La’el Collins wants out of the draft, into the supplemental draft

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As former LSU offensive tackle La’el Collins continues to see his draft stock tank while police seek to question him about the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Collins is now seeking to be pulled from the draft entirely.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Collins’s agent is asking the NFL to take him out of the draft pool and instead put him in the supplemental draft. The NFL supplemental draft takes place each summer and gives players who had a change in their eligibility status (such as being declared ineligible by the NCAA) a second chance to get drafted by the NFL. There’s no precedent for the supplemental draft to be used because of legal issues swirling around a player. For that matter, there’s no precedent for anything like what’s happening with Collins right now.

Despite reports that Collins is not a suspect in the shooting of his ex-girlfriend, teams are privately saying they won’t draft him unless the police fully clear him. And given the length time a murder investigation can take, it seems awfully unlikely that Collins will be fully exonerated before the draft is over. It’s already a near-certainty that Collins won’t be drafted tonight, even though he was previously viewed as a first-round pick.

Ultimately, the NFL will decide whether Collins can be placed in the supplemental draft pool. If he is, he’ll have to wait until the summer to join an NFL team. If he’s not, he may not get drafted at all this week, and he’d then have to hope some team would consider signing him as an undrafted free agent.

Either way, Collins is currently facing an issue much more serious than football.

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  1. Assuming he’s innocent, and I sort of feel he is, this guy is getting shafted so hard. Terrible situation.

  2. Why is he waiting to speak to police? If he were so innocent he’d skip whatever he had planned for tonight and rush to speak with them. Seems illogical to wait when he had been flying up boards…

  3. I don’t see how they can put him in the supplemental draft, I think it would open too many doors to other players.

    NFL has under 6 hrs to decide. Given the NFL’s track record with how long things take I don’t see it happening.

  4. This probably wouldn’t be a bad move by the NFL. It would take him off the board entirely so they wouldn’t even have to talk about him.

    I’m not sure it would be a great move for him though. Any team picking him in the supplemental draft forfeits that pick for the next year. I could see a bottom-feeder team taking him in the second round but not a first. However, he may get lucky and have a team nab him at the end of the first round but I would think that’s not going to happen.

    All this is moot if they don’t allow him in the supplemental draft…which I don’t think they will. Up until now it was for someone who wasn’t draft eligible on the day of the draft who became eligible AFTER the draft. That does not fit this situation.

  5. I’m actually pretty curious to see how Goodell messes this up. I’m confident in his ability to somehow come up with a ‘solution’ that is worse than either having him be in the draft or pulling him out until the supplemental one.

  6. so he has no problem getting his agent to contact the NFL about this request, but somehow still hasn’t managed to get into contact with the police yet?

  7. If he is truly not involved this is going to cost him. If he is taken in a later round the money will not be as good as the first round. Even in a supplemental draft he is likely to get a lot less.

  8. Why not just see if you get drafted, and if not, get your ish in order and then take your pick of UFA camp invites?

    If he’s a first round talent, he should have plenty of camp invites and an excellent chance to make a team. He won’t get the pay of a high pick, but he wouldn’t get it in the supplemental draft either.

  9. I kinda think in this case an exception should be made so that he can enter the sup draft…. Its not really fair to either the player or the teams if he is stuck in this draft…. If he has nothing to do with what happened then the loss of money seems somewhat unfair, not to mention his girlfriend was just killed…. And if he did have something to do with it, its not really fair to the Team who drafted him.

  10. Not sure how this can be done. Under current NFL rules, only underclassmen (which La’el is not) who have not yet petitioned for NFL draft entry (which he has) and who are after the draft deemed ineligible for the ensuing college season (which does not apply to La’el) are eligible for the supplemental NFL draft. The NFL would essentially need to make an exception on the fly.

  11. At this point, it seems like he just wants this so that he does not get picked up in the late rounds. Obviously, the best case scenario would be to go undrafted, versus a late round guy. I think that is the play here.

    Obviously, none of that matters if he is involved in the murder. If he is in no way involved, what a terrible week this has been for him…

  12. In today’s Hernandez, Rice, Peterson, etc climate no NFL team can afford to take that big of a risk drafting this idiot. The deceased was pregnant…if the Ray Rice saga was toxic becoming Ray Carruth 2.0 is nuclear. He needs to focus on his legal issues and worry about football once (if) his name is cleared. If true though…how stupid can you be???

