Mickey Loomis: We may take QB, but don’t see Brees’s end on horizon


The Saints held a workout with Baylor QB Bryce Petty as part of their pre-draft due diligence and reportedly think he has the best arm in the draft, which has led to speculation that they could use the 31st pick of the first round to nab a potential successor to Drew Brees.

That would be a major shift for a team that has drafted just one quarterback since Brees arrived in town, but it wasn’t a shift that Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis ruled out on Wednesday. Loomis said there was no thought that Brees is close to the end of the line, but that the team was open to adding a quarterback.

“I think you’re always looking to get a young quarterback in the program,” Loomis said, via ESPN.com. “We’ve got one in Ryan Griffin that we like. And if an opportunity presents itself, hey, we may take another one here. But I don’t see the end for Drew Brees on the short-term horizon. At least I certainly hope not. But it does take time for these quarterbacks to develop. And we’re conscious of that. We evaluate the quarterbacks. And obviously if an opportunity presents itself to take one at the right time, we’re not afraid to do that.”

With five of the first 78 picks, the Saints will have plenty of options available to them over the next two days. Using one of those picks on a quarterback could make sense with Brees at 36, but the team may also opt for players they think will have a more immediate impact on the club in order to maximize the years that Brees has left.

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  1. Drew will be 37 at season’s end. But there’s no reason to believe he’s near the end of his career. Just because every other player in the history of the NFL was close to retirement at his age is no reason to believe he is. He will be different from all the thousands who have come before him.

  2. Smoke Screen! Saints aren’t drafting a QB until maybe the later rounds with all their defensive needs……… Saints should do well in this draft.

  3. Brees is a 1st ballot HOFer that was easily a Top 5 QB last year and Top 2 or 3 for the last 9 years so its just some general jealousy as always from the haters lol

  4. Buddy
    The Saints won that SB 31-17 sealed by a pick 6 from Manning. Please tell me how the NFL gave that to Brees? Unless you think Manning was in on it, because he seemed to be playing to win from my prospective. If anything the NFL gave Manning the MVP award that season, Brees should have won that.

  5. Even if Brees isn’t declining yet, he’s getting up their in age. The only reason to not draft a QB is there isn’t one you like, not because you already have Brees.

    Look at the Packers. Favre was not close to done, yet they waste a first-round pick on some Rodgers guy. That worked out pretty well. A bunch of other teams passed on Rodgers because they didn’t need a QB. The Packers didn’t either, but they knew they would.

  6. Rules for pre-draft announcements:

    1) If you like a player, say bad things about him

    2) If you don’t like a player, say good things about him

  7. “If I tell myself I’m 25, I’m 25. And honest to God, that’s my mindset. I could play for another 10 years. And that would be my goal. I mean, I’m taking it one year at a time, but there’s no reason why I couldn’t do that.”

    Drew Brees 7/25/14

  8. Dear Saints,

    Jump before you get pushed. Please jump at Bryce Petty in round 2 before you get pushed into a situation out of desperation.

    I saw the beginning of the end with Drew Brees two years ago and last year it didn’t get any better. So, stop living in denial. Brees is going to have to retire~some day!

    Don’t be like my Lakers here in LA giving Old Man Kobe Bryant a $48.5m contract coming off a devastating achilles injury, and paralyzing their salary cap for two unnecessary years.

    And for the record, Ryan Griffin is nothing more than a clipboard holder. That dude looked terrible last preseason! I’m amazed he even has a job. There are better vets out of work.

    So, PLEASE give Brees some REAL competition. It’ll be good for the entire team.

    BTW, if you can draft two of the edge linebackers today with Gregory supposedly falling to the bottom of round one or two, I can see Dome patrol 2. Make it happen!

  9. The NFL gave them the NFC title game. Anyone who watched that game without gold and white goggles will tell you the same thing. Sure Mn gave up 5 turnovers, but it was the worst officiating in the history of the game.

  10. don’t see Brees’s end on horizon”…but I do. Putting more and more air on his deep and sideline throws…
    Yeah having the Number 1 ranked offense last year was horrible right?

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