Chip Kelly says he never offered players to Titans in trade talks

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At various points in the last few days, the Eagles were reportedly dangling draft picks, defensive end Fletcher Cox, quarterback Sam Bradford, linebacker Mychal Kendricks, guard Evan Mathis, cornerback Brandon Boykin, a lifetime supply of cheesesteaks, the shorts Rocky wore when he beat Apollo Creed and the Liberty Bell to the Titans for the second overall pick.

No trade went down on Thursday night as the Titans selected quarterback Marcus Mariota, the presumed target of the Eagles’ attention. The Eagles picked USC wideout Nelson Agholor with the 20th pick and Chip Kelly said after the selection that the team was never close to pulling off a deal with Tennessee.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen, and it didn’t happen,” Kelly said, via Reuben Frank of CSN Philly. “It was a really steep price.”

Kelly also said that reports he offered any of the players listed above in exchange for the pick were false, adding that whatever discussions about a trade that did go on never got that far.

90 responses to “Chip Kelly says he never offered players to Titans in trade talks

  1. Yah. Ok.

    Damage control.

    He offered half the team he actually didn’t already trade away.

    The whole plan revolved around getting MM and he failed. Mutiny coming. Watch.

  2. Jax4 says:Apr 30, 2015 10:54 PM

    …..and nobody believes him

    But we believe the media that he offered fletcher cox (our best defensive player) Michael kendricks who’s been a solid linebacker and Brandon Boykins who many have considered the best slot corner in football plus 3 1st rd picks, 2 this year. As an eagles fan I want marital but that price tag was too high

  3. I was wondering HOW the Eagles were going to offer 2 first round picks AND Bradford when they only had one… and MAYBE could have gotten a second by trading to the Browns… so the original story was a bit odd that he offered so many players.. and then to report that he offered Cox.. after he already said Cox was his start defensive played and keystone player.. made no sense whatsoever.

    Yes the haters will say he is lying.. but given the other parts of the supposed offer that were obviously false in those reports, I do believe that no players were ever discussed and that Tennessee wanted to make it look as if they were offered the sun the moon and the stars when they were weren’t to see if anyone would offer equal or more when they were lying all along on how much the Eagles were offering.

  4. People act like Chip had the Titans on speed-dial, calling them over and over with different combinations of picks and players, hoping and begging that the Titans would trade with them.

    Considering that even the Titans are saying that the trade talks with the teams interested never got very far, Chip (along with maybe San Diego and Chicago) probably called, balked at all the shiny stuff Tennessee wanted, and went back to figuring out the #20 pick.

    Everything else is just speculation by the media.

  5. Besides egotistical I think Kelly also is the second coming of Rex Ryan when it comes to spreading the b.s. He took a big gamble earlier this year trading his best players just to make the eagles “his team” and now that he couldn’t get MM, we will see how good “his team” is.

  6. Honestly he is so high on Fletcher Cox I just don’t see him offering that. And besides all the haters comments if Eagles really wanted Mariota they could have had them and everyone knows that they could have traded Bradford to Browns and then their #1, Browns #1 and next years #1 and Titans would have gone for it but obviously they didn’t want to give up that much. And i personally think 3 #1 picks for 1 unproven QB or any player who hasn’t played in the NFL is way to much. 2 #1 picks should be the max. giving up 3 number 1 picks kills you if it doesn’t work out. Hints Redskins

  7. They talked about getting MM everyday for two years on philly sports talk ! LOL

  8. well……the question is this…is he lying or was the media lying?? it’s hard to prove one or the other. the fact is, they didnt get Mariota….so now they roll with Bradford (who i think can be a great fit in that offense if they dont have him run).

  9. Who actually CARES. Mariotta is a once in a generation quarterback. This is like Kaepernick, except you already know who he is before Alex Smith.

    I would have traded 2 years of first rounders and the entire fled of Tebow, Bradford, Sanchez for this guy.

  10. Chip said he wouldn’t mortgage the future for one player and he didn’t. Whew… I have to admit I was a little nervous. Eagles weren’t/aren’t going to win the Stuporbowl this year no matter who our qube is. Better to keep the picks and players in order to win it next year or year after. It’s been 55 years or so since the Iggs were NFL champs. Waiting another year to get it right won’t kill me. Dallas winning the StuporBowl, now that would kill me…

  11. I don’t buy any of this… If Chip actually offered the picks and the players that were mentioned… The Titans were complete fools for not taking that deal!

  12. Just curious why the media acts as though Chip tore the whole roster apart. If I’m not mistaken
    Mccoy= Murray & Mathews
    Maclin= went younger and cheap in Nelson
    foles= likes Bradford better
    Obtained a star in Kiko Alonso, Maxwell from Seattle, etc etc. I am afraid I don’t understand all the drama

  13. The QB is Tebow’s to lose now. Bradford is injury prone and Sanchez is Sanchez. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tebow time by November.

