Joe Thomas: Johnny Manziel’s commitment is “night and day” from last season


Earlier this month, Browns left tackle Joe Thomas said that he thought quarterback Johnny Manziel “lost probably a lot of trust” in the locker room with the way he handled his brief ascension to the starting job last season and that he hoped to be “blown away” by Manziel’s commitment to football when the team started offseason work.

We’re in the second week of that work and things seem to be trending in the right direction. Thomas said that it is “pretty apparent” that Manziel realized how important football is to him based on the work that he’s putting in now.

“Towards the end of the season, even when he wasn’t there, obviously, missing meetings and practice and things like that, it’s just little things, and when you’re a quarterback it’s the little things that are the most important,” Thomas said on NFL Network, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “I think those were the things that were apparent by the end of the year, and I think he saw them in himself based on the things that he said right after the season and the steps and the actions that he took in January, February and March. To see the guy in the building right now is night and day from where he was last year in his commitment, and I think he has a bright future ahead of him.”

It remains to be seen whether more April commitment will relate to improved performance on the field, but it’s a necessary step for that improvement to happen.

76 responses to “Joe Thomas: Johnny Manziel’s commitment is “night and day” from last season

  1. This is a BS…. the man cant see a huge change in a few days… this CHILD is going to have to go months before anyone can say there is a “change”… and person with a addiction can relapse… and this kid loves the rock star lifestyle too much… talk to us next year!

  2. Oh good. To we have to listen to these spin doctors all season now? Win some games and shut up. Sorry you don’t play the NFC South again this year who were historically bad. Back to 4-12 termites.

  3. A little over 20 years ago, the Falcons drafted a QB early. That QB partied hard his entire rookie year and didn’t really get it. They flipped the guy for a better pick than they used on him in what turned out to be the worst trade in franchise history. The QB was Brett Favre.

    I seriously doubt Johnny Manziel will put up the kind of career Favre did. That’s a pretty high standard. But the point is that kids can grow up.

    We’ll see if Manziel really has or if this is just a con job.

  4. I hope so. I hate to see anyone with potential crash and burn. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this young man has turned his life and career around.

  5. Just hope the kid has learned and matured and that we can see his true abilities. All you haters will come out with your comments but a success story would be a very nice thing.

  6. Honestly, i don’t think anyone would care if he was just as aloof and careless off the field as he was last year . . . . . as long as he starts WINNING some games!

    Let me put it thusly: Is Josh Gordon still with the browns? Yes? Then I rest my case.

  7. hmmm well…..i want to believe this….truly i do…but words in April mean little….lets see what he says come May 1st

  8. Manziel will be the Browns’ starting QB by no later than game 3, leading this team to no less than 10 wins.

    Deal with it, ladies…

  9. Maybe the kid gets it. Hopefully he can have a productive life. After watching him all last year(pre season included), I don’t think he will make it in the pros(even if he is sober and knows the plays). He did not get around the corner once last year, not fast enough, and he is obviously WAY under sized. We won’t win 5 games this year. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN.

  10. That’s great and all but note to Browns: Keep planning as though he’s a washout. If he turns out good it’s gravy but don’t put all,… or many,… or even a few of your eggs in this basket.

  11. Talent or not, he looks like a high school kid. I can’t see him holding up over the long term.

  12. I am pleased for him that he is showing a real interest in his job, and I hope he keeps it up. It doesn’t assuage my concerns about his physical makeup to succeed, but many guys have overcome so called ‘physical limitations’ to thrive at their positions in the NFL.

  13. Maybe Johnny boy has finally figured out that he has to work if he wants to play. Probably for the first time in his life.

  14. you tell em joe…this year jonny nerfball will be committed and engaged the whole season…and still suck

  15. My God, would that be incredible if my Browns actually got some GOOD luck for a change and this guy really has turned his life around and becomes our franchise guy.

    Definitely NOT holding my breath for that, but wow… we could really some GOOD luck for a change.

