The final PFT mock draft


We’ve been tinkering with a final mock draft since Sunday night.  It’s a process that has entailed more and more tinkering as more and more 11th-hour information emerges on guys that causes guys like Shane Ray to fall, guys like La’el Collins to slide out of round one (and perhaps the next six, too), and teams like the Eagles to do whatever it takes to reunite quarterback with coach.

So here it is.  Second and final version.

Read it, critique it, bash it, trash it.  At this point, we just want to get the draft started.

1.  Buccaneers:  QB Jameis Winston, Florida State.

2.  Eagles (from Titans):  QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon.

3.  Jaguars: LB Dante Fowler Jr., Florida.

4.  Raiders:  WR Amari Cooper, Alabama.

5.  Washington:  DT Leonard Williams, USC.

6.  Jets:  WR Kevin White, West Virginia.

7.  Bears:  LB Vic Beasley, Clemson.

8.  Falcons:  LB Bud Dupree, Kentucky.

9.  Giants:  OT Brandon Scherff, Iowa.

10.  Rams:  OT Ereck Flowers, Miami.

11.  Vikings:  WR DeVante Parker, Louisville.

12.  Titans (from Eagles through Browns):  WR Breshad Perriman, UCF.

13.  Saints:  DT Malcom Brown, Texas.

14.  Dolphins:  RB Todd Gurley, Georgia.

15.  49ers:  CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest.

16.  Texans:  WR Nelson Agholor, USC.

17.  Chargers:  OT D.J. Humphries, Florida.

18.  Chiefs:  OL Cameron Erving, Florida State.

19.  Browns:  DT Danny Shelton, Washington.

20.  Titans (from Eagles):  DT Arik Armstead, Oregon.

21.  Bengals:  OT Andrus Peat, Stanford.

22.  Steelers:  CB Byron Jones, Connecticut.

23.  Lions:  CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State.

24.  Cardinals:  DE Randy Gregory, Nebraska.

25.  Panthers:  OT T.J. Clemmings, Pitt.

26.  Ravens:  DE Mario Edwards, Florida State.

27.  Cowboys:  S Damarious Randall, Arizona State.

28.  Broncos:  LB Eli Harold, Virginia.

29.  Colts:  S Landon Collins, Alabama.

30.  Packers:  LB Eric Kendricks, UCLA.

31.  Saints:  WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Oklahoma.

32.  Patriots:  LB Shane Ray, Missouri.

112 responses to “The final PFT mock draft

  1. The Jags should take Fowler or Williams, but I think they will take Amari Cooper to support Bortles.

  2. Being a Spartan I obviously love Waynes but wouldn’t Mayhew be an idiot not to take one of the OTs with the 23rd pick? Wait a minute…Mayhew is a total idiot who has no clue how to draft so you guys are probably right on this one.

  3. Let’s look at a sneak preview of how you did:

    1. Wrong
    2. Wrong
    3. Wrong
    4. Wrong
    5. Wrong
    6. Wrong
    7. Wrong
    8. Wrong
    9. Wrong
    10. Wrong
    11. Wrong
    12. Wrong
    13. Wrong
    14. Wrong
    15. Wrong
    16. Wrong
    17. Wrong
    18. Wrong
    19. Wrong
    20. Wrong
    21. Wrong
    22. Wrong
    23. Wrong
    24. Wrong
    25. Wrong
    26. Wrong
    27. Wrong
    28. Wrong
    29. Wrong
    30. Wrong
    31. Wrong
    32. Wrong

  4. I can’t see Gordon sliding out of the first round, but I’m no expert. If DGB ends up in N.O. they might as well give him Rookie of the Year now.

  5. All these mock drafts are nothing more than mental masturbation. No one knows. Not even Kiper.

  6. A much better iteration than your first effort.

    Two things…

    I think if the Vikings don’t take Trae Waynes they’re missing out on a chance to solidify that defense, and wide receiver is so deep this year, while corner is lacking after the first 4 or 5 guys.

    And if Shane Ray is still on the board when Ted Thompson picks, he will be a Packer. If he isn’t, I’d be willing to bet that Green Bay doesn’t pick tonight, but instead moves back to early round two while adding a third or fourth rounder. They can get better value on a guy like Jalen Collins and still get an inside backer like Perryman, Jones, Dawson, or even Shaq Thompson With two picks in round two.

