Randy Gregory has on-field issues, too

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The confusing reports that have emerged about Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory may result in Gregory’s stock dropping in the draft. But off-field issues aren’t the only questions being raised about Gregory.

There’s also plenty of talk around the league that the 235-pound Gregory simply isn’t big and strong enough to handle NFL offensive linemen and will get pushed around in the pros. Jon Gruden said on ESPN that when he watches tape of Gregory, he sees far too many plays when Gregory fails to stop the run.

“When I watch him stop the run, when I watch him for 75 plays a game, there’s too many plays I don’t like,” Gruden said. “It really bothers me when you’re taking a guy in the Top 10 or the first round who gets stuck on blocks and oftentimes gets pancaked. You’ve got to stop the run so you can rush the passer.”

Gruden said that if he were still coaching, he’d call plays designed to run right at Gregory. Gruden wouldn’t pick Gregory in the first round.

“Until he gets on tape and shows me more as a run defender, and more as a physical run defender, you can’t have this in the first round,” Gruden said.

This would have been unthinkable a few months ago, but there’s a real chance that Gregory will have to wait until Friday to hear his name called.

18 responses to “Randy Gregory has on-field issues, too

  1. Remember last year during the draft when Gruden said he would take Johnny Football with the first overall pick? There’s a reason these guys are in a studio and not with a team.

    I’ll still watch the draft, ’cause it’s NFL entertainment and the NBA Finals are a never-ending bore.

  2. It’s all a crapshoot, and so much of what is said is driven by the NFL now being a year-round entertainment industry.

    These guys are all overanalyzed to the Nth degree. Also, I don’t agree with looking back at past drafts and dinging the talking head “experts” for being wrong, because they’re all wrong much of the time. It’s too easy in hindsight to criticize, and you just have to accept that a lot of what is said is only there to fill time.

  3. Yet when drafted tonight, Gruden will excitedly welcome him to the NFL by exclaiming: “I sure like this Randy Gregory guy!!!”

  4. I agree.

    I’ve seen him do some things that are just pure athleticism….and way more getting stone walled against guy way stronger. He’ll need a LEGIT spin move to survive in the NFL.

  5. This guy is starting to sound like a straight Michael Sam. Is is a tweener that is neither fish nor fowl and could be a big distraction. I hope my team doesn’t take him.

  6. You don’t even have to be a Husker fan to know how absent Gregory (& most of the defense) was in run defense.

  7. He’s better than clowney and plays mean he will excellent at the next level gruden is blowing smoke for someone in hopes he will fall to them I wold love to add him to our defense

  8. What an nfl exec smear campaign to get this guy to the last first. I mean he is the best pure OLB in the draft. He does need to put on weight, but the guy shows field discipline beyond his years. He was asked to plug run lanes far more than most of his pass rush counterparts and he did a great job of it. However when asked to rush this guy created havoc. He has the most developed idea of how to rush a QB and uses bend, length and the one arm technique to get by blockers.

    The immense amt of talent this kid has will prove that a team takes him mid first, and this is just classic noise being made internally to distract teams.

  9. He’s Dion Jordan meets Aaron Maybin. Plus the pot-at-the- combine thing and whatever those secret “mental weaknesses” are that folks are talking about. Given all that, I wouldn’t blame a GM one bit for taking him off his draft board altogether at this point.

  10. Ask Big Ten O-linemen what they think — I’ve heard OT’s from two separate teams say they weren’t impressed with the guy.

  11. At the rate that he is going he won’t have any on-field issues this year. Why don’t you get that rotten scowl off your face, you are about to become a millionaire unless you totally screw that up. I keep saying from your final college season until you are drafted if a player fails a drug test, make him ineligible for this years draft. Maybe then they will get it through their thick skulls. NFL does nothing to discourage college/before the draft drug use.

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