Police say they haven’t heard from La’el Collins

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Teams that want clarity regarding tackle La’el Collins before the draft starts most likely won’t be getting it.

According to Ross Dellenger and Ben Wallace of the New Orleans Advocate, neither Collins nor his lawyer had contacted detectives in Baton Rouge as of Wednesday evening to schedule an interview regarding the death of 29-year-old Brittney Mills.  Police have said that Collins is not a suspect.

As one league source said on Wednesday, if Collins had no connection to the crime of any kind, he should be doing everything he can to meet with police ASAP, so that police can be persuaded to give Collins full clearance before the draft begins.  Absent a declaration from the authorities ruling Collins out, how can any team draft him — in any round?

So why is Collins delaying the process?  One reasonable conclusion would be that Collins has opted to protect his liberty over his draft stock, which means that Collins has reason to believe that, based on what he tells police, he could still become a suspect.

Notwithstanding the recent quip from Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim regarding the notion that teams would excuse Hannibal Lecter’s behavior as an eating disorder if he could run the 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds, the NFL has changed since the Ray Rice video emerged in September.  Despite the value associated with a first-round talent who slides to round three or lower, embracing someone who hasn’t been cleared of responsibility for the murder of a pregnant woman could set the stage for a P.R. nightmare.

Apart from public relations concerns, what employer would want to hire a person who possibly will be implicated at some point in such a heinous crime?  That’s why Collins needs to be cleared before any team can justify hiring him.

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  1. If he gets drafted earlier he gets a better lawyer. He knows $$$ over justice and so does everyone else.

  2. The Ray Rice video didn’t emerge in Sept., that was the second one. We all knew what he did when the first one emerged in Feb.. Americas outrage in Sept. hurt my brain, I mean these people have voting rights. Mind boggling.

  3. He went down there to clear this up & then hides, still believe he’s completely innocent ??

  4. This may be a Louisiana story, but I see no reason to categorize it under the New Orleans Saints.

  5. Of course he is a suspect. And you never talk to the police even if you are innocent. Anything you say can be used against you. No good lawyer would have him talk to police.

  6. This went from 0-95 quick. Something’s not adding up. Anyone that gets called by detectives about a murder you better bet I’d be driving to that station to clear my name. Especially if I had millions of dollars and a NFL career at risk.

  7. All arrows are pointing in the wrong direction for this kid.
    Really curious to see who pulls the trigger and drafts him.

  8. one year the raiders threw a 7th round pick at Bo Jackson, just in case he decided to play football in addition to baseball. It proved to be a low risk- high potential reward.

    This situation looks very suspect but there is some point, maybe end of 6th round where this could be worth the long shot.

  9. Yeah the police are not going to tell the national media if he’s actually a suspect of not. But if he no shows before the draft no team can possibly draft him. This would be unbelievable.

  10. Can he withdraw from the draft and then enter supplemental draft once/if cleared of all charges?

    That might be the best/only way to go here. He can still get drafted in the first round if he is innocent. It’s not fair for him to slide if he is innocent and not fair to a team that drafts him if it turns out that he was involved with this.

  11. I didnt comment before, to give him the benifit of the doubt, but now he still hasnt talked to the cops? No doubt he is hiding or involved in some way. The very first place i would have gone was to the police station!! Asap!

  12. He would be a fool to speak to the police without an attorney. They are not your friends.

  13. If this kid gets drafted and is indicted…super ugly. If he slides through the draft and is found completely innocent…super ugly.

    The NFL has to be shaking their collective head right now.

  14. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I hate the society we live in today. This young man could very well be innocent and lose his dream because of someone else. Sad.

  15. The longer he drags this out the worse it looks for him. Someone who has nothing to do with a murder that finds out the very publicly the police want to question them would generally be eager to clear their name….

  16. It’s strange that he hasn’t returned the PD messages. It’s already a tragety, hope it doesn’t get worse by seeing another gifted athlete throw it all away.

    I’m not sure if I was a GM if I’d take a risk drafting this kid in any round without knowing for sure that he had nothing to do with the murder.

  17. “Teams would excuse Hannibal Lecter’s behavior as an eating disorder if he could run the 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds …” Hahaha – that’s a good one!

  18. The problem could that because he knew the girl, he might know the shooter through her and hence, the risk of association to Collins himself.

  19. Maybe AH will give him an alibi. But, the timing of all this couldn’t be more unbelievable. Maybe the cops and the Saints are putting up a smokescreen so they can draft him.

