Report: Browns think they can get Sam Bradford today


You can almost see things coming together, with more intrigue about the about landing spots of several quarterbacks tonight.

With the Eagles lacking sufficient trade chips to get to the second pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and Marcus Mariota, it appears they’re working on the process.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated said a source told him the Browns think they have a good chance before the draft starts to acquire Eagles-for-a-minute quarterback Sam Bradford.

That would line up with the potential three-way deal we’ve been talking about here for a week, checking off a lot of the boxes that the Titans, Browns and Eagles would need.

Presumably, the Eagles would get one of the Browns’ first-rounders in any exchange for Bradford, to put with their own 20th pick (though there would likely be other moving parts in that deal).

Coupled with the fact the Eagles may be trying to move some spare parts, it sure appears they’re open for business, which will make today a fascinating one as Kelly works to put his stamp on the team.

And while Bradford’s coming off a pair of ACL tears, he’d be the most legitimate starting quarterback the Browns have had in ages, and certainly a better use of a swapped first-rounder than Brandon Weeden or Johnny Manziel.

128 responses to “Report: Browns think they can get Sam Bradford today

  1. Wow, good for them!! Now all they have to do is find someone to hand it off to, someone to throw it to and a few guys not named joe Thomas to block for him, and they’ll be ready to address that awful defense of theirs!!

  2. Gee, if this goes through, I hope Mariotta isn’t too disappointed that he won’t be going to the Factory of Self-Pity.

  3. Compared to what’s out there, Bradford is a hot commodity and the Browns have 2 1st round picks, thanks to the team that has ZERO 1st round picks and no QB at all.

    The Buffalo Bills.

  4. If the goal was to get Mariota to begin with, it made no sense for the Eagles to make the Bradford deal. Seems like they were much better positioned for a trade up to get Mariota before they did that.

  5. The Browns might be able to get Bradford, which begs the question. Why do they want him? He’s not the answer to anything going on there right now.

  6. Cant wait for tonight, going to be so interesting seeing these potentially major deals go down

    Bradford to the Browns, Eagles then trade with Tenn and get Mariota.

    Would laugh if then a team who loves Mariota trades up to the top pick to get him if the Eagles are at #2.

    Reminds me of the Raiders years back when they moved up to draft Orlando Pace, the Rams ‘gazzumped’ them and got him so then the Raiders went with DT Russell instead.

  7. Bradford is not the answer. If the Browns do this then they are just clueless.

  8. Eagles should ask for Manziel as well. I think my head might blow up if the birds come to camp with Mariota, Manziel and Tebow.


  9. If the Browns want a QB they should just trade up for Mariota. Don’t trade for Sam Brokeford. Dude is made of glass.

  10. A #1 pick for Bradford is ridiculous. 2 major knee injuries and he’s mediocre even when he actually IS healthy! Don’t help those stupid Eagles out Cleveland!

  11. Why are we so into a guy who hasn’t played in two years AND is on the last year of a contract? Oh yea, his agent is Tom Conden who hates the Browns anyway. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN

  12. I guess if you are young and talented and not a QB, you qualify as “spare parts”. With Chip though, talent is not as important as being one of “his guys”.

  13. What a waste of a pick. Browns are going to look like Chips puppets if they pull the trigger on Chips orchestrated desperation attempt, hail Mary , to snag MM.

  14. This deal better not include Cox. I like Mariota a lot, but not in any deal for Cox. The deal probably works out with the Eagles giving up Bradford, 20th this year, and 2016 1st round pick, Kendricks and the pick we get for Boykin. That should get it done. Titans never planned on taking Mariota. If that is true everyone makes out in the deal. The Eagles take a huge risk, but Chip gets his guy.

  15. If I was Philly and got to trade Bradford for that pick. I’d use it on something else and get Hundley later than giving up all those picks for Mariota.

  16. Why would the Browns do this trade instead of doing a) Draft a better healthier QB like Mariotta or B) trade for Phillip Rivers.

    They could use those 1st rd picks to get Mariotta or Rivers instead of Bradford…….

  17. As a Browns fan I hope they do not trade for Bradford. He cant seem to stay healthy. I believe the Browns would be better off keeping 12 and 19.There will be two players that can help us better in the long run as long as we don’t screw it up.