  16. As the owner of an inflatable swan factory, I do not like where this is headed.

  17. If this new commitment to his private life and work sticks, his progress (both on and off the field) is going to be fascinating to watch.

    Don’t show me the money,
    Titans Fan

  18. Easy to say before any OTAs or practice start lolz.

    And didn’t they say something like that late last year too that Manziel had “changed” ?

    This will last all of a week maybe.

  19. Wouldn’t take much to improve.. From last year. I’m just waiting to see the results equal the ego

    Go go Johnny Benchwarmer.

    Like… How can this guy have any fans at all? Gets drafted, pulls ego right on the stage, goes the his team, sucks on the field, sucks off the field and all this for the paltry cost of a first round draft pick!!!

  20. Holy Bandaids Batman.

    C’mon Cleveland, please stop gobbling to help repair that silver spooned bust.
    You picked him, sell it to yourselves any way you want, but everyone else already knows the result.

  21. This is funny. Does anybody believe this is anything more than a teammate realizing he shouldn’t have made his last comments, and now is in full cover up mode? 2 weeks into voluntary workouts and Johnny’s a new man! Ok. Sure.

  22. Good on Johnny if he’s finally taking his job seriously, but I still have major doubts about his physical ability to get it done as a starting QB in the NFL long-term.

  23. I’m sure none of us who post here have screwed up.

    Good luck to Johnny Football and the Browns! Take advantage of your second chance. I’m glad the Browns let Hoyer leave. He was a “me first” guy. McKown will help Manziel.

  24. Go get it Johnny ! I’m all for improvement and commitment. Especially with NFL Qbs. The more the marrier. Makes for an overall better product. I hope he’s the second coming of Fran and he proves all you haters wrong. I’m just saying.

  25. Doesn’t turn his life around…….. Not a good NFL QB!
    Turns his life around…….. Not a good NFL QB!

  26. As opposed to…they drafted him so they should be prepared to eat their mistake. And maybe get fired for it. Jay Gruden comes off as lukewarm with RG3 because he can.

  27. Please..

    He’s a bust. Doesn’t matter how hard he works, he doesn’t have what it takes mentally to be a success at the QB position. And he runs too much too.

  28. im guessing the Browns told Joe to say nice things about Johnny (the biggest voice in the locker room) so other teams would be more intersted in trading for him.

  29. This is not a radical change in a few days as some indicate and call BS. The guy spent months in rehab.

    Hes a young kid that let fame and fortune get away with him. Not all that unusual its just he is so high profile.

    I respect him taking responsibility and getting help. Hope he does change his life for the better and I wish him the best getting his NFL career back on track!

    In the words of the immortal Chuck Berry – Go Johnny go go go! Johnny be good!

  30. Favre was the exact same way when he came in the league. Not saying he has Favre talent but he just needed to grow up and it appears he is doing the right things now.

  31. I hope he has turned a corner and becomes a good and exciting NFL QB.

    If for no other reason than for Boys fans to suffer as their team returns to their true level and for Jerrah to gain the stones to never let his son impede his drafting brilliance again.


  32. Unless rehab put him in Wonka’s taffy machine and made him 4 inches taller I can’t see him being much in the NFL. Doug Flutie without the arm, drive, commitment and intangibles.

    He’ll be judging bikini contests on pay per view before to long, Too bad

  33. Tim Tebow was committed 100% to every team he played for.

    That does not mean he is a good QB. Hoyer was 100% committed to the Browns. So was Charlie Frye…

  34. hscorpio says:
    Apr 29, 2015 8:18 AM
    A little over 20 years ago, the Falcons drafted a QB early. That QB partied hard his entire rookie year and didn’t really get it. They flipped the guy for a better pick than they used on him in what turned out to be the worst trade in franchise history. The QB was Brett Favre.

    LOL. Nine years ago, the Cardinals drafted a QB early. That QB partied hard his entire rookie year and didn’t really get it. The QB was Matt Leinart.

    Leinart was a “prototypical” QB with the right size, and had a much better college career than Manziel. He also won the Heisman.