  7. If the Lions actually had Trae available at that spot and took him I will consider it one hell of a good day.

  8. It’s OK…I believe the BEARS will not draft Beasley. If you look at the track record of stupidity of the first five teams picking in order, then you’ll realize ultimately, one of them usually reaches (Raiders).

    So unless one of the first five drops down to 7 look for Chicago to trade down and get better value for their pick.

  9. Everyone predicts the Titans to select Mariota or trade the draft pick. The most likely scenario is they select Mariota and commence a bidding war prior to the Browns going on the clock at pick 12. Browns at 12 and 19, the Eagles at pick 20 and maybe the Chargers are in with pick 17 gives them plenty of time to drive the price up.

  10. So the browns trade their 12th pick for ??? How can you have a mock draft and have a trade and not specify what each team is getting.

  11. The Saints already said their not taking dudes that have off the field issues. Also if their gonna take a WR it’s going to be Philip Dorsett out of Miami. Can I get a job PFT ???

  12. LMAO Eagles moving from 20 to 2 with what draft pics? Chimp Kelly taking them out of his @ss? Minimum 4 number 1, a 2nd and 3rd round to move up and thats being generous considering what washington gave up in 2012 to move 4 spots up from #6 to #2. And no one is giving you #1 for Bradford after showing your cards last month.

  13. Interesting. Trey Waynes falling all the way to 23, and being the third CB off the board? What’s going on with that?

    I like the idea of Parker to the Vikings at #11, but my guess is they trade down out of that pick. Perriman at #12 seems like a reach.

    Not sure about Scherff at #9; that seems a little high. Danny Shelton lasting until pick 19 – that seems a little low.

  14. I am 90% sure the Ravens are picking Marcus Peters if he is there, all signs point to him being high on their board. Couple that with their obvious interest in him with a visit, Eric DeCosta’s recent comments comparing corners to pitchers and that the team can never have too many, and their recent success with another highly rated corner on their board dropping due to character concerns in Jimmy Smith and it is a no brainer. Not to mention it also fills a huge need. They were one of the best secondaries last year until Smith went down with that Lisfranc injury and they completely fell apart.

  15. i don’t believe the cards will take gregory. to many on and off field problems

  16. Can’t see the Pats going for Ray at #32.

    Sackseer predicts him to be a bust on Vernon Gholston levels. I’d want no part of any player likened to Gholston.

    In this mock, if the Pats keep the pick and don’t trade out of the first then my guess would be Jalen Collins or Phillip Dorsett.

    I hope they stay well clear of Ray.

  17. Not the “worst draft ever”, like everyone says. I believe in Philly getting Mariota. Don’t like the Titans first pick or the Texans pick (might not even be drafted in the 1st). Too much WR depth to blow a 1st rounder when both teams have more pressing needs. Like the surprises at the back end of the round.

  18. Titans and Browns would be better off not being pawns in Kelly’s manipulations. Browns should only trade with the Titans and get Mariota for themselves.

  19. What a great historical context that pic provides.

    Amazing to see when chalk and chalkboard are lined up against tablet and smartphone.

    The scary thing is that the latter allows any numbskull to spew whatever idiocy comes to mind to the entire networked world

  20. 5 out of 32 will be correct…..these picks just make way too much sense for them to actually occur this way.

    One team will throw C4 into it to throw the draft out of sorts.

  21. Amazing, every single pick.
    Wow you guys are really something, I feel like you saved me hours sitting in front of the TV tonight

  22. Unless someone very talented drops to them like Rodgers did I believe the Packers will trade out of 1st round to accumulate more picks.

  23. What happens if the Bucs come to their senses and draft Williams No. 1? Or even Mariota No. 1? Williams is not falling past 4 (regardless if Cooper is available). Why won’t the Bucs do the same as the Titans in your mock scenario?

  24. Landon Collins is the best Safety in the draft yet you have him as the second one off the board, also if he is there at 23 Detroit will take him.

  25. LMAO Mario Edwards to the Ravens? He isn’t and would never be the top player on their board at that point, not to mention he is not a position of need.

    WR, CB, TE, S

    are all more pressing needs than a DE that isn’t even rated for the first round. If Marcus Peters is there he will be a Raven.

