Jameis Winston wins the Internet with crab leg photo

It is quite possible, now that he is the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, that Jameis Winston just does not care.

At all.

The new Buccaneers quarterback showed some impressive self-awareness and a sense of humor by celebrating his new fortune with an Instagram photo of himself in a Bucs jersey, with a plate of steaming crab legs.

Of course he did.

(The part we look forward to most is getting Jim Harbaugh’s reaction a year from now.)

Of course, you could also view his joke as another immature idea from a guy who has had too many of them, especially when last year’s liberated crustaceans could leave his old school in hot water.

But on the night the kid reached a lifetime goal by becoming the first overall pick in the draft, we’re going to have to give him a little leeway.

And frankly, it’s the kind of confidence the Bucs need as much as they need a quarterback.

206 responses to “Jameis Winston wins the Internet with crab leg photo

  1. It’s pretty funny and ultimately probably good-natured, but if I’m a Bucs fan who was worried about his potential problems, I’m more worried now.

  2. If there was ever a red flag, this it. The only thing that would’ve made this picture better would be a half-naked woman passed out behind him.

    Kid doesn’t get it and probably never will. He better win and win fast or every little joke he thinks he’s making that’s cute is gonna be staring him right in the face.

  3. I’m sure Lovie Smith’s going to love having to say, “I didn’t see it, so I don’t know” when asked to comment on this.

  4. He knows he’s gonna get blasted for doing that, but he apparently doesn’t care…and he sure as hell shouldn’t.

    The Internet lynch mob grows more unreasonable and unrelenting each and every day.


  5. Bucs won’t get over .500 this year.. Winston will be pissed off as he will not have control and he was in a cup cake league and did not lose until Oregon he cannot handle adversity well as we saw him yelling at his coaches already last year.

    His immaturity and his lack of integrity off the field will be major problems over 2-3 years before Bucs cut him loose.

    Bucs took him so they can finally sell seats and hopefully fill that stadium and sell some jerseys. NFL is an entertainment business and the Bucs gave their fans what they wanted.. but they are NOT going to be a playoff team with Winston at the helm. Just NOT going to happen.

  6. Getting drafted first overall can one day haunt you from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed.

    There is great responsibility in this, I can’t wait to see what kind of knee slapper this kid comes up with when he’s getting intercepted all over the worst division in football.

    Congrats Jameis. We are all happy to see how much you have matured through this process!

  7. I actually think this is funny, given he actually learned his lesson. And it’s just being smart, as Deion among others taught guys how to market themselves. If you have a trademark, good or bad, you can use it to make money. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him sponsor something related to crabs or seafood in the futre

  8. I haven’t followed things as closely this year, but from a football perspective, I thought Jameis Winston was a lot more like Jay Cutler. I loved Cutler coming out of Vanderbilt, but he had clear concerns in regards to a tendency to gamble and trust his arm. I hope things work out the best for the Bucs on this.

    As for the off-field stuff … even if he’s on Cloud 9 and sky high right now, and justifiably so … someone on his team should’ve shown a bit more common sense and told him not to do this. (Perhaps people did). Look … the yelling in the student union was never a big issue, IMO. That was a case of a kid not thinking. I get that he was probably frustrated about the crab legs issue, and I get that the draft process lasts long and can be tiring for the players. Still … it was an issue that went to the police, and perhaps in his mind, he thought he was going to get hooked up with anything (which is a telling indictment of him if that’s case), but the fact that the police were called makes it a serious enough issue. To trivialize or make a joke about it at this point in time … is foolish.

    To be clear … I don’t particularly care that he wants to make a joke of it. There are far more serious issues in society to give a damn about an entitled and spoiled kid who, if he’s smart, won’t have to do anything for the rest of his life if he invests his money properly. Furthermore, I am not speaking to any other issue he has had … there were definitely far more serious issues that he’s been accused of. I just think this shows a level of foolishness, that he really did not need to get more attention on him for his past. He should be trying to turn the page and forgetting about this incident … rather than keeping it on the forefront of people’s minds. Instead, it has the potential to solidify a perspective that people have on him.

