Licht say trade inquiries are on the rise

The Buccaneers will be on the clock tomorrow night.  Until then, they’re spending more and more time on the phone.

G.M. Jason Licht tells ESPN’s Ed Werder that trade inquiries are on the rise as the draft approaches.

Some think this means that Licht is actively shopping the pick.  Others believe Licht is merely doing what he thinks the General Manager of the team holding the first overall pick should do.  You know, like Kevin Costner in Draft Day.

Regardless, the potential for internal disagreement exists if/when the Buccaneers get an offer that either Licht or coach Lovie Smith views as big enough to justify a trade down and that the other doesn’t.  And if word ever leaks that the Bucs had a chance to trade down and didn’t, even more pressure will be placed on the organization to ensure that quarterback Jameis Winston performs well on the field and behaves himself away from it.

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  1. Everyone says the Redskins set bar with the RG 3 trade by giving away the store to move a few spots. That proved to be idiotic but just because the Redskin organization is run by clowns does that mean the first or second pick is unintainable? If a trade to the first or send spot makes sense for both teams why should one moronic deal set new grounds.

  2. A thought to keep in mind… Trading up to get the alleged best talent doesn’t always favor the high price to pay.

    Dion Jordan
    Ex-Miami Dolphin (I hope )

  3. Draft Day Trade Possibilities:

    Tampa Bay trades the 1st overall pick

    Tennessee trades the 2nd overall pick

    San Diego trades QB Philip Rivers

    New York trades DE Muhammad Wilkerson

    Minnesota trades RB Adrian Peterson

    Should be fun tomorrow night!

  4. Does anyone really think the phones would NOT be ringing? Anyone that is in love with a player likely to get picked early is wondering what it would take to get that guy. So simple due diligence would mean that teams in that situation would be calling the teams at the top of the draft to see what it would take to get into a position to get the guy they want. Lots of teams need a QB, and with two good ones set to go early, every team in the top ten will be getting those calls. That’s just common sense. This same article would likely apply to every team drafting in the top ten picks.

  5. Im not sure which is worse, Kevin Costners portrayal of an NFL General Manager, or Ray Farmers portrayal of an NFL General Manager. Both performances were pretty bad.

  6. Mike Lynn set the bar ridiculously high when he traded the entire Vikings team plus draft picks to the Cowboys for Herschel Walker.

    Mike Ditka traded an entire draft to get Ricky Williams.

    Were these precedents that other teams followed? No. RBs in their prime have been traded for just 1 1st, or just 1 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick.

    Just b/c the REDSKINS traded a boatload of high picks to get RG3 does NOT mean that teams will pay the same price to move up in the draft.

  7. Are they on the phone about football issues or lawsuits and police issues regarding winston. I think bu friday the Gm will be on the clock. If they take marcus then kudos on a magnificent deception

  8. There’s nothing worth trading down this year for. Last year’s draft you would have had a point. Legitimately, there are barely 20 first rounders in this draft, so if you have a chance to draft a franchise QB seeing that this franchise has probably only had one true one in Doug Williams over 30 years ago, you do it every time and twice on Sunday.

  9. Best case would be Oakland really wanting Cooper and trading up to 1 to get him. No one would jump up for Winston because they assume Bucs are taking him and haven’t done the same level of research Bucs have. Bucs get Winston at 4 and some extra picks. Even if someone jumps for Winston we still get Williams to stick next to McCoy for the next decade.

  10. Chip Kelly’s just called and offered Brafford, the Liberty Bell and a cheesesteak of choice for the pick

  11. i can’t see TB taking jameis winston. talk about playing with fire. way too risky.

    so either mariota or yeah trade down a few sports and still get a top 5-10 guy plus all the additional picks TB presumably gets.

  12. Sometimes good players fall into your lap. Green Bay didn’t trade away anything to get Aaron Rodgers, but all the bad teams that pick early every year were probably trying to trade up to get Alex Smith. That’s why the same teams seem to pick early every year, and Green Bay doesn’t. Before Green Bay got Rodgers, they picked up Brett Favre from Atlanta for next to nothing. Good GMs are worth their weight in gold.

  13. The redskins trade for RGIII was due to value and the competitive market(browns). The redskins were NOT stupid, the gamble simply didn’t workout.

  14. Just to mess with peoples minds, I hope they trade the #1 to the Jets straight across for Geno Smith. The Jets would then use the pick on a cb to compete with Revis

  15. NFL trades, a clear example of how the free market works without government intrusion and ridiculous bureaucratic regulations.

    2+ teams want to trade up for a top 5 pick, the costs increases.
    1 team wants to trade into the top 5, the cost is lower due to no competition in the marketplace.

  16. Draft picks are only valuable if you choose good players with them. For example, last years draft had 20 solid first rounders that were impact starters. The browns had two first rounders and missed on all 20 of these guys. How is that even possible?