  18. Bradford for a first rounder…meh. As a Browns fan I’m still not sure I care much for this deal. And, if it’s more than just, say, #19, then I’d say it’s not worth it.

    The Browns should use their picks to improve the team around the QB then see what they can get next year, or get someone in a later round.

  19. Am I missing something? Why does everyone want Bradford all of the sudden? Has he proven anything in the NFL except that he can get injured?

  20. Why would they trade for Bradford when they could trade for Mariota? Have you noticed that Bradford isn’t good? At least Mariota represents promise.

  21. Normally I wouldn’t be inclined to believe any rumor right now, but when there’s this much smoke…

    Still, if this is a rumor, and chip and the Browns and the Titans all stand pat, then I imagine you’ll have a lot of apologizing to do for running wild the past three months.

  22. I would pee myself laughing if the Eagles got rid of Bradford and then could not pull off the trade to get Mariota. The look on Chippers face when he realized he was stuck with only the Sanchize and Tebow would be priceless.

  23. I have a hard time believing that Bradford is worth a first round pick at this point. While he’s certainly an upgrade over McCown, as a Browns fan, I would rather stay put and-hopefully-make two good selections in the first round.

  24. Please don’t! Bradford is injury prone, average when healthy, in the last year of his contract and contemplated retirement last season. I’d rather take my chances on a rookie QB.

  25. The Titans know that Chip Kelly is desperate for this pick. They should make him cough up four first round picks and four second round picks and Demarco Murray.

  26. He would be better then what we have now if he is healthy. It’s to big of a risk to trade your first round picks for him but what do u expect its Cleveland they aren’t that smart at drafting or signing free agents

  27. For the record: those “SpareParts” you refer to are actually also exceptionally good parts that IF this insanity happens would be sorely missed in Philadelphia. (looking forward for this day to end)

  28. Would love to see the Browns spend a late first round pick to acquire Bradford. Good move.

    Spend the other first on either DL, or “pass-catcher”

  29. Why in the world would Cleveland give up a first round pick for a QB who hasnt played in forever and is coming off TWO ACL tears?????

    The factory of sadness continues.

  30. Skins should trade griffin to the brownies and ruined Kelly’s plan bwahahaha

    Please Robert, stop suckin. Gonna look even worse if jameis and Marcus look good.

  31. If the Browns trade even the 19th overall pick for a QB coming of TWO consecutive ACL injuries, not to mention average-at-best production before that, it would just be more proof how dumb some of the executives who run NFL teams are.

  32. CLEVELAND: If Cleveland wants a QB, they should try to move up themselves; why give Philly a first round pick for a guy who will surely be injured again…that just makes no sense. They would be better off moving up themselves.

    TENNESSEE: In this whole convoluted scenario, what is Tennessee’s plan for addressing their QB situation. Of all the parties, I understand their perspective the most however, since they could use multiple picks to begin rebuilding their team and add a QB later.

    PHILADELPHIA: Chip Kelly is crazy. Period. Now he’s going to trade Fletcher Cox as part of the deal? Why dismantle your whole team to get Mariotta? This man crush on Mariotta is out of control. Anyway, they could have just kept Foles and won with him…this is insanity.

  33. I hope this happens so Farmer can have back to back years of blown drafts, And we in Cleveland demand Haslam sell our Team!!Q! Bust of ALL BUST if this happens,

  34. Why would the Browns do this deal? Bradford has not shown that he can stay healthy in the NFL. This would be a stupid thing for them to do. At best Bradford is a part-time quarterback. Sure he has shown periods of great talent–when he sticks around–but this is not someone with whom you can build your franchise around.

  35. Would the Browns be getting an upgrade at the QB position if they traded for Bradford, sure. But they would be nuts to trade a first round pick for him

  36. What a bizarre trade for the Browns. Did anyone inform them that Sam has had 2 ACL injuries and was never good in the NFL before that yet they will STILL give up a 1st for him? lol. Same old brownies.

  37. This is why the Browns never win anything, if this is all true. Why in the blue hell would they trade for a QB who can’t stay healthy, and doesn’t even wanna go to them, when if their gonna trade for a QB, just concentrate on a deal with the Titans to get one of the top 2 quarterbacks coming out in the draft?? Like I said if this turns out with them dealing for Bradford, then I feel sorry for Browns fans, because moves like this will keep them in football purgatory forever!!