    Of course, it’s easy to forget now, but there were some boneheaded things that Peyton Manning reportedly did back in the day as well. Jameis is young – perspectives can change on foolishness as such over time.

  9. I wouldn’t call it “confidence”, but rather another display of immaturity

  10. Jameis Winston has swagger, and that’s just what the Bucs need. A man that can laugh at life is the kind of guy I want as a leader.

  11. tainted draft!!!! the designated visitors in the superbowl is going to just keep on winning, this could be the worst draft in the designated home team superbowl history 2015 NFL draft!!!!! TERRIBLE!!! I just don’t think the NFL knows what its doing!!!!!! horrible!!!!!!!!!

  12. he couldn’t act mature for even one night. The Bucs are screwed. I cannot wait till when he gets planted after throwing another pick and to watch him sulking and benched a few games into the season. He’ll keep the Bucs in the news and on SportsCenter though…for all the wrong reasons of course. Just what the Bucs deserve. This is going to be good!!

  13. A sign of things to come, I’m afraid. Lack of self-awareness….lack of maturity….lack of common sense….not a good start. I have to believe TB execs are reaching for the Excedrin….

  14. Only an idiot would have a problem with this photo. Let the kid enjoy his day and put the past behind him.

  15. Seems fairly tone-deaf for someone who is supposed to be the leader of your franchise. For a guy with so many questions TB should have traded down and accrued picks to add linemen and worry about drafting a top qb next year once they had a solid core in place.

  16. No. Jameis Winston does not “win” the internet.

    You’re right. Yeah, he doesn’t care. At all.

    That doesn’t mean it’s not also a childish, petty and pointless thing to do. Also, a needless distraction since there are already articles like this for fanboys and haters alike to get riled up about instead of just talking about a person getting picked 1st and achieving a dream.

  17. I don’t know, if it was self awareness and a sense of humor, I’d prefer if he, y’know, included a picture of the receipt to prove he actually legitimately paid for these crab legs.

  18. Parts funny and parts this guy will be a complete clown. How does he represent the franchise again?? Good Luck Bucs peeps.

  19. wow!!!! lol just got back from bucs draft party and crowd went crazy with excitement when winston was announced. lol short memories heh oh well time to save Tampa winston

  20. Interesting take on a photo that taunts those who believe you should pay for what you take from a store. Prepare for a tidal wave of criticism, Tampa Bay.

  21. Just as hilarious as when Bush made that vid of himself in the Oval Office looking around for those ‘pesky WMDs’. “They gotta be around here someplace”.

    Good grief.

    I’d be shocked if he gets to sign a second contract.

  22. Inb4 the self-righteous denounce Winston as an irredeemable slimeball who should rot in a hole forever because he’s making jokes instead of watching film.

  23. jameis already has the GM and owners having second thoughts, lol. Coming from a guy who has continually claimed that “all that nonsense was behind him, he’s matured”, yada yada yada. Immature and clearly a poor decision maker. Enjoy Buccaro fans hahahahahaha!

  24. What? No picture with a rape victim? I guess she will just see him in court. Good luck Tampa, still no franchise QB in your history.

  25. Come on. That’s just some good clean fun and making light of a blown up situation in the first place. He should be doing the most to enjoy a huge accomplishment.

  26. I see a QB that will struggle on and off the field and bust in 5 years time here. I just don’t like his attitude or all of the accusations around this guy since high school.

    I hope he turns it around and lives his dream, but from where I am sitting it does not look good for this kid.

  27. This guy right here has no CHILL in him! lol

    The Winston haters are gonna think he’s immature and thumbing his nose at everyone. While his supporters are gonna think its funny!

  28. My dad has been a season ticket holder since day 1 of the Buccaneer franchise, I have split the tickets with him for 20 years. And this I think is exactly what the worst team in football last year needs. A guy saying this is why everyone said I should not go number 1. So to all the Haters, kiss my you know what. It’s the I don’t care what anyone thinks, media or people. It’s how champions think. AKA Patriots, Seahawks, it’s a swagger that’s needed in Tampa Bay so bad, I absolutely love it!