    No joke…ODB, Evans, Sammy, Mack, haha, Mosley, Carr(2), Donald, Martin, Fuller, Mathews, Robinson, Lewan, still think Clowney will be a freak just had bad health with 3 surgeries, devante, Barr, Teddy, etc…

  17. Kevin Costner in Draft Day was horrible, but for as bad of a GM as he was in that movie, its still better than Rick “I can’t draft a QB to save my life or career” Speilman on his best day as GM of the Vikings.

    I will give credit where credit is due, at least Speilman delivers his picks to the podium on time, something other GM’s of the Vikings can’t lay claim to.

  18. To those who think Draft Day wasn’t a realistic movie, I’ve got to wonder when was the last time you spent your hard earned money to watch a documentary. Did you walk out of the Hobbit movie saying to yourself, “Boy, that was one realistic movie about Hobbits.”

  19. stop Jason. Nobody wants your pick. They know they can just trade with the Titans for Mariota. NOBODY wants Winston. You are stuck with him buddy.

  20. Seahawks trade Russell Wilson and his impending cap nightmare to the Bucs, for the number one pick, (Mariota).Then they have another cheap QB and zero cap problem.

  21. I heard someone discussing an interesting scenario on the radio yesterday. Basically that Tampa could partner with someone who wants to trade up for Williams, trade down a few slots and still get Winston.

  22. This is no different than when I have the #1 pick in our fantasy draft and I tell the league that I have (3) owners trying to trade up for the #1 pick.

    It’s not rocket science. Put doubt in the heads of some teams who may be interested in trading up.

  23. Im sure that Doug Whaley will somehow swindle the Bucs of the first overall pick, just like he did to get Mccoy from Philly and Hughes from Indy. I swear, that guy can trade for anything

  24. The Eagles are getting Mariota. Kelly knows he won’t be there in three years so what does he care trading away Phi’s future.

  25. Who doesn’t love watching the Philadelphia organization operate? 4 years ago, it was Young’s dream team & Vick’s pending dynasty. Today it’s Chip’s team. Mariota has had two shots at a national championship, has won zero times. Chip had a shot at one of them, they blew it together against Auburn. This kid has shown that he doesn’t win championships. Has repeatedly demonstrated the propensity to fall short with the $$$ on the line in the biggest game. He’s the perfect Eagle!

  26. Had to laugh at the couple of people that said Draft Day was a bad movie. As you noticed by the thumbs down ,you are severely in the minority. It was a pretty accurate presentation of what goes on during it all, and the relationships with players, coaches, GM’s, and owners. Did you also thing Money Ball was bad baseball movie?lol

  27. mctitan4 says:
    Apr 29, 2015 10:35 AM
    any movie with Jennifer Garner is good movie in my book
    Well then, I hope you enjoyed Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

  28. So, Browns supposedly offer their 2 #1’s to Tennessee in order to get Mariota? I say the Bucs take that and given em #1. Or, Bucs should just take Mariota and really turn the draft on it’s head. HA HA

  29. With all the rumored potential trades, draft night should generate huge ratings. Which makes me wonder if the NFL is having teams push trade rumors just to generate huge ratings.

  30. ” Mariota has had two shots at a national championship, has won zero times. Chip had a shot at one of them, they blew it together against Auburn. This kid has shown that he doesn’t win championships. ”

    That fraud in New England didn’t win any National Championships while in Michigan. He couldn’t even earn a shot at one.
    That old guy in Denver, yes brother in The Meadowlands, and the young guy in Indy also never won a National Title.
    You really want to base a QB’s NFL potential on college National Championships? If so the Eagles are dumb if the chase Mariotta, but genius’ for already having that future Hall of Famer who won two titles at Florida.

  31. 1. Winston 2. Chargers in trade picks Mariota 3. Williams or Cooper 4. Williams or Cooper. Raider Nation will soon rise again!

  32. Davikes: Exactly whats up!!! Goodell has to pump it up to cover the BOO’S hes going to get when he walks out on the stage & the Friday & Saturday rating that will be lost because the action is only on the first night!!!

  33. Licht has to make the case for the value of the pick now, so if/when it blows up, he needs to show he was with the consensus which we know historically is usually wrong. Consensus provides for cover, it doesn’t mean you are out front. Most GMs are sheep. How do you make the team better and better for the future? Look at New England. Look at what Seattle has done over the past 5 years.

  34. @pftstory

    How many times did both players you mentioned actually play in the championship game in college? Mariota did, TWICE! And lost both times. Kelly was there for one of them.

    Additionally, Kelly is 0-1 in NFL playoff games.

  35. I’m still astounded that a team coached by Lovie Smith – whose love for stud D-Linemen is legendary and who couldn’t care less about the QB position – is even thinking about taking Winston over Leonard Russell. That tells me Lovie is not carrying nearly as much juice into the war room in Tampa that he had in Chicago.

  36. Tampa will give in to temptation and trade that pick. I think at the end of the day, Winston will be a Jet.

  37. bucs should trade the #1 pick as they need too much. Leave Dotson on the right side instead of moving him and weakening two spots.

    Glennon threw a few interceptions under pressure. What do you think Winston will feel as he threw a lot of interceptions in College with better support..

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