  26. I’m sorry but you guys completely whiffed on the cowboys pick. There’s absolutely no way they take a safety in the first round

  27. Shane Ray is not dropping to #32, Justin Houston is still fresh in everyone’s mind.
    I would be surprised if Williams drops to #5.

  28. Mock drafts are for amusement only. With that being said, the only pick that seems totally out of place is a WR to the Vikings at 11. They recently gave up 4 picks to acquire Cordarrelle Patterson. To spend the 11th choice on another unproven WR when there’s a plethora of high quality players at other positions seems counter productive.

  29. Why would the Browns want Bradford? 2 knee operations in the last two years. Even if he makes it through this year, it will be sketchy. He is a free agent after that, and will not sign in Cleveland. But hey, I guess silly season need silly reports.

  30. Bradford is 18-30 as a starter, has missed 30 games in 5 seasons, has multiple ACL tears on his left knee and has indicated he will not sign with the Browns.

    I don’t believe the Browns are stupid enough to give up the #12 pick for that package.

  31. I’m not a SD fan, but there is no way that they pass on either Gurley or Gordon if they are sitting there.

  32. No mention of what the Pats will do when they are awarded the Colts pick for Framegate?

  33. If the browns could trade all of this year and next years draft choices to Tampa and Tennessee and take both QB’s in pick #1 and #2, they might finally find a QB.

  34. If Trae Waynes is available at#11, the Vikings will not need to trade down. This is a guy that they will not be able to pass on. You trade down, of course, to get those extra picks and move back up as Spielman likes to do. No reason to do it here. Besides, other teams possibly will be drafting corners later in the 1st. He won’t take the chance.

  35. Forgetting the order after #12… This is plain silly, Trae Waynes, Danny Shelton that far dow and no Melvin Gordon just makes no sense! Waynes goes to the Dolphins or Steelers for sure, Shelton is a rare talenr and the standout as his position and Gordon has Cardinals and Cowboys as the ceiling.

  36. Why would the raiders pass on the best player in the draft for a wide receiver?

  37. If by some miracle Shane Ray made it to #32 the Pats would draft him in in a New York minute. If you are not going to load up the defensive backfield, you need to beef up the pass rush. This pick – if he makes it to 32 – makes all the sense in the world.

  38. And don’t forget, for everyone hyperventilating over Shane Ray being caught with a couple of joints, if he were pulled over in Colorado or Washington he would not have even gotten a citation for it. Pot ain’t murder or domestic abuse.

  39. Mock drafts are always fools’ errands, as all trades are inherently unpredictable.

    Having said that, interesting that you have the Bears going defense when the chatter says they’re taking a WR. Hope you’re right, honestly.

  40. I don’t believe the Vikings will stick at #11. A trade or three will happen, they will wind up taking a CB later in the 1st, will add a couple of later Picks, and possibly move back up into late Rd. 1 or early Round 2. They will draft a WR between Rds. 2-4.

    A Peterson trade would change things up, but that is looking unlikely at this time. But, I won’t be shocked if NE or AZ makes a shrewd move, and trades a package of mid-Rounders and a player to get AD. Just my hunch.

  41. Cowboys: Drafting a safety (Randall) in the first round would be a reach so unless they trade down, I don’t see it happening.

    Also I don’t think they would pass up on drafting pass rusher Shane Ray falling through the draft. He won’t make it down to 32.

  42. I think Dallas will trade up to 14 and draft Gurley and Gordon will not last past 27.. Hell the Pats could draft him as well.

    Miami will end up with some extra picks.. Book it.

  43. As a Bears fan I think I would rather see us take Bud Dupree than Beasley in that scenario. Dupree is much bigger, and Clemson pass rusher don’t exactly have a great record of success in the NFL.

  44. Gurley to Fins?
    Yeah theres a lot of talk about that,
    But if Hickey is truly in charge of picks – he usually picks for need…
    We NEED a CB opposite 32yr old Grimes.
    We have 1000 yd rusher already, with Miller.

    A 1st rd starting CB trumps a complimentary, still not yet recuperated from injury and may miss the start of the season RB.

    Philbin and Hickey have one year contracts – they need to win and draft impact players NOW.

    If Tannenbaum is in charge of the draft, he picks Gurley as a successor to Miller if needed.