  29. Good gawd people.
    It was a joke. A joke. Get over yourselves, hand-wringers.

    I’m not even a Bucs fan.
    I see this as kind of a good thing – and what’s funny: This is considered wore $7k gold shoes while people hoping to make that much in 2 months watch the draft.

  30. Rumor has it that the Buccaneers have already hired a personal shopper for Winston which should prevent future crab leg thefts.

    Now they just need a good personal assistant to keep him from jumping up on tables and flapping his gums.

  31. Love this kid. Hate the Noles (UM fan), but this kid has “it”.
    Good for him. Great pic too. Don’t worry about the 50 something year old high school has-beens saying the negativity.

  32. One good thing is at least he doesn’t let everything like people, journalists, social media etc rattle him over something like this. Hopefully he can keep from the spotlight over dumb incidents in the future and focus on football.

  33. I dont think it’s funny. To me he’ s saying, look I stole from a store and I’m still getting paid millions. I would not have drafted this guy because I dont trust him.

  34. This just shows he simply doesn’t get the seriousness of what he did. tick tock

  35. Just like his little meme rant on campus, this is the kind of inadvanced humor the guy knows will result in chuckles just because of who he is. Now if it were a picture of him sexually assaulting said crustaceans, I’d be impressed…

  36. This is how a struggling team digs themselves deeper; by making immature clowns like this the face and leader of their franchise.

  37. Again, it shows Winston’s lack of plain commmon sense. He’s been so sheltered & coddled in his FSU world, that he’s not even capable of making good, sound decisions on his own. He’s all yours Lovie……

  38. Winston has gotten away with everything he’s done so naturally he thinks he’s untouchable. Can’t wait to see him find out he’s not, the hard way.

  39. Yeah, he might get his school in trouble, the same school he made millions for because he accepted free crab legs, then did the honorable thing and jumped on the grenade when accused of stealing, kept his mouth shut because he knows he will lose his eligibility.

    Never feel bad for the school who is part of a mass conspiracy to deprive athletes of fair labor rules. Not being able to sign your own name for money or receive free food because the plantation Owner says you can’t is completely unconstitutional and total systemic exploitation. #studentathleteslivesmatter

  40. Confidence or character – which is more important?

    This blockhead showed lots of #1 but I think #2 is more important. He’s got a long way to go.

  41. Give him a little leeway? Please re-roll the Johnny Football tape.

    (Johnny Football….you remember…Heisman Trophy, yada, yada, yada)

  42. Guy makes bad decisions and is guilty of Rape. Not funny at all.
    Your team is a joke and you are a joke as well. Enjoy missing the payoffs for your first 5 years.

  43. Good for him. He’ll be able to buy all the crab legs he wants for the next 5 years before he’s out of the league and broke.

  44. Of course it is a little immature. He has shown to be immature. But he is young and grow out of it.

    The issue I thought about is why didn’t someone advise him it might not be the best idea. Wasn’t there a house full of adults there?

  45. Good for him to stick it to the haters by making fun of them. I bet he can walk into any seafood store in Tampa and walk out with as many as he wants … without paying.

    Now it’s OK. The campaign to hurt his draft stock, didn’t work.

  46. There is no other way to take this photo other than another sign of Winston’s immaturity. Once again he shows that he is going to do what he wants, when he wants to and to hell with what other people think. Buc’s made a big mistake taking him over MM.

  47. Clueless…absolutely clueless. Good luck, Tampa Bay, you’re going to need it.

  48. He’s starting with a clean slate…welcome to Tampa Jameis, do it right from now on! GO BUCS!!!

  49. Oh come on. A man can’t poke a little fun at himself while enjoying his favorite meal?

    You’ll hate him all the more when he’s kicking your team’s ass.

  50. Stay classy, Winston. How long before Lovie Smith gets tired of his tomfoolery?

  51. Just goes to show he learned nothing when he got caught. He’s just like Manziel by mocking what he did. Manziel was accused to taking money for autographs. So he started doing that stupid money sign every time he did something. We see where that got him. A few months in rehab. Good luck Bucs fans. This kid has some serious growing up to do.

