Fitzpatrick plans to compete with Geno Smith, eventually


The offseason program has moved to Phase Two in New York.  But the quarterback competition remains at Square One.

The Jets traded for veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, as the potential alternative to incumbent starter Geno Smith.  Unless the Jets emerge from Thursday night’s first round of the draft with Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota, it’ll be Fitzpatrick versus Geno Smith.  Eventually.

“Right now I can’t do a whole lot,” Fitzpatrick told reporters on Tuesday, referring to the broken leg he suffered in December.  “I am kind of limited in what I am doing.  So, I will slowly start working in and doing different things.  So that is a little setback for me right now but my rehab is doing great.  I am doing really well, so that is kind of yet to be determined just because for my health and how things are going.”

The delay isn’t a surprise.  And it gives Smith a chance to show what he can do.  Which is good news.  Assuming he does a better of job showing what he can do than he has done in his first two NFL seasons.

The bad news for Fitzpatrick is that it sounds like the previous projection that he’ll be ready to go by training camp could be in jeopardy.

“If you ask me, yes,” he said regarding whether he’ll be cleared by the start of camp.  “If you ask one of the trainers, maybe it’s going to be a little while, but I will be good.  I am on pace right now to definitely be healthy for training camp.  It’s just a progression right now, I am not trying to do too much too early.”

The Jets collectively are presumably hoping to do as much as they can, as early as they can.  With Fitzpatrick not ready to jump in, maybe it makes them more likely to emerge with a quarterback.

11 responses to “Fitzpatrick plans to compete with Geno Smith, eventually

  1. Am I the only one who thinks the Jets need to draft Amari Cooper or Kevin White? Lets face it, youre going nowhere without a QB and you will be planted in the ground firmly without playmakers at key positions, specifically, WR.

    See what you have in Geno for this year using Marshal, Decker, (a seemingly more accountable) Jace Amaro and Cooper/White. If you have nothing, rest assured you will be in prime position to pick a QB pretty high next year.

  2. The New York team, along with the Redskins and the Tennessee team amongst others, have a bunch of below average QB’s that will never lead them to the promised land.

  3. Seriously Fitz? Aren’t you like 40 or something? Seems like you have been around forever.
    If you can compete with Geno then I think we can officially label Geno a bust.

  4. The Jets will make it look like a competition, but make book that Geno won’t be a starter on this team. He had two years, and failed, if he’s the future the Jets would never brought Fitz in.

  5. Todd Bowles will not pull the string on Geno, nor should he. Smith will be given a chance to move this team, for the first time, with a professional supporting cast.

    It’s unlikely that Fitzpatrick will have time with the first team to take Geno’s job. His best work will be done in the training and QB rooms, helping Geno play his best.

  6. well maybe if they draft a Kevin White or another top WR in the draft it would help but they will not, and then blame the QB.

  7. Playing-by-the-numbers: T-Bucs’ QB Mike Glennon, over his 2-year tenure, has a solid 2:1 TD/INT ratio, while Fitzpatrick, during his 4-year tenure with the Bills/Chan Gailey (2009-2012) had only a 1.5:1 TD/INT ratio. Despite Geno’s INTs (13 total for 2014, considerably down from 21 for 2013), Geno is, on average, a better passer than “Fitz”. Geno’s 2-year AVG is 6.88; “Fitz”‘s (during his 4-year tenure in Buffalo with Chan Gailey) is 6.63 (wink!)

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