Falcons coach says Shane Ray’s “absolutely” still on their board

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The Falcons need pass-rush help.

And while they might choose to find it elsewhere, new coach Dan Quinn said the team would not disqualify Missouri’s Shane Ray from consideration because of his recent marijuana arrest.

Assuming, of course, you believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a coach this week.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, Quinn said they were comfortable with their evaluation, and that Ray was “absolutely” still on their board, as they prepare to pick eighth overall.

“That was why it was important for us to, when you get a chance to connect with a player, not just at the combine, but oftentimes when you get a chance to go to their school or go to their hometown and visit with them, that’s [why] those visits are so important,” Quinn said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “So, fortunately for Thomas [Dimitroff] and I, we were able to go to a number of guys’, whether it was hometowns or schools, to visit with the guys, and it is such a valuable time as you could imagine. But we felt great about meeting Shane and the guys we did. . . .

“As we’re going through the process we felt good about him. I think he had a setback. It was hard, and hopefully one that, like I said, he learns from and can move on from.”

Of course, the Falcons might prefer a different pass-rusher that doesn’t carry that baggage in the door with him, and if they move up as has been speculated, it’s likely they have someone else in mind anyway.

But as far as you know, Ray is someone they’re “absolutely” still considering.

15 responses to “Falcons coach says Shane Ray’s “absolutely” still on their board

  1. Pink elephants fly, the moon is made of green cheese, and money grows on trees.

    Extremely lame attempt by Falcons in the hope that someone else picks Ray. Alternatively, Ray may still be “on the Falcons board,” but that position may now be around No. 42.

  2. The funny thing about this recent slide is, the falcons can still take another pass rusher with their pick in the first round, and he still may even be there on day two with their second round pick…….

  3. If a citation is an “arrest” then I suppose that it was technically an arrest, but the reality is that they wrote him a ticket and released him at the scene, same as when you are speeding. Still stupid of him to be driving around with a bag of weed in car right before the draft. The media has blown this way out of proportion as usual.

  4. With the 107th pick of the NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select… Shane Ray…defensive end, University of Missouri…

  5. Kids smoke pot. Shocking, just shocking. He’s the best pass rusher in the country, I’d draft him in a heartbeat.

  6. Of course they are going to say that, he probably is still on their board….as a 2nd or 3rd rounder now because of all the issues. Even if they have no interest, it’s April, and GM’s are always honest & fully forthcoming when asked about the draft…..LOL!

  7. Quinn did just come from a team where Marijuana is legal, taxed and regulated. You can buy it as easily as a bottle of Advil. I doubt he cares. People use cannabis. Reefer madness exists only among scared, misguided people and with Roger Goodell.

  8. Yeah a 2nd round pick. Number 8 for beasely. And a 2nd rounder on shane ray. Or go with Gurley at 8 and hope ray is there In the 2nd or end of the first (with trading our 2nd and let’s say a 5th or 6th to jump into the end of the first.)

  9. What a stupid moronic statement and it has nothingto do with pot orwhether one thinks it’s harmless or not. The kid just proved how stupid he is and cost himself a small fortune by doing drugs right before the draft. The coach just proved that he will accept different rules for different people and his program doesn’t have the diclipine to ever succeed.

  10. Smoking pot isn’t the issue, being that stupid is.

    Combined with the ejection in the SECCG, bad decisions seem to be a pattern with him. Add in the chronic toe injury, and he deserves to fall in the draft.

    A bad organization like the Falcons discounts these common sense things.

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