  52. If he ends up being a pro-bowler, defenses are going to hate him; he loves trolling his haters.

  53. No problem with this. I like someone who can make fun of themselves.

  54. ….let the kid enjoy his day. Its a once in lifetime event and its just good fun. The bucs KNOW all about his red flags and if it blows up on thier faces its on OWNERSHIP! ….I dont think it will though. The kid will be a star in the NFL.

  55. Still think he’s going to be a bust, but a person that can make fun of themselves does have a level of character.

  56. Sorry I dont see Dan Marino, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Payton Manning or even Brett Favre doing this. Good luck Lovie another punk to deal with.

  57. I am sure he will play this off as self-deprecating humor, but he needs to be above this now. Establish yourself as a leader in the locker room and in the community, and no one will care what happened prior to last night.

    My opinion is Lovie Smith just hung an albatross around his neck, but then again, when did Lovie ever show any evidence of being able to evaluate players? His lack of results in Chicago when it came to the draft is bordering on legendary. 1 player he drafted in Chicago was still on the team last night (Forte), and his list of high draft picks that never panned out is 5x longer. After 2006, he had the personnel control in the draft, and it showed.

  58. Wow he makes the ugliest uniform in the NFL even worse. Looks like the girl in the back is saying. “no!, no! no!”

  59. Too soon. This shows he still does not understand the magnitude if his mistakes. That joke would have been funny after he led his team to a Super Bowl, not before he has taken an NFL snap. Physically, he deserved to be the #1 pick but I don’t know if he has the maturity level to be a leader of men in the NFL. I still say he’s going to be a bust. Waste of talent.

  60. I would think it was funnier if it came from someone who had a history of being self-deprecating and intelligent.

    From him, it just seems like another sign of what he has been saying all along- he still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

  61. The kid reminds me a lot of Brett Favre. An immature prankster with a gun for an arm that takes too many chances because of the confidence in his arm. And will likely be a great player who wins a championship.

  62. Congrats Jameis – you hit the lottery, and it was earned. Now it is time to have an epiphany in your outlook and how you conduct yourself.

    Based on the fact you are the NFL’s number 1 pick, QB and now face of a franchise – it is time to turn the corner. Man up, find responsibility through discipline and realize you are in a position to enact change for what is good.

    Obviously you need to continue to develop at the highest level to be the best in football. It’s been relatively easy to this point. Now everything gets faster in the NFL. The windows you throw through shrink tremendously. You will encounter increased pressure from all sides as defenses are disguised – baiting the ignorant.

    You are also in a position of leadership for communities around the country at what might be increasing troubled times. Young minds will listen to you and follow your lead. Will you embrace this role and do the right thing? Or will it all be about Jameis having a good time?

    The Glazers just rolled the dice. Despite allegations they decided to trust in you. How will you repay them?

    Jameis you are on the clock.

  63. You guys are making something out of nothing. He’s just being funny. Period.

    Johnny Manziel had “on the field” issues all last year and you ball washed him to death. Everything about him said he was a bust but you praised him.

    Winston “off the field” issues have more to do with dealing with sleazy, gold digging women and a set up where ALL THE PLAYERS ON THE SCHOOL were getting free food from this grocer. Winston was of course the big fish.

    Do some research and you’ll see ALL THE PLAYERS on that team had that set up of free food. Of course it’s illegal but Winston covered for his school by not revealing that fact. Says something about the kid that he’d take the hit for the school so it doesn’t get hit with NCAA penalties.

  64. I’m a Bucs fan that is worried about his potential problems, but I don’t see an issue with this picture. I don’t think he stole em this time.

  65. Johnny Football II. Career implosion, franchise ruination to follow.

  66. I think most people would be embarrassed when they are caught stealing something, and would want people to forget about it.
    Clearly Jameis is not one of those people.
    The Bucs can have him. I wouldn’t want him on my home team.

  67. laughing all the way to the bank. world class troll. love this dude more already!

