As Eagles try to trade up, Fletcher Cox could be available

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Chip Kelly said at the end of last season that Fletcher Cox had been the Eagles’ most valuable player. In a sign of how badly Kelly wants to trade up in the draft, there’s now talk of the Eagles dealing their MVP.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Cox is viewed as a potential trade piece for the Eagles.

Other players the Eagles have reportedly considered trading include quarterback Sam Bradford, guard Evan Mathis, cornerback Brandon Boykin and linebacker Mychal Kendricks. But Cox would probably be the biggest prize of them all: The 12th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, Cox has started all 16 games at defensive end each of the last two years and has a very affordable salary of $1.8 million this year, followed by his fifth-year salary of $7.8 million next year.

Kelly wouldn’t take trading Cox lightly, but he may just do it if it allows the Eagles to move into position to draft Marcus Mariota. The Eagles don’t have enough ammunition in draft picks alone to move up to No. 2 overall, but a package that included a player like Cox could be enough to sweeten the deal and persuade the Titans to pull the trigger.

We won’t know for sure how this is all playing out until we hear Roger Goodell call Mariota’s name tonight. But Kelly will spend the next 12 hours trying to get his quarterback. Even if he has to give up a good player in the process.

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  1. The way the speculation among the media is growing, the Eagles may have alot of trouble fielding a full roster this fall after they trade every talented player on this team who wasn’t a Duck for Mariota.

  2. I really hope that somehow Mariota falls to the Raiders @4. This guy plus a couple picks in the first and second would make me happy.

  3. Help me Allah, Help me Oprah, help me Tom Cruise!!!!Tom Cruise use your witchcraft to make it stop!

  4. As a Titans fan, I’d be perfectly okay with two 1’s this year, a 4th this year, and the combo of Cox/Kendricks for the #2.

    And they shouldn’t agree to less.

  5. No way they are trading Cox…he’s their best player on defensive side of football and Chip has been dedicated to improving that defense this offseason.

  6. Mortgaging the future to draft one player has never been a winning strategy. The poster child for that was Mike Ditka trading his entire draft to get in position to draft Ricky Williams.

    Those girls always look prettier at closing time than they do the next morning.

  7. I would trade almost any other player on the team before I even consider trading Fletcher. He’s the rock of that defensive line. Unless Chip really is 100% certain that Mariota is gonna be the next coming of Steve Young, or something of that caliber, I wouldn’t do it. Find another way.

  8. This is going to be a spectacular disaster for the Eagles, lol. Go ask Washington fans how it works out when you get fixated on 1 player at all costs. And if you think the scraps being offered so far is enough to get to 2 from 20, I have a bridge to sell you somewhere. Couple the desperation with how far he has to go, it’s going to take some combination of three #1 picks, the whole rest of the draft tonight and a player probably like Cox. Teams pretty much go with that chart, and the chart says a jump from 20 to 2 is a whole lot more than 12, 20, and a couple of players that Chip wants to trade. Eagle fans, this is your future hanging in the balance. You’ll soon be replacing Washington as the punchline. It will be the cautionary tale from the armchair idiots of why you don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket because injuries happen, busts happen, etc.

  9. i’m 100% all about sending all sorts of draft selections to get that franchise QB.

    I do not support sending quality proven players + a bounty of draft pics.
    that’s what losing organizations do.

  10. It’s just the same stories over and over since early March.

    Eagles will trade Cox, Kendricks, and 19 to get to 2, with extra picks depending on who is talking.

  11. Consider that Kelly said Cox was his MVP because he wasn’t and wanted to build his value to trade him.

  12. Didn’t Spurrier surround himself with ex-Gators in DC? This isn’t going to end well in Philly.

  13. Please let Mariota slide to # 5 so the Redskins can trade the pick to the Eagles for Cox and their # 1. At 24 years old, Cox is like a sure fire high # 1 pick. Mariotta has promise but as a Redskins fan I can tell you, promise does always equal performance. I would take that deal as a Skins fan any day of the week.

