Next move for Irvin could be a trade to Atlanta

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Earlier this year, a report emerged that Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett wanted to be traded to the Falcons.  Another Seahawks pass-rusher ultimately could be the guy who gets shipped to Atlanta.

Per a league source, chatter already has emerged regarding a possible trade that would send linebacker Bruce Irvin to the Falcons, reuniting him with coach Dan Quinn, the former defensive coordinator in Seattle.

Irvin, who was born in Atlanta, was a first-round pick of the Seahawks in 2012 — the same year they added linebacker Bobby Wagner in round two and quarterback Russell Wilson in round three.

With the Seahawks not planning to exercise the fifth-year option Irvin, he could be traded to a new team during the draft, and that team could then exercise the option before the May 3 deadline.

Irvin had eight sacks as a rookie in 2012, and he added 6.5 in 2014.

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  1. You can only pay so many guys. Seahawks do get the benefit of hitting it hot right when the salary started a almost 10 mil a year rise. Their secondaries contracts are going to look good fairly quickly and they’re signed for a longggg timeee. I think.. Still gotta lose a few though. Coordinators leave. Should be interesting.

  2. Jesus. They decline the trade and now all your fof a sudden there going to trade the guy to Seattle-South Jr? Let’s just calm down a little.

    Bruce is a very good player who is still improving but he’ll be 29 in the next year or so.

    Not too big of a loss if he leaves.

  3. Makes a lot of sense from the Falcons perspective.. gives them that much needed pass rusher and would allow them to go with the best possible offensive lineman in the 1st.

    From Seattle’s perspective.. gives them another draft pick and frees up salary for the mammoth extensions coming down the pipe. But.. leaves their pass rush dangerously thin going into the draft.

  4. He is worth a second round pick, no lower than a third or the spSeahawks are fools.

  5. I think this is an unfortunate example of the demand for Hawks players driving up the price. Irvin is a very good linebacker and he knows it. They can’t keep him and losing him leaves a hole in the middle they can only hope to fill. Maybe the Falcons have an OL man that can help but more likely it will be a draft choice, and let the crapshoot begin.

  6. The Seahawks Facebook page recently celebrated the 3rd anniversary of drafting Wagner and Wilson. No mention of Irvin, who was their first round pick. Seems like they’re ready to move on from him.

  7. The Hawks would have to give up at least a high 3rd round pick since Irvin will fetch a 3rd round comp pick if he is allowed to walk. This would be a good move. The Hawks like him but they cannot afford him. Like the LOB they have to have one LB in flux while they pay the other two

  8. Better then going after the Jags players like they used to.

    Atlanta has not had anything even remotely resembling a pass rusher since they fired John Abraham for being the only DL to have any production or talent.

    The GM is a clown and anyone who knows anything about the NFL and their roster knows the team was screwed from before the beginning by pathetic highschool caliber O and D lines which this idiot refused to get players to upgrade.

    Except for of course overpaying terrible no talent busts that the joke GM Pioli drafted in KC before being brought in to pair with Dmitroff, doubling down on his terrible picks refusing to acknowledge how terrible they are and believing he can pay them into not sucking.

    Atlanta’s GM is as qualified for his job as Idzik was for the Jets

  9. I don’t like it, not at all unless we get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for it. even though he was our first a while back dont care to deal a guy who is getting sacks

  10. Unless they can get a 1st or high 2nd round pick I really hope the Seahawks keep Irvin. He just keeps getting better and if he continues to improve at the same rate then he’ll be close to having a Chad Brown level impact at linebacker for the Hawks

  11. He’s being shopped and this makes sense. I would expect another unexpected draft weekend for the Hawks. They really like KPL and Brock Coil so this move make sense. In addition they have Mike Morgan also so the depth at LB is deeper than any position on the team. No way the Hawks draft 11 guys. Thier going to parlay those picks down to around 7 or 8 in some way. Expect the unexpected.

  12. Everybody that is clambering for a 2 or 3 for him, get real. I’m a long time Hawks fan (1979), at best we will get a 4 in trade, maybe even a 5 for him. There’s too much value on the earlier rounds to justify trading in comparison to his production and risk factor.

  13. The Seahawks would be fools to trade their ultra elite defense in trade for paying Wilson…. Wilson has yet to prove to be elite and the only ones screaming “pay the man” are other teams that want to see the Seahawks demise…

    Irvin keeps getting better every year and has proven to be an outstanding asset to the team. It would be a shame to see him traded away to save money for Wilson.

    In fact I am starting to kind of despise Wilson… He wants over 100 million while he is out screwing around at the WH instead of working on his game…

    He has become somewhat arrogant and still has yet to show the world that he can carry a team on his own… If they overpay that guy and the team falters because of it Schnieders head will be on the chopping block.

  14. This all comes down to who is backing him up that they like.

    He had two pick sixes last year – not bad for a guy playing his second year of backer.

  15. Sending Irvin BACK to his home of Atlanta is like giving a drug addict access to free needles.

    ATL is where Bruce’s problems existed before he was smart enough to leave for West Virginia.

    Bad move. Stay in Seattle.

  16. As a Hawks fan, I never liked Irvin. I didn’t like his smarts, and felt he didn’t get enough out of his natural athleticism. I’d like to see Irvin traded. Hawks can do better at that position. Let someone else pick up his desired higher pay rate for his low on field production.

  17. Well if they move him, the city of Seattle instantly becomes more beautiful.

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