  38. Browns are the most dysfunctional franchise ever in all 32 teams. Giving up 2 first round for Sam would be the dumbest thing ever.

  39. So…after five year in the NFL Bradford has thrown for 11,000 yards, 59 TD’s, and has a 18-30-1 record. With that resume Cleveland is willing to give up a 1st round pick for him? Seems silly to me.

    If Schefter is correct, Bradford will really have done nothing in his career and will have been basically drafted twice in the first round…with five years in between. Sounds about right for Cleveland. And I thought being a Bears fan was rough.

  40. I’m from the STL and I’m amazed by how many teams want Sam “The Glass” Bradford.

  41. So, if all this comes to pass as is speculated, the Eagles will have essentially traded Nick Foles, their 1st, 2nd, and 4th this year and their 1st and 2nd next year. In 5 years Chip Kelly will either be the biggest hero or the biggest zero in Philadelphia sports history.

  42. The Browns need linebacker help, so if Kendricks is on the block as reported yesterday, there’s another piece.

  43. I’m a “make the deal” guy but it’s going to be very difficult for the Birds to swing this without giving up A LOT. I don’t want to see them get fleeced like the Skins did for RGIII. Bradford, Kendricks, Boykin and Mathis are all available to help sweeten the deal and the Browns and Titans have plenty of holes those players can fill. Tonight is going to be fun

  44. Seriously, if that happens and I’m Bradford, I’d be announcing my retirement. He seems like a smart kid so he should be set for life (and then some) based on the money he took from the Rams. And Cleveland is the last place for a QB to try and revive his career.

  45. I don’t understand why the Browns want Bradford. It makes more sense to use their 2 first round picks to try and move up to get Winston/Marriotta.

  46. There is a reason the Browns are the “Factory of Sadness”… up a 1rst rounder for a QB with a history of injury…..nicely done.

  47. Cleveland is nuttier than a Payday bar if they think Bradford is their answer. They can have him.

    If Eagles trade Cox, Kendricks and Boykin/Curry…that’s gonna be tough sledding on D next year. And the year after. But if you believe, Chipper, that Mariota is the guy – guess you have to do what it takes.

    What in the hell did they win that last game of 2014 for???? Cost ’em 3-4 draft positions. Probably will cost ’em a good player or future 2nd/1st rounder as a result.

  48. I’m still trying to figure out how an expensive, injury-prone, limited-success QB who might be gone after a year has managed to garner a 1st round price tag…

  49. The Browns should forget about the oft-injured Bradford. The talk in New England yesterday was that the draft “experts” are saying Garopolo would be a first round pick this year and that the Pats may consider it. For their 2nd or 3rd this year plus their 1st next year, the Browns could probably get Garopolo and multiple late round picks. The Browns get a healthy QB worthy of building around, plus get to keep 12 and 19 to help compensate for the wasted pick on Manziel, plus late rounders to stock their roster. The trade chart numbers come out slightly in favor of NE, but the Browns also would save a fortune on the salary cap for three years. The Pats get a first round pick next year for a player that won’t see the field for 3 years behind Brady. They can use the other pick from Cleveland to draft a QB to replace Garopolo. Of course you can never predict what Belichick will do, but with 9 picks this year and at least 9 next year, he is bound to make multiple trades. A deal along these lines may or may not work, but Bradford would be just another in a long line of Browns’ mistakes.

  50. **This just in: Sam Bradford tears ACL upon hearing news of a possible trade. **

  51. And this thinking is why the Browns will be losers for at least another decade.

  52. Please Browns….don’t do it. I’d rather start the season with Manziel than Bradford. The dude is made of glass, costs too much, and is all but gone after his contract expires next summer.


  53. If this happens, I will drive to Cleveland, tonight, and punch Ray Farmer in the face and demand monetary compensation for my 31 years of being a Browns fan. Why not trade the 12th overall pick for a QB who’s never lived up to expectations and is coming off of 2, TWO, ACL tears. This is why other franchise fans make fun of us. Just sickening.