  14. It’s weird how much Kelly talked up Mariota over the last few months. Seems like he just made his own plan that much harder to execute, and made Mariota that much more desirable for other teams.

  15. Damage control. Chip didn’t get his way so now he has to act like it was all made up and he’s the smartest guy in the room. Funny how Eagles fans are on here talking about how he wouldn’t trade good players that he already had when after his 2nd year as HC he let DeSean Jackson go, let Maclin go, traded Foles, traded McCoy, cut one of his veteran O lineman and has another on the trade block and has done nothing to replace either one. Of course after reading this the character assassination of each player I named will begin even though they were all good players according to Philly fans, that is until they left Philly or Chip deemed them replaceable. Chip has no idea what he’s doing and it’s obvious.
    NFC East Coaches
    1: Coughlin (hate to say it but its true)
    2: Garrett
    3: Gruden
    4: not worth even an honorable mention

  16. It was all just media hype to make news. Nothing of what they have said to be rumors happened. Just a bunch of fake rumors to make the draft exciting

  17. I kind of believe him because he is in love with Fletcher Cox no way that guy was offered he is one of the best up and coming defensive players in the league that would be completely silly to offer him in a trade. I believe Chip offered picks and possibly one of those players (kendricks most likely because eagles are STACKED at LB). Everything else is bonus

  18. It’s kind of weird that we’ll literally never know. Chip could have been content with Bradford all along… the rest was just Florio and his less competent peers.

  19. He overextended. It will be facinating to watch to see if he gets away with it. But I doubt it as im sure hes lost faith in the locker room with many players already.

  20. I believe Chip, they were not even close to having the manpower or draft picks to move from 20th to 2nd, the trade had no chance of happening.

  21. If I am an Eagles fan, I’m worried. Kelley was obviously so desperate to land this guy, that it has to make you wonder whether he can survive the disappointment and make due with Plan B.

  22. The Titans were probably thinking “well we have this Zack Mettenger guy but thus Chip Kelley is so smitten with Mariota maybe we ought to think of giving him a good look.”

  23. I believe him….When he was asked a couple months ago about if he would be willing to trade up in the top 5 picks of the draft to select mariota he said that they aren’t going to mortgage their current roster on hopes of unproven talent. So did that stop reports of Eagles wanting to trade up for mariota? No but just look at what they reportedly offered. Fletcher Cox – a near pro bowl DT/DE that can play in any scheme, possibly mychal Kendricks who is a freak of nature athletically with high potential, abs 2 first round picks…. Are you serious? If you’re the Titans are you trying to tell me that you’re 100% sure that Mariota is the guy to turn that down? Because I’m reality if the reports were true mariota would be an eagle and chip Kelly would be vilified right now.

  24. Everyone said Chip Kelly was going to do amazing things in the draft that would blow everyone away…….LOL Have fun with Bradford for the two games he’s healthy

  25. At least he put his name on it and owned it. Unlike some people… At least he didn’t say,”per league source”…

  26. Haters are unreal. Had the birds gotten MM, all we’d hear is how nuts Chip is for mortgaging the future, how he lied, how bad MM would be, etc. Chip does exactly what he said and now he’s…a liar! Go figure. Good pick at 20 with Agholor. Defense already better. Bradford not great but likely better than Foles. McCoy a loss but replaced with more system-friendly MurrRy and Sproles/Matthews combo. What’s the problem again?

  27. Of course you didn’t chocolate chip….I’d say the same thing trying to win over my fan base after I tried to gut my team for 1 of “my boys”

  28. mzew233 says:

    “Who actually CARES. Mariotta is a once in a generation quarterback. This is like Kaepernick, except you already know who he is before Alex Smith.

    I would have traded 2 years of first rounders and the entire fled of Tebow, Bradford, Sanchez for this guy.”

    What?? A once in a generation QB? You can’t be serious! Give me one valid reason you say that: is it the fact that Mariota never took a single snap under center while at Oregon? Maybe it’s the fact that he can’t read defenses b/c at Oregon he didn’t have to – it was just look for your first read, if it’s not open, then run? Or maybe it’s Mariota’s suspect arm strength: you know, the fact that he can’t make all the necessary throws required in the NFL?
    Please respond to my inquiry, b/c I’m dying to know what makes you come to the laughable conclusion that Mariota is a “once in a generation quarterback”.

  29. I am going to believe chip, But not because of chip. I am going on the fact that if the titans didn’t take that offer they would be the dumbest team in the history of sports…. That was a vikings cowboys type deal … no way you turn down 2 pro bowl talents and that amount picks …. You just can’t… escecially when your the titans with all those holes ….

