Mariota to Eagles keeps gaining steam


The path won’t be clear until the Buccaneers select quarterback Jameis Winston, which barring something unforeseen they will do.  Once that happens, it’s becoming harder not to imagine the Eagles leaping from No. 20 to No. 2 to get quarterback Marcus Mariota.

In the second and final mock PFT draft of the never ending mock-draft season, the trade was included.  The sense that coach Chip Kelly would give up plenty to get the one sure thing he sees in this (and perhaps any) draft continues to gather momentum, with more and more veteran players reportedly available to be sent elsewhere and with the Browns reportedly believing they can finally get quarterback Sam Bradford.

The brilliance of the maneuver, if it happens, was the Bradford trade.  The Eagles gave up quarterback Nick Foles, a fourth-round pick in 2015, and a second-round pick in 2016 for Bradford.  (They’ll get back a fourth-round pick from the Rams if Bradford doesn’t start at least eight games, and a third-round pick if he ends up on injured reserve before Week One.)  That’s a fairly large sacrifice to get a guy who ultimately would become a piece of the Mariota puzzle, but having Bradford to send to Cleveland becomes the key piece in giving Tennessee a first-round selection for 2015 significantly higher than pick No. 20.

So with the Bradford (and likely more) going to Cleveland for the No. 12 selection (and possibly Johnny Manziel), the Eagles can package No. 12 with No. 20, a first-round pick in 2016, and whatever else it takes to get Tennessee’s attention — including one or more of the veteran players who reportedly are available, including Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Brandon Boykin, and/or Fletcher Cox.

It doesn’t mean it will happen.  But it clearly shows that the Eagles will try to get there.  In about 12 hours, we’ll know if they did.

Until then, we know Chip Kelly has the power to do whatever he wants.  What’s the point of having that power if he doesn’t use it to get the one guy who can run his offense the way he wants it to be run?

98 responses to “Mariota to Eagles keeps gaining steam

  1. Big winner here is Danny Snyder. This bust should make everyone stop laughing about the RG3 trade.

  2. I admire chip Kelly. This guy will buck the norm and do it his way. It is exciting to say the least in a copycat league

  3. Can’t wait to get the speculation over with. As a Titans fan I didn’t think we had that much leverage until the last few days.

    But I have a question… why is there no talk of people trying to trade with the Bucs for Winston? Do most teams just not want him? And if so what do they know that the Bucs don’t? Or is it that other teams are confident that the Bucs are definitely taking Winston & there’s no use in even trying to make a deal?

    Makes me think the Bucs could shock everyone & just take Mariota.

  4. Anyone see how many moving parts this scenario has? And now that it’s painfully obvious Chippy wants this guy I figure any teams involved will ask for the moon……

  5. You think the Browns would give up the No. 12 pick for Sam Bradford? The same Sam Bradford who tore both ACLs? The same Sam Bradford who looked pedestrian when he did see the field for the past few years?

    Nice writing. This is Philadelphia Eagles fan fiction.

  6. So in 3 years Chip will either have a perennial SB contender, or be back in college making $7M a year (while leaving Philly a complete dumpster fire). Why not swing for the fences if you’re Chip Kelly??

  7. As a Dallas fan, I am really hoping Eagles get MM. It would either gut their roster or their future, either way I’m thrilled with it. Skins took themselves out of contention for a decade with the RG3 pick, and now the Eagles. If only the Giants would make some stupid moves like this too.

    Kelley wants to be Jimmy Johnson so bad he can taste it. But he’s no Jimmy.

  8. Bucs will take Winston not because he is the best QB but because their fans want him and he will FINALLY fill that stadium. EVen if he goes the path of RG3 it is financially worth it to take him. AS you said Mike.. the NFL is an Entertainment Business.. and the bucs will tailor their entertainment to their fan base to sell tickets and jerseys .

    AS far as Mariota is concerned most Eagles fans will be glad when all this hoopla is over which ever way it goes so we can get back to seeing how to build the team again if it is gutted to get Mariota. 12 hours and counting down ..

    Ugh! cant wait till it is DONE!!

  9. 3 first round picks plus some vet players for Mariota? Sounds like Ditka trading for Ricky Williams. How did that work out New Orleams? I feel sorry for Eagle fans.

  10. So you think giving up 3 first round picks PLUS additional players to the Titans makes this a brilliant move by Chip Kelly???? Thats called foolish, not brilliant.

  11. Titans should not trade this pick. what if he turns out to be a GOOD QB. We have the chance to get a QB that could possible lead this franchise for many years.
    couldn’t no offer get my attention unless some one offers their 1rd pick for the next 2 to 3 years. We are basically saying here you can have your franchise QB just give us some picks to where we can not get an impact player. i say stay at 2 and draft what we need more and that is a day 1 starter..