  54. Why would the Browns want to trade for Sam Bradford? Seriously? Bradford can’t stay healthy, and the Browns spent a top draft pick on Manziel last year, who at least looks like he’s trying to turn things around.

  55. If Cleveland wanted Bradford so bad why didn’t they just send Manziel and a 2nd round pick to the Rams in the first place and still have their first rounder?

  56. Unless crazy Kelly is willing to throw in Kiko Alonso (who Pettine loves) and a 3 or 4, I don’t see this happening. The Browns hold all the power here. Without us, Chip doesn’t get his QB. End of story.

    It’s the only way we assure some value out of the trade if Mr.Made-of-glass-I-don’t-want-to-play-for-Cleveland breaks his back getting off the bus in Berea.

  57. If the Browns can get Bradford for their 19th pick, it’s worth it. However, I suspect the Eagles may need to throw in a late round pick as well. Amazingly, Bradford be the best QB the Browns have had since Bernie Kosar!

  58. Except Bradford has already indicated he will NOT sign an extension with the Browns.

    So you are proposing that the Browns trade a #1 pick for a 1 year rental on a fragile QB that they have to franchise at $28m to keep.


  59. What about Bradford’s contract? He makes a ton of money and he doesn’t want to sign long term with Cleveland. You never mention that fact that, in my mind, would be a deal killer.

  60. bobnyjets, Sadly but true that could be exactly what the Browns may do. Every morning I wake up and thank god I am not a Browns fan. That is not a shot at Browns fans I truly and honestly feel sorry for them.

  61. The only way this works is if…

    1) Bradford signs a long term contract

    2) There are performance based draft picks built in….. If Bradford doesn’t play year 1 …. Cleveland gets another #1 from Philly …… If Bradford doesn’t play year 2 Cleveland gets a #2 and so on….

    Bradford is a larger risk for Cleveland than Mariotta with his injury history

  62. Yeah that would be great move considering Bradford’s agent has stated , he would not sign an extension with the browns. So basically, the browns get a QB for one year who doesn’t want to be there, and will play unmotivated. Waste of a pick that could be used to get a solid starter for years to come. One thing I for sure I fully expect Ray Farmer to overthink the draft, and make moves just to feed his own ego to live up to the “Trader Ray ” moniker that he is so enamored with. If they had any smarts, they would get Shelton at 12, and Devante Parker or Breshard Perriman at 19. As a browns fan you have to expect the worst and hope a snowball’s chance in hell that they get it right.

  63. Everyone seems to forget that the Browns were 7-4 and in first place in their division last season. They could have very well been 8-1 if they had a decent kicker. That was with a well below average quarterback and until the best center, at least the highest paid, was out for the season (Cheap shot by the Stealers stepping on and breaking his leg).

    The have one of the best offensive lines in the league. A very solid defense. Bradford did not do well in St. Louis and did get injured. But then St. Louis has one of worst offense lines in the league. Hard to stay healthy and put up good numbers in that situation.

    If there is any team that Bradford could do well with it would be the Browns. Solid o-line, good running game, good defense, and an improving wr corp. If they get Bradford, pick up a talented WR in the draft and add some depth to the D-line, they will be in the playoff hunt come December.

    Also, the factory of sadness is played out.. there are 11 teams picking before the Browns.. just saying..

  64. The ultimate “ESPN scenario”:

    Cleveland and Philly make a trade and the Browns push Manziel off on Philly as part of the deal. The Eagles would then have Tebow, Sanchez, Manziel, and Mariota on the roster lol. Obviously they wouldn’t all make the team, but still… ESPN would go nuts.

  65. It’s a done deal. Chip’s had this in the works for 3 years. Mariota #8 Eagles jerseys will be on sale tomorrow. Best player in the draft – perfect system fit. Kelly proves, once again, that he’s 4 steps ahead of everybody in this league. Gets his guy – in weak draft – for players he didn’t want or need. Genius.

  66. WHY? WHY does Cleveland want Bradford? I don’t get it, period. EVEN if he is the “most legitimate QB the Browns have had ” since Bernic Kosar, all that means is Bradford is better than a bunch of worthless QB’s, NOT that he is any good , which by the way, he isn’t !! He is on the last year of his contract, coming of TWO injury years, yet the Browns are giving away their first round picks for what could be a 1 year rental, or what’s worse, extend him to a ridiculously large contract and his ends up blowing the same knee out a THIRD TIME? WHERE is this making sense to anyone , even IN Cleveland? I don’t get it.