    I do feel bad for Mariota… Another case of team being to smart and thinking they can fit a square peg in round hole… Its not going to happen… Terrible pick by the titans…

  30. Why would he? He never said he offered anything to any team… You guys did!

  31. I’m sure he will say whoever wins OROY was the player he wad really targeting. AKA Odell Beckum. Chip better be right. Murray vs McCoy is a better fit. But Maclin, Trent Cole even Heremans maybe Mathis is going to hurt…Year 3 of your 3 yr plan Chip.. Playoff win minimum or back to the Pac 10., If MM is what Chip thinks and he didn’t go get him..No more snowballs at Santa will be Cheese Steaks thrown at Chip jokes for yrs

  32. Well let’s call up the Titans and see what the actual offer was

    Kelly: “Hey now… let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, just take it easy… believe me, I didn’t offer any players”

    (starts dialing Titans front office)

    Kelly: “OKAY OKAY…. You got me! HAPPY NOW?!?”

  33. Maybe Cleveland didn’t want to pay up for Bradford?

    I like Bradford. But not for a 1st rounder. Definitely not pick 12.

    Cleveland might just have worked out they can have their pick of the rest of the QB’s in the 2nd or even 3rd round. Why pay a 1st for Bradford.

    If the Eagles didn’t get what they needed from Bradford then they would’ve had to really add in a lot to satisfy Tenn.

    The Eagles have made a lot of moves. Murray in for McCoy. Changing out veteran WR for talented young guys. Still got a solid O-Line. Changed big money CB. Still have some other good talent on D including picking up a nice LB from Buffalo.

    But all Chip’s moves have done is shuffling things around and turn 1 talented team in to another different but still talented team without an answer at QB.

    At the end of the day so much of his moves will come down to Bradford v Foles.

  34. If the Eagles couldnt trade for Mariota, will Titans trade for Chip Kelly?

  35. Chip offered to throw Howie Roseman into the deal, but the Titans turned him down and trade discussions ended.

  36. Eagles fans are delusional here.

    Cox, Kendricks, and Bradford are all on the last seasons of their rookie contracts. No way do you trade a potential franchise quarterback for three one-year rentals. And you guys are saying that the Titans are the crazy ones for rejecting that deal…

  37. This makes more sense, Tennesee would have been nuts not to take that deal.

  38. I’m just glad the first round is finally over and we don’t have to read about or listen to this crap anymore.

  39. Did you see the faces of Eagles fans when Mariota was drafted and the idea of Sam Bradford as your starter finally sinking in……PRICELESS!!!!!!!

  40. Love all the commenters calling Chip a liar…same geniuses who called him a liar after he said he got a first round pick offer for Bradford from a team and that turned out to be true (Cleveland).

  41. Of course, he didn’t. Cause he really didn’t want Marcus Mariota. And he didn’t talk to Tampa Bay either. (eye roll – sarcasm alert)

  42. The more I listen to this guy, the more I hate him. He is going to run the Eagles organization into the ground. The moves he made the last two years are just plain stupid. I’m not saying this because I hate the Eagles, because I don’t. Just my opinion.

  43. Chip is too arrogant to be honest. I have a feeling that all of the moves are going to blow up in his face. Another good college coach that won’t cut it at the NFL level.

  44. Imagine what his players are texting back and forth to each other this weekend?

    “We’ll be alright. We got this bruh.”

    The Eagles have no faith in their leader, no QB, and a fraud at the helm with no integrity.

    Richiethegreek – please tell us how Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin are a joke for the 30th time this week. Look at your franchise – its moving backwards.

  45. Jax4 says:
    Apr 30, 2015 10:54 PM
    …..and nobody believes him

    I believe him, and I’m not an Eagles fan.

    What did you ever have other than anonymous media reports that says differently? Kelly said months ago, if you were listening, that he didn’t think it was going to happen, and it didn’t.

    If you want to buy everything the media tries to sell you to keep you interested and clicking on their articles before the draft, go ahead.

    I’m going with common sense.

  46. What a liar! Can’t put the genie back in the bottle Chipper! You tried everything you could to get your golden boy – including trying to peddle your current starting QB and several starters – we all know it, and now so do they. Have fun with the upcoming contract negotiations rookie GM!

  47. To all the haters and trolls out there here is my theory. Most of you are Cowboys fans and you are scared Chip will be successful. he’s an innovator and unpredictable but knows what he wants and that scaresyou.

  48. fordmandalay says:
    Apr 30, 2015 11:16 PM
    I no longer believe a word this guy says.

    Why not? When has he lied? He said months ago he was not going to mortgage the future for Mariotta, and he didn’t.

    After the way last night went, I think it’s the media you should start questioning your trust in.