  12. …and that will have been the stupidest trade in years, if they do all of that. I get that chip believes in his guy. But that’s an awful lot for a rookie who doesn’t play under center, huddle, make 2nd and 3rd reads, PLUS needs to tighten up on his mechanics! I wouldn’t have an issue selecting his at number 1 or number 2. But, I wouldn’t give up that much to get into that position.

  13. Tennessee about to get many picks but personally id take Mariota and trade Mettendberger. There is no quantity of picks id take for Mariota. He is the best. Period. Winston at #1 is a joke. I can’t even see it happen.

  14. I think Mariota will be a bust unless he goes to the Eagles. He doesn’t have the arm to make a lot of NFL throws especially the opposite sideline throws and touch throws in the seam, but he obviously fits well in Chip’s offense.

  15. If I’m Tampa Bay, I take Margiotta, tell philly to do the deal with the titans and draft whoever Tampa bay wants and then negotiate with chip Kelly after the first round of the draft.

  16. Mariota is definitely going to the Eagles. If the Eagles think he is a 10-15 year franchise QB, you essentially pay whatever it takes to get him.

  17. After Chip scrambles the Eagles this year he is off to college next year to hide. He will leave one hell of a mess in Philly, sorry….

  18. Eagles are dreaming if they think they are getting 12 for Bradford. Not only is he coming off his 2nd knee injury, to the same knee, but he isn’t under contract after next year. Even Cleveland can’t be that stupid.

  19. whether you agree with Chip’s moves or not, at least it’s abundantly clear he has a plan and the conviction to follow through with it. he’s doing everything he can to try and win unlike the vast majority of the NFL who follow ‘conventional wisdom’ in an attempt to maintain their jobs. chip’s moves may not work, but no one can deny he’s giving it his best shot. not an eagles fan, but i hope it works out for him.

  20. Fletcher Cox is a top 5 interior defensive lineman. Which in my opinion is a much more important position then TE. If the Saints got a 1 and 4 for Graham then Eagles should get at least that for Cox. Cox is only 24 and was drafted 12th overall 3 years ago. He has already surpassed the ceiling of any player you would hope to get at 12th this year.

    Cox alone should get you almost half way there. Him plus the 20th and Bradford(or the 1st Bradford can command) is a steal for the Titans. If it was the other way around I would take that deal in a heartbeat.

    Personally I wouldn’t want the Eagles to make that deal even if the Titans accepted it. Fletcher is the best player on the Eagles and by a pretty wide margin too. Cox is a guarantee, Mariota or whatever picks you could get from him arent.

  21. The Browns should stand pat at QB let McCown prove he can lead the team out the gate. Let Manziel learn on the sidelines and then roll the dice for 2016-17 season. Browns should select Gurley.

  22. If Bradford was traded from the Eagles, I wonder how that would make DeMarco Murray feel, seeing as how Bradford helped to persuade him to go to the Eagles.

  23. If the Bucs are smart, they shock the world and take Mariota tonight. But they’re not so they’ll take Winston.
    I can’t fault the Titans for picking MM as their QBOTF OR trading #2 for the windfall they can get for it.
    The Browns (my second favorite team) have the ammunition to get to #2 if the Titans are willing to trade it. They can draft Mariota and finally erase DECADES of absolutely terrible QB decisions. With his “reasonable” contract under the new CBA, they can continue to build the team around him and be Super Bowl contenders in short order. But they’re the Browns. Would they actually willingly TRY to acquire Sam Bradford with his astronomical salary and knowing he’s one soft training camp hit away from retirement instead? They’re the Browns so yes, yes they would. I just don’t get it.

  24. Based on the points chart (although somewhat outdated), the second pick = 2600 points, the 20th = 850. If they got pick 12 for Bradford, that would be a total of 2050 points (12th pick = 1200). To make up the extra 550, they’d have to give up their second rounder (380 points) and their third (170 points) to get exactly 2600 points.

    Not impossible, but that is an awful lot to get one player. Two firsts, a second and a third SHOULD be the same as three starters and a role player. If they did this and it backfired, Kelly could be looking for a new job in 2-3 years.

  25. Cleveland must be stupid. A first round 12th pick for Bradford? That’s asking to lose for the nest 10 years.

  26. I say they eliminate Cleveland from the equation and send Bradford, Murray number 20 and next year second pick to Tennessee. But that’s just me.

  27. We get it Chip loves Marcus. It would be more exciting to see him in an Eagles uni than a Titans.

    Although it would be cool to see him go against Andrew Luck for the next decade.