    Now the beat part of it would be for the Titans to simply tell Kelly to go get bent and draft Mariota themselves, but the Titans seem to be just slightly smarter than the Browns. I am not real sure how dropping out of the 2nd spot and getting the 12th, 19th and the 20th is compensation. They are getting 3 middle first rounders instead of a stud , how does this help your team? You skip a playmaker ( not necessarily Mariota ) and get 3 guys who , well, are above average. It makes no sense when you DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT.

  67. Apparently Haslam is desperate for them to get a franchise QB. My guess is that the front office has convinced him that a deal for Mariota would be too expensive, so Bradford may be the only other target that makes any kind of sense. Not that it makes any kind of sense.

    Haslam needs to butt out and let the football people do their jobs.

    Oh, and how about seeing what Manziel can do this year? You remember him Jimmy? The QB you forced down the team’s throat last year?

  68. as a Titans fan , i actually feel sorry for Browns fans, on the other hand , i cant wait for tonight

  69. Anyone else think Kiko Alonso will be joining Bradford in Cleveland. Pettine was his coach in Buffalo.

  70. The No.12 spot that Chip Kelly/Eagles would get (No.19 is irrevelant, for these purposes) is not going to be enough. They have to secure No.2, as I am certain that Lovie Smith/T-Bucs are not willing to negotiate their No.1 spot — and God help the T-Bucs if they select Jameis Winston over Leonard Williams (“the best player available”). I mean, c’mon Lovie, you went to a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman — no offense, Rex — and Mike Glennon, with a current 2:1 TD/INT ratio after just 1.5 seasons (Glennon only played 6 games in 2014), is just fine, as long as T-Bucs’ “D” is sturdy.

  71. Someone needs to explain how Sam Bradford is a discernibly better option than Brian Hoyer… Hoyer was so bas that the Browns let him walk away for nothing and Bradford is so good that he’s worth a first round pick?

    NFL front offices are a great example group-think run amok… whichever way the wind blows.

  72. Bradford is awful is to easy..he played behind one of the worst lines in nfl history in a offense devoid of any weapons with some genius named schottenheimer at the helm running his vanilla stuff..led of course by the most over rated head coach everrrrrrrrrrrrr jeff fischer

  73. I don’t understand why anyone wants Bradford, past performance is an indicator of future performance. In the past he’s showed he can’t stay healthy in college and in the pros so what’s going to say he’s going to be some savior at qb? He’s damaged goods at this point. He isn’t worth a first rounder straight up I’ll tell you that.

  74. I’d sooner use #19 on a PK. We lost 2 games last year due to a lack of a legitimate kicker.

  75. I don’t think even the Browns are that dumb to throw away another 1st rounder on a QB that can’t play
    1. He already said he won’t sign an extension with them.
    2. He’ll be in rehab by the end of September just link another Browns QB, although for different reasons.
    3. What are they gonna do with Johnny Dopehead?

  76. Here’s what I don’t understand:

    I guess it makes sense for Kelly to want to trade his QB to the Browns to gain an extra first round pick to trade up and get Marriota. That makes sense. But why is it Sam Bradford? Why not Foles? What was the point of trading for Bradford?

    Wouldn’t pick #20 and Nick Foles been at least equally as valuable as #20 and Bradford? Plus then you wouldn’t have lost the picks in the Bradford trade?

    It just doesn’t add up.

    The only reason that would make sense is if these talks got started and the Browns said they didn’t want Foles. If Chip said how about Bradford and they said oh, ok that’ll work; then the Browns are even more poorly run than I thought.

    I don’t think you see this trade tonight. I think Sam Bradford is your starting QB for the Eagles.

  77. Forget getting the browns pick for Bradford philly. Bradford does not want to play for browns and quite frankly I am glad we do not need a gimp qb with a bum knee. Eagles will get Mariotta i feel but it will not be with the browns 12 or 19.

  78. Why has no one talked about the blunder Kelly made by sending LeSean McCoy away for nothing. Having LeSean McCoy as an extra piece may have helped sweeten his offers.

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