44. Not an eagles fan, but I appreciate the way chip dictates the team. If he succeeds in bringing a superbowl to Philly, and does it his way, he will go down as a legend.

  45. It started out as not much and by the time you got to the end they were trading everything but their mascot.

  46. If they can get a first for Bradford, it is possible they can get up and get Mariotta. If they can’t, they don’t have the ammo.

    My guess is, the only way this has any chance of happening, is if the Titans won’t take #12 and #19 for #2 (Browns would just draft mariotta themselves), so the Eagles would have to beat that (20, 19 a 1st rd pick next year and kendricks does that). The Browns, I think, would feel better off with #12 and Bradford than they would with mariotta if they had to give up even more than 12 and 19 (like a 1 next year the Eagles probably would give if they can get a 2nd 1 this year)

    Will be an interesting first few picks that’s for sure. although I’m almost to the point now that I hope the Bucs take him instead of Winston just to see everyone panic in reaction

  47. Again this makes no sense to me, not eagles trading up or titans willing to move down. But the overall fact that the browns think that Bradford is a top 12 pick still. That blows my mind not only has he tore ACL twice in nfl but he missed all his senior year in college due to injury. Sorry but that’s a fact and this is not well maybe he is injury proned or maybe not. It’s a fact he is and not to mention we don’t know if he can play in NFL yet so he is a guess maybe it would have some sense if with all injuries he has at least proven he could play but I have never been one to rip a team cause drafts our crap shoots but if Brown’s give up the 12th pick for Bradford then they our complete idiots and worst franchise in NFL

  48. On Friday I will play back a tape of the first round and hear a low rumple, a metallic squink, a glonk, and some Eagles fan crying out…”Dear God, NO, please don’t give up all that for Mariota!”

  49. Why would the Browns trade for Bradford when he already said he wouldn’t re-up in Cleveland? Trading a first for a guy who will leave after one year? Not even the Browns.

  50. I read on another site that the Eagles are shopping LB Mychal Kendricks for a second rounder and CB Brandon Boykin for unknown compensation. Sounds like they really are trying to get some picks to trade. Sounds like it will be wild this weekend. (Bears are also reportedly shopping Martellus Bennett.

  51. I am not an eagles fan or a hater but I use to like what Chip was doing with that team. In the last few months he strikes me as a ruthless gambler that won some early bets but soon will lose to the house.

    If he gives Bradford, 1st 2015, 1st 2016 and a possible 3rd 2016 he will likely be done in Philly by 2017.

  52. The Browns need to just say no.

    For the life of me, I just can’t see why the Browns staff want to be unemployed within the next 12 months.

    The Browns should trade one of these #1’s for a 2016 pick and give Manziel a shot. So next year they have 2 #1’s again but they will know where they stand QB wise.

    If i were a Brown fan I would be losing it. I mean seriously losing it…

  53. If the Browns stand pat and just take Shelton and a wide receiver in round 1, the Eagles will hilariously be stuck with 4 QBs on their roster, none being the one they want

  54. Franchise qb’s are not on the streets, if they think Mariota is a franchise qb that can play in Kelly’s system, then go for it. There’s maybe only a hand full of qb’s in the league that could win a SB today. The guys I think of are Brady, Luck, Roethlisberger, Flacco, Wilson, Romo (yes he can with the way he played last year) and Rodgers. I think the ship has sailed on Manning and Brees, Manning is in the twilight and New Orleans might be in a rebuilding state. If you have the opportunity to take a guy that you think can lead you to the promise land you take it. If you miss so what, but you have to try.

  55. The Eagles have a healthy Sam Bradford in the barn as a solid backup. They recently signed Tim Tebow to be their number one QB. Why all this fuss giving away draft picks and possibly money to get some guy named Mariota? Everyone knows he can’t hold a candle to Tim Tebow. I mean, who in the world can? Tim Tebow is the second coming of Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell and Todd Marinovich all rolled up into one world beater quarterback. I mean, Mariota would only end up as the 3rd string QB on the roster standing on the sidelines with a clip board all season.

  56. Cleveland would be beyond stupid to be involved in this deal. Mortgage the future for Bradford? No!

  57. But they have Tim Tebow. Why should anyone believe the Eagles need another QB? All the Tebowites continually tell us that Tim just needs another chance.

  58. Browns are just acting like they want Bradford, as payback for Chip Kelly messing with them on their coaching interview. When he said he’d stay on at Oregon, then split to Philly!

    Cleveland is toying with Kelly, just as they swoop in like an Eagle & swoop Chip’s beloved Mariota from his grasp!

    Go Browns!