  45. If you get drafted ahead of Leonard Williams, you’re liable to be the answer to a trivia question in a few years. And if the Patriots get Shane Ray, the other 31 teams deserve an assist when the Pats win another super bowl.

  46. Unless Leonard Williams falls to the Ravens pick, I can promise you they won’t go DL in round one, especially a guy like Mario Edwards who executives have been calling a third day pick. Also no way Perriman goes that high.

  47. I don’t see Dallas passing on:

    Melvin Gordon RB
    Marcus Peters CB
    Shane Ray DE

    All 3 positions are must haves this raft. S not so much although it would be good to get depth at that position.

  48. hey don’t take it to seriously, it is all a big crystal ball moment. Fun stuff though…

  49. The story all week has been that the Titans won’t give up #2 to the Browns for #12 and #19. Yet your mock has them giving it up to the Eagles for #12 and #20. Your draft either needs a little more thought or a little more detail…..or both.

  50. Pretty decent mock. Have to give these guys credit also for breathing life into NFL news which is usually hardly breath taking.

    Happy as a SD fan they aren’t following the herd and plugging in Todd Gurley who is coming off ACL surgery to address an obvious need at RB

    Recall SD took Ryan Mathews, a RB w injury history, in 2010 and after 4 injury filled season is no longer on the squad. Not sure they will make that mistake again.

    SD has greater needs at DT and equal needs at WR, OLB, and OG. There are also a glut of RBs in this draft and it is a position of declining necessity.

    So getting a DT & OG or OLB in any order then RB would be good.

  51. Mock. Look up what the word means.
    Also, a little less certainty, a little more perspective ppl. This isn’t like picking your fantasy team. Thursday picks mean collectively much less than 2nd and 3rd day picks.

  52. no way Ray gets past the Steelers, and if he does, the Ravens will take him – too much talent

  53. So much for “one and only mock draft” — but at least you didn’t subject us with new ones every few days for the past two months.

    (Don’t take that as a suggestion for next year, by the way.)

  54. Well let’s see how you did.

    1. Buccaneers: QB Jameis Winston, Florida State. Y

    2. Eagles (from Titans): QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon. Y and N

    3. Jaguars: LB Dante Fowler Jr., Florida. Y

    4. Raiders: WR Amari Cooper, Alabama. Y

    5. Washington: DT Leonard Williams, USC. N

    6. Jets: WR Kevin White, West Virginia. N

    7. Bears: LB Vic Beasley, Clemson. N

    8. Falcons: LB Bud Dupree, Kentucky. N

    9. Giants: OT Brandon Scherff, Iowa. N

    10. Rams: OT Ereck Flowers, Miami. N

    11. Vikings: WR DeVante Parker, Louisville. N

    12. Titans (from Eagles through Browns): WR Breshad Perriman, UCF. N

    13. Saints: DT Malcom Brown, Texas. N

    14. Dolphins: RB Todd Gurley, Georgia. N

    15. 49ers: CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest. N

    16. Texans: WR Nelson Agholor, USC. N

    17. Chargers: OT D.J. Humphries, Florida. N

    18. Chiefs: OL Cameron Erving, Florida State. N

    19. Browns: DT Danny Shelton, Washington. Y and N

    20. Titans (from Eagles): DT Arik Armstead, Oregon. N

    21. Bengals: OT Andrus Peat, Stanford. N

    22. Steelers: CB Byron Jones, Connecticut. N

    23. Lions: CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State. N

    24. Cardinals: DE Randy Gregory, Nebraska. N

    25. Panthers: OT T.J. Clemmings, Pitt. N

    26. Ravens: DE Mario Edwards, Florida State. N

    27. Cowboys: S Damarious Randall, Arizona State. N

    28. Broncos: LB Eli Harold, Virginia. N

    29. Colts: S Landon Collins, Alabama. N

    30. Packers: LB Eric Kendricks, UCLA. N

    31. Saints: WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Oklahoma. N

    32. Patriots: LB Shane Ray, Missouri. N

    I’ll give you 5 out of 32 & that’s being generous.

  55. The Vikings loved that mock,they have 3 of the 32 picks that were projected to go into the 1st.round… Wayne’s-Kendricks and Cummings. Great job Vikings

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