Kevin White thinks Bears will take him if he’s there at No. 7

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West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White is in Chicago this week for the NFL Draft and he thinks there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll be spending a lot more time there in the near future.

White told Peter Schrager of FOX Sports that his meeting with the Bears was a “special” one that felt different from the other visits he took as part of the pre-draft process that’s been unfolding over the past several weeks. The Bears will have several options with the seventh overall pick and took meetings with plenty of other players, but the wideout believes his name will be on the card the Bears hand in on Thursday evening.

“I feel like if I’m there at 7, I think they will pick me,” White said, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

The trade of Brandon Marshall to the Jets would seem to raise the likelihood that the Bears take a receiver early and White said that the team’s coaches was “very high on me” filling the role vacated by the veteran wideout. We’ll find out soon enough if White can just stay put after the draft.

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  1. Possible. If he is available at 7 the Bears may take him but there are other needs as well … Like interior D line.

  2. As a Bears fan, something really grinds me about trading a perfectly good WR (Marshall), only to turn around and draft a WR in the 1st round with so many other needs to fill.

    OTOH to the extent White kid is essentially Brandon Marshall with speed (and without the psych issues), we could do a lot worse than him I think. I still think Cooper is more NFL-ready and would be a better complement to Jeffery than White, but the Bears WR coach is pretty good so I’m confident he could make a good NFL player out of either of them.

  3. I’d be surprised if the Bears don’t pick for D at that spot, particularly if that USC lineman is available.

  4. That’s even if they stay at 7. This draft is rich with pass catchers and pass rushers, they might be shortchange themselves by not trading down.

  5. Taking a WR at #7 would be ridiculously stupid, so it makes sense for the Bears. No need to waste a pick on a WR when you don’t have a QB to deliver the football. Cutler was horrible even with his safety blanket (Marshall) and another decent WR on the other side.

    This is a 5 year rebuilding project. Better trade down and acquire picks.

  6. The Jets will take him at #6 and the Bears go Defense. Book it! Hey, my opinion is just as valuable as every talking head for the last month that knows nothing. Can’t wait for tonight…

  7. Kevin White isn’t getting past the Jets at No. 6.

    P.S. You can book that. 🙂

  8. White would have some serious adjusting to do to Cutler. The West Virginia QB last season was a noodle-arm, big time.

  9. If it’s true, I’m sure Bear’s management is not overly pleased by him tipping their hand. These guys just can’t resist blowing their own horn.

  10. With the Bears entertaining offers for Bennett, they better have something planned.

  11. Trade the #7 to the Browns for their #12 and #19. Take Shelton with #12 and the best WR or RB with #19 (or even another defender).

  12. Wait a minute…the Bears would be stupid to take a WR because they have Cutler but the Jets would be smart to take him because they have …..who?

    If White or Cooper are there, I think Bears go WR. If both are gone, I’d try and trade back.

  13. WHAT? Hell no..I’m Ok with it if..Gurley, Beasley, Williams, Fowler, Cooper are gone..fine..But a WR at 7 make no sense in a deep class of WR..The Bears have 2 big WR’s and Royal..Marshall was a big possession WR..they had NO SPEED..They can get better value in the 2nd or 3rd by taking Tyler Lockett, the best route runner with explosive quickness and speed who’s also the top KR in NCAA..other players..DGB, Tony Lippett, Tre McBride..they can get one later..the best player is TODD many scouts and GM’ you take him if he’s there..WHY? Forte is 30 and won’t likely be resigned so they NEED a RB..he’s also not a power RB that can handle 4 and short up the middle..A game changer like TODD GURLEY is a weapon that will load the box thus opening up the passing game..for a speed WR like Lockett who has a great release, he can always get open one on one.Taking Gurley and running the ball with power keeps Cutler in check..fewer throws means fewer TO’s/INT’s..Power run game means ball control..and keeps the defense off the field and rested also wears down opponents he has an impact on both sides of the ball..GROUND and POUND..Right?..NO, he’s not Salaam, or Benson, or Richardson..Gurley is the best player/RB in years, and IF he’s there the Bears would be STUPID to pass him up..Yes, we need a lot of a OLB/ILB makes sense too..but they can get a great edge rusher/ILB in the 2nd..Stephone Anthony/Nate Orchard/Hau Oli Kikaha/Eli Harold/Eric Kendricks..if he falls..they don’t need a DT in the 1st round..they can find good value in mid to late rounds with Nunez Roches/Derrick Lott/Gabe Wright/Xavier Cooper..they also have good options like Kyle Emanuel/Davis Tull/Kwon Alexander/Taiwan Jones etc. later on..So..White is a very good player, yes..but at 7? NO WAY..Cutler does NOT need another target..Run the ball and throw less and take a WR later.

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