  28. Makes more sense by the minute. As I have said before, Chip Kelly has no interest in Sam Bradford as his QB. He traded for him to use as a chip. despite his denials, in a draft related trade. Certainly with the idea of trading for Mariota, but if that does not happen, Bradford will be traded for other picks and/or players. While that would seem to leave a hole at QB, don’t underestimate Chip’s evaluation of Sanchez or his belief that Tebow could run his offense. He also might draft a developmental QB in the second or third round if he does not get Mariota. It is looking like he just may get him though and in any event, Bradford won’t play QB for the Eagles this season.

  29. Sanchez, Kendricks, Boykin and Murray plus #20 and 84 for the #2 then they trade Bradford and Cox and the pick we get from St Louis next year to Cleveland for 12 & 19

  30. Anyone else find it hilarious that Bradford basically recruited Murray to the Eagles to play together, and now they trade him away.

  31. So Boykin wasn’t a starter last year but he’s a valued trade piece all of a sudden? This sounds like more the result of the Eagles local sports talk hosts and fans talking themselves into believing that they will land Mariota than anything else.

  32. So some team is going to take an injured Sam Bradford in the final year of his contract and a $13M payday. OK. Sure. Reports in Philly are his camp has already told the Browns and Rams to forget about it because he won’t sign an extension with either team. He wants to stay in Philly and without an extension he pretty much holds all of the cards. He has refused to sign an extension with the Eagles unless they agree to a no trade clause. So forget about using him in a trade. I find it hard to believe that Kelly really wants to do such a deal. If he did why trade McCoy and Foles and a 2nd rd pick already this off season. All of that would have been better collateral to move up to Pick 2. If Kelly is as smart as everyone says he is, then no way he makes those previous deals if his end game all along was Mariota. He would have to be an idiot to make those previous deals.

  33. If this did happen, why did they trade for Bradford? How is he a more viable trade chip than Foles. Foles actually has done something although he is clearly limited; however, Cleveland doesn’t exactly need much as witnessed by the wins they got last year with Hoyer at QB. If Farmer actually trades a first round pick for Sam Bradford without something else, a whole lot else being included in a swap of 12 and 20, all I have to say is dude needs to get his resume ready for his next job.

  34. Wonder how the stipulation for next years 3rd or 4th works out? Does Bradford have to be on the Eagles roster for that to come in to play? Start 8 games or DL before first week, if he is on Cleveland’s roster?

    Would be an epic fail of a deal for Cleveland, nonetheless.

  35. If I’m Bradford I’m not signing in Cleveland unless they make me one of the top 5 paid QBs in the NFL.

    I’m not saying he deserves it, but that’s what he should demand for committing to a potentially career ending move.

    If he stays healthy and plays well he could have a shot at the Broncos, Bears or Cowboys potential QB openings and get a multi-year deal.

  36. It would have been better to send Foles to Cleveland for the 19th pick. Now if they want to send Bradford there, they’ll have to throw in a second or third round pick with him to make it happen.

  37. “Wonder how the stipulation for next years 3rd or 4th works out? Does Bradford have to be on the Eagles roster for that to come in to play? ”

    St Louis reporter Jim Thomas said he verified that Philly trading Bradford again would remove the stipulations from the deal.

  38. If they do pull this off, and with all the other moves. If Philly does not win, and win big. Philly fans will Make Chip Kelly into Cheese for their Sandwiches.

  39. With the way things have gone with Chip the GM so far, this is probably how it’ll play out. Mariota will still be on the board at #5. Goodell will annouce that the Eagles have traded up into that spot, aaaaaaand they’ll draft…………. Amari Cooper haha.

  40. So play out this parenthetical fantasy where Manziel is part of the deal. That makes the Eagles QB Room: Mariota, Manziel, Tebow… … and Sanchez. One of these things is not like the other, eh? And that would be three Heisman winners on the same team, for whatever that’s worth? If anything…

  41. I pity Mariota if this happens. The Eagles have no one left worth a damn to throw the ball to because Chip Kelly traded everyone who was any good. Let’s face it, the Eagles have become a freak show on par with the Jets. It’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

  42. Chip Kelly is doing his best to guarantee Philadelphia never sees a Super Bowl again.

  43. If only this kid would drop to 7 – which he won’t – the Bears could work out a sweet deal with Chip.

  44. No way anyone gives up that much for a kid who hasn’t even been in a huddle in 5 years. Might be a great person, likable, intelligent but the risk reward is too great. Kelly has gone about as far out on that limb as he can go and I fear if he takes this next step he’s in for one heck of a fall.

  45. The Browns can trade both of those picks right now and end up with about 10 qbs who are better than Bradford. Philly clearly back to being the dream team thinking Bradford is worth a 1. The Rams heisted jelly.