  14. Cox will not be going anywhere! I would trade Bradford or the 19th pick, 20th, next years 1st round pick, Kendricks and the pick you net from Boykin. I wouldn’t trade Cox straight up for Mariota!

  15. What if Sam Bradford stays healthy for the next 6 years? What are those odds? With Sanchez as a backup, I might roll the dice on Bradford.

  16. didn’t Chip recently say he wasn’t going to mortgage the future of this team? I wonder what that exactly means to him. As a Cowboys fan, I hope he does…..

  17. yeah, theres talk alright…wild speculation in the media. Lately that constitutes actual sources. Cox is going no-where but to the Novacare complex for team workouts…

  18. If I am the Eagles I would force Tennessee’s hand to pick Mariota as I wouldn’t give up Cox in the deal. Bradford, Kendricks, #1 pick yes and 2016 pick.

    Mariota doesn’t fit Tennessee’s scheme.

  19. Talk about going all-in. To trade arguably the best young DT in the league in the prime of his career – plus a boatload of draft picks – for an X-factor QB? Just wow. Within the next two years, if he keeps making moves like that Chip will either be in the Superbowl, or scrounging for a job in college D-2.

  20. So some team is going to take an injured Sam Bradford in the final year of his contract and a $13M payday. OK. Sure. He has refused to sign an extension with the Eagles unless they agree to a no trade clause. So forget about using him in a trade. I find it hard to believe that Kelly really wants to do such a deal. If he did why trade McCoy and Foles and a 2nd rd pick all ready this off season. All of that would have been better collateral to move up to Pick 2. If Kelly is as smart as everyone says he is, then no way he makes those previous deals if his end game all along was Mariota. He would have to be an idiot to make those previous deals.

  21. Chip has done some wild moves this offseason but even Chip has to know trading any of his productive defensive players off of a already mediocre at best defense would be totally stupid..

  22. Any real genuine Cowboys fan that really studies X’s and O’s will tell you the two times we played philly last year, Cox individually disrupted our run game from the interior by himself. I know Chip is desperate, but for a defense that was already starving for playmakers to give up a major interior cog would be a dangerous mistake.

  23. Chip will lose the city if he does that. It might seem like every Eagles Fan wants MM but in reality it’s just a bunch of Internet commenters and radio callers that are obsessed with the idea. Most people you talk to will say I love Cox Kendricks Curry and he traded them and we get no 1st or 2nd round picks the next 2 drafts for this kid he coached in college? A LOT of people already hate him for Jackson Maclin Foles Cole and McCoy, they will make his job hell if he pushes them any further.

    Fletcher Cox is a top 5 interior defensive lineman. Which in my opinion is a much more important position then TE. If the Saints got a 1 and 4 for him the Eagles should get at least that for Cox. Cox is only 24 and was drafted 12th overall 3 years ago. He has already surpassed the ceiling of any player you would hope to get at 12th this year.

    Cox alone should get you almost half way there. Him plus the 20th and Bradford(or the 1st Bradford can command) is a steal for the Titans. If it was the other way around I would take that deal in a heartbeat.

    Personally I wouldn’t want the Eagles to make that deal even if the Titans accepted it. Fletcher is the best player on the Eagles and by a pretty wide margin too. Cox is a guarantee, Mariota or whatever picks you could get from him arent.

  24. How much of a mind screw will all of this be if we don’t even draft Mariotta and we keep our pick? Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear until it becomes what it is.

  25. Oh…..OK……You’re playing hardball, Tennessee……..if we throw in Tebow, do you have a deal?


  26. chip is gonna wait for mariota to fall to the jets probably and hope they can make a trade with them. titans want too much and redskins will want way too much because they are rivals. Granted the jets need a QB i think they have bigger wholes to fill right now. Cox and the 20th pick might work. Cox will probably push their D into a top 5 defense and at the 20th pick they can probably get one of the 2 top RBs.

  27. He should call the Vikings. Based on the players listed that are available, the Vikes would love to trade with philly. We need most of those positions and we pick 1 spot ahead of Cleveland.

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