  35. we’ll know for sure if he’s changed if he doesn’t flash that crass classless money sign the first chance he gets. How many times have you seen a player or anyone go into rehab for a month and leave early and not get it. This kid spent months in rehab. I wonder if he had the playbook that whole time. I’m rooting for him.

  36. For the young man’s sake, I hope this is true.

    It’s one thing to start down a good path, but can he stay on it. It’s an everyday struggle. I hope he does well.

    Meantime, the Browns are set up to add some quality players around him. Regardless of how good he is. Adding good players on the rest of the team can only help.

    Add some good players at other positions, and if Johnny works out.. great.. if he doesn’t, those players won’t be a waste, they’ll be around to help the next guy.

    Good luck to Johnny.

  37. Re: Johnny and Brett Favre

    I know for a fact Johnny can break Favres INT record in 1/3 of the time or less if he plays like he did last year and doesn’t get benched.

  38. Yeah we’ll see about that Johnny Boy!

    I played cards the other night with starting guard for the browns Joel Bitonio. (we grew up in the same neighborhood and played football together in Long Beach, CA. Wilson Highschool, I cant make this stuff up) And he was drafted the same year as Johnny and was even the dudes roomate through training camp. So naturally I asked the guy about johnny, and he told me that everything you’ve read about the guy is true. Drinks like a fish, if you can snort it, smoke it, or drop it, he does them in tangent. The dude would fly to vegas after saturday practices, go to vegas, come back on mondays just absolutely hung over and go to practice, then go out again that night AGAIN!

    The thing is Johnny wants to be a football star, but he doesnt want to play football. (if that makes sense). He comes from money (oil) so thats not what hes about either hes set for life in that department. No he wants to be a celebrity and hang out with Justin bieber and Drake and wreak havoc in Vegas.

    Good for him if he got himself right, addiction is no laughing matter. But the dude is what 22 yrs old? Actions speak louder than words…

  39. so after the first season, johnny found out that pro football life is not the same as college football life and that he’d have to re-earn it….
    good luck kid!

  40. The issue isn’t with Manziel, it’s with the Browns organization’s failure to admit & accept that it became the punch line of the NFL the moment they selected the joke referred to as “Johnny Football”. A smarter organization would cut their losses & move on (Washington is NOT an example) but that would go against everything ingrained in the culture of the Cleveland Browns.

  41. Aside from the natural skepticism, I like seeing so many thumbs up for Manziel to succeed.

    It is for the greater interest of football that we have talented QBs to come up in the ranks as the current crop like Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, etal., begin to thin out and retire from the game.

    Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr, Manziel etal. are QBs we all need to pull for (regardless of team) so that football stays exciting.

  42. So what. have you forgotten the true question about Johnny? Can a pencil-neck running around in the backfield survive the massive hits he will take? People knew he was a wild kid but no one thought he was a rehab candidate.

  43. Glad to hear this for Manziel and Browns fans. If he concentrates on getting up to speed, he could really become something special.

  44. You commenters kill me, with the “Way to go Johnny keep it up” and “Good to see the kid turn it around”

    Would LOVE to see the comments on the same article had Jerry drafted him.

    I was a fan of Johnny’s game at A&M, but he isn’t exactly going to be playing Vanderbilt every week?

  45. Figures the kid is getting straightened out just in time for the Browns to draft a new savior and totally forget who Johnny Football ever was.

  46. I can see it now…. Browns move up and take Mariota, Manziel gets traded to the Eagles.

    Mariota performs like any QB would with a horribly run organization that the Browns is.

    Manziel goes on to have a resurgence in his career once thought dead in Cleveland.

    Chip wanted him in Oregon, who’s to say he didn’t want Manziel more than Mariota all along

  47. It sounds like Joe is trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube. This is tought to do. Manziel is just not that good, committed or not committed.

  48. The Browns would be better off drafting Bryan bennett , QB from Southeastern LA…….excellent passer and can run! Former Duck who left the program b/c of Marcus Mariota! Enough said.

    Way better than Manziel…..way better

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