  46. If I were the Browns I would keep chip on the phone and make a trade with Tennessee and then tell chip to enjoy this year with Bradford.

  47. The “brilliance in all this was the Bradford trade”? For one, they overpaid for gimp-Bradford by giving up a young (to some, good QB and one who I think many would take over Bradford) plus a future premium pick. And then on top of that, trade all of what is rumored to move up for Mariotta? So basically they gave up a decent, young QB + gobs of high premium draft picks + other very good young players (if Cox and Kendricks are involved), for one, single, unknown at QB. Maybe it works, but I wouldn’t even remotely associate the word “brilliant” on it until I see it pay dividends. Goodness, if I’m CLE, I’m asking for a heck of a lot more than Bradford for #12 knowing Bradford’s history and contract situation, as well as Chip’s desperation. Shoot, I’d rather have Foles or move down and draft Perry.

  48. don’t really see why you would trade for Bradford
    just makes zero sense to me
    Cleveland is so much better off keeping their picks and going for a q.v. next year I just can’t see any info gmail being that dumb

  49. He should talk to the Vikes and move up into #11 spot. We’d drop down if he tossed in a solid LB and/or DB. We could even include a RB swap of AP and Demarco if Philly threw in their 2nd this year and a 1st next year.

  50. “You’re no daisy! You’re no daisy at all. Poor soul, you were just too high strung.”

    – Doc Holliday discussing Chip Kelly’s coaching career

  51. There is no way in hell Browns are going from 12 to 20 just for Bradford. They will have to get Philly’s 2016 1st rounder too! Which blows the trade with Tennessee up.

    When does a QBs stock go up after two torn ACLs and a sub 60% completion rate?

  52. I hope Kelly does whatever he has to to get Mariota. That will set Philly back several years. Kelly will return to college after he has turned the Eagles into a dumpster fire.

  53. I still think the Nick Foles trade made this move MORE difficult for Philadelphia, not less.

    I don’t see how the Titans wouldn’t have taken Foles, two 1st rounders and maybe a 2nd or fourth, or some other throwaway package (offensive skill player going, bad contract coming back) for that pick.

    Foles has proven he can play at this level, and at worst, he’s a young QB on a fair contract that you know is better than a lot of other starters out there. You’d be set at that difficult position for at least the next two seasons, and you’d have a 1st rounder this year, and two next year to help build the team.

  54. If you’re confident you can find stars and starters outside the first round ala the Seahacks and Patriots, then it’s more attractive to trade away high draft picks for a potential franchise QB. The QB is easily the most important guy on the team and can single handedly affect whether your offense goes forward or nowhwere. You don’t need so-called 1st rounders all the time to fill the team. The draft is a huge crapshoot with self-proclaimed draft experts fooling the fans into believing who is a 1st rounder or not.

  55. So the Eagles could potentially be looking at a QB depth chart with Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow backing up an unproven rookie? You can’t make this stuff up lol

  56. Chip Kelly had no problem ditching LeSean McCoy, I can’t see why he’d be any more loyal to Demarco Murray.

    Kelly used McCoy to get Alonzo and free up cap space.

    The Ryan Matthews signing is the one that makes me wonder.

    I can see Chip Kelly packaging Murray & Bradford with picks to try to move up to #2.

    Not only would Kelly get the player he wants, but it would likely open up a bit more cap space again… and still leave them with room to pickup a RB and WR later in the draft (cheap).

  57. Chip Kelly has got to get “his guy” (Mario-tah) now, or start planning on coaching the college ranks again in 2016. Would you be willing to give up Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray in order to get “your guy”?

  58. If the Bucs take Mariota at #1, they could probably still swing a trade for Winston AND wind up with a few picks (and/or players).

  59. Give it 2 then Chip will bolt for a high profile and (high paying) college job at which time he will leave the Eagles in ruins…mark my words people.

    Eagles will just be a smoldering pile of rubble when Chip is done with them.

  60. packergator says:
    Apr 30, 2015 8:32 AM
    The Eagles are making the mistake of their lives because of Chip Kelly’s massive ego.

    164 161
    Report comment

    Well yeah, you know, cause Chip hasn’t been extremely successful EVERYWHERE he has been in his career.


  61. I think if Kelly firmly believes that Mariota is the guy to run his offense, then he has to do what it takes to get him. The Browns want Bradford (don’t ask me why), so I’d predict the Eagles ship Bradford and third round pick this year to Cleveland for the #12 overall pick. They then package #12, #20, a first round pick next year and Mychal Kendricks to the Titans for the #2 overall pick. They may have to toss Fletcher Cox in there as well, but I’m holding out hope that they can get the deal done without including him.

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