  13. Cmon people, I am sure the police know what is at stake here with Mr. Collins. And if he would have gone to them before he went to Chicago then. A) He would’ve been able to clear his name and this isn’t an issue for him, OR B) He knows he has some involvement and he sought to hide it until after the draft. I am sure the police of Baton Rouge tried to clear him as quick as they could, but when he refused to cooperate with them, they had to apply pressure, good for them. A young woman is dead, adn a baby is without a known parent right now.

  14. I hope the NFL approves his request. If he indeed had nothing to do with this crime, just being once involved with a person who was found murdered will have cost him millions. We should put ourselves in his shoes. There will be two tragedies here should he drop to the 6th or 7th round for no other reason than having once dated someone who was a victim of a heinous crime committed by someone else.

  15. Dude is an Eagle Scout, I think he naively got wrapped up into something and “may have” been in love with the lady and then she got murdered by a jealous ex and he might just be lucky he wasn’t there at the exact time of the shooting…or maybe he was there and didnt do anything when an argument was going on but that wouldnt jibe with his being an eagle scout

  16. azcardssuckbutiluvem says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:42 PM
    Sounds like either a Raider, a Bengal, or a Cowboy in the making to me.

    Or a Cardinal, a Patriot, a Raven or any other team in the NFL. I can assure you that the Raiders, Bengals and Cowboys are not 1,2,3 in arrests over the last few years. Unfortunately though, people believe whatever they want. The Bengals have been running a classy organization for years now, and one that wins more often than your Cardinals.

  17. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:47 PM
    …AND IF he had NOTHING to do with this womens murder the police should have to pay for his rookie contrcat he would have gotten as a player picked in the 1st round.

    Really? I don’t believe the police said he was a suspect, only that they wanted to talk to him. He is the one that seems to be dodging the police right now. Why hasn’t he met with them yet?

    Also, do you want to tell the family of that women that the police didn’t fully investigate (i.e. interview her ex. boyfriend) because it might have screwed up his chances of being drafted higher? I mean it’s only her life/death we are talking about, not a rookie contract or anything.

  18. They say out loud he’s not a suspect, but yes, he’s a suspect. The ‘ex’ always is a suspect until enough evidence can show conclusively that he had nothing to do with it. Alibis alone don’t ensure innocence.

    Which leads us to: this may not be wrapped up by the time the supplemental draft comes around, either. Gathering evidence, interviewing, search warrants…that all takes time, and prosecutors don’t want to make any mistakes.

    Personally, I’m hoping he really had nothing to do with this. That’s much more important for him than a draft position.

  19. “AND IF he had NOTHING to do with this womens murder the police should have to pay for his rookie contrcat he would have gotten as a player picked in the 1st round.”

    Lol in what fantasyland do you think that would happen ? The police have to investigate murders. If you are associated with the person, they want to question you and you don’t immediately step up to answer their questions you create a cloud over your own head.

    The police have no liability here.

  20. Welcome to America the land of innocent untill questioned or alleged sad people throwing his name in dirt when the police said flat out he is not a suspect

  21. Innocent until proven guilty? Sure. But when you are investing millions of dollars on behalf of an organization, you simply can’t take a chance on someone who may not be there at all. Drafting is a roll of the dice anyway. No need to unnecessarily assume even more risk. I hope he didn’t do it, and hope he has a great career. But I definitely wouldn’t risk drafting him at this point.

  22. If the NFLPA (labor) requests an exception from the NFL (management)… they can grant it if they choose.

    If it is just the player and his agent requesting, then the NFL might worry more about the precedent and the nightmare of dealing with every situation case-by-case. An NFLPA request would give them cover and rule out this becoming a common thing.

  23. This kid lost MILLIONS

    Last year the #9 pick Anthony Barr signed for
    4 years, $12.74M fully guaranteed; $7.58M signing bonus

  24. If he is innocent, I hope he can get into the supplemental draft.

    If he is not innocent, then I don’t really care what he wants and he should be in prison.

    Either way, the timing here sucks

  25. First – talk to the Police!!!
    Second – why not just stay in this draft and don’t sign a contract until you are cleared?
    If he doesn’t get drafted and gets cleared he can pick who to sign with and for however much he can get.

    That being said, not talking to the police right away creates a WHOLE lot of suspicion.

    What is crazy is, let’s say he did it, if this news had come out tomorrow, some poor team would have lost a pick through no fault of their own.

  26. He hasnt spoken to police yet because his agent is making sure his lawyers have time to coach him, I suspect. If you are convinced of his innocence, then there is no need to coach him before he meets police. The truth will come out but this turn of events looks bad for Collins.

  27. Sadly life sucks sometimes. the police made several attempts to reach out to him before going public. He didn’t arrange to talk with them until after the first round.