  49. cboys4life2014 says:
    Apr 30, 2015 11:32 PM
    Funny how Eagles fans are on here talking about how he wouldn’t trade good players that he already had when after his 2nd year as HC he let DeSean Jackson go, let Maclin go, traded Foles, traded McCoy

    Agholor > Maclin

    Bradford > Foles

    Murray > McCoy

  50. Probably a true statement…he didn’t offer players to the Titans.

    He offered players to the Browns (or other teams) for picks that would be traded to the Titans in exchange for the #2 pick.

    Kelly likes to play “word” games…

    I believe the Eagles (players) just found out what kind of coach Kelly is.

  51. these reactions man . . . he got himself a Plan B in Bradford, he balked at the price of moving up. everything else was press speculation and somehow Chip is a liar?

  52. If he ever had intended to trade then wouldn’t Foles have been more enticing than Bradford? Chip is fun because he isn’t by the book but plenty of his moves seem like he is dreaming them up at the same moment he is making them.

  53. This coach has bamboozled the city of Phadelphia for 2 years. He has created a lot of drama in his locker room. How does Bradford feel knowing he was traded for to be used as trade bait?

    Eagle fans, hold on tight. This circus called “Chip has control on all on all personal matters” is a train wreck. Kelly has done an awful job with his team since the Eagles repulsive owner gave him the responsibility he clearly isn’t qualified to have. Chip Kelly thinks he’s recruiting for Oregon, he doesn’t get this is no longer the minor leagues. His playoff record reflects this as well. Bradford will be on IR by week 5, Foles will light it up in St Louis. Philly will be pining for Andy by the end of the Kelly debacle.

  54. I think Chip better make them shakes extra special for all the people in the locker room he treated as expendable. Probably a lot of hurt feelings for a rookie QB that while he should be good, does have question marks on how his came translates to the NFL.

    Of course that’s assuming he did try to trade away some of the best players he has on defense…*cough, cough*.

  55. Love all the commenters calling Chip a liar…same geniuses who called him a liar after he said he got a first round pick offer for Bradford from a team and that turned out to be true (Cleveland).


    Yeah. I don’t believe that either. Chip loves skirting the truth or flat out lying. If there was a #1 offered, the Browns were probably asking for more than just Bradford in return.

  56. Agholor > Maclin (A rookie, better than a veteran pro bowl WR right now??? LOLOLOL)

    Bradford > Foles (Really? At BEST it’s a wash. In reality, Foles has one of the best seasons in NFL history on his resume and Bradford’s resume is what it is.)

    Murray > McCoy (Given McCoy’s versatility in the passing game, ball security, durability and ability to make defenders miss, he is clearly a better back than Murray.)

  57. Lies lies lies chip kelly its a sorry coach his tryin to do what schiano tried take control of everything and give away good players to other teams, good for the titans for not accepting that trade mathis past his 30’s not alot of value, boykins jajajaja let me laugh at that one and who ever said his the best slot corner yall need to stop smokin whatever yall smoking the only good player that was cox and the 2 first rounders thats it , mark my words this time next year kelly would be fired, how u trade ur best offense player mccoy and then sign injury prone murray and mathews cause the only reason murray had a good year was thanks to the cowboys offensive of line which is the best in the league right now anyone can run behind that line lets see what he do in the eagles offense bad desicions like this are the one that are going to sink the eagles for years

  58. To be fair, he wasn’t trying to mortgage the future so much as he was trying to sell wayyyy too much of the past.

  59. tangovader says:
    May 1, 2015 1:08 PM
    Love all the commenters calling Chip a liar…same geniuses who called him a liar after he said he got a first round pick offer for Bradford from a team and that turned out to be true (Cleveland).


    Yeah. I don’t believe that either. Chip loves skirting the truth or flat out lying. If there was a #1 offered, the Browns were probably asking for more than just Bradford in return.

    Can you give me one proven instance of Chip Kelly lying about anything?

  60. Can you give me one proven instance of Chip Kelly lying about anything?


    (On the Oregon recruiting scandal regarding Willie Lyles paying players.) “I don’t know anyone named Willie Lyles.” (After the story breaks that Willie Lyles was very close to Kelly and the program.) “You confused me by calling him Willie. We all call him ‘Will’.”

    “Desean Jackson was cut because we wanted to ‘get bigger at the position’. Not for off-field or locker room issues. ”

    “Odell Beckham was the best player on our board” (After Beckham started lighting up the league and after he traded BACK to get the worst player drafted in the first round)

    “Demoting Howie was Mr. Lurie’s decision. (after he drew a line in the sand for personnel control)”

    “Sam Bradford is not a bargaining chip. I’m the only ‘chip’ here.” (Offered Bradford in at least two trade scenarios)

    (March – discussing moving up for Mariota) “We’d have to give up too much to move up from where we are, so the math doesn’t add up.” (Yesterday – offers everything but the wings on the side of the helmet to move up from 20)

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