Teams anxious to get reliable information on La’el Collins

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As eleventh-hour surprises go, there are the conveniently-timed smokescreens and the poorly-timed blunders.  Then there are the horribly-timed, complicated situations that require teams to sift through troubling details in a very small handful of days.

For tackle La’el Collins, the timing couldn’t be much worse because the time to figure out his situation couldn’t be much more limited.

It’s known that police want to talk to Collins regarding a murder investigation.  It’s also known that Collins believes he has an alibi, and that his lawyer hopes Collins will be ruled out as a suspect — which means he still could be, in theory, ruled in.  It’s further known that the woman who has murdered was pregnant, and that Collins possibly was the father.

Some teams fear that, if Collins ultimately is determined to be the father, he could end up being a suspect.  Regardless of the quality of his own personal alibi, police would need to determine that Collins has no connection of any kind to the persons who committed the crime before conclusively finding that Collins had nothing to do with it.

At this point, there’s no evidence that points to Collins as a suspect.  But teams making significant investments in post-Ray Rice reality of the NFL can’t afford, less than a month after the conviction of Aaron Hernandez for the killing of Odin Lloyd, to take a chance on Collins without knowing for sure that Collins won’t become a suspect, a defendant, or eventually a convict for something that happened before his name was written onto the card.

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  1. This is unbelievable. I cannot remember an instance of anything like this. A first round NFL draft prospect being questioned about a murder literally days before the draft. Really hoping he wasn’t involved. Feel sorry for the family of the woman that was murdered. Terrible

  2. Rae Carruth had an alibi too but paid the hitmen. He and Hernandez will be buddies in prison.

  3. lawyer or not id be jumping up and down and posting my alibis on social media also she is 29 he is what 21 22 ?


    Im pretty sure her age or anything really does not matter. She was murdered, dont be a dick and blame her for anything. Good thing the kid survived.

  4. Seems like his lawyer would be screaming he is not the father.

    If in fact he was not the father.

  5. Perhaps he upset the wrong people by not giving them money. You never know what criminals or crazy people are capable of.

  6. There are about 15 teams in this year’s draft that would love to simply trade back into rounds 3+ or take the picks into next year’s.

    Worst draft we’ve seen in a long time.

    Sure hope this young man wasn’t involved and I pray the family of the young woman finds peace.

  7. This is piling up quick like the Hernandez case. Teams got some digging to do. I really hope this kid isn’t a POS but well see I guess

  8. If he is the father, why was he in Chicago for the draft? I guess he could say he wasn’t sure he was, but just the fact that he could be, would seem to merit him remaining in Louisiana.

    “Your ex-girlfriend was murdered, but her baby survived. The baby might be yours.”
    “It’s probably not. I’m off to the NFL draft!”

  9. Collins was having an affair with her, and when the woman’s boyfriend (who is the father of the unborn child) found out, he shot her. All Collins did was have an affair. That’s what the police want to talk to him about. He didn’t do anything.

  10. Sure seems to be stalling as in maybe that iron clad alibi ain’t so iron clad? I mean, hey if he knew the time of death and he was in a bar in wyoming, that would be pretty easy to blow off.

    The police obviously suspect something, his alibi stinks or he is involved somehow me thinks. I would not spend a one pick on this guy. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much at stake.

  11. Wouldn’t he be just as much of a suspect if he found out the baby wasn’t his vs finding out that it was his?

  12. If I were him, guilty or not, I’d be frantic. What a time for a false accusation to come up. Life altering to say the least. He just had his lotto ticket stolen.

  13. I think you have to wipe him off your board, there is no way to absolutely clear him in 24 hrs.

  14. “Marshawn Lunch says:
    Apr 29, 2015 7:47 PM
    The fact that he’s decided not to attend the draft speaks volumes.”

    No it doesn’t

    “If he is the father, why was he in Chicago for the draft? I guess he could say he wasn’t sure he was, but just the fact that he could be, would seem to merit him remaining in Louisiana.

    “Your ex-girlfriend was murdered, but her baby survived. The baby might be yours.”
    “It’s probably not. I’m off to the NFL draft!””

    He’s not attending the draft TOMORROW.

  15. As a Bronco fan, he was definitely high on my draft board. Now he is moving up on the police’s.

  16. Fair or not this kid is likely undraftable unless a team is willing to throw away a pick on the chance he is uninvolved. Kid was a likely 1st round pick but now, I would guess a team might wager a 4th at best. It is likely he goes undrafted and signs a quick deal after the draft. He is innocent until proven guilty of anything but the circumstances and the recent NFL drama are hard to overlook. If he is drafted and is determined guilty of involvement in a murder there will be a huge PR issue. It sucks but that is the new reality. I wanted my fins to snag him for his versatility but now, not so much.

  17. Now suppose he’s quickly found to be completely uninvolved but they don’t clear him until Sat. morning. Someone might be getting a first round talent at the top of round 4.

  18. I don’t know what they’re looking for. The cops either called Collins out to be spiteful or because he’s suspect. They ain’t gonna offer no apologies.

    The best Collins can hope for is that the story fizzles out over the next coupla months. If that happens, he can plug along as a late round draft pick without the big contract and without the honorary pro bowls.

  19. Hopefully we don’t next see him as the passenger in a white Ford Bronco gliding down the interstate with TV news helicopters tailing him…

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