    Had he spoken to them earlier (assuming he’s innocent) this could have been cleared up by now.

    And no offense, but as someone who had hired many people – I can tell you no firm out there would touch him until this is resolved. NFL or otherwise.

  28. Why WOULDN’T he run to talk to the cops, you ask? Spoken like people who’ve ever had to deal with the cops. Maybe he want to make sure his neck doesn’t mysteriously break. Maybe his lawyer isn’t a moron and knows when police question a “not a suspect,” it’s not a friendly chat to find out what happened instead of a mini-inquisition. Maybe he’s smart enough to let his lawyer and hired detective do their jobs and be able to present proof positive that Collins had no part of this.

    Why WOULDN’T he rush to talk to the cops? In short, he isn’t a fool.

  29. Something tells me this is going to end in a weird way.
    It’s almost like he left Chicago because he didn’t want someone to know where he could be found. But he’s still not talking to the cops.


  30. newenglandsports11 says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:45 PM
    Why is he waiting to speak to police? If he were so innocent he’d skip whatever he had planned for tonight and rush to speak with them. Seems illogical to wait when he had been flying up boards…

    Research before running the lip he will not be at the draft and is in and has been in baton rouge. Witnesses say heard arguments about using her car before shots went off dont think he needs a car about to be a first round pick

  31. This might work out in his favor. Let’s say he doesn’t get drafted and nfl says no to supplemental draft. If the police clear him, he might have a few teams bidding for his services and could end up getting a larger contract than he might previously have received. I don’t know if it’s possible as im no nfl rookie pay rule scholar but if it did he might be fatter in the wallet.

  32. As a Bengals fan, I’d be happy if they took a flyer on him with a late round pick. If he’s innocent, they got a steal – if not, those draft picks are usually wasted anyway.

  33. It’s funny that people are saying that he should’ve run to the police station to clear himself. As if the police will just take his word immediately, and say you’re free to go young man.

  34. indymarc says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:44 PM
    NFL GM’s have no room for “Innocent until proven guilty”
    Agreed. If someone takes this guy high and he ends up behind bars, you’re out of a job.

  35. If this guy didn’t do it and had an airtight alibi I think he’d have met with the police the second he knew they suspected him (because they do of course, why else would they want to speak to him) so they could clear him right away.

  36. Marshawn Lunch says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:59 PM

    If he is cleared fully, does he have a potential lawsuit against the police department for ruining his earning potential??
    The woman was murdered on Friday night. Collins was on his way to Chicago for the draft on Saturday, and the cops contacted his agent and attorney to arrange to speak with him regarding the investigation. They said publicly that he was not a suspect, but may have information that could be helpful because of his association with the woman.

    Blaming the cops is laughable. They didn’t pick the timing of this, and they are just doing their job as it is warranted by their workload. And they went out of their way to say that they were not accusing him of wrongdoing. The fact that this is inconvenient for a NFL prospect is not their fault. It is unfortunate for Collins, but the situation is nobody’s fault at this point.

  37. If not…this could be a late round steal.
    theoofighters.. he isn’t even a suspect!

  38. Most team needing an OT are not going to wait to grab him in the summer. They’ll just grab the next guy on their board. It’s not like WR or DB where you carry 5 or 6 OT on the roster. I’m sure some team may use a 3rd or 4th rd pick on him in the supplemental draft. Can’t imagine any team using a higher pick unless they unexpectedly lost a starter to injury. I would think he could do better as an UDFA where he could have teams bidding money for his services instead of draft picks.

  39. Could he remove himself from the draft. Pick which team to go to as an undrafted player show his talents off and then sign with the team willing to cough the biggest bucks. Ok he will not get the wedge he was after but he has his a career to look forward too and if he is any good he will make a lot of money. But let’s not forget somebody he knew has lost her life that he had relationship with. I would think he feels pretty upset for her, family and friends first and foremost.

  40. Unless there is a retrospective rules change – Goodell seems good at them – then this isn’t going to happen. The CBA is quite clear on eligibility for a Supplemental Draft – and Collins doesn’t meet them.

    The only way this gets resolved for Collins is if he refrains from signing any contract and reapplies to enter next year’s draft.

    Shame if he’s completely innocent…

  41. Does anyone know the answer to this: if Collins becomes an UDFA, are teams restricted on what offers they can make to him? I seem to remember that any salary offered still is a counted for under the amount set by the League.

  42. “and he’d then have to hope some team would consider signing him as an undrafted free agent.”…’re kidding right? If he is cleared of any involvement he will have his pick of where he wants to go in this situation. Teams would be lining up to sign him.