  59. Not saying I am on board, but it’s only “mortgaging the future” if you swing and miss. Think about it, look at Peyton Manning. Do you think any team in the NFL would say Manning wasn’t worth 5 1st round picks and then some? Hindsight isn’t a luxury we can use to make the deal, but if you think mariota is going to be the second coming of Tom Brady (and that prediction is right), trading the farm for him is worth it when he wins a few rings. But it’s all a guess. If you guess right the cost doesn’t matter. If you guess wrong, you are done

  60. “I just can’t see why the Browns staff want to be unemployed within the next 12 months”

    Mmm, perhaps because they *are* the Browns?

  61. Bradfor is not the key, Demarco Murray is the real prize. Bradford, Murray & 20th pick to the Titans for #2. Bradford is insurance for Mettenburger who the Titans actually like. Eagles will roll with Mariotta and Ryan Mathews in the back field. Bank on it.

  62. How about this?

    Eagles get the #2 pick.

    Browns get Sam Bradford.

    Titans get #19, #20, Evan Mathis, and possibly Johnny Football.

    Is that reasonable?

  63. What makes you consistently ignore the possibility that Tennessee may like/want Bradford themselves and therefore Cleveland not even needing to be involved? So simply Bradford, 2015 1st rounder, 2016 first rounder, and whatever else all just to Tennessee instead of involving Cleveland?

  64. Wonder if Someone will wake up with a horse’s head in their bed tomorrow morning. “An Offer they can’t refuse” would be the only way Philly gets this deal done.

  65. and thus Kelly ensures his removal from the NFL, within the next 2-3 years.

    Then again maybe not, the only owner more mentally challenged than my teams owner, Jerry Jones, is Lurie.(you’re trying to move up in the draft and you let McCoy, the best piece of trade bait already whom you’ve already acquired walk out the door..WHAT?!?! Could have tagged him and dumped his cap hit on some other team..)

  66. Wouldn’t it be something if the Eagles lose out on Mariota….and then Tebow drives them to the SB while Mariota flames out with whomever he signs with???

    Meanwhile, Truckstop Jimmy is interviewing for an entire new Front Office.

  67. Bradford has NEVER been protected by an OL like Cleveland has with Pro-BOWLERS Joe, Thomas & Alex Mack!

  68. I don’t see Mariota being anything special. I think Jaimes will have a better career. But I’m no GM. Although I can get lucky just as well as they do.

  69. We are all sitting back and watching chip Kelly run this franchise into the ground.. It’s sad really.

  70. Me, watching the draft tonight: “This is gonna be great! Trades, trades, trades…so many moves, it’s gonna be the best draft night ever!!!” “With the 32nd pick, the New England Patriots select….” Wait, what? It’s over? That was it?

  71. I can’t figure out why would the Browns want Bradford this guy can’t stay healthy and he’s not that good,Ray Farmer must be smoking with Josh Gordon

  72. I am amazed that anyone is willing to give up a 1st round pick for Sam Bradford who is coming off 2 ACL’s. Am I blind? I have not seen Bradford do anything of consequence in this league. Ryan Tannehill is 2X the QB that Bradford is. The Browns will probably get their guy but should they?

  73. Eagles would be better off drafting Marcus Peters. Go watch his tape he’s the best player in the draft imo. Go 1st Peters, 2nd Cameron Erving/Jake Fisher, 3rd DGB/Conley/Lippet, 4th Amos/Shaw/Rollins.

    They could have 4 starting quality players and a qb who thrived in this kind of system. Who might still be worthy of his draft position if he can stay healthy. Which yes is a gamble, or they could draft a qb that the coach supposedely loves and hope career backups at 4 positions some how simultaneously take a huge step forward. While also hoping all free agency signings and all aging players stay in their prime for at least 2 1/2 years. Seeing that they won’t have an early draft choice until 2017. Its not like that’s a gamble.

    Who wouldn’t want Earl Wolfe and Chris Margos at safety, Miles Austin Riley Cooper and Josh huff at wr, Matt Tobin Kevin Graf Dennis Kelly and Allen Barbre at rg and as your top backups to aging veterans Jason Peters and malcontent Evan Mathis, or Walter Thurmond and Nolan Carroll as 1 of your starting cbs.

    But hey, MARCUS MARIOTA !!!!

  74. After Chip scrambles the Eagles this year he is off to college next year to hide. He will leave one hell of a mess in Philly, sorry….

  75. I can’t believe this. Tebow is clearly the #1 quarterback. I mean, he won a playoff game three years ago. How can they not name him the starter right now?

  76. Nothing demonstrates the low iq of a poster than talking about trades. People play wayyyyy too much madden. Go outside and get some sunshine you pasty white dopes.

  77. I don’t see any in-between with this deal: Either Philly doesn’t offer enough to get the deal done or they so ridiculously overpay that Mariota could turn out to be great and it STILL ends up a bad deal for the Eagles.

    The sweet spot of where the Titans would think they were getting a good deal yet Philly isn’t totally strapped for the next decade is just too small.

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