  68. Great job making fun of the fact that you actually participated in the act of committing a crime.

    Jamarcus Russell 2.0.

  69. And frankly, it’s the kind of confidence the Bucs need


  70. Oh come on it’s a little ironic humor, nothing more. It think it’s fun when someone pokes fun at themselves for something that was previously a serious situation. It’s not like he’s partying with Justin Beiber and headed to rehab.

  71. I found it funny. Pretty much that smile says “HI HATERS!”

  72. I’m not the biggest Winston fan, but I think this is great…

    It shows he realized he did something stupid and he’s man enough to be able to laugh at himself and move on.

  73. Confirming our worst conclusions, Winston has now deleted the Instagram crab photo. #Entitled #TheHarderTheyFall

  74. Millennials and post M-Gen are mostly unfortunately of this same ilk. All posturing, no substance, no depth, and tons of insta social media to praise or raze them.

    How about a story on that possible neurosurgeon Guard from Jamaica that was picked…nahhh continue to praise the Idiocracy of the world.

  75. It’s not a big deal but now you’re the face of an NFL franchise, one that’s never really had a Franchise QB. Don’t give any ammo to those that want to see you fail. Put your big boy pants on and get to work.

  76. It doesn’t matter that it’s funny (Which it is). What matters is that he’s already taking over being the face of the franchise in the first moments after being selected. The Bucs need to make sure he knows he’s a rookie.

  77. I get it. We all get it.

    But considering that he’s referencing an incident in which he stole, and which he recently lied about the circumstances to spin it away from his responsibility to try to pin it on a non-existent store employee, this doesn’t really show any class, remorse, contrition, humility or common sense.

    I don’t actively root against any single person, but Winston comes across to me as incredibly entitled. FSU did a good job of keeping him out of serious trouble for his past actions but if he doesn’t grow up soon he’s going to learn a hard lesson about how the NFL handles things.

  78. Good job Jam, you made it!

    Time to relax, party and flip off the world.

    Don’t need to be put down by the man just to be drafted.


    Good luck TB

  79. That is truly someone who does not get it. Enjoy that TB. This kid is going to go down in flames, and it is not even close. Too immature to lead an NFL team. Wasted talent.

  80. please leave the ‘wins the internet’ over on the idiotic ESPN boards.

  81. I think it’s funny and good to be able to poke fun at yourself. But I also understand why the Bucs made him take it down.

  82. Breaker Breaker 1-9…………

    & that’s a BIG OLE’ F—U—–



    The “Kid” has stones, and I for 1 LOVE IT!!!!

    He without sin cast the 1st stone…………….

    I thought so.

  83. Geez. You’d think the guy posed with a brick of coke while chilling in a meth lab. It’s a joke. If his play on the field is a joke, it will have nothing to do with this pic. Get over it.

  84. He was not in Chicago even if he knew he would be #1 overall.
    He had crab legs in his plate waiting for him.

    This was planned a long time ago.

    Even the girl in the back seems to think “what a moron”!

    “And for the 2016 first overall pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are proud to select : [insert another QB name here]”

  85. what we have here is an old story, a small town hustler with a skill thinking he can match wits with 32 established billionaire hustlers and come out on top;

    did i mention none of the billionaire hustlers look like him or come from the same environment he does?

    Haynesworth tried it, so did Young and Russell and RGIII, to name a recent few;

    we all know how this story ends…

  86. At least he didn’t make a joke out of the other thing he was accused of. (When he raped a girl)

  87. NPD – People who are diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy

  88. I love that he is trolling the very people in these comments sections. I loved watching them go ballistic on Twitter in response to it.

  89. mcjon22 says:
    Apr 30, 2015 11:58 PM
    Yawn. Played out. Not even funny anymore

    Yeah, it’s suddenly “played out” (what is this, 1994?) now that he countered the very people who used the lame jokes for an entire year, when it stopped being funny like the week after it happened?

  90. i think the bucs should just go with this as part of marketing to sell tickets. “Want to make way with crab legs like Jameis? Purchase season tickets and we’ll give you one crab leg at the game!”

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