  43. because no player that went undrafted ever made a roster or the hall of fame…. oh wait.

  44. This is not because he’s worried he won’t get drafted, it’s because he won’t get drafted high enough. He should have talked to the police right away and then sent videos or letters to all teams stating exactly why the police needed to see him and that he is not at all involved in her murder. Unless of course he is involved in it.
    His best bet now is to go undrafted and sign the shortest term ufa he can so he can get his payday. If he’s cleared he may even be able to get some teams into a bidding war.

  45. @ colv says:
    Apr 30, 2015 3:39 PM

    Costing him millions. Odd the Police can’t give more clarity as to what’s happening.
    The Police are investigating a murder. They can’t compromise their investigation to accommodate this guy. Collins must know something. Enough that the cops are interested in interviewing him. Why has he not gone back to Louisiana to clear his name and reputation ?? WHY ? What is he scared of ??
    No GM is going to touch him without being fully cleared of any involvement.
    And with the NFL’s new stance on physical abuse, I’m surprised Goodell hasn’t ruled Collins ineligible.

  46. His best bet is to have the NFL pull his name from the draft and then he can sign whereever he wants as a FA. Highest bidder.

    Or supplemental draft.

    If he’s picked in the 7th and then cleared, he’ll just sit out a year and the team that drafts him will lose his rights.

  47. Poor Ted Wells is almost out of work. Maybe Roger can hurry that investigation up a little and assign him to this one. At that rate Wells could have a career with the NFL

  48. This is clearly a move mad by his agent, if he goes I drafted or after the 4th round his signing bonus will be minimal, going into the supplemental draft and being taken in first or second round guarantees him more money and the more space between him and the incident the more likely he’ll go early. That is of course if he’s cleared of all wrong doing.

  49. “He’s not even a suspect”? Meaningless, no one is a suspect until there’s enough evidence to arrest them.

    Blame the police? What are they supposed to do? “Clear him” within 48 hours? How? Unless they know who did it and why (and it’s not related to him), they can’t possibly do that.

    Sadly, this case may never be solved. How’d you like that hanging over your head forever?

  50. If I were him I would have gotten on a plane first thing this morning late last night and spoke with the police asap and exonerated my name. I certainly wouldn’t do nothing for 24 hours and on the day of the draft say I want to withdraw from the draft and enter the supplemental draft.

    Either his agent and lawyer are completely inept, he has bad luck, or he did something. We’ll find out soon enough

  51. If this guy was truly innocent, he would issue a statement to all 32 teams making it clear that he had nothing to do with her death and just move forward and allow the process to work itself out. Instead, he’s already talking about the supplemental draft which seems rather shady. Whether it was him, or if he hired someone to do it, there is certainly motive with the fact that she was pregnant.

  52. I believe there is a cap on what teams can give UDFAs in signing bonuses – but not salary (they assume all will come in at rookie minimum). Some team could perhaps get around this by guaranteeing a certain amount of money, but not calling it a signing bonus.

  53. Something tells me he won’t have to worry about the supplemental draft either.
    I think Football is the last thing you need to be thinking about.

  54. What’s the problem? He’s not even a suspect in the murder.

    He may be the best OT in the draft. I’ve heard several of interviews with some of the best pass rushers in this years draft saying that Collins is the best OT they went against.

    I can totally see the Patriots picking him with the last pick in the first round, getting the best OT in the draft who should have gone in the top 5-10 picks. Then the Super Bowl champs get that much better because every other team has no balls.

    The supplemental draft would be the best thing for him at this point, so bravo to his agent if he can get this done.

  55. sorry to say but it all lies with “beyond a reasonable doubt…..there is no doubt i have doubt, i am just struggling with if it is reasonable. I have reasons not to draft him.

    As far as comments about the Raiders, anybody can click on the PFT police blotter link and see under Reggie McKenzie the only Raider to appear is Rolondo McClain, and we all know he is not on the Raiders. A matter of fact if you go back several years you will see any Raider name , is no longer on the Raiders.

    The blotter these days are about the Colts, 49ers, Saints, Vikings, Ravens, Bills etc…..Reggie likes zero maintenance.

  56. Whomever takes him could get the steal of the draft, or they could have someone who is a murderer or the mastermind behind the murder of a pregnant woman.

    I’d like to see the Vikings take him but given how snakebitten they have been, he’ll be the next Hernandez. It’s bad enough to have one lunatic on the team.

