Jaguars may be torn between Fowler and Cooper

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The second and final PFT mock draft of 2015 gives linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. to the Jaguars at No. 3.  But it wasn’t as easy to put him in that spot as it was the first time around.

It’s believed by some that the Jaguars are torn between Fowler and receiver Amari Cooper.  The thinking is that coach Gus Bradley wants Fowler, and that G.M. Dave Caldwell wants Cooper.

For the purposes of the mock draft, the tug-o-war was settled by giving the Jags the more precious commodity, allowing them to grab a guy at the more plentiful position of wideout at the top of round two.  But that doesn’t mean it’ll happen that way.

Either way, we’ll find out not long after we find out what happens at No. 2.

And if it indeed goes Jameis Winston at No. 1, Marcus Mariota at No. 2, and Cooper at No. 3, the Commissioner may indeed go hugless for upwards of an hour at the draft, since none of those guys is in Chicago.

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  1. So the Top 5 seem to be locked down: the 2 QBs, Leonard Willians, Fowler, and Cooper. It’s not so much a matter of will those guys go that high, as which teams will actually take them there.

    After that is when it will start to get interesting.

  2. If the Jags GM reads this, please note that Fowler is undersized and will get manhandled as a pro while Cooper will be a stud. Don’t make the mistake and take the pedigree from Bama.

  3. Blackmon is DOA and Dennard is a QB playing RB. Cooper at #3 and TJ Yeldon at #36. Jags win the division in 2016!

  4. The Jags have said all offseason that this offseason was going to be dedicated to helping Blake Bortles become a success. That would mean that, in case of a tie between Cooper and Fowler, Cooper is the pick.

  5. Gurley will very likely be the 1st RB picked, but in the Top 5 is not going to happen. Nobody takes a RB that high in this day and age, much less one coming off a major knee injury.

  6. They already drafted Allen Robinson and Marquise Lee last year, so are they unhappy with how either of those guys have progressed so far? Or does Caldwell want to stockpile as many young receivers as possible for Blake Bortles?

  7. Since it is GM Dave Caldwell’s practice to only tell the coach and owner who he will be selecting the morning of the draft, it seems unlikely that anyone knows if he is “torn” or not…

  8. Without protection any QB is a non factor. Drafting a wide receiver in the first round is a waste of an opportunity to build a solid team. How many plays does a WR make in the course of a game? About 10 if they are really good. There are only a few leaders like Larry Fitzgerald and tough guys like Julian Edleman around, most of the others are malcontents.

  9. Just to inform some who believe the Jags should work on the Oline:

    1. We signed RT FA Jeremy Parnell from the Cowboys
    2. We signed FA Center Stefan Wiscinieki from the Raiders who was New jags OC Greg Olson’s center at Oak. He may slide over to LG because Luke Bowanko was a really impressive rookie at Center last season.
    3. RG rookie in 2014, Brandon Linder was the brightest spot and looks like he will have a great career in the NFL. Coaches love his future outlook.
    4. LT Luke Joeckel, while not yet having adjusted to LT from RT is finally healthy. And he has lost 12 lbs. Granted he has not lived up to his draft position, this year will let us know how good or bad he really is.

    Changes have been made and there isn’t a reason other than to build depth to draft a linemen. Agree or disagree with how it looks on paper, jags have addressed the OLine in a major way.

    Now I personally would draft Williams, and then hope that Ray or Gregory falls to 36. And then draft a running back like Yeldon or Abdullah with 3rd selection.

  10. Ftball fan:

    Fowler, Cooper, and Williams are all Florida natives and want to stay local. Don’t fall into the easy belief that this is the same old jags of 2009- now. This is a much improved team. I won’t change your mind. Only wins will. But feel free to bash away.

  11. I always thought that the Raiders would take Cooper, but if Williams is there, they are going to take him and then a WR in the second round. If Williams is not there, they might trade down. I hope they don’t do that and take Cooper. Either way Raider Nation is on the rise.

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