  20. Wow. The optics of this are terrible. What kind of cogent explanation can this kid have to intentionally evading the police. They’re the police. They’ll eventually track you down–that’s what they do.

    Either grant them some time, and clear your name, or lawyer up. Either way, this situation looks untenable and any team who drafts him should have their collective heads examined.

  21. I wonder if the issue has shifted from ‘Collins will not be at the draft’ to ‘is Collins still in the country’.

  22. Is this déja vu? Similar to Aaron Hernandez. Remember authorities initially said Hernandez was not a suspect in Odin Loylds murder just a material witness. I wouldn’t draft this guy considering the current circumstances he’s in.

  23. I’m not Collins is guilty or involved by any stretch of the imagination. But coming off the Ray Rice and Aaron Hernandez trials, I imagine most teams will steer clear!!

    Now if I’m Collins and didn’t have anything to do with the matter, I’d run 4.3/40 with no problem trying to clear my name.

    Here’s to hoping for the best for ALL parties involved.

  24. So much for his lawyer saying they were aggressively trying to clear his name. What are they doing to aggressively clear him if they aren’t talking to the police? Are they trying to concoct some phony alibi like Hernandez did? Who knows if he is involved or if he is a suspect but he sure is acting like he is. No big signing bonus for you. This kid may be lucky to stay out of prison from what it looks like.

  25. I must admit this sounds bad for him. However, they may be an alternate explanation. He knows that no matter what his draft stock has plummeted. If he also knows that he will be ultimately exonerated he’s better off not being drafted. That way he becomes, in effect, a free agent and will probably be able to get a contract around round 1/round 2 money based on his tape and combine results. This may be the smart play because at this point it looks pretty bleak.

  26. Maybe I am naive, but this guy couldn’t really be so incredibly stupid to somehow be involved in killing his ex-girlfriend and possible baby momma and not fear that the police would look right at him?

    It is a terrible situation for the family involved, and La’el for the loss of someone he knew and could have possibly been carrying his child.

    I really do hope that he is completely innocent of any wrong doing, but if it is in fact true that there has been no contact with the police when he knows they wish to speak to him and he has nothing to hide, then this doesn’t look very good.

    That being said, I know how the police work and if they have any reason to want to put this on him then he has all the right in the world, and the only smart thing to do would be to consult with his lawyers and make sure all his ducks are in a row, and whatever he may say to them is the right thing to say to him in order to protect himself.

    Benefit of the doubt of course, but this is horrible timing…..

  27. It’s generally not wise for even innocent people to speak to police. It’s pretty common wisdom that what you say can and will be used against you, and you can talk yourself into trouble but not out of it.

  28. This makes no sense. Guilty or innocent, I would think you would want to get the talk with police over ASAP.
    The longer he delays, the more guilty he is going to look to teams.

  29. Even if he is innocent he would be smart to protect his liberty over draft stock, I think he rather does 10 years in the NFL, instead of 20 to life in prison.

  30. I think it’s dumb. Draft him late and don’t sign him or even negotiate until after he’s cleared or implicated. You could easily say we didn’t know what happened, but we didn’t want him to go undrafted if innocent and if guilty he’ll never be apart of this team.

  31. I understand it’s crappy to leak the news in the public that they want to talk to him, but they had to. They’re top priority is to the TWO victims. If Collins wouldn’t come in for an interview the best way to make him do so is to make it public. Now he has to give a full interview and be cooperative. If not no NFL team will touch him. It was a smart move by the cops and I completely support it.

  32. It’s real simple, if he’s not involved in anyway he speaks to police to be cleared, if he is involved you remain silent.

  33. Yeah, this certainly doesn’t seem to bode well for Collins. If it was me and I was innocent I’d be at the police department ASAP.

    Collins was in Chicago yesterday, but his lawyer could’ve had a meeting arranged as soon as he stepped off the plane.

  34. I don’t see any way this guy gets drafted. Any GM that drafts him will look like a fool if he’s connected in any way to this murder. From the details I have seen, it doesn’t look peaches and cream for this guy.

  35. Nothing to hide if your innocent. Too much on the line to be ducking the cops if you aren’t at least partially guilty.

  36. If he is truly innocent then all he has to do for the time being is release a statement saying “I am INNOCENT. In time, after the facts come out it will be shown that I had nothing to do with the death of this woman.”…..but he can’t even do that. Weird.

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