  57. Seriously? If I was a NFL GM and this guy was still on the board after the 3rd round, I would draft him in a heartbeat. What’s the difference between a forth rounder and this guy. Chance of a forth rounder actually playing in the NFL and having a career is minuscule. If this guy is innocent, he would be one heck of a player. I find it hard to believe he would go undrafted

  58. Talk about bad choices. If he had chosen to go to school in Tallahassee, he’d by in Chicago picking up chicks, eating crab legs and shouting vulgarities at the top of his lungs tonight. Instead, he picked Baton Rouge.

  59. Draft him with a late round pick and if he’s exonerated, you got a deal. If not, let him go.

  60. Not being drafted and then being exonerated is dreamland for Collins. He’d have all 32 teams bidding on him and he’d get to pick who he plays for. The nightmare is getting picked in the 7th and being wedgied into a pitiful contract. I still think he gets picked in the third.

    The supplemental draft thing is a loser for him. He still gets wedgied somewhere. The worst thing is: There’s still an idiot in charge of the NFL and he’s likely to acquiesce.

  61. For those that think Collins can get anything near the money he would have gotten in the draft as an UDFA think again, this is an excerpt from an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune talking specifically about how the UDFA period is conducted.

    “Under the new collective bargaining agreement, teams are allowed to spend only $83,000 in signing bonuses for their entire undrafted rookie class.”

    Even if a team gave him their entire UDFA signing bonus allotment his total couldn’t be more than $83,000. Compare that with the signing bonus of last years 9th pick about 7.5 million and you can see there is quite a difference.

    Now he might be able to get some guaranteed money on a multi-year deal but if you follow the NFL signing bonuses are where it is at, the rest is pie in the sky for more players than not.

  62. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:57 PM
    azcardssuckbutiluvem says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:42 PM
    Sounds like either a Raider, a Bengal, or a Cowboy in the making to me.

    Or a Cardinal, a Patriot, a Raven or any other team in the NFL. I can assure you that the Raiders, Bengals and Cowboys are not 1,2,3 in arrests over the last few years. Unfortunately though, people believe whatever they want. The Bengals have been running a classy organization for years now, and one that wins more often than your Cardinals.

    Not sure you have much room to talk. The Bengals have been the NFL’s version of a prison work/release program since the mid 90’s. Also not even a Cardinals fan, but I seem to remember the Cards winning a playoff game since 1990, can’t say the same about the Bengals…

  63. Does anyone know the answer to this: if Collins becomes an UDFA, are teams restricted on what offers they can make to him? I seem to remember that any salary offered still is a counted for under the amount set by the League.

    Kids better off being pulled from this draft and not even putting his name in the supplemental draft. If he did that he would really have the screws put to him salary wise.

    No he is better off passing on the supplemental draft IF the NFL allows him to be taken off the draft board today and this weekend.

    This way as an UFA he can sign with the team of his choice AND negotiate a contract he is happy with. In short and sorry to ramble, if he becomes a UFA he has no salary figure he has to abide by.

    This is of course all on the premise he is found to not have been involved in this murder at all. Saying that, murder investigations are not wrapped up in a quick process to abide by any time line drawn by the NFL. The PD should take their time, no matter how long that amount of time is, in order to do a proper full investigation.

    just following up on La’els story of where he was and interviewing and verifying any statements mad by witness on his part is going to take months. If they have someone like Ted Wells in the prosecutors office down there is could take years. ( just joshing around ) seriously, its going to take a lot of time for all the facts concerning his whereabouts, motive, non motive etc to be finalized in a report and justly so. legal wise.

  64. If this man is innocent, what a tragic story. For all the athletes that do wrong, there are some that are falsely accused. Look up Brian Banks’ story.

  65. As soon as this story broke, Collins should have walked out of his house, ala Edward Norton in “American History X.” Answer all questions from cops and the NFL media, take a polygraph, etc. and let the chips fall right away. He’d be way ahead compared to where he is now.

  66. “bengalsfan2079 says:
    Apr 30, 2015 4:52 PM
    Can’t really blame anyone for not wanting to draft him the last thing this league needs right now is another Aaron Hernandez case hanging over it.”

    Yeah, that really hurt the Patriots this year. I’m not sure the Patriots will ever recover from that and get back on top….. Oh wait…

  67. Marshawn Lunch says:
    Apr 30, 2015 2:59 PM

    “If he is cleared fully, does he have a potential lawsuit against the police department for ruining his earning potential??”

    How is this the police dept’s responsibility? And why does that matter? A woman and her unborn child are dead!! An investigation goes where it goes.

    Many of the problems NFL players have is because they refuse to give up their ‘homeboys’ and this comes back to bite them. Could his ex-girlfriend and the murderer be in his circle of associates? Just look at what we’ve learned about